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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2018 8:00am-8:31am CEST

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and i would need to happen. this is deja vu news live from berlin a third summit between north and south korea and the most challenging yet. south korea's mungy meets with kim jong un in pyongyang it's the first time in over a decade the south korean leader has been to the north can you help break the deadlock over ending pyongyang's nuclear program also coming up. russia and
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turkey agreed to set up a demilitarized zone in serious problems effectively delaying an offensive against rebel forces there the deal could stop what the u.n. warns would be a major humanitarian crisis. and it's the biggest night in television the seventieth emmy awards in los angeles offering the best shows and talent there were awards for streaming heads as well on a star studded night in tinseltown we'll talk about the winners. i'm brian thomas very warm welcome to the show south korean president j.n. has arrived in north korea for his third and possibly most challenging summit with its leader kim jong un but can he restart stalled nuclear talks promising discussions on denuclearization with the u.s. earlier this. here have since told traveling with moon some two hundred top
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executives highlighting a push to expand cross border business deals at the moment all major joint projects between the two koreas are stalled because of u.s. sanctions. for more let's bring in our correspondent in seoul fog and press for fabio and this is the first time a south korean leader has been in the north in years what's a stake at the subs. but there's a lot of stake as you mentioned. progress with the north korea and the u.s. in terms of in the new curry's ations on the same things over and i mean what south korea they want to improve the internet reincorporation they have their business the u.s. with them on a bunch of movies bring peace to the korean war which is still got this is only an armistice and thirty course a nuclear agenda. has been discussed and i will have to see what i'll be at school they come up with this time it's
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a summit takes place all the time of the days and the last summits were only a one day thing so maybe they have more time to meet each michelle but it is as you mentioned a very full agenda topping it of course are the u.s. something very important to them and what it wants from the north a final fully verified denuclearization how far away is that right now. it's a very far i mean many expertise and it's not going to happen that north korea will not do look arise but i did until now the measurements knowing that the rocket test site it's basically part of it using the nuclear program but the north korea's nuclear program is much more advanced in order so it will take years i'm told it pretty deep nuclear right but south korea hopes it put something in this is going to go north korea will take the first step but i'm going to be there in some parts of the nuclear arsenal and then distant dismantling it later on as a trust building measures so basically it's. it's still in the start from the
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beginning ok really get the true leaders images of the looks although it's a very hopeful what about the people of south korea are they behind the president's diplomatic push right now. i mean the one switch on the grace of a president. in seoul because of it because of this north korea goes on but those who basically dislike him they don't want concerned about this domestic economic policy he was raising the minimum wage he was. also doing a lot of like domestic. decision to very controversial and not so much concern to focus not grip. on that second most important issue ok. bring us up to date on this very important key summit underway right now in pyongyang thanks very much. the leaders of russia and turkey have agreed to establish a deal of fries own and serious problems it's the last major stronghold of anti-government
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forces in syria now with more than three million civilians and it led the u.n. has warned an assault could spark the century's worst humanitarian catastrophe. the promise from ridge of thai air to one and let him have putin it live will be a safe haven they'll be no bitter battle for control of the last rebel held province in syria. putin an heir to one of agreed to set up a demilitarized zone by mid october they say russian and turkish troops will patrol a buffer strip between syrian government forces and rebels. but. we both agree that implementation of the planned steps will give new amounts into the process of resolving the syrian conflict politically allowing work to intensify an international solution and it will contribute to peace returning to syrian soil . russia and turkey both have direct strategic interests in
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syria moscow has strongly backed syria's president bashar assad's regime with troops on the ground. but turkey too has intervened in the syrian conflict carving out a zone of influence near its border. in recent days turkey has increased its military presence in the region the risk of a confrontation between russia and a nato ally over it live grew as fighting increased. a lower. sense the beginning of the month dozens of people have been killed and wounded in air raids and attacks by the syrian government and the russian air force reports from adlib have been growing increasingly dire with more and more people fleeing to turkey. there's always the sound of war planes and there are attacks on many areas and. people can't sleep because of the air raids all day and night.
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but now two of syria's major players have pledged an end to the killing and lip. now they have to ensure the deal is honored. so just how likely is that correspondent yulia han is for us right now that's right on the turkish border with province a yulia is this the agreement people right across the border from where you are and have been hoping for well fears have been running high all of a devastating massive military assault on the ellipse or residents over there have been bracing for the worst now this agreement between the turkish and the russian president effectively delays such an offensive it's not entirely clear whether it prevents it though but for the three to four million civilians trapped inside it
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with nowhere else to go they said leads to offers a glimmer of hope but this doesn't mean that the battle over syria's last rebel how stronghold is over it still remains to be seen how this demilitarized zone will be implemented and most importantly for how long it will last ok as you just mentioned details are thin right now but but what do we know about this a safe zone and how's it going to look how is it going to work on the ground. well until now that's what aid workers here on the turkish side tell us there is no clear front line between civilians separating civilians from rebel forces so this agreement seems to do exactly this this buffer zone we are here at the international border crossing between turkey and syria is it live province so what we learned is that this buffer zone will start right at the border and then extend fifteen to twenty kilometers into territory it's a safe zone for civilians to seek shelter but it will be demilitarized which means
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a heavy military equipment will have to be withdrawn and according to president putin what he calls radical militants will have to leave this stone but many open questions remain really we're talking about thousands of heavily armed jihadist fighters will they comply where will they go to and most importantly what will the assad government say about this agreement because from what we understand this agreement was reached yesterday between turkey and russia without the involvement of bashar al assad ok now this is a very big turkey and president. well he said yesterday that he believes with this agreement major a huge humanitarian disaster was present prevented for him yes this is a diplomatic success he is the man who convinced president putin of another solution of a compromise but this is not an entirely selfless move here by turkey's president
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he has geopolitical interests in syria he seeks to establish a longer term presence and that's why he wanted such a buffer zone for it live from the very beginning he wants to make sure that he is one of the men at the table when there will be negotiations about syria's political future. right across. the border thanks very much. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour rescuers in the philippines are found several dozen bodies as they search for victims of a landslide caused by typhoon. victims of soft refuge and a gold miners bunkhouse in the northern town of it are gone that's the country's worst affected region the typhoon which also hit hong kong and southern china has killed at least sixty nine people. german chancellor angela merkel is in algeria where she's met with prime minister or you are you. merkel said the two countries were looking at ways to speed up the repatriation of algerians living illegally in
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germany. back also visited a local high school for girls where she joined in a german language class. argentina's former president cristina fernandez has been indicted on new corruption charges for allegedly having a network that collected bribes exchanged for public works contracts more than a dozen others have been arrested in this case fernandez who is currently the senator was president from two thousand and seven to twenty fifteen. is to the united states now are president trumps nominee for the supreme court is facing sexual misconduct allegations trump has dismissed calls to withdraw brett kavanaugh his nomination after a woman claimed that cavanaugh tried to rape her at a party when they were both teenagers cavanaugh and his accuser are now both set to testify before a senate hearing next week. until a few days ago brett kavanaugh with widely seen as
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a shoo in for the supreme court. but now his appointment could be derailed as a result of accusations dating back to the early one nine hundred eighty s. when cavanagh and his accuser high school students. a lawyer for christine blasi forward says her client a clinical psychologist reluctantly decided to come forward because of the seriousness of the alleged incident and the light she believed it shed on cavanagh's character should. clearly considers this an attempted rape believes that if it were not for the severe intoxication and brett kavanaugh she would have been right her attorney told n.b.c. that ford democrat was willing to testify publicly and was not politically motivated what would you say to that i would say no one in their right mind regardless of their motive would want to inject themselves into this process and face the kind of that and violation that she will be subjected to by
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those who want this nominee to go through cavanagh has released a statement calling the allegation completely false and denying ever having manifested such behavior he too says he's willing to testify the white house initially seemed to welcome the idea that both accuser and accused should speak publicly. that she should not. be ignored kid testify under oath and she do it on capitol hill that is that the senate judiciary committee may be to decide before she can be energetic have and judge kavanaugh should also testify as to the thirty six year old allegation but despite the apparent openness many republicans defending the house and senate majority is a likely to be wary of a public hearing ahead of november the six mid-term elections and in the light of the me too movement. also in the u.s. the seventieth emmys awards have taken place in los angeles alongside all the
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actors making the most of their moment out on the red carpet some of the biggest stars of the show are the companies shaking up the t.v. business netflix of course was streaming service on the premium t.v. channel h.b.o. battling it out for the highest number of gongs aged. what else game of thrones winning the best drama for a third time and it was also the most award show it was a good night for british acting to care for it was named the best drama actress for her portrayal with the second in the crown and matthew wrist won best drama actor for the spy thriller the american i just fell. in with me now in the studio is our culture editor scott rocks we're good morning scott as ever the juggernaut geo t.v. game of thrones the big winner in a way this week this year but only two emmys yes only two emmys i mean usually last year game of thrones wasn't they didn't qualify because they didn't have any shows that the aired to qualify for the emmys so took a break last year but the year before just swept the emmys and so this year it was
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interesting because i didn't actually tip it to win the top prize i thought maybe handmaid's tale which won last year could make a run for it this year i think people are saying with game of thrones maybe it's almost it's maybe it's jumped the dragon you know it's sort of it's sort of on its downward spiral now that's not one season left it will wrap up but i think the emmy here was to award everything that's come before this is sort of one of the big shows it's ever been on television and i think this was the reason to give it the top prize last night ok so it's one of the top lawyers prize what about a real standout for you this year well it was interesting i mean the one good friends won two emmys a crowd one two but the biggest show in terms of number of emmys one was the marvelous misses of nasal which is an amazon show brand new show a lot of people talking about yeah it's i think really fast and show it's set in the one nine hundred fifty s. in the catskills and it follows a woman this nasal who becomes a stand up comedian rachel brosnahan who won best. actress last
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night stars in it and it's interesting because it really is it is a bit of a throwback it's a sort of in a style show looking back to the one nine hundred fifty s. but with a feminist twist because it's all female folk. and it's about women take having a voice which a lot of a lot in their use are going to great music the whole setting if you're if you're into into period in any any form especially that period of american one nine hundred fifty s. sort of middle class america really really nice ok what about surprises anything out there that kind of struck you in this for you know i was a bit surprised that there weren't there weren't any real politics at this year's emmy's there was a bit on the red carpet some comments made by a few few actors and actresses but on stage itself i mean this is the first emmys post need to it happens at a time when one of the most powerful men in t.v. so leslie moonves the head of c.b.s. forced to resign amid various allegations of sexual harassment there was no mention of that not one mention there was a couple of jokes surrounding it but nothings directly completely contrast to the
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oscars which was really in the shadow of me too and made a big point of stating that he didn't have any of that at the emmys this year and no mention of trump either this is the middle of the. trump presidency the country is split from you know your absence from sleaze not because i think maybe maybe that's the whole thing that people are maybe a bit exhausted by by all the politics of it and then just one night of entertainment and you can see from the shows that won a game of thrones fantasy the crowd which is looking back to a period of british royalty even a marvelous miss nasal which i really love but again it's a bit of a celtic show looking back to maybe of maybe a better time the shows that are about nowadays like a show like atlanta which i love race relations in america that didn't win anything maybe people are tired of the politics and want to just relax a bit of a brother exactly. scott thanks very much and we have some sports now and tonight two german coaches will be facing off as the
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most prestigious club football competition returns the champion's league you're going to clubs liverpool hosting tomas to szell's parasolid jermaine in a major group over. one common denominator spells in charge at births here dortmund here can cop lead them to the bundesliga title lifted the german cup and even made it into the champions league final now he's delivered pool boss thomas to little took over from club and won the german cup before landing his current gig at paris on german. in the french capital two who has a plethora of stars in his squad most notably neymar and one of the world cups most impressive players. in bucky needs we need the best performance that we have with a ball against the ball and in the moments when nobody has the ball like you can never feel comfortable against your against teams you can never feel comfortable. p.s.g. are among this season's favorites to win the tournament. even you're going to pluck
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to think so. everybody knows about the quality of players this built that this team is built ball when you get germany they win the championship in france anyway so and look so far quite easy for them because believe the quality they have good quality is something liverpool also have plenty of last season's runners up beefed up their squad and still boast a top goal scorer mohammad sada and even the much group see showdown is expected at anfield but will it be too cool for a club who come out on top. well for german teams are also in the season's champions league begin their campaign at home to porto hoping to recover from a terrible start to the season shall have no points from three games in the bundesliga and they're desperate to find some form against portuguese champions the bundesliga or others up are back in europe's top competition for the first time
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since twenty fifteen. well space-x. the space transport company run by the long lost has named its first private passenger to fly around the moon the japanese businessman and fashion tycoon who. will make the celestial voyage the former drummer in a punk band doesn't want to make the flight alone though it plans to bring six to eight artists and other creative types along with them they will be the first lunar traveler since the last u.s. apollo mission that was back in one thousand seventy two months has called the trip an important step towards enabling access for all who dream of traveling in the space. guard's here now it looks like one doesn't more earthly concerns about this world's prize tax that's right brian u.s. present donald trump has escalated his trade war slapping his biggest tariffs yet on china than. ten percent import students effect two hundred billion dollars worth
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of chinese imports this brings around half of all goods imported into the us from china under a new tariff regime meanwhile china america's third largest export market a swiftly filed to counter attack with plans to slap tires on another sixty billion dollars in u.s. exports. so why should we worry about tariffs that could certainly contribute to a perfect storm scenario for the world economy nobel prize winner robert shiller and former u.s. fed chief ben bernanke both recently predicted that a new financial crisis might be on the horizon this sentiment is shared by york he's come out bank's chief economist and joins us now from frankfurt europe just last week you predicted another big financial crisis not in the distant future but right around the corner within the next five years for that ongoing trade dispute that we're currently seeing be
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a trigger. i'm not so sure because u.s. protectionism does not primarily target the european union or all the enough to know that they even made an agreement with mexico recently about us protectionism targets primarily china i have the impression that you may only do may say only china because the us office li they want to dampen the economic political and military rise of china and with terrorists they have very powerful to the tool to do so but i don't think that this will be a trigger of a crisis you know because the chinese government more or less control it has control over the savings of the population and they are in a position to read direct these huge savings to the highly indebted state and chinese enterprises and in so far i don't think that this will be
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a crisis but dampening of china's economic rise. what do you see as the most pressing issue then with regards to the next financial crisis. we should not blame everything on the emerging market in the western world we have a lot of homemade problems think of the monetary policy of the e.c.b. we have growth of two percent in the eurozone we have an inflation rate close to two percent but interest rates are at minus zero point four percent and this creates a kind of four years attitude among investors and they poured a lot of their money in real estate is specially in germany and this is driving up real estate prices we do not get half a bubble in germany but with this loose monetary policy to call ten years there is a real risk that in a couple of the years we will get a bubble in germany and the burst of a bubble could be could could cause a huge crisis. trump is currently isolating america in
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a way with with this trade war will that provide some protection in a new crisis. i don't i don't think so. there's a lot of protectionism for visa via china this is true but i don't think that the trade body of especially with the european union will shrink significantly. far this is not not not a big risk i think a bigger risk stems from the us itself also that we have a huge increase in house prices a set. your claim of the chief economist of germany's come out spawn thank you very much. thank you. is one of the world's big equestrian countries horses and everything connected with them is a billion euro business on the odd but breaks it is about to hit that business to
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eighty percent of irish thora breads sold in the u.k. breeders also raising companies and twenty eight thousand employees in the industry fear much of their business could be slapped with high tariffs. there's always room for a bit of glamour. here at the leopardstown race course in dublin the horses are warming up. and the bookies are doing stellar business. horse racing is deeply ingrained in irish culture and the industry is worth a lot of money. with an annual turnover of around one point eight billion euros it's an important economic sector for the country but there are fears that breaks it could slow the industry from a gallop to a canter the worst case scenario is that barriers are put up on horses are not allowed to move freely across the border as they are at the moment they have to be
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subject to veterinary checks or perhaps there is a tariff for a charge for horses to move into the country just twenty five thousand movements of horses every year between britain art and france. resources are often transported internationally by plane or ship. traditionally there have been close links between the horseracing industries in ireland and in the united kingdom. the overwhelming number of horses that you find running on the race meeting in england are actually are each bread or a bloodline so the import and export between art and great britain is vital to the huge industry that is and are the. worldwide ireland ranks number three for thoroughbred horses. a full sired by this stallion called invincible spirit will set you back one hundred twenty thousand euros readers around the world bring their mayors to ireland for an encounter. it is
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a huge risk for an irish star brad industry a because obviously where detached from mainland europe for a horse for example like invincible spare us a lot of the mayors will use the u.k. as a land bridge so if they have to take a lot longer to get to where they need to go to there becomes a risk naturally breeders will decide not to travel and will decide to use the stallions at home. every year break spend two hundred fifty million euros on thoroughbreds from their irish neighbors no wonder then that when it comes to freedom of movement many irish are concerned about their horses as well as themselves. and that's all your business here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. in. the first time in over a decade that a south korean leader has been to the north of two leaders trying to add stops diplomatic efforts to end the north's nuclear weapons program that's.
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according. friends constantly pushing the limits of dance theater so for me was was the man who's behind it who looks she's been dancing against the current for twenty five years where does she get her energy from kumi such
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a hot. chick. next on w. k come. stories from the pitch last weekend's tough match but as of today i mean it seems kept talking a game delivering throws last until the final whistle. and the least top team shows to some of the most college stomp find munich's goes home only to lean against last place labor comes in. could cost him sixteen kong d.w. . love the first time doing detailing. the incredible it's a whole new world. out on the line in certain respects the industrial
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it's a new era of sexuality. will legs taken is big thing a fit and sexual frustration too much i still have to get used to these robot noises exploring new frontiers in sex and love three point zero. the toughest on september twenty fifth on t.w. . xhosa bouts has liberated contemporary dance by crossing boundaries germany's renowned choreographer is in constant search of new.


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