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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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genie is free kick under the walter but have to have back in front. it was due to his second goal from a free kick into games. but with time running out john briggs headed on to admin and he level things up again by bruno levity is team snatching a draw from the jaws of defeat thanks to the new found never say die attitude. he's telling voters his image of the team has gained confidence they know from the last few weeks and some situations at the end of last season that they can come back from behind that gives you belief who comes into the disc a tradition for the home a point was the least the sides deserved after a match high on drama. now it's time to take a look at some of the other big toys this weekend in a moment we'll see when this leipsic and turnover fared but first we look at the clash against chalco the royal blues have lost both of their opening ties leaving
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coach to many go to desk of feeling under pressure so let's take a look at how they got on against a glass side that hasn't tasted the feat yet this season. the answer is quite poorly the players are barely on the pitching block but we're ready in the leaves or as with the opener in the third minutes the before shell who were poor on the attack but when they did get a chance on goal from a corner they came bitterly close. just keeping sally said they banged the but made a way through the second half block but can't close them selves months in the night by the woodwork the but the foles ultimately poured more salt in the royal blues wounds when they got the second in the seventy seven minutes i ask of vince cross in the box was not some but only some play to set up the camera abut
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shall because bill mbulelo pulled one back in the dying seconds to one of the final school i be the better many coincidence cosigned lose their third on the bounce and find themselves in a minor crisis. over life see the start of the game on the front foot good him a shot deflected for use of pull since ahead in the opener in the night minutes the the it was the danish internationals first of the season. four minutes later the guests were back in the game nicklaus fuku with a superb volley to level the school would but the big leipsic stepped up again in may of forsberg and team of then it began to shine the swede set up the strike at to reestablish the host slender lead on forty minutes was in the box of the break they teamed up again
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a team of bennett with his brace and life seek with three one a if the band over weren't ready to go down without a fight though because our benoist pulled one back from the gas in the same. the fifth minute but that was the end of their resurgence however still without a win this season while leipsic win their first game of the campaign at the third time of asking i. well let's round up all the action so far of course on saturday and as we saw byron beat there's a draw between volves and had to berlin. beach. and it was good news for new comers fortuna dusseldorf. secured the win with a late strike he converted from the spot in the eighteen seventh minute to give the promoted side their first victory of the season it's a bitter defeat for hoffenheim who had equalised just
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a minute before just indorse winner. of course i forgot to mention there that of course leipzig get beaten over three two minds to hosts managed to beat but it turned out to be no easy task the winner came in the ninety third minute without xander not seen firing home to mark the end of a chaotic and eleven minutes in which outs bird took the lead before minds turned the game for keeper fabio good for one to enjoy watching the replays back he was a fold for both mind goals. now there's dortmund victory against frankfurt on friday night of course on sunday braman host nuremberg and stuttgart travel to freiburg. and that's take a look at the table of course what a shocker munich up there at the top but there is a little bit of movement dormant move up on valves bergan had to move down a little bit that the other end of the table we have somebody on the bottom and
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what an absolutely shocking start to the season they're having moved ever so slightly up shell looked and there just one spot above those relegation places really good results for them now it's time for the ball in this league as play of the day as voted by our followers on twitter the winner with fifty nine percent of the vote is barnes are you robin the dutchman meant jonathan clearance and hammered home. early in the opening half to put munich. lucas for a decade last. storms are you and robin is your play of the day. shorty one of the best goals of the season i would say. well on sunday we'll be joined in the studio to discuss this weekend's been the sneak action by the in this league of journalists kate holden will be asking will shall manage to win
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a game sometime soon i'm sure their fans really want want a good rose of for them so do send us your questions for him to be addresses on your screen now it's time to say goodbye we'll be back of course on sunday so the tide you over until then here's some great moments from the weekend so far so for me and the rest of the bundesliga team here in berlin.
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place a home. in chile. german come down to nineteen sixteen. in slave torture and even ship gets mema was frightened and that was the beginning of hell the torture itself. the survivors quest for justice continues to this day next d.w. . hero max this week's highlights. into flying which more than fall behind us is. intensive drinking block wine in southern france. interactive playing video games and. your roman. exchange.


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