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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 4:30am-5:01am CEST

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relax sickness be a thing of and sexual frustration too. i still have to get used to these robot new ways of exploring new frontier in sex and love three point zero. zero and welcome to drive a v.w. motor magazine today a v.w. in colorful disguise the new t. cross. the aisle i treat you as you re in the future the mercedes e.q. seat. and the new big lee continental g.t. . today is a very special day for a car to stay in is paid she gets to drive
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a bentley for the first time ever and not just any directly but a brand new third generation bentley continental g.t. . it blows four hundred sixty seven kilowatts a polar and an incredible nine hundred newton metres of torque and twelve cylinder engine reaches the top speed of three hundred thirty three kilometers an hour in other words it's one powerful machine. deadly have made a number of important changes in the third generation continental g.t. unlike its predecessor which was based on the v.w. of a time platform the latest version shares its underpinnings with the porsche panamera the new engine weighs thirty kilograms less than in the previous continental g.t. incarnation and is more like the one found in the bentley bendigo.
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this grand jury spreads from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in just three point seven seconds. thanks to its tight steering the continental g.t. now responds even more quickly to the driver's maneuvers becomes with bentleys electronic and he rolls system all wheel drive with fully variable torque distribution and an eight speed dual clutch transmission. in and says driving this elegant beast feels absolutely wonderful all that's because this car is seriously suspect you only have to nudge the gas pedal a little bit more and then to point to tense that upholds forward. says it's great to drive and then g t's three chamber air spring suspension system
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allows for either a distinctly sporty or a leg seriously comfortable dry. enough to fill and. then she teaches front is more streamlined while the front grille has grown wider. the front actual has moved forward by thirteen and a half centimeters the logo on the side bows of the twelve cylinder engine a real like catcher and the powerhouse under the hood doesn't disappoint. headlights and indicators are each mounted separately. and. rere features the bentley name written in stylish chrome the to wager shrunk
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a little compared to the previous version and are now elliptical and so are the tailpipes. we meet with bentley said of interior design baron de he tells us what makes these cars so unique when you go into a place for home maybe a loft apartment or a chateau you always walk for the doors and always admired the architecture and the the beautiful materials and the craftsmanship is going to the house you never walk in and just go look at the television and inside the bentley continental g.t. we want to create that same impression first impressions of a craft and shit wonderful details the need for lines that fly around the car and then when you turn ignition on do you get they technology story come to life. one highlight is bentleys really cheating display where you can choose between a twelve point three inch touchscreen or a more classic alternate it with an alarm dials. and so all the
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distractions of screens and technology can be overpowering and we want to create a car which is just purely about drawing maybe you set up your destination in the screen and then you turn it away and just have your driving instruments and enjoy the drive enjoy the view as you're going on your journey back chalet lots of a lovely day tells in the bentley continental j.t. are actually created from the design team so for instance of his wonderful quilts there's a bid for parts inside the car which are inspired by jewelry we have a split dashboard where you can choose different than a's and all these are days weren't in the design brief these were our days the design team came up with and of say my job i'm on there to encourage and develop they are days and create an ambience inside the car which is second to none. so here are the g t's impressive specs every glance the car maker. claim she'll
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need just twelve point two leaders of premium plus gas per one hundred kilometers though that will require drivers to not go too heavy on the gas pedal cylinder deactivation technology helps to cut gas consumption too. bentley offers two choices of trim lines one for long distance touring which includes traffic congestion assist and active lane assist and another for inner city commutes with features tailored to urban environments like pedestrian and traffic signs each action city braking systems a three hundred sixty degree camera and a power activated trunk catch. on a iness her verdict is clear this new bentley g.t. in her view is a definite success inside and out and it doesn't just look great it's fun to drive
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but obviously this isn't a car for the mass market so in this doesn't expect to see too many g.p.s. on german streets anytime soon now she's already wondering when she might get her next opportunity to drive a bentley on the. mercedes-benz recently invited certain list from the world over to sweden's capital stockholm for the launch of its new all electric and. the e.q. she is the first the mercedes new electric e.q. line the media echo is generally positive. i think is going to bring the savings banks into the realm of electric mobility yes i know this goes my first impression is positive but not sure about the front. it's a real mercedes no science fiction is. a ship number a real bents. e.q.
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she's proportion is classified as a crossover as u.v. it comes with all the latest safety features and driver assistance systems that mercedes has to offer. beam l.e.d. headlights are standing there designed to provide maximum lumination at night without blinding on coming drivers. then on some after sadie's robert leslie says for the first time the headlights are linked with the grill and you could ask why do you even need a grill on an electric car but the trouble is if you do away with everything the car come look faceless or anonymous and of course that wouldn't work at all for a brand like mercedes but in a truly. pocket imitate us but if so then. the e.q. sees driven by two electric motors one of the front and one at the rear axle each compact motor unit includes a fixed ratio transmission with a differential this then links up with the eighty kilowatts per hour lithium ion
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battery pack housed in the vehicle floor. q.c. delivers three hundred kilowatts of power with a range of four hundred fifty kilometers according to the new european driving cycle emissions test the top speed is electronically capped at one hundred eighty kilometers an hour. in addition to the standard version will be an a m g line package for a car buyers wanting a sportier look it will have a few design differences and now wheels up to twenty one inches when it's technologically identical to lead normal e.q. see. from the side the e.q. c. looks rather like the g. l. e. but the front is very different. look at the interior also reveals this is a very different kind of mercedes that is signers in stuttgart have come up with a number of ideas. to give the e.q.
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see a character all its own. the. mercedes . says mercedes air vents are normally round there are three or four very dominant round air vents which stand in stark contrast to the rectangular screens easier vents are inspired by circuit boards with roos gold highlights and a nod to the digital world they've designed to give the interior and the instrument cluster a more digital hi tech oriented feel about them. to get. high take a. vehicle into. the game. the e.q. see features the new mercedes user experience infotainment system which has been expanded to include information specific to the e.q. such as battery level and energy flow over all the interior feels very modern without compromising on luxury.
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week you see is said to go on sale next summer or c.v.s. has not yet set a price. b.m.w. has unveiled the new x two m. thirty five by its powerful four cylinder turbo charged gasoline engine puts out two hundred twenty five kilowatts a compact sport activity who pay offers em sport steering for precise maneuvering and it comes standard with an m. sport suspension system with stiffer spring and damper rates as well as a ten millimeter lower right height. has launched the new course of the g.s. i hot hatch it's powerful and great fun to drive this latest course incarnation boast of. charge one point four leader engine puts out one hundred ten kilowatts and and
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she has two hundred twenty new meters and the o.p.c. scored suspension allows for dynamic cornering in germany the course in g.s. i can be ordered for twenty thousand euros. the w.'s new baby is she has so far only ventured on to public roads as a disguise prototype but soon it'll be going into a series production disguised prototypes normally wear black and white stickers or some other similar disguise but that he cries has been seen sporting bright colors and the slogan i am more on that site. is my go push one says i am more indicates that the car offers more than you would expect at first glance it's a very compact vehicle but inside is surprisingly spacious that's why we have the
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phrase i am more. like. the t. crosses built on the same platform as the polo and has front wheel drive only to help save fuel but it can handle dirt roads. the colorful stickers don't disguise the real design completely but it is possible that the stickers conceal artificial sections that have been added to hide the real shape still that show here fenders are quite probable sense this is an s.u.v. the final t. cross will be available and it choice of twelve colors including a two tone design. even with all the disguise any vehicle driving on city streets has to be safe so that the main headlights and the rear lights have to be clearly visible and fully functioning.
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in keeping with the v.w. group's modular design system that t. cross will share its engines with apolo on market launch it will offer a choice of three gasoline engines ranging from seventy to one hundred ten kilowatts and a seventy kilowatt diesel engine thirty crushes the second v.w. to be sold in europe that is based on the m.q. v eight zero platform so will v.w. build anymore models for the smaller size we ask. because they're going to want to be as michele bachmann says he thinks the model range has potential as small m.q. be a zero platform could still be expanded in terms of its size and spread but in the end the customer will decide to be offers the platform worldwide and south america europe and asia and it's the feedback from customers that will influence any
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further changes that v.w. makes for provide the faith. in just a few weeks we'll get to see the t. cross undisguised was due to unveil it officially in october that t. cross has been said to go on sale in april twenty one thousand. new rift there is robust prove that not every premier model rolled out these days has to be an s.u.v. this one's a multi-purpose vehicle but american simply call it a minivan it's available with a one gasoline into diesel engines we started with a more powerful diesel version five contests the amount of oil schieffer is very impressed by how the larger diesel drives and it's noticeably quieter he's written and in many vehicles pricier than this one generally. out or inside this model has
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an eight speed automatic when he steps on the gas it down shares should take stuff i did all this may take a while but then this is more and. as peugeot describes the rift and so its response is quite alright so i don't let it all go. the one point five leader diesel unit puts out ninety six kilowatts and pushes the river from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in ten point four seconds reaching top speed of one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. it's how a man who has tested the larger of the diesels now he'd be interested in seeing how the smaller one does so he's going to switch cars. up by. the smaller one puts down seventy five kilowatts and takes at least two seconds more to reach one hundred kilometers per hour its top speed is just one hundred seventy two
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kilometers per hour. decline and. as a minimal expected the smaller diesel drives much like the bigger one it's basically the same engine with a smaller performance level well nothing about this is spencer has changed in direct comparison the missing power is noticeable but without having driven the bigger engine many drivers might say this one is good enough for them especially considering the two thousand euro price difference and there's zero point three to zero point four leaders reduction in fuel consumption. all the routers engines have in common and they meet the new euro six temp emission standard now back to our intense car. on the exterior models have certain features in common for example the chrome edge grill. the front fog lights are. nestled in
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a robust protective plastic cladding this rift is four point four meters long a bigger version four point seventy five meters in length has been announced and is coming soon it will have space enough for a third row seats. for. the interior looks inviting in spite of the copious use of plastic. there's only manuel finds crew shows interiors appealing in general and points out the small steering wheel and feels good in his hands at the space to see the instruments is a bit narrow so he sees the two possible solutions either make the instrument cluster small probably digital or send it higher as peugeot has done it he sees that as the better solution because it's closer to the road so if you want to check
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your speed you don't have to take your eyes too far off the road and then that even stays within your peripheral vision you know in this but i stood in. the infotainment system with its eight inch touchscreen runs four hundred euros extra. for many places to stow and keep things are an especially gratifying feature there's easily enough room to hide away at least three one and a half liter bottles in the front. there are plenty of holders for cell phones sunglasses and odds and ends. up. running front to back on the ceiling are little overhead storage bins with a separate compartments where items can be safely stored.
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in the rear are even more storage compartments that are accessible from the back seat as well as from the luggage area this one contains a maximum of two thousand seven hundred leaders. who choose advanced grip traction control system carries the writter over rugged terrain and even has a hill descent control for driving down steep inclines. supplies the amana likes planes that are if there can be had for between twenty and just over thirty thousand euros depending on what engine size you choose and various trim levels he sees that as a good value considering the car's practicality and abundant storage space he also thinks the peugeot is a very sturdy car. most
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r.v. years or recreational vehicle fans are lured by the freedom of the open road and r.v.'s can give it to the operator r.v.'s have rugged features below and comfortable living space above all wheel drive good clearance so more power and giant tanks for water and these will spell the freedom to range far from the infrastructure and utilities others depend on the only limit is set by the space in the fridge. every year the dusseldorf caravan salon presents the latest trends and developments and through nearly two hundred fifty thousand visitors this year that's about sixteen thousand more than last year. and you don't need to cairo and salon director stefan conscious has a much broader section of society is now drawn by the promise of individuality freedom and independence. so more and more people are coming to the show and buying
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r.v.'s and motorhomes by them we don't call on. their peers to set no limits on luxury whatever the buyers want they get extendable orioles give the living room more space of course the comforts of home are all year including washing machine dishwasher fully equipped bathroom office prices run into the million and a half year all range in germany choosing further options adds to the price. at the other end of the scale the teardrop offers the bare necessities starting at eight thousand euros including a kitchen and sleeping area. i've been pricier and brand new of the caravan salon is the loom traveller another trailer with a rear outdoor kitchen it goes a new design and a panoramic open roof
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a door actually version with a bathroom is planned this mobile room with a view runs about forty six thousand euros sixty five thousand euros will soon buy even greater mobility the departure one caravan boat another premium the owner can travel by sheet or by land it has an aluminum hole and is washed into the water from a trailer and sleeps for it can stay on for up to two days without recharging or restocking water. then sherman spent an average of around seventy one thousand euros for an r.v. the compact vans are the most popular version there practical and fully equipped for extended vacations. and pop star stephon costco says this one is about seven and i have meters long and the original by. an advantage based on is still
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recognizable but it's fitted with a bathroom a kitchen a lounge suite and good beds those are all important factors for a customer who would be quite. a number of new models were unveiled here by the locally built emissions free drive systems are still all too rare diesel still predominates but their c.d.'s has taken the leap and equipped an r.v. with tried and tested fuel cell technology and the sprinter ev south is a prototype and has a range of five hundred twenty kilometers and the tank can be filled up fast as long as the right filling station is nearby the fuel so it can be used to power the television and fridge one part. of. this van by dead labs runs on battery electric power akoko as a trailer with a dual motor actual to give it a boost support the towing vehicle and save fuel. in sight and voice
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and give instead of dead last explains that at a time when electric drive vehicle should be multiplying it was a challenge to roll out an electric powered camper. the cocos sports a solar array on the roof and batteries under the floor. yet another solution though not for the drive system is a methanol fuel cell to provide clean household energy for the r.v. the batteries can be recharged without running the diesel engine and the residual heat helps to warm it up inside. running simultaneously with a caravan some on the tour and two or camping equipment fair attracted some forty two thousand nature loving visitors in search of their next outdoor vacation prospects and the equipment they need for this market to is growing steadily comfortable while equipped r.v. is just another word. freedom gibbs. coming up next time on dry land
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we test drive the fourth generation hyundai santa fe. and put the audi q three through its paces. on.
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the by. the fly by a new space you can get all the news tonight on without paying a few users have changed both their reading and they're paying habits and this has transformed the medium landscape a new system has emerged and billion dollar companies are pulling the strings. papers in crisis the painful decline of the poor. in fifteen years. the fast pace of life in the digital.
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shift has the lowdown on the web showing new developments and providing useful information on the way to use finals and interviews with the makers and users of shifts in forty five minutes. bursts mog home tunes of species. a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world bodies that cuts to scrimmage solutions and reforestation. interactive content teaching the next generation about
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environmental protection. players and the channels available to inspire people to take action and more determined to build something here for the next generation the ideas the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. may nineteenth sixteen and i'm crying echoed around the law class. young people in the field against their parents generation. if it wasn't on some dusty from the stupidity insistence cruciate demanded nothing less than a whole season of. my little strawman sons with the vietnam war plane that should roll up my generation to watch the blood not war every day of those wouldn't remember it on the news for the first time. i had
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a feeling of being part of something in. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement the women's move for home planet during this period. of time sixty eight. this week w. . the german government has removed the controversial head of the country's domestic intelligence agency hans go to mass and had been under fire for weeks after he appeared to downplay violence against migrants during recent protests in the city of kennett's in a twist he has been promoted to a senior civil servant role in the interior ministry. officials in the gaza strip say two palestinians have been killed by israeli gunfire during a protest along the border.


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