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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 5:02am-5:16am CEST

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we stay in germany which has one of the lowest rates of whole want to ship of the developed world he could here often prefer to rent but rents have been so much so that the national government has now called a housing summit to discuss solutions munich in the south has the country's most expensive rents the tenants there have been taking to the streets to demand more reasonable prices and more government action. there were about ten thousand of them outraged by munich's sky high rents and housing shortage munich's rents are the highest in all of germany over the last ten years they've spiked by sixty one percent on average these people want their voices heard and not just in munich. this i hope the federal government in berlin hears us. i hope they take this seriously and do something about it and i dare to dream that the housing summit
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next week in berlin there will be other voices than just the landlords lobby. new leases run about eighteen euro per square meter monthly that's put a serious strain on people with average salaries and below saturday's protests blame greedy international speculators and what they say is a passive state and federal government. that he's on stage don't think it's you i think this will force state and federal politicians to realize that we need them and we need a cap on rents and an end to expensive modernizing projects. and they have to think about what london soil really means that they're important and that living space is a basic right this the organizers are calling on renters in other german cities to take to the streets as well their goal is to inspire a national renter's movement to rise up. from germany to egypt where the country's antiquities been history has an wind for treasures that
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archaeologists discovered at time as the long forgotten one time capital of ancient egypt they objects huge statues of ramsay's the second and a pair of disks were put back together and restored off their discovery. rems is the second in all his glory know the two colossal statues of ancient egypt the greatest pharaoh once again stand at the entrance to tennis monumental up a list of twelve meters tall and weighing eighty five tons have also been returned to the site egyptian archaeologists spent five years piecing the program monuments together from rubble. would like to give a message to that that holds how important how nice how great is this eighty. researchers of long considered tennis to be one of egypt's most important archaeological sites it's two square kilometers containing millenia old treasures
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including the ruins of the temple of the moon and royal graves dating to the tenth century b.c. . once the seat of power for kings and pharoahs of egypt tennis lay abandoned and undisturbed for centuries now it's being opened up for modern egyptians and tourists from around the world. and the bundesliga show with pablo fully as follows off for the break with highlights from fridays and saturdays matches or folding by live across them live to regret this missed penalty against a mimic. elitist attitude to find out.
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the first time doing turns into telling. hardcore you have incredible it's a whole new world. in certain respects. it's a new era of sexuality and you. will look sick and you speak of things and sexual frustration too much i still have to get used to these robot no one is exploring new frontier in sex and love three point zero. just on september twenty fifth on. dortmund fans were delighted as the black and yellow summer signings stole the show
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and kicked off much they treat with a three one win against frankfurt. abdulla diablo opened the scoring for dortmund to invest thirty six the minute it's the frenchman's first goal for the black and yellows since signing this summer from mines now in the sixty eighth minute sebastien now they are equalized for frankfurt. i'm going home i've done neither cost across in style. but just four minutes later dortmund retook the lead thanks to my obvious vault and two minutes from time. runs out at the home victory with a debut goal. lovely stuff welcome to the bonus league on detail with you on public . dorman's victory set us up nicely for an exciting weekend for paul and there's been no shortage of goals so let's see what's coming up on today's show. we start with labor couzens quest for points we'll see if they could end miserable start to
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the season by shopping by. and a tight affair is expected between vulture and tatar berlin two sides that have been flexing their muscles this season. now leverkusen were full of promise before the season kicked off but their start the campaign has been dreadful two back to back defeats and this weekend they faced an uphill battle against biron in munich could they surprise their solid hosts and finally pick up some points let's find out. i'm they've accused coach heiko haley went on the defensive against by and. even left out germany for what a union plant. but the first good chance fell to laver cozen giago handled the ball a penalty was awarded by him protested but the decision looked to be correct. kevin fall and stepped up a man you'll know you're saved for the spot kick had to be taken because the
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referee but not whistled. this time vandal made a better job of it one not only because now after five minutes i replied though came just five minutes later france will cook in a column time to least so showed the greater desire to equalize but his game would later turn sour. recall champions by and began suppressed leverkusen defense crumbled and i and robin made them pay the dutchman taking full advantage of yonathan towels mistake by and had turned the game around but lost the least so to a knee injury. the game petered out after the break but it came alive again on eighty minutes read so carrying bell about he just eight minutes after coming on pulling this ugly challenge on rough femia by and were incensed. the host that no chance of ten men and by and sealed it late on through time as rodriguez later cusanus third loss in three i'm. no one to this of
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course but it is.


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