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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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time gorbachev the opportunity for peace which starts october third on w. d w news live from berlin where a kremlin critic is being treated for a suspected poisoning in moscow the russian anti-government activists was flown to the german capital where he's been brought to a hospital first specialist a medical treatment get there there's a lot of us one of the four pussy riot protesters who stormed the stage during this year's world cup final in moscow. also coming up time soon mang kluge wars into
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southern china battering hong kong with gale force winds and torrential rain more than half a million people have been evacuated across several chinese cities as they brace for impact. and the marathon world record is smashed here in berlin as kenya's and the u.k. finishes their race in just two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds. thanks for joining us i'm mary and i haven't seen a russian antigovernment activist who was jailed earlier this year for protesting at the world cup final has been brought to berlin for medical treatment shows that are very low was flown to the german capital after a suspected poisoning the member of the pussy riot punk group fell ill after
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a court hearing is being treated at that shot to take hospital friends describe his condition as serious his wife and i dare say. says it may have been attempted murder. for more on the story we're joined now by g.w. correspondent nina who's standing by outside the sharon tate hospital in the heart of berlin good evening to you nina so what more do we know about there's a lot of current condition has the hospital released any information. we're expecting the berlin doctors in the saudi tailor hospital behind me to make a statement on monday so at the moment we can only rely on the information that's being given by his supporters and fellow activists according to them his condition deteriorated very fast in the past few days to a point where he was no longer able to speak or walk and so he was flown to berlin
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for treatment a friend who was with him in the hospital room on the sunday said that his life is no longer in danger but his condition is still very critical all right well as we mentioned he was flown in to berlin china failed airport late on saturday but who was it that actually brought him here to germany for treatment. there is a foundation here in berlin that calls itself the cinema for peace foundation and they are a cult cultural activists but they also have supported pussy riot and other political activists in the past they also take part in berlin's biggest film festival the belly nala every year and they say that they received a call for help by vessel of family in moscow when his condition deteriorated we have to keep in mind that he's a healthy young man of thirty years and so the family were very worried call them
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for help they are family friends essentially the cinema for peace man is and he said he got money together and organized the plane and he said he did that in coordination with the chancellor rhee and the foreign office here in germany so the authorities were informed all right so the german authorities as you say were informed so is there any kind of diplomatic aspect to this story i mean this man is known to be a quite outspoken critic of the kremlin. exactly and cinema for peace say that they're suspecting this is to be revenge act by russian authorities for storming the football pitch during the world cup final in moscow they say that it was definitely poisoning but so far the german authorities have not commented neither have the doctors so the case is still very much shrouded in mystery and we'll simply have to wait for more information what is the case of
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course is that if it does happen to be poisoning then they sense the potential for a very very big political route between germany and russia whose relationship has been very strained in recent months and years and you've mentioned it already he's also a canadian citizen so three countries would be involved in a very serious political row all right our correspondent standing outside the shot at a hospital in berlin. thank you very much. well and other news typhoon mangku is now heading a southern china battering hong kong and guangdong province with gale force winds and torrential rain the superstorm has already caused major destruction in the philippines authorities there say dozens are feared dead in flooding landslides and collapsed buildings. nature lashes the coast of home column with
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full force and these people got to witness it firsthand. as hong kong issued a maximum alert for typhoon mind goot the territories government warned people to prepare for the worst. storm surges were expected to raise water levels by up to four meters. hundreds of residents have been evacuated to shelters while others hope to ride it out. almost all flights in and out of the city's airport have been counseled so for anyone who hopes to be from come before the storm there was little option but to keep out of harm's way and stay put. this right so i didn't expect to get caught up in a typhoon when i booked a trip to hong kong. i've had to scrap all my sightseeing plans i can't go out the subways closed buses have stopped running and there's no ferry service at all. of
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the west the gambling hub of macau closed the doors to its casinos for the first time in history ahead of the storm. authorities here faced criticism for failing to prepare residents for a deadly typhoon last year now they face another huge challenge is said to be the strongest typhoon to hit the region this year. well meanwhile at least eleven people have died in the u.s. as massive amounts of rain from tropical storm florence cause severe flooding in the states of north and south carolina. these were the scenes in the town of lumberton a short while ago after roaring onshore on friday florence lingered over the area causing storm surges and flash floods the u.s. coast guard had to rescue multiple victims by helicopter authorities say the devastation is far from over there warning residents not to attempt returning to
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their homes. on the state of north carolina was particularly hard hit by florence at least ten people died and nine hundred others had to be rescued our correspondent joins us now from the city of new bern which was hit pretty much head on hello to you miles so what can you tell us about how people are coping with florence as aftermath where you are. the rain has paused for now but really it's it's incredibly hard for this town to get back on its feet and most of it is still shut down and the places that are open are slowly being overwhelmed by people looking for gas water food medical supplies behind me you can see one of the local supermarkets which is open but as you can see sustained rather major damage and people kept kept coming through here all day looking for goods and over here lying on the ground in
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a pile of twisted metal styrofoam and concrete is the roof of the supermarket which blew off in the gale force of the hurricane and this is really emblematic of what happened to this town it's still standing starting to try to function again but really has a long way to go to recovery and i spoke with the mayor of new bern dana outlaw earlier today let's see what he had to say. how now and the condition it's in what goes through your head recovery. newbern is a very resilient community where a very loving community we all reach out to each other we put our differences aside and we all get our rakes and shovels and get together and work right now is getting hot food nourishment to our to our residents we have twenty twelve hundred people in shelters we've had three church services this morning to provide you know what is needed this we need some miracles here in this in the city as you know the
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outpour from communities outside and they were has been tremendous and we've had twenty eight crews come in to help us with restoring power we did a pretty good job of evacuation we went door to door we had a fire truck with p.a. system going around we had newbern recreation buses going around picking folks up so we were dealing with around four hundred recoveries we had some war recoveries and so you know praise the lord that no body lost or life in this in newbern and pray for the folks that did lose their life in eastern north or all right the mayor of new bern speaking there earlier i'm talking about the requirement for basic things like hot food to care for the people who are in the shelters my you say that the rain has stopped for the moment but what's the prediction in the situation all safe now. unfortunately not the governor of north
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carolina spoke at a press conference earlier and he said they are expecting the situation to cheerier right even further we are expecting more rain to start tonight and into the next few days and officials are saying people need to be aware of flash floods possible mudslides and rockslides and really to use their common sense stay inside and don't do anything stupid there are still many people who are in shelters and authorities are emphasizing they still don't know the full extent of the damage yet because people haven't had a chance to go home and even look at their their houses and see what happened to them so a lot of people saying that unfortunately here in north carolina the worst is yet to calm as tropical depression florence keeps pushing or westward and dumping rain on the region deja vu correspondent reporting from north carolina thank you so much . well now to some of the other stories making news around the world
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the mayor of london has backed calls for a second break that referendum sunday khan said the british people should have the right to vote on any deal reached by the government he criticised prime minister teresa mayes negotiations saying she's leading the country down what he called a damaging have. several hundred people rallied in the russian city of st petersburg to protest government plans to raise the retirement age several people were arrested but police said there were no major disturbances last week more than a thousand people were reportedly detained in an authorised protest against the pension reform plans. pedestrians and cyclists took over central brussels on sunday as the city banned private automobiles from most of its streets for the day paris also had a car free day the mayors of both cities called on europe to hold an annual car free day to ease air pollution.
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well match day three of the biggest league is over and freiburg and stuttgart have played out a three three draw both sides picked up their first point of the season following the thrilling darby promoted nuremberg earlier struck late to grab a one one draw at verda braman byron one again on saturday while dortmund triumphed on friday. all right a quick look at the book is the the table after a three game shows is that champions byron munich lead the way with nine points from nine dortmund are in second spot while braman slipped down to seventh at the other end of the table we see that freiburg stood guard have edged up with nuremberg just above them. well kenya elliott could show has spectacularly smashed the men's marathon world record here in berlin the miles of time for weather and a flat course mean the last seven mins records have been set here in the german
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capital. kenya's. set the pace at the berlin marathon on sunday over forty thousand runners competed in perfect conditions when he defended last year's title he started off with an impressive pace and quickly shook off his biggest opponent will see kip sun is three pacemakers were pushed to the limit and so the kenyan completed the last seventeen kilometers show. really. expect that from the first the club that they left the club with they really pushed me in both like i think music in my ears with a total time of two hours one minute and thirty nine seconds to be shattered the previous world record by a minute and eighteen seconds and manifested his reputation as the greatest marathon runner of the modern era. glad it's true oh no it set
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a new course record for the women in two hours eighteen minutes and eleven seconds . and a quick reminder of our top story a russian anti-government activists have been flown to berlin for medical treatment after a suspected poisoning showed that affairs office one of four pussy riot protesters who stormed the soccer pitch during this year's world cup final in moscow. you're up to date now and d.-w. news will be back again at the top of the hour thanks for watching. what are we were back here on earth when do we want it now in the percent of americans at some point in our lives will experience hardship. listen.


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