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real love sick in this thing. and sexual frustration. i still have to get used to these robots new ways of exploring new frontiers and sex i'm love. stuff september twenty fifth. i want to welcome to another action packed show i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what we've got in store for you today. diving in a croatian big nerd lets his red wine age at the bottom of the adriatic. branching out london's famous victorian albert museum opens a new design division. and showing off fitness trend growing combines working out
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with striking a pose. why it is usually stored in oak barrels in a dark cool room or cellar until it reaches maturity but one croatian ventnor has found an even more unique place to store his wine at a depth of twenty metres under water now when it's ready divers go down and collect the special bottles this is also turned into a tourist attraction now there's no doubt that this is an unusual way to store wine but does it really help the tastes we talk to the vintner to find out. this is a diver is looking for a special treasure at the bottom of the adriatic sea not just mistery own wine which is aged under water by croatia's a divil bina winery. customers
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who are feeling especially adventurous can dive down to retrieve their very own bottle provided they have a diving license that is. how i. fell for this is my own i can't wait to drink my wine. the combo is perfect for the underwater aging of wine on the pier intrepid wine lovers awaiting their turn to dive to the sea bed it's a hit with locals and tourists alike it's fairly recent maybe like two or three years old and. for this i would say it's very popular with americans and they come over here for them this is such a big novelty people tend to integrate these dive into the economy and right so this is like a romantic getaway right from the outside world and yeah people tend to do that and
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they like it then you're discover large sections of the pair you shots peninsula the brain which is used to produce not just mistery and red wine grows along steep cliffs that rise up from the sea. to deeble beano winery. it was here that the idea to aged ingush red wine under water was hatched ventnor evil see gove it explains the benefits of his unusual method that all you want to. at a depth of twenty metres the stone lagoon offers ideal thermal conditions of a constant fifteen degrees celsius year around them you know the ones that are of age and i'm for in life this have a softer taste. the bay of molly stone is already famous in croatia for its excellent oysters and mussels now it has another visitor attraction to offer each
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year five thousand red wine bottles are deposited on the seabed where they age for two years. white wine incidentally would need to be stored at a much greater depth to ensure adequate temperatures. this special wine goes perfectly with meat and cheese but it doesn't come cheap a bottle of normally aged underwater wine can be had for seventy year olds one aged in a clay amphora for even two hundred eight euros people are usually bought for special occasions but if you ask me we only live once so i think every special case. the winery has patented this unique and for aging method which they say gives
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the wine its special flavor. the romans and greeks they used them for us before for transportation the wind but they put the wind direction into the cli and i know for i was different because first it put the y. into glass and then they put it into play on for. wine connoisseurs had to probe mix high end to a restaurant appreciate the pricey but delightful read when opening the clay amphora waiters need to be careful that no dirt contaminates the fine wine. once opened it should be allowed to breathe a little longer than usual. during harvest season he goes to go fish checks on the dean gotcha vineyards the vines are able to withstand this summer's heat. this part of growing shoes ideal for growing grapes. you see reflects the sunlight
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in a perfect angle and the grapes benefit greatly from that and they need to be harvested by hand from the steep slopes. and so this year despite europe's record heat wave wine connoisseurs will not have to go without the delectable croatian underwater wine. now is a good time to let you in on the winner of this week's drop now we had to ask you to send us in your photo showing us where you like to enjoy a glass of wine many of you like to enjoy one outside in a cafe or bar or at a christmas market when it's cold outside and here friends have even put their faces on the bottle of course that many of you enjoy a good glass of wine with a meal but the winning photo today is from a tennessee tavares from costa rica who enjoys drinking wine with her daughter. so
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congrats tennessee that you have won an exclusive euro max watch and thanks to the rest of you for taking part all right moving on now to a brief look at other stories making headlines on the cultural scene starting with a look at one of the world's most expensive paintings. oil painting by david hockney looks set to become the most expensive work by a living artist to ever sell it an auction portrait of an artist has been valued by new york's auction house christie's at the fulfillment of sixty eight point five million euros. to date jeff koons balloon dog holds the record for work by a living artist david hockney famous painting of a pool with two figures will go under the hammer in november. jonah shows are celebrating fifty years in the music industry i worked in in as
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a teenager in the sixty's in local rock bands and i was already a because of my grandfather i think even the german telephone can tape recorder with a microphone i was very very interested by your recording sounds and processing sounds . joe johns debut album oxygen was released in one nine hundred seventy six and earned the french artist a reputation as an electronic music trailblazer. his new best of album planning features forty one of his tracks on. the upper gallery in london has opened an exhibition of life size steel sculptures and images made of scrapped electronics the show contrasts works by korean skull to see young talk with the recycled us of english artist nick gentry fifteen is the impermanence of high tech media expression runs through september twenty eighth.
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then staying on the subject of art london's victoria and albert museum is branching out to dun di scotland and those responsible for the expansion are using the guggenheim museum in balboa spain as an example now that museum turned a struggling industrial town into a thriving cultural metropolis and the people have done di are hoping for the same type of economic effect from this new cultural traction long before opening day the spectacular building of the victoria and albert museum is designed to vision in done started to inspire the imagination of its observers is it a pyramid turned upside down a stack of shipping pallets or a ship. japanese star architect was commissioned to capture the spirit of done d. which is a unesco city of design. by with part is this kid is working as a magnet to draw people to the building to perform i think.
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that that kind of gate is necessary for the city the port city has undertaken to revamp the entire area along the river take but in a way that recalls its glorious industrial history the first branch of the revered london museum is to serve as the cultural flagship. at one time done t. was a hub of jute and tweed production today the scottish port city is known for comics and video games the scottish design galleries feature three hundred exhibits drawn from the v.n. days collection of scottish design as well as other collections among them the quintessentially british wellington boots the costume for a pad made amygdala in star wars and a lamp by neil paulton the curators are especially proud of this meticulously reassembled art deco tea room by charles rennie back in touch most dundonian sir are quite excited about their new attraction this city has changed dramatically it
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was quite a dark pierce city in the last twenty years we've seen it have a number of organizations established such as done the contemporary art center which we're standing outside and that has been a real moment in history and we're seeing another right now i i think increasingly we're seeing lots of people move to the city recent statistics show that one in four children in dandy live in poverty but the criticism that the ninety million euros for the museum should have been spent on social programs doesn't impress city council leader john alexander but when you get it it's right. that confidence in the people of the city in the businesses that. you know that's more than just the building and we've seen significant investment significant business invest. significant to us can't go cooma honestly admits that in far off japan he'd never heard of dungy before he entered the competition to design the gallery the architect intended his design to recall scotland's rugged coast and with this new
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landmark surely a lot more people will come to hear of. dancing is a great way to exercise and certainly more fun than going to the gym so some fitness trainers have come up with a way to get people in shape by combining dancing with striking a pose it's called vogue now you may remember don i'm a boeing popular and then one nine hundred ninety s. through one of her songs and now some twenty years later he seems to be making a comeback in sports studios in germany here's a closer look. edgy modeling poses high heels and plenty of attitude it might look like a fashion show but this is actually a workout and it's no all the rage in many fitness to me vogue features dancing steps and angular arm and body movements rhythmically strung together like models
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posing at a photo shoot all set to music. the trend first originated in one thousand nine hundred twenty drag queens would strut their stuff in the ballrooms of harlem. then pop stars like madonna gave voting mainstream exposure in one nine hundred ninety. christiane i'm sure let's go aliased crystal melody is a professional dancer and she's passionate about voting. that it's given me a lot of self-confidence. you can take on different roles. i've just totally fallen in love with me and that's well being. crystal melody is not teaching building in cologne she told the class once a week when the weather is good she takes her students to the local park the class is open to anyone's. we do lines and stretches which means we use our omes to create various lines and boxes the first seed in the union one box yet
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. every move and every look needs to be executed precisely. by getting the arms coordinated can prove challenging for the uninitiated. that. it takes a certain amount of courage to perform in public and show your feminine or masculine side but the group soon gets into it. i can't comment on so now we come to one of the key moves in voting and that's the dip. so that's a bit of this pull out stuff is you have to tone. look at that again. there are different styles of programming such as new way or. is exaggerated theatrical marilyn monroe dipping or throwing yourself on the floor
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is especially popular in vogue for the steps can be fun but it's tough for beginners. as they're all total pros here but she's actually asked lerner. i'm just glad i haven't broken my ankle yet the book of us has a defense so you can really put power into it and just say. oh the pulse of the. book is not just a chance of fitness routine it's a chance to sashay those hips and show a different attitude. oh the main thing is to have some fun are great as you know your max is active on social media you can like us on facebook and you can also check us out on instagram here's what you'll find on our instagram page. europe at its best your imax brings
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you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your maps instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. on instagram. time now for something to eat and as we say good bye this summer it's time to opt for warmer hardier dishes as the days and nights turn a bit colder the czech republic is famous for this type of cuisine and more specifically for a dish called cova it's basically roast beef in a rich cream sauce not exactly something for those of you who may be counting calories like those in our last report but it is ok to indulge every once in a while so bone up fifty.
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ok a medieval city in the west of the czech republic the city's thirteenth century castle draws many tourists especially from the nearby spa town. river flows around the base of the castle in the shape of an elbow that's would look at means elbow. on the other side of look at castle is the. name for a former monarch it cultivates tradition the monarchy granted it's a right to brew beer today it's beer with six point five percent alcohol is served in the cellar restaurant and weather permitting outdoors on special occasions the restaurant cooks suckling pig in an earthen pit. has been chef at the kaiser fed in and for the last five years he likes to prepare hearty food and that suits his fellow czechs. a lot of meat people just like it better
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than they do vegetables. cuisine consists primarily meat dishes just like them better. today peter is going to cook a traditional dish for us. roast beef with cream sauce hotel manager he. buys the ingredients in nearby. located itself does not have a farmer's market. i don't know that i really like to shop at the farmers' markets because everything is fresh and because it supports regional businesses but what about that is. the manager make sure the meat is pink eight hundred grams of beef from the haunch will serve four to be on the safe side even a low universe buys a little more. chef peter bhatia begins by peeling and dicing to carrots and to parsley roots then the chops half a celeriac into one yes. there's tips for preparing the beef cut little slits in
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the meat and fill them with bacon fat. which is important because beef tends to be dry if we had trout the meat becomes more tender. saw on t.v. onions until they're translucent then add the vegetables. place the meat in a pan with a little oil and brown it on all sides. then into the cooking pot with it together with water and seasoning and let it simmer for at least two hours until the meat is tender. is a lot of work that's why here in the hotel but only on special occasions like weddings and birthdays. at home. is a special dish because it takes so much time to cook and it was just. one of the beef simmers manager. prepares. these dumplings are the chicks favorite side
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dish cut about six hard rolls into pieces and pour melted butter over them. mix milk and eggs and pour it over the mixture. then needed thoroughly. but what i'm making here are karlovy vary dumplings they're typical for our region and they're quick you only need ten minutes to make them and another ten minutes to cook the. seasons them with parsley. she rolls the dough up in balls and puts them in boiling water for ten minutes the finish dumplings are cut into slices. and what about the meat. when the beef is tender takes it out of the pot for the song scream and purees the vegetables. and this is what the festival. looks like.
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cream sauce and bohemian dumplings. goes well with that and you can get the locally brewed beer directly from the barrel. and you can find that recipe on our website if you want to try it out for yourself right when sharleen fun high you stir something up it's usually painted in a pot the german artist has been living and working in new york for the past twenty years where she has established her career she's not really well known in her native germany but she's trying to change that with her latest solo exhibition. abstract art which have been on display in major american art galleries for many years but in germany where the artist was born she remains virtually unknown outside the art world now. gallery is showcasing sixty.
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they are all about vibrant colors dynamic lines and abstract shapes added concrete shapes look almost as though they were stuck on the afterwards. i mean critically intricate charlene's approach is simple enough. i usually start by just letting my hand wander across the campus. it's fascinating i find my hands knows more than my mind of. my hand tends to automatically produce certain shapes that i could never actively conjure up a fourth and then over time these lines begin manifesting themselves as shapes. actually continues painting these lines transform into surface is a jumble of lines shapes mysterious letters and a tiny patch of yellow tucked randomly in between. if.
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i love that shade of yellow. it's like a lemon it totally jumps out at you it's like here i am practically reaches out to the observer but what will the i accept how far can i go like. this it is will certainly need to brace the visual illusions galore nothing is as it seems all of sudden infant holes works on layered some elements shimmy through and some remain vague. the painter also loves taking parts of the older pictures and arranging them on new artworks thereby adding further layers. of the organism in my work is essentially about composition that's my dirty secret i'm obsessed with composition. going to cope with your mind. in creating this work titled road runner shailene applied swift dynamic pain strikes adding black flurries to your layer of paint.
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while invite meaning forest solitude is the exact shapes seemingly morph into trees. charlie moved to the u.s. in one nine hundred ninety four. she treats her new york. studio almost like a kind of stage a place that itself is curated to have a certain look. there comes a pitch how do you define up my mom always loved that tacky notion of a so-called art studio help him i've always curated and presented my work space to resemble what a studio supposedly looks like. and when i start a new body of work or you create one or two paintings to energize the room those works are full of aggressive energy that electrified the atmosphere. so when you
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head to the dice to harlan exhibition i'll see three or four pictures which do just that. on the bones and it created a certain energy within the gallery space. so anyone in need of a burst of vitality head on over to hamburg and get an energy refill from charlene from highly abstract alice. that way that we wrap up today show but we will be back tomorrow with the best bits of the week on your own x. highlights make sure to tune in for that feed that. i'm going to extradition of your own back star large show. the magical clips of mature a great surprise for mountaineers from around the world. by london's famous victoria and albert museum showcases video games. and saving one of the world's rarest bird species the northern bald goobers and more next time on your own marseilles.
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home. he wrote in germany. from the fall of the roman. to german reunification. and the end of the cold. war trough is one of the great heroes of the twentieth century. because gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly messages downfall. i had decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. but she didn't want historical buttle observe one as a person. she continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by that we have to comprehend where this has taken us today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for
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peace wasted starts october third on d w. hurricane florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm but. continues to batter the united states southeast coast at least four people have been reported killed hundreds of thousands are without power coastal areas are being inundated by storm surges florence is expected to dump rain across the weekend bringing floods to inland areas. on the other side of the globe a storm almost twice as powerful as florence has struck the philippines typhoon mungo it is packing.


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