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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm CEST

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this is the dubliners life from thailand fears for syrians it led province despite the deal to halt some military offensive refugees who fled and live receive daily reports of hardships facing the loved ones they left behind they're skeptical that the turkish russian plan to establish a demilitarized zone will save syria's lost rebel stronghold also on the program the leaders of north and south korea agree sweeping measures to improve relations gone iraq says it will close its main nuclear complex if the united states makes reciprocal moves. the pressure on germany's coalition government grows out the
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chance of a makeover of sox head of domestic intelligence or apparent far right simple face and then promoted him to a more powerful pumps to. possibly take a look inside nigeria's pentecostal mega churches. that is all but. throws treasury. i'll tell you it's going to. proving a huge hit with locals but critics worry that the focus on economic rather than spiritual salvation is distorting christianity's real message. i'm still gail welcome to the program monday's deal between turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's province. appears to have sped the region from an
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all out government offensive despite this civilians in adlib still face harsh conditions and families who have already fled the region to turkey receive daily harrowing messages from the loved ones i left behind the w.'s julia han reports from a hanley on the turkish side of the border with syria. oh. two days ago there were airstrikes here again this little one was hurt can you see it thank god it was nothing worse. a sees a sister fatima only on what's at the this one is a few days old the man lives in a village a boomer gts in the town of re homeless across the border in turkey he fled it lives six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed in an asteroid. she left with her
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children to our parents' village. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long. or saw it and they want to get rid. of doomadgee chose me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hook and five children the old share one space although you know if he is here and. we live here because nothing else is possible. and it will never should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's a really hard life than how you are so obviously. as difficult as life might be here a boom a jade and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built
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a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the horizon turkish aid groups feet the people that. in the right hand the markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. live if we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if they can i understand that they need help and at the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much shocked look there's a lot of those who were there for a generation of what thirty king our jobs we used to earn eighty liras
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a day. now the syrians do the same work for half the pay. look at the mouth. of his family very much feel the hostility still they are grateful here in the camp turkey's president is considered a hero even more so since managing for now to avert a final bloody offensive on the. coffee of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. at least the killing will stop now but i hope. whatever it looks future is. wants to see his sister fatima again someday in peace and freedom and not just on a small street in. a report from yulia han some
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other stories making news around the world more than five million children are at risk of famine in war torn according to the latest report from save the children the charity says renewed fighting in her day that could disrupt supplies and cause starvation on an unprecedented scale the port city is the main artery for receiving humanitarian aid. the one accusing. u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault once the f.b.i. to investigate allegations before she testifies at a senate hearing lawyers for christine blasi forward say an investigation would allow the senate to be fully informed when deciding on common those nominations the hearing appears likely to go ahead with or without forward next week. employees of the fast food chain mcdonald's went on strike across the united states demanding an end to sexual harassment participants accuse the company of failing to adequately address what they say is a widespread problem and supplied by the me to movements that they're also calling
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for and the houseman training at the national committee to address the issue. the leaders of north and south korea have hailed a deal to improve ties in polls to efforts to end nuclear tensions in the region after talks in pyongyang the north kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex and to shut down a missile launch site if the united states made perceptible moves. day two of south korean president moon jay ins visit to his maverick nor the name became jungle and a breakthrough. after a signing ceremony there were announcements on the north closing a nuclear missile testing site establishing buffer zones between the two koreas and a joint elliptic bid for twenty thirty two it was a more colorful affair the previous evening the concert in honor of the two leaders at pyongyang was granted. followed by
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a lavish banquet and a cheerful exchange of toast it's. visit is the first by a south korean leader to the north in eleven years and top of the proletariat gender reproaching stalled talks with the u.s. on denuclearizing the korean peninsula. bible kendell e discuss advancing the nuclearization with president. has president moon and i build trust with each other our progress towards a peaceful and prosperous korean peninsula will become faster. you wonder not because complete denuclearization and the establishment of peace on the korean peninsula is an important agenda good as it is a completely new resolution there could be various challenges and difficulties however chairman kim jong un and i share trust and friendship and. relations between the two koreas do seem to be improving but real progress in the region will
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depend on convincing the us that the north is serious about getting rid of its nuclear weapons. let's get more from political scientist robert e. kelley from south korea suppose that national university welcome to doubly so happy seen some problems as a piece from pyongyang but was anything of substance achieved. a little bit i think probably the most important thing meaningful is that the north koreans considered inviting inspectors into the country and now it seems like the two facilities they want to comment have inspectors look at already been decommissioned in one way or another and it might not actually get relevant to the north korean program anymore so i'm not sure that that's actually a major concession that's up for debate probably in the next couple weeks we'll see what that means but inspectors are something new right i mean we know the north koreans don't like inspectors foreigners can operate freely in north korea all right so if we get that from them that's actually a pretty good start there's enough to keep the process limping along right donald
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trump said i sent a tweet or two afterwards saying this is sort of a good step so it's still ok but you know there has been movement on the really big issues of nuclear weapons and missiles yeah let's let's look about a little closer so that no there's a great to potentially dismantle its main nuclear site if the united states makes concessions and and makes reciprocal concessions just can't believe the united states will agree to this yeah that's actually a really good question under this president right i mean in the back states is actually were neg done two deals with nuclear states in the past first with libya and now with the iranians on my fire the north koreans i'm not sure just all talk i probably wouldn't. think it's one the reasons why this process is moving so slowly right we don't trust the north koreans and they don't trust us their credibility problems on both sides right and right now we're stuck in that problem right the north koreans want americans to go first and vice versa i think that's one of the reasons why moon went to pyongyang as to force this process along with the north koreans didn't give very much right and now expect trying to give something back so
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we have to go she said between the koreas and apparently warming relations how much of those negotiations how much helping of a relationship between the north and the u.s. . yeah the enter korea negotiations are going pretty well right i mean when jane keeps talking this soft right he's going to he's bring he's got the heads of. conglomerate all this industrials with him and stuff like that and pop stars and everything right i mean when gene is sort of creating this sort of vibe and mood around these negotiations of real progress the problem is of course that south korea has a treaty ally the united states in the american alliance is very popular in south korean public opinion so there's only so far that when gene can go if the americans are resisting and that's really his trick now he wants to keep this rolling along but if the americans are holding back he's really politically constrained at home in korea because he just can't go that far without the u.s. and that's why i think a lot of people were hoping for a little bit more out of this to walk to convince donald trump to come along so all
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not maybe a somewhat naive question how does washington rate god improved relations between the two koreas is that a good thing as far as they can. eat us sort of a big question out there right i mean it's good generally right i mean it's a lot better than we were last year from our war rights and things like that right but there is some concern and there is growing concern certainly on the american side that the north the south koreans are moving too fast that south korea is giving north korea the economic rewards such as investment and tourism other things that are really sort of under center created an unwarranted right that is to say that north korea has really changed that much and so helping north korea's economy isn't necessarily a good thing because that just makes the problem worse right and i think the americans would like to see denuclearization firstly some movement on that before into hurley's interpersonal relations warm too much and that's why you've seen some of this tension between the u.s. and the south koreans in the last couple months very interesting thank you so much for joining us professor robert kelly from national university in south korea.
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germany's fragile coalition government is under pressure after chancellor merkel a saturday mastic intelligence chief and that promoted him to a more powerful post and going back all sides of the after old issue partners the social democrats demanded hard scale mass and sacking fellow conservatives backed him to continue the coalition party leaders agreed on martin's fate as a crisis meeting on tuesday but the compromise took many by surprise the deputy leader of the social democrats called the deal at the sastre it's the latest quarrel in a government that has already come close to collapse let's hear from one of the social democrats concerned about that martin's move this is the last claim by the s.p.d. he's a gent secretary-general. said to as some would not have been made deputy minister under an s.p.d. interior minister the minister and it's also important to point out that even the chancellor distanced herself from mass and hosts a whole for bringing martin into his interior ministry looks like another appealed
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to the chancellor and i don't know how that will affect the coalition's internal relations in future the last bit of political correspondent maximally on the kasich joins me now welcome maximilian will come to the s.p.d. in just a it will start with was a hole for muslims direct bosses interior minister and he's been a pain in the chancellor side for some time now and just be holding a press conference what did he say well say over has what we already heard yesterday that the former chief of the domestic intelligence service huntsville mohsen is being removed from that post and is being moved to the interior ministry where the office the minister off the head of and martin will be a deputy minister there he will start as soon as the position of the domestic intelligence chief is refilled and he was praising masa in fact for his loyalty for his integrity and was having high hopes for him also joining his
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ministry so he was setting this as a promotion he did in fact and he was also giving information that they're now looking in the near future for a new position for the domestic intelligence chief but also that there will be a couple of concessions be made to put mohsen within the interior ministry we heard just now from chancellor merkel's junior coalition partners the s.p.d. saying that they would never have promoted mohsen but they did sign off on this decision so what's going on well this is in fact the big renovation that was just made at the conference was able because to bring mohsen into the interior ministry another deputy minister will be. effectively and that deputy minister was a member of the s.p. day so. is making space to bring mohsen on board in his interior ministry by when the moving and s.p.d. deputy minister from his ministry so they could be
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a speedy pace to lose on both counts so he's a thing right but the people looking at this from outside think it's weird how does a troublesome civil servant who stands up and contradicts the chancellor end up being promoted instead of being kicked out well the one thing that we know and that is what's the offer is bringing on the interior minister all he has the backing so they will force the one person one petition in berlin who gives mohsen the backing and who keeps him on board he is the one who is basically defending this controversial political civil servant and what the s.p.d. saw them at the moment is that is that they have quite the the most weakest partner in the coalition agreement and they know if they try to break out of this and that would be new elections they would lose have a break according to the recent polls and i must live here on the course it should thank you so much. to nigeria now on the booming business of worship the country's pentecostal churches are packing in believe us every weekend
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with a message of economic hope in tough times the focus on charismatic pastors and the price tag that comes with regular attendance as worried mainstream christian critics they don't lose a funny for shah reports from author and nigeria's ogun state. a typical sunday for some fourteen million nigerians just to. celebrate to start anything. welcoming teams of people into one of the roughly five hundred pentecostal churches in the country i'm joining a service today in one of these mega churches just outside of lagos it's the third biggest one in nigeria literally the church service today and as you can feel the sharks around the mouth to feed the baby and leave. the service starts all it's rather quietly but people don't stay in their seats for long.
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the pastor calls himself a bishop here and he's celebrated like a stop david asked him a to growth a one hundred fifty million us dollars and many of his followers you're in for that kind of well oh yeah that was prosperity gospel resonates with. those who have no plan that is your. goal this does frustrate you start mission failure is done under. the big donation baskets filled with the belief is the more you give during and after the church service the more you're going. to church there are many more ways to spend money how about only oil sold for five u.s. dollars per bottle this is not to eat it is to put on your hat why. not say it's because. like it's not like you know my. keno for anything
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i want to believe i used the oil swap for you it's cure sickness sees it's because any people are being used by using justice or in pentecostal churches compete for members each promises economic salvation. a solution and people want to believe in them especially in times of hardship. god jesus and that's also the first billboard you see when you and thirty university of lagos francisco is a professor of religious studies he says nigeria is one of the most religious countries in africa but he's concerned about the focus of pentecostal churches is dangerous because. everything revolves around a pastor and then the tendency east to shift you know. the pastoral and. not oh god. the lifestyle of the pastor becomes
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this turned out not out of christ he says people's faith is being exploited and converted into a commercial business the price tag most of these pastors are not there to serve. him says and language question some of the practices of the good the bad food to support themselves that jesus was not paul he's also had the best of these. churches are not trick wired to pay taxes but you don't rise in extreme poverty so politicians want to change that still it's a highly unpopular idea among those who believe the positive changes only possible through their faith and they're going. to sports the result of the champions league soar to germany's first high profile coaches face off. welcome thomas to. liverpool took the lead early on to daniel sturridge before james milner double better advantage from the penalty spot. called one back for perry just before half
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time actually and i'm back looks to have snatched a late equaliser but roberto for me no score to sri points for the pull of an injury time where three two the final score. wasn't to say he's only carrying that. plenty of high scoring much as across europe a little messy hard tricks old boss alone a big p.s.v. eindhoven dortmund snatched a close win of a club bruges while shall go on porto shared the spoils monaco lost at home to athletico madrid and got a toss rise so off lokomotiv moscow. visitors would get hot overs not i'm childish reaction to these latest trade tanisha lee united states as rising i mean the latest escalation of the trade war between the world's top two economies the stakes are indeed high china's second highest official described the state of the world as the crossroads between globalization and the globalization that's quite a time for. chinese premier league has urged governments to defend free trade after
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the latest round of tit for tat tariff action between washington and beijing gold also promised to improve conditions for foreign companies in china. it is indeed necessary to cooperate fairly and to maintain the principal rules of multi-lateralism and free trade because no matter how much these rules need to improve only what it offers us is inclusive of the it's progress for hungary civilization if there are issues that we should resolve them through negotiation no unilateral action stands a chance of solving the problems would mean that you see china faces a tough balancing act that has to uphold a multilateralist message decrying washington's protectionism while defending itself against complaints of its own unfair trade practices it's now slap retaliatory duties on sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. products in response to washington's new taxes on two hundred billion dollars worth
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of chinese goods first part u.s. president donald trump appears unmoved he spoke at a news briefing alongside the president of poland. we are the people bank to the world we've been ripped off by china we've been ripped off by excuse me mr president the european union which you're a part of. we've been ripped off by everybody. and i want to protect the american worker the american farmer and the ranchers the companies and we're not being ripped off you will see it's not clear whether the two sides will press on with talks to resolve the dispute meanwhile beijing is running out of u.s. imports to target in contrast the u.s. imports much more from china than the other way around that means it has more room to expand its tariff regime to effectively cover own chinese imports.
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the european commission has opened an in-depth investigation into the german car industry over allegations of collusion v.w. and b.m.w. are suspected of coordinating to restrict the development and launch of emissions control systems essentially that would deny customers the opportunity to buy less polluting cars if found guilty they could face billions in fines the probe comes at a sensitive time for v.w. a comic a faces a raft of cold cases in the coming months over revelation revelations installed illegal software to cheat on emissions tests. the german government had to publicly row back today on their promise to put one million electric cars on germany's street spots whence twenty let's bring in. frankfurt darnall is that more embarrassing for german carmakers or for the government. well i guess actually garrett it's a shame for both sides i remember the words of german chancellor angela merkel very
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well when she was stating yeah by twenty twenty the reality on the german role would be that we see e-cards everywhere well i've been standing here i guess for the last twenty minutes i have not seen a single e-car going by and that's really the reality in germany also when you talk about the car makers i guess the only car make a world wire that was able to create at least some sort of a hive of all the e-car is a task in the united states german car makers like diane lara b.m.w. volkswagen they are simply i guess maybe not even able to build a car that is on the one hand attractive from the price and also when you talk about the range that it can actually drive and charging is still a very big issue for somebody you know like me who lives here in the city in an apartment an e-card simply doesn't work because it's almost impossible to charge it on the roads yes i could park my car during the day maybe here in
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a parking garage in frankfurt but that would also cost me at least thirty euros per day so simply not attractive for many people and yeah that's one of the biggest issues trying to cope and trying for thank you. and speaking of tesla has confirmed that it is being investigated by the u.s. justice department prosecutors opened a fraud investigation after c.e.o. a long lost tweeted last month that he wanted to take private funding secured for that deal that caused the stock price to jump but then backed off talk of going private normally taken a huge company private would be explained in detail before hand to regulators carmaker is also facing an investigation by the securities and exchange commission . from investors tester's value has fallen by almost a third since must initial. the
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c.e.o. of denmark's largest bank thomas borgen resigned over his role in a money laundering scandal he admitted that the bank had done too little to stop the flow of illegal money between twenty seven two thousand and seven rather and twenty fifteen years tony and branch of the bank handled around two hundred billion euros from suspicious russian sources moving from one account to another the banks chairman said he too plans to leave his post soon following one of europe's worst ever banking scandals. and that's all your business news you're watching the news live from berlin phil and i will be back at the top of the hour with more news don't forget you can get all the latest news information on our website and hugh very much for watching.
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a paddle and off you go into. the gulf truly set seventy venturous journey along germany's land river i'm very excited about what awaits me on this trip the river the land they have a talented allentown or along the way i have plenty of my monitor the head let me come by look all the way to the town hall. in sixty minutes w. . they make a commitment. they find solutions. based in stronger. africa on the move. stories of both people in a different school shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the
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move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w. multimedia series food for go. d w dot com from africa. well welcome to the cycles of joining us here in berlin on heim city features heavily on the program today here's a look at what is coming up. walking on the course of french that's a great privilege to keep using linked in britain as a scheme. to meet the german new acts as a d.w.p. web series just.


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