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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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hour to the hundreds of thousands of people across the state who are now without power especially as the flooding continues that's going to make it very difficult for rescue crews and for power crews to get through and rescue people and restore energy ok thank you very much maya shrader from to be reporting from north carolina staying with the dangerous weather typhoon mangled has caused major destruction in the philippines the storm made landfall in the country's main island of new song early on saturday strong winds and torrential rains caused power outages floods and dozens of landslides at least twelve people have been confirmed dead more than one hundred thousand have had to flee their homes the philippines state whether agency has downgraded the threat level but warns the danger is far from over. now many in the philippines have taken to social media to share their experience and my colleague aaron tilton has been following that for us and what have you found so far well the filipinos have been turning in droves to facebook and social media
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shows some of the experiences they've been having and one of the videos that i find that can share the most ins actually just quite impressive is a clip from bog us city located in the north of the country now if we could get that clip on the air for our viewers basically what we're seeing here is trental flooding that's being caused by the typhoon now the authorities had warned that there could be some flooding bowl really seen there is just massive amounts of water coming through a mountain valley and that's one thing i want to like to point out a bug you know city what we're seeing on t.v. right now is actually located in the mountains it's actually in the highlands and you can really just see the violence of the water that's just rushing through some of the community there now back to you is actually a community kind of a tourist destination for many well to do filipinos but it's also home to many of the poorer and indigenous populations and many of them live in rather improvised housing so you could really expect given all the water that's coming down there to see a lot of damage and destruction and some of those poor neighborhoods are waters the
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main threat here is there's something else well it's not just the water also in the northern parts of the philippines were seen just incredible winds now we're seeing another clip on air right now and i just want you to listen to this sound for a second. that what we're hearing right now is the sound of two hundred kilometer per hour winds that were just ripping across the philippines earlier today and while on the storm has moved on from the northern part of the philippines it really gives us a sense of the violence the still bearing down on hong kong and southern china where it's expected make landfall later today what is the situation exactly elsewhere in the in the philippines well thankfully the central and southern areas of the philippines have been spared the brunt of the damage however we are seen some there seen some followed of their own now especially in manila we've seen some clips of a cleanup. of a different sort they're having to go through the philippines is of course one of the largest contributors to plastic waste in that region of the world and a lot of the plastic ways and out in the ocean now the storm surge in these extreme
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winds is bringing much of that plastic ways back into a metro manila to the downtown area and we're seeing pictures and videos posted by using social media of literally tons of trash a plastic waste that's carried back from the the oceans into the islands and least right now it seems like the residents of manila are the only ones left who have to really pick up the pieces ok thank you very much for that aaron. now into some of the other stories making news around the world iraq's parliament has elected a new speaker and a first step toward forming a government four months after national elections mohammed. was supported by the iran friendly bloc in the assembly is a sunni arab and former governor of anbar province. thousands of ethiopians have welcomed home rebel leader after twenty six years in exile is chairman of a group that fought for the self-determination of the people ethiopia's biggest ethnic minority ethiopia's government remove the terror group from its terror list
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as part of sweeping political reforms. german chancellor angela merkel's conservative allies in bavaria the c.s.u. have met in new nick to discuss strategy ahead of a key regional election next month polls show the party could be heading towards its worst result in more than sixty years as voters defect to other parties including the far right f.t. the party's leader horse as a whole for who also serves as germany's federal interior minister has dropped in the polls after clashes with merkel on a number of issues including migration. at the c.s.u. party conference in munich for us recently the c.s.u. has taken on some of the far right viewpoints of the immigration has not failed as a strategy. well migration is of course an extremely polarizing topic especially here in bavaria where the vast majority of refugees arrived in twenty fifteen many
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c.s.u. officials back then criticized anglo machall who's actually their sister party representative for her what they called her open door policy towards refugees and for a long time it sounded as though the c.s.u. was trying to imitate the f.t.c. and polls and clearly show that that strategy didn't work that voters didn't like that at all and so the c.s.u. has now clearly changed its strategy in fact the state premier michael souter who spoke earlier here in munich said that the sea is you need to attack the a.f.d. he said the sea is you need to distance itself from the a.f.p. very clearly and i asked some of the high ranking c.s.u. official says how they're planning to win back the voters. they have to clearly show that we do. have a clear line as regards migration policy that we have a plan that is what we actually have you know we want to help people who are asking
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for asylum in europe that's not it is an issue but we also want to know that we don't know on the basis you know that we have a regular procedure to be used that you know who is coming into our country this is different to the a it's do you know it simply says no it's because you know refugees at all in our country that is not. a change of one it would seem you know the polls show the party is not just losing votes the f.t. but also to other parties are we seeing a revolt of some kind against the far right policies. well what we are definitely seeing is not the same is happening in the very a what is happening on a federal level here in germany that the political landscape is becoming more frakt in fact at the very end elections on the fourteenth of october we could see seven parties and the very important for the very first time and incidentally parties at the top establish really clear topics are doing really well in the polls and that
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includes the green party last year that many people thought the green party was almost dead but the green party could become second strongest policy thank you nina . the main program of bundesliga matches has come to an end yet again by our new nick have three points the champions beaten by our liberties and three want to home all spur going to hearts have berlin's one hundred percent records are over following an action packed two two draw but there were victories for rb leipzig fortuna dusseldorf and ments dortmund won on friday and there are three games to be completed. the bundesliga table has a familiar look even after just three games of the season by lead the way with nine points from nine dortmund remain second after will spur and purchase draw in the bottom half we see that leipzig have blue have left up while leverkusen are still stuck in the last place with on zero points. and
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a reminder of the top stories we've been following for you at least four people have died in the u.s. as tropical storm florence moves inland across north and south carolina authorities are warning of catastrophic flooding and say up to two and a half million people could be left without power. you're watching news from berlin more coming off the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site. dot com thanks for joining you know. what we were. when we were. eighty percent of americans at some point in our lives
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will experience hardship listen.


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