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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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piece of steel. a little. this week g.w. . this is news live from berlin a russian anti-government activists has reportedly been flown to berlin for medical treatment after suspected poisoning. of is one of four pussy riot protesters who stormed the football pitch during this year's world cup final in moscow. typhoon mangled makes landfall in china battering hong kong with gale force winds and
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torrential rain more than half a million people have been evacuated across several chinese cities as they brace for impact. also coming up the marathon world record smashed in berlin as candy is. finishes the race in just two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds. spicer it's good to have you with us a russian anti-government activists who was jailed earlier this year for protesting at the world cup final has been flown to germany for medical treatment just. three days ago and is now in berlin reported jared reid has more for us jared what can you tell us about what it what has been happening well vincy love is more snoring for being a prominent activist in russia and he's part of this famous. a protest group called
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pussy riot which as we know over the past six or so years have said very famous demonstrations out of upset the kremlin now as you mentioned he's very on will he he fell ill this week with what's being described as a mystery illness he had trouble seeing speaking and moving off to being treated in moscow in intensive care he's now in berlin well looking at a video posted to twitter by his former wife. cova she's a member of pussy riot the airport here ensuring a fed we can see him there on a stretcher being treated in the plane now earlier posted a story to instagram showing her waiting at the airport with a visit up to her and it was dated yesterday saturday now and others in pussy riot believe that it was poison for political reasons and they're pointing the finger at the kremlin although the cause of this illness hasn't yet been identified
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a few days ago pussy riot posted this photo we can see here valuing to punish those responsible now as you mentioned early in nick was jailed for taking part in a pitch invasion the well final in russia he said in protest at the russian status in the russian police let's take a look at that guy. who was one of four protesters who invaded the pitch. and. millions of people were watching live the protesters later appeared in court and they served fifteen day jail sentences. interviewed verzilov and other person members back in august to explain to the group's approach. if. they can political collective we don't have
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a fixed number of members of the different people come together from various factions. the young activists talked of a harsh climate for opposition groups who are frequently condemned by state media. because they have to because pussy riot don't do what they want that's just the way it is the state media always attack opposition groups. was hospitalized in moscow three days ago a pussy riot activist was quoted as saying he had lost his eyesight and ability to talk it is not clear what caused his illness. so he's now in berlin but how did he actually get here so he was put onto a medical flight yesterday and that was paid for and yes bonsa by a group of cold the cinema for peace foundation here in berlin there are a group that describes themselves as a nonprofit with the goal to force to change three film and i have been prominent supporters of pussy riot in the past now i got in touch with the group today to ask
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them a couple of questions here's what they told me they said fitzy love has survived a critical condition after an alleged assassination attempt by poisoning this initiative provided by request of the family transport haitian and medical care with specialists in a hospital in berlin the attack is regarded as revenge for appearing in the world cup final to support human rights in russia now of course a lot of people are comparing this case with cases of other kremlin critics who've had unsavory things happen to them after criticizing russia of course the kremlin hasn't made any comment the german foreign ministry has said that they're not going to make any comment either because of germany's strict privacy laws and i guess to complicate things further we've got canada in the mix as well because of it's the love is a jewel citizen with canada i sighed there watching the case very closely as we all are to see what happens how the love and his condition improve all right gerri
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thank you for that insight into the story now thai food is hitting southern china doddering hong kong and guangdong province with gale force winds and torrential rain the superstorm has already caused major destruction in the philippines authorities there say dozens are feared dead in flooding landslides and collapsed buildings. nature lashes the coast of hong kong with full force and these people got to witness it firsthand. as hong kong issued a maximum alert for typhoon man good the territory's government warned people to prepare for the worst. storm surges were expected to raise water levels by up to four meters. hundreds of residents have been evacuated to shelters while others hope to ride it out. almost
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all flights in and out of the city's airport have been counseled so for anyone who hopes to leave hong kong before the storm there was little option but to keep out of harm's way and stay put. i didn't expect to get caught up in a typhoon when i booked a trip to hong kong. i've had to scrap all my sightseeing plans i can't go out the subways closed buses have stopped running and there's no ferry service at all. the west the gambling hub of macau closed the doors to its casinos for the first time in history ahead of the storm. authorities here faced criticism for failing to pad residents for a deadly typhoon last year now they face another huge challenge said to be the strongest typhoon to hit the region this year. meanwhile at least eleven people have died in the u.s. as massive amounts of rain from tropical storm florence caused severe flooding in
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north and south carolina these were the scenes in lumberton a short while ago after roaring on shore on friday florence lingered over the area causing storm surges and flash floods the u.s. coast guard had to rescue multiple victims by helicopter authorities say the devastation is far from over there warning residents not to attempt returning to their homes. let's now go live to d.w. correspondent my schwager standing by in the city of new bern in north carolina how are people coping with the extreme flooding where you are. it's still raining here just a little bit even though the the hurricane has mostly passed us and the winds have died down and i'm actually standing here right now with the mayor of new bern north carolina dana outlaw dana how is the town coping how are people coping with what's
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been happening well we're just not used to this type of damage we we've had a lot of hurricanes were three hundred years ago the old timers tell me that this is much worse than hurricane hazel in one nine hundred fifty four which was really the worst hurricane anybody has ever remembered recorded. sun what are you expecting in the coming days in terms of cleanup in terms of what the economic impact might be on this town and we don't have any figures in on the economic end of it we do know that forty two hundred homes have been either destroyed or tomar have extensive problems we have about three hundred commercial bins buildings that are that are in really bad shape we've we've had twenty two thousand customers without power that's been restored to about six thousand are still not in power so a big concern right now is is the safety and security safety and security of our residents safety in staying inside because with the saturated ground conditions trees are still falling down and
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a lot of folks get killed or hurt after the storm not journal storm so the big thing that's happened here is i think everybody got a little bit more of a closet confort level when it went with a category one but we had a ten and a half foot storm surge and so were some hurricanes do a lot of wind damage this one has been devastating water damage and now we have the water coming from the western part of state down here and with the new server is this wide enough to it doesn't affect us that much but the small bryce's creek carries it things like that but the water is starting to to increase in those areas so we're very concerned about the trees down the saturated ground conditions. fortunately no one in new bern has died in the hurricane but what is it like looking around at your town now and the condition it's in what goes through your head recovery. newbern is a very resilient community where
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a very loving community we all reach out to each other we put our differences aside and we all get our rakes and shovels and get together and work right now it's getting hot food nourishment to our to our residents we have twenty twelve hundred people in shelters we've had three church services this morning to provide you know what is needed this we need some miracles here in this in the city as you know the out poor from communities outside of new and has been tremendous and we've had twenty eight crews come in to help us with restoring power at the same time we have to keep these folks safe we have to keep our fire and police safe and particularly during the storm and so we did a pretty good job of evacuation we went door to door we had a fire truck where p.a. system going around we had newbern recreation buses going around picking folks up so we were dealing with around four hundred recoveries we had some war recoveries and so you know praise the lord that no body lost or life in this in newbern and
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pray for the folks that did lose their life in eastern oregon or john allen mayor of new bern north carolina thank you so much back to you in the studio thank you that was my way to reporting from north carolina now to some other stories making news around the world syrian state media say israel has launched a missile attack on the main airport in damascus the claims were backed up by the syrian observatory for human rights it said the attack targeted arms warehouses and caused heavy damage no casualties were reported action. now. marathon took place today and was once again the scene of a new world record mild weather and a flat course means that the last seven men's records have been broken here and today. lowered the fastest time to the two hour mark.
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kenya's. set the pace at the berlin marathon on sunday over forty thousand runners competed in perfect conditions when he defended last year's title he started off with an impressive pace and quickly shook off his biggest opponent will see. three pacemakers were pushed to the limit and so the canyon completed the last seventeen kilometers so much. really. expected this the first. push me. with a total time of two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds to be shattered the previous world record by a minute and eighteen seconds and manifested his reputation as the greatest marathon runner of the modern era. gladys truro note set
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a new course record for the women in two hours eighteen minutes and eleven seconds . an update from formula one now where lewis hamilton has secured victory at the singapore grand prix the briton held old position and maintained his lead with max for stop and sebastian vettel finishing in the other podium places fellow finns valtteri bottas and kimi reichen and missed out on the top three looking at the overall standings hamilton now has a forty point lead over germany's vettel and looks well set to defend his world title with six races left. you're watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for joining.
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