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during this period. easy to get. to. this week. this is due to the new some ways you live from berlin the trail of destruction tropical storm florence home of the east coast of the united states with little sting winds and heavy rains at least four people are dead and hundreds of have needed rescuing the national hurricane center saying that the danger is so far from over also coming up. the strongest storm this year barreled across the philippines
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typhoon language tears through the country's main island ripping off roofs and knocking out power supplies as the parsis assess the damage they warn that more floods and landslides could call. plus i'm going to america has been very and allies under pressure at c.s.u. knees in munich as they scramble to stave off a challenge from the far right in the coming elections polls suggest that the party could be heading for its worst result in more than sixty years. among those on good to have you with us at least four people have died in the u.s. as hurricane florence slowly moves inland across the states of north and south carolina florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm but it's still bringing extremely heavy rainfall and dangerous storm surge as authorities say up to two point five million people could be left
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without power. florence's first victims were a mother and her baby they were killed when this tree crushed their home in the coastal city of wilmington north carolina a neighbor described terrifying scenes as the storm bordine. very dark. and the wind being higher like it is now in the higher then so all you could see was water and it was very low. so. here we figure out what's going on out there. further up the coast in new bern a huge storm surge left hundreds of residents trapped as the wolf has rose around them. so. rescue crews used boats and military vehicles to get them might. never been so terrified of my entire life. it was heart pine. just wondering what's going
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on then and where the water's going to go and how high it's going to go and how we're going to get out and if we're going to get trapped in the attic or. hundreds of thousands of homes and i without power authority is a warning evacuated residents to stay put in child has. resist the urge to go out and check on the damage. we have days of rain. and that means more river. in flood communities. not cooling westwards florence is expected to linger for days forecast as a predicting more life threatening storm surges and flooding with parts of north and south carolina sent to receive up to a meta of rain. that is barreling toward southern china on the densely populated territory of hong kong after leaving a trail of destruction in the philippines the storm made landfall on the country's
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main on end of this on early on saturday strong winds and torrential rains caused power outages floods and dozens of landslides at least two people have been confirmed dead more than one hundred times and have had to flee their homes in the philippines states weather agency has downgraded the domestic threat level but warns that the danger is far from over. earlier i spoke to journalist on a his in the philippine capital manila for the latest on the trail of destruction left in the field mundus wake. now we. are currently moving out of the philippines and as it looks that we are seeing that happen the action that. we have already seen local of more than one hundred twenty six thousand people who have been displaced across five hundred. five hundred ninety four villages people have been evacuated and the government highlighted that
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were done through preemptive evacuation i think people have been kept faith. with you are. now to some of the other stories making news around the worlds. the u.s. space agency nasa is preparing to launch its most advanced space laze their efforts today the one billion dollar mission will examine the effects of global climate change on the earth's ice sheets they say is gathers with other scientists to measure the changes in glaziers ice sheets and sea ice to within the within a pencil. three people have been killed and at least seven injured in a shooting at a popular square in central mexico city police had three men dressed as mariachi musicians opened fire at the plaza garibaldi before fleeing on motorbikes square is near the to peace neighborhood home to one of mexico's most a tourist drug cartels. u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chief paul modify it has pleaded guilty to
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two criminal counts the move is part of a deal to cooperate with special counsel robert miller who is investigating a possible collusion between presidential campaign and russia the criminal charges are not related to the campaign. conservative allies in bavaria the c.s.u. are raising in munich to discuss a strategy ahead of a key regional election in the states next month polls show that the party could be heading towards its worst result in more than sixty years as vultures defect to other parties including the far i say the puppet arcee of the party's leader horace say over who is also germany's interior minister dropped to an all time low after he clashed with merkel on a number of issues including migration. the c.s.u. party conference for us in munich mena recently the c.s.u. has taken on a more far rice few point facing the challenge from the anti immigration a.f.d.
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party has that failed as a strategy to think. well the series here consider themselves the most right wing party that should be sitting in a bit varian parliament and so that they're simply not used to competition from even further to the right of the political spectrum there were a lot of serious year facials to openly criticize angela merkel for her refugee policy in twenty fifteen and in the years since twenty fifteen and so now they have to bridge that gap between still representing democratic values but also a tough stance on migration and not lose people to the a gifty not lose voters and some people did take on an approach like costlier for the interior minister where sometimes he sounded extremely right wing populist and this strategy does not seem tough worked and that's what the polls show the sea issues are there to record low
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at the moment so i asked angelique unevil a member of the european parliament for the c.s.u. just how this is used trying to win back the voters. do so completely different right wing party not to compare with the series do we want to help people who are also going for asylum in europe it's not it's an issue but you also borne the to know that we don't know on the basis you know that we have a regular procedure to be used that you know who is coming into our country this is different to the dean who simply says no a servant doesn't there's no refugees at all in our country that is not zero. and gaelic and needless speaking there and i mean at the very end conservatives have brewed this state for more than seventy years and it looks like they're about to lose their absolute majority and why is this so significant. well the see this year is a special party in that it can only be elected in bavaria bavaria is one of germany's
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strongest economically strongest federal states and so the c.s.u. has been ruling here by itself for decades and of course the stronger the c.s.u. is in bavaria the more say a more impetus to see as you has on the national level because younger mantles c.d.u. is their sister party the c.d.u. is not electable in bavaria and so the week of the sea is years here the week the conservatives are in germany. their party leader are saying over is that odds with chancellor angela merkel is he a threat to her and the federal government's. so many say that hosty over has been acting a truly extremely erratic lee many people who've known him for years don't really understand is the behavior because he openly criticizes and america and the coalition survived the near collapse in in the early summer in june because of
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policy of us provocations towards i'm glad merkel there will be a crisis meeting between the coalition partners including the social democrats on tuesday coming up and of course it's not the last day well under the american hospital for will be at odds over the future of the government coalition in berlin . new nick thank you. japan is threatening to withdraw from the international whaling commission after it voted down the country's bid to lift a ban on commercial whaling japan had argued that since the ban was introduced in the eighty's stocks have recovered sufficiently for it to be left as but for anti-whaling countries led by australia the european union and the united states to face of japan's appropriate it's like in japan will continue to hunt whales by making use of a loophole and those so called scientific whaling. whales are the world's biggest sea members and their existence is threatened as ocean pollution increases but
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they're also highly coveted for whale hunting by japan these japanese ships official mission is to perform scientific research you know not to meet some of the international whaling commission in brazil japan push to bring commercial whaling back they were supported by iceland and norway but the motion failed japan accepted the decision but has threatened consequences if russia are willing based on science is completely denied. if there is no possibility for the different positions and views to courtney's this was mutual understanding and respect. then jump around chris to undertake a fundamental assessment and its position as a member of the sea. the decision is a relief for environmentalists to calling for
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a complete ban on whaling and more protections for them by listening and take me inside whales face dangers on multiple fronts commercial fishing underwater noise pollution toxic chemicals and of course ubiquitous plastic waste dealing with these problems is a tall order. this year's meeting of the whaling commission was the first time these problems were officially recognized member states also say that they want to address the increase well populations. in bonn is a good football dortmund's be fine for three one of the fight and i game they're now in first place at least for a day so resigning open the scoring for dortmund in the thirty sixth minute his first goal for the black and yellows and the sixty eight minutes of us in and they are equalized for frankfurt's hammering home danny to cost across in style but just four minutes later dortmund reach a filet thanks to marius falls and two minutes from time packing their round at home victory the typical.
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of a man is getting ready for the city's annual maurice thought on the race is favored by professional runners to to the floss course even surface and the miles ocean weather as a result sprint and both the most marathon world records of any say see we caught up with the men's favorites ahead of the big day. the berlin marathon is around the corner and final preparations are underway. is helping the athletes loosen their muscles but also offering mental support for the big day. but they've come from far from. it. this stage is set more than forty thousand runners will test themselves on the fastest marathon route in the world the conditions are better than last year when
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we snatched the win but narrowly missed out on the world record. finishing. so. that his biggest rival this year is. he too has previously won the berlin marathon five years ago and even set a new world record at the time but last year he suffered his most bitter defeat here. to win. just most runners take more than twice as long as the top athletes regardless will be taken over by thousands of running feet and some of them might be a tad faster thanks to the support. of
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the top story that we're following for you. in the u.s. . still bringing extremely heavy rainfall and dangerous storms hundreds of. you're up to date and you're watching didn't have any stake if. the truth. bursts mob home two moves of species. a whole word soon become. law given those are big changes and most start with small steps but global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world body is the country which used to green energy solutions and be forced into. the current interest has come.


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