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tv   Doc Film - Colonia Dignidad - A Quest for Justice  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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dia of the fury that is now bearing down on hong kong and southern china. the southern and central regions of the philippines was spared the brunt of the storm but at least in the region around manila they've been confronted with a unique challenge of their own and the philippines is one of the biggest contributors of plastic waste in the world and much of it ends up in the waters off the coast of the flooding from typhoon monkey has guided much of that trash back onto the island like here in downtown manila where for now residents are left to pick up the pieces. some of the other stories making news around the world thousands of ethiopians have welcomed home rebel leader of the twenty six years in exile is german of a group that fought for the separate domination of the old robel people ethiopia's biggest ethnic minority if you will because government removed the group from its terror list as part of sweeping political reforms. antiglobalization activists staged protests on the tenth anniversary of the collapse of the us investment bank
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lehman brothers in paris protesters gathered in front of a bank to blast investment policies and tax avoidance schemes activists also protested in frankfurt's financial district this international banking practices have not been adequately reformed since the two thousand and eight financial crisis . there in germany chancellor angela merkel's conservative allies in bavaria the c.s.u. have held a one day congress in munich to discuss strategy ahead of a key region election in the state next month polls show the party could be heading towards its worst results in more than sixty years as voters defect to other parties including the far right a f t the popularity of the party is the the horse who is also germany's interior minister dropped to an all time low after he clashed with on a number of issues including migration. it's meant to be
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a show of unity christian social union had whole say hoffa and the very end primedia marcus through their intended message this area needs to see a sea for stability and to succeed. to make the various so successful and to make sure that we are out in front so that very obese everyone else in the game that's c.s.u. policy let's head into these final weeks with confidence. a month before the various state parliamentary elections the conservatives the polling badly at about thirty five percent many blame say hoffa's performances john an interior minister he's been on a confrontation course with coalition partners repeatedly. because it's a coalition will continue don't believe everything you hear. he defended his take on refugee policy and security begins at the border we can't correct problems if we overlook them there. but the c.s.u.
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distanced itself from far right populism in his party had a cold for zero tolerance approach to anti semitism writes radicalism and persecution of foreigners. sports news now from germany the main program of blunders legal matters has come to an end and yet again by admitting have three points the champions made by a never three one at home. and had to balance hundred percent records are over following an action packed two two draw back dead last in the rose upchuck another big blow and they were victories for rb like think fortuna dusseldorf and minds on one friday and there are two games you have to play on sunday. the minister table has a familiar look even after just three games of the season by and lead the way with nine points from nine hundred second of the votes bug and head as draw in the
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bottom half you see that like they have leapt up while shocker and leverkusen are still stuck on the zero points. but lynn is getting ready for the cities and will matter to them on sunday the race is favored by professional runners due to the flat course even surface and the mild autumn weather as a result but in both the most world not of the records of any city because up with the men's favorites ahead of the big day. the berlin marathon is around the corner and final preparations are underway. is helping the athletes loosen their muscles but also offering mental support for the big day. most of them are excited. but they've come from far and wide. to. this stage is set more than forty thousand runners will test themselves on the fastest marathon route in the world the conditions are better than last year when.
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snatch to win narrowly missed out on the world record. finishing. it is. his biggest rival this year is. he too has previously won the berlin marathon five years ago and even set a new world record at the time last year he suffered his most bitter defeat here. just most runners take more than twice as long as the top athletes. will be taken over by thousands of running feet and some of them might be a tad faster thanks to the support.
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across. at the top of the on don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website that's indeed upload dot com thanks for joining us here at the top of the are. playing. things on beethoven and. his work
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and the goddess fortuna. the monstre in favor of. beethoven's first song twenty. the first time doing it to tell me the territory of an incredible it's a whole new world into the line in cyberspace for an extremely little lovesickness a thing of the month and sexual frustration true how much i still have to get used to these robot you know it's just exploring new frontier is in sex and love three point zero. starts at ten and twenty fifth on d.w. . world. kind on some a con is a concept he spends six months in
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a reality cation center in the northwestern shin jang region of china. with. my first thought was this is a. karachi is now an almighty the former capital of kazakhstan and the country's largest city he's one of the few to have made it ounce of a reaction cation campaign shin jang these camps of a turning muslim minorities into chinese patriots and over a million people afford to be detained that cairo. that is trying to ensure that the world does something about it. not long ago it would have been dangerous for kyra to watch a video of a kazakh hit on his phone he was in a reeducation camp until march he's an ethnic but was born in china he lived in kazakstan for a few years before being detained. but i was in the village
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they summoned me to the police station. by i went there on the nineteenth of october they kept asking me what i had done in kazakhstan who i'd mag and they searched my phone my social media user name was k.z. short for kazakhstan they told me i was to first only do it here. in chinese communist party jargon someone who is two faced is loyal to their own ethnic group and not to the chinese nation kyra is trying to show the activist kid or ali or as a lily exactly where the camp was located a book called for this economy and i want to talk about what i know also that the situation of muslims in china improves. shin jiang in china's north west is home to many ethnic groups including weekers and. international organizations say that there was
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a network of internment camps in which about a million people are detained. kyra is one of the few who has been able to get out and leave china who. had to manage to locate the area of the camp. is this the camp. i mean knowing that's the houses you know that for the real. was looted could be one of the. this is the cement factory that's really close. it's a little bit further there is no no. no it's my spear this rebuilding is it for me you showing people less than you need to know. these ones here yes exactly.
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yeah that said i was there in the medium sized building every day the chinese flag was hoisted in the yard there was one building with religious people and one for those who had contacts abroad. my first thought was this is it cheaper to do it with this. thing or a silly family is used to guests. kyra some are kind of has been living with them for a few months now. he's an important eyewitness one of the few who knows what it's like inside the camps. killer rally and his parents are also from china since the one nine hundred ninety
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s. some two hundred thousand kazakhs from shin jiang have become naturalized citizens of kazakhstan many of them have experienced the sudden disappearance of their relatives on the other side of the border. you know because i kept hearing stories about what was happening in china every day or. one month two months three months. i couldn't listen to it anymore i had to help my gut so he set up at a juror and started documenting all the stories china has denied the existence of the camps to the international community but the state media have praised them as successful means of combat in religious extremism this article was published on a local website but quickly deleted but there's still an archive first. bus did you wear clothes like that. yes but darker did you have warm clothes in winter no not
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at all. the worst thing was not knowing whether i would ever be freed or whether they were just curious there. kyra who is a businessman is now trying to build up a new life for himself in kazakstan he wants to set up his own company. but because all his savings are in china he's working at a market for the moment. kitty rally or as a lily is also a businessman he worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative before turning his full attention to the situation in shin jiang. i'm scared. i'm always stressed. out that whenever i have to go somewhere i try to travel with a friend he has. this. especially at night. that.
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all of us activists we are scared as. well yeah but the chinese government has a long arm. kazakstan and china have a close economic relationship beijing has invested a lot into kazakhs stands infrastructure as part of its new silk road project. which gets you to the good surely. but the internment of muslims in china has caused quite a stir in kazakstan. many cars x. have relatives in the chinese camps. atatürk records all the cases of which there are more and more each day. it already has detailed files on one thousand cases and knows of at least ten thousand more. than it's often
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because of their relatives abroad that chinese cossacks encounter problems with the author already is. on. not. one man was arrested after visiting his daughter. the off already saw an encrypted message on whatsapp which raised their suspicions the family's desperate. he didn't want him if he did like my brother and i went there we told the authorities that we had installed the app on his telephone they told us he would be freed in two or three days but he wasn't released his bill he has problems with his stomach we found out that they take him from the camp to the hospital where he stays for a few days and then he goes back into the camp and into a hospital for a few days. after
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george has forwarded the case to the kazakh government they hope the file will be translated and the case will be raised at the united nations. also. every day we hear about new cases about detained. simple people. none of them are involved in politics just ordinary people who didn't complete school. ordinary people who are being kept in jail the illusion that. there are no trials nor sentencing the camp decides who stays or leaves kyra it was released after a suicide attempt he banged his head against the wall until he became unconscious it's hard for him to talk about it i mean it was terrible i couldn't deal with it. he told the authours he had a wife and children in kazakhstan and wanted to see them but they didn't let him in
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when it was a date that are told to mark commit suicide over it ignore me go right kill someone else then they could just put me in jail and didn't have it shipped in the cops and . the threat worked he was allowed to leave china for a month and he stayed in kazakstan. now he's telling the international community about his experience he and kid a rally are meeting a team from amnesty international. they bump into some others who have already spoken to the human rights organization. this woman has many relatives in camps she tells kid o'reilly that her husband was detained in brewer tala and her brother was detained in a room key get a rally replies that she should come and see him at added to it so they can set up a file she says she will come to morrow. before that. amnesty international is very interested in cairo at experiences patrick hoon is
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china researcher.


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