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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts october third on t w. this is the day of the news live from berlin fears for syrians it live province despite the deal to halt a military offensive refugees who fled it late received daily reports of the hardships facing the loved ones i left behind they're skeptical about the turkish russian plan to establish the demilitarized zone will say syria's last couple stronghold also on the program the leaders of north and south korea agree sweeping
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measures to improve relations dalmiya agrees to close its main nuclear complex if the united states and its reciprocal. the pressure on germany's coalition government grows out of the chance of a sax or head of domestic intelligence over his response to far violence and then promote center more powerful position. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program monday's deal between turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's it led province appears to have spent the region from an all out government offensive despite this civilians in still face harsh conditions and families who have already fled the region to turkey received daily harrowing messages from loved ones who stayed the doubloons yulia han reports from brain hanley on the turkish side of the syrian border.
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two days ago there were air strikes here again this little one was hurt can you see it thank god it was nothing worse. sees a system only on what's at the this one is a few days old lives in the village of in the town of re homeless across the border in turkey he fled it live six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed in the last trike. danny says she left with her children to our parents village for you. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long and this. and they want to bring order
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of the image each shows me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hawk and five children the old share one space although you know if he or she and. we live here because nothing else is possible. it will never should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's a really hard life down here as well because. as difficult as life might be here a boom a g.-d. and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the
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horizon turkish aid groups feet the. in the ray handle markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. leave and we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if they come i understand that they need help and that the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much sharply because a lot of those who were there for a generation of what thirty king our jobs we used to earn eighty liras a day. now the syrians do the same work for half the pay. little thought out. of doing the deed and his family very much feel the hostility still they are grateful here in the camp turkey's president is considered
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a hero even more so since managing for now to avert a final bloody offensive on the. coffee of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. at least the killing will stop now i hope. whatever egypt's future is of duma geed wants to see his sister again some day in peace and freedom and not just on a small stream. to some of the other stories making news around the world more than five million children are at risk of famine in war torn yemen according to the latest report from save the children the charity says renewed fighting it had data that could disrupt supplies and cause starvation on an unprecedented scale the port city is the main artery for receiving humanitarian aid
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. in pakistan has ordered the release of x prime minister now by sherry and his daughter pending an appeal hearing the country's three time leader was removed from office and jailed for corruption in july sharif says the charges are politically motivated. ugandan pop star turned politician bobby white is returning home from the united states after receiving treatment for injuries he says were sustained as a result of torture by uganda northstar says the opposition m.p. was arrested in august and charged with treason for his alleged role in an incident in which the president's motorcade was pelted with stones. employees of the fast food chain mcdonald's went on strike across the u.s. they're demanding an end to sexual harassment participants accuse the company of failing to adequately address what they say is a widespread problem they're also calling for anti housman training. and the leaders of north and south korea have hailed
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a deal to improve ties between their countries and a highly symbolic move the south's moon j.m. even invited kim jong un to seoul and what would be the first ever post-war visit by north korean leader but progress on reducing nuclear tensions in the region was less clear cut kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex if the united states but reciprocal months. day to south korean president jay ends visit to his no the neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with the generous serving of top. the two leaders selling their pact is a breakthrough they've announced can will become the first northern leader to visit so another step along the road to peace they say. we have adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontation and agreed to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of pace. they also promised to hold family reunions regularly that's after
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dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of land mines they also said they've made progress on the issue the world's watching denuclearization . south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly promised its closure in the past and the north has now made closing its nuclear plant beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want.
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both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at this summit but it's left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promises. professor robert ray kelly is a political scientist at south korea's prison national university i asked him if he had achieved anything substantial. a little bit i think probably the most important thing meaningful is that the north koreans considered inviting inspectors into the country and now it seems like the two facilities they want to comment have inspectors look at party been decommissioned in one way or another and it might not actually get relevant to the north korean program anymore i'm not sure that that's actually a major concession that's up for debate probably in the next couple weeks we'll see what that means but inspectors are something new right and we know the north koreans don't like inspectors foreigners can operate freely in north korea all right so if we get that from them that's actually a pretty good start there's enough to keep the process limping along right donald
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trump said i sent a tweet or two afterwards saying this is sort of a good step so it's still ok but you know there has been movement on the really big issues of nuclear weapons and missiles yeah let's let's look about a little closer so that no throws a great to potentially dismantle its main nuclear sites if the united states makes concessions and makes reciprocal concessions just can't believe the united states will agree to this yeah that's actually a really good question because under this president right i mean in the back states as actually were negron to deals with nuclear states in the past first with libya and now with the iranians on my fire the north koreans i'm not sure i'm just trying to probably wouldn't that so i think it's one of the reasons why this process is moving so slowly right we don't trust the north koreans and they don't trust us their credibility problems on both sides right and right now we're stuck in that problem right the north koreans want americans to go first and vice versa i think that's one of the reasons why moon went to pyongyang as starforce this process
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along with the north koreans didn't give very much right and now expect trying to give something back. political scientist robert e. kelley from south korea's of national university germany's national coalition government is under pressure after chancellor merkel sacked her domestic intelligence chief and then promoted him more powerful position massa was under fire after he can after he contradicted the chancellor of the extent of recent foreign violence that chancellor merkel's authority has been called into question after she brokered his unlikely jobs war with our coalition partners. the outcry in the german press was unanimous the promotion of the controversial head of germany's domestic intelligence agency. has also provoked exasperate on the streets and a fire in the private sector he would have been kicked out if you mess up you go it's that simple and. i think it's bad really if he has to leave his office he shouldn't get a promotion. and if you want cision after the other by the government martian should
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have gone after yesterday's decision to promote monson to a more senior position in the interior ministry there was no comment coalition leaders left without stepping in front of the microphones. and it angela merkel's first official engagement of the day she avoided addressing the issue. in the wake of far right unrest in kemet mawson had defied the chancellor by questioning the authenticity of the video showing mobs chasing foreign looking passers by machall had said the video was real and had condemned the actions shown calls for mawson's dismissal grew yet merkel's interior minister horst zero for muslims boss stood firmly by his side. today he didn't write any responsibility for the controversy. i'd like to point out that i didn't start the
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discussion around mr marson or his agency. on its i can't say that mr marson wanted this to happen so he didn't push me to do anything just to stress that is ok it's this or. this is a civil servant who will do his duty wherever he's supposed to be the. good. officials have presented this reshuffle as a necessary political compromise but many will interpret it as a cynical active face saving that is unlikely to boost trust and metals government . on to sports the return of the champions league for two of germany's most high profile coaches face off as you are going to clubs liverpool welcome to thomas to call perry sandra liverpool took the lead early on through daniel sturridge before james milner double their advantage from the penalty spot thomas moon a poor one back from paris for paris just before half time and back pain starts to
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lay the equaliser but with berto for me no score three points for the ball with an injury time three to five school. tuesday so plenty of high scoring matches across europe a little messy hadzic so paslode not beat p.s.v. eindhoven dortmund starts to close when club bruges while shell porter shared the spoils monaco lost at home to athletico madrid and got a pass or i saw off lokomotiv moscow. a controversial move the world anti-doping agency is to meet on first day to review the reinstatement of russia's anti doping body rosado was suspended in november twenty fifth to enough the world anti-doping agency exposed state backed system systemic doping within russia not that it's since then it's on the take and brought reforms to be gained the trust of the international doping community but skepticism remains of whether that measures have
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gone far enough is the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency you know the process things and it's been extremely shady how it's gone about and substantively you look at the decision and there's been you know no fulfillment of the two remaining conditions and you know it's why you see outrage by athletes all around the world right now and the possibility that russia could be reinstated under under these circumstances. i'll have more for you at the top of it i'll christopher coke but we'll have your business update in just a bit of a good. take personally. with a little bit wonderful people once to make the game so special. treat for. more than football online climate change.


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