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this is the w.'s line from the leaders of north and south korea agree on sweeping measures to improve relations with both kim jong il and tell south korean president moon j in pyongyang in pyongyang that he will close its main nuclear complex if staying united states makes reciprocal loops also on the program fears for syria's it live province despite a deal to halt a military offensive refugees who have fled
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a skeptical of the turkish russian plan to establish a demilitarized zone well safe syria's last rebel stronghold. a new report from the n.g.'s save the children says move the five million children are risk of famine in torn yemen we'll hear from one of the report's authors. plus we take a look inside nigeria's pentecostal mega churches. those. who live it is all valuable. processional diagnosis i'll tell you is going to look. at these messages are a huge hit with the locals but critics worry that the focus on economic rather than spiritual salvation is distorted cristiana says real message. population from the philippines a war on drugs his supporters say he has freed the city from criminal gangs others say his methods of letting. i'm phil gal welcome to the program.
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the leaders of north and south korea have hailed a deal to improve ties between their countries and a highly symbolic move the south's moon jay even invited kim jong un to seoul in what would be the first ever post war visit by a north korean leader but progress on producing nuclear tensions in the region was less clear cut kim jong un promised to close the country's main nuclear complex if the united states made reciprocal moves. to a south korean president j. ends visit to his northern neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with a generous serving of couple. the two leaders selling their pact as a breakthrough they've announced kim will become the first northern leader to visit saw another step along the road to peace they say. we have adopted a military pact to end the history of brutal confrontation and agreed to make
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efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace. they also promised to hold family reunions regularly that's after dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of landmines they also said they've made progress on the issue the world's watching denuclearization . south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly promised its closure in the past. and the north has now made closing its nuclear
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plant young beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want. to both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at the summit but it's left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promise says. a speck of the problem with a good foster carter he's an honorary senior research fellow in sociology and modern career at leeds university in the u.k. he joins us from accident welcome so happy scenes and promises from pyongyang but was anything of substance achieved yes i think so it's crucial to grasp i think people probably do get this by now that there is more than one thing going all we mustn't fixate on the nuclear issue alone important that it is for them to look at to the into korean peace process that's a huge agenda this is one country historically but this should resonate for the
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germans perhaps divided after world war two lots of issues separating families from mention the possibilities of economic cooperation all manner of stuff it's the sides the nuclear suits so what we have got from this cold yanks i just read it in the earlier one between moving to relate protests is progress on the into korean side it's it was on the nuclear issue not so much to come to the nuclear issue area and just where would the on the warming of relations between the two koreas how does washington view that is not necessarily a good thing as far as washington is concerned. depends who you mean by washington because we are in a very odd unprecedented situation now we have a u.s. president title trump who i guess is pretty unpredictable on many things and a year ago it was all firing theory of the north koreans were testing missiles and nuclear weapons now trump seems to be having almost a kind of burma spits kim jong un and trump says we know seems to be his favorite method of communication that he's pretty happy about the summit however there is
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this whole matter of sanctions if the north and south do hoss the stuff that just talking about now i'm possibly reopening joint ventures tourism and reconnecting roads railways all that is currently in breach of u.s. sanctions that have been imposed on north korea because of its nuclear and missile tests so somehow that's got to be a result the u.s. keeps saying you know the sanctions stay in place that we got progress so it's chicken and egg here so let's let's pick up on the point on denuclearization the north has agreed to potentially dismantle its main nuclear site if the u.s. makes concessions just can't believe the united states would agree to this i think he doesn't know and i don't know either because it is. it's quite all trying to work out policy formation and in washington now you have trump is unpredictable you have a lot of people around him hard lined us like the national security advisor john bolton i think would definitely want to hold the line and say no you know it's it's something you move first now you move fast on other side it's important to
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a certain level it's also a bit silly at another level dare i say i hope i myself think others will disagree that it would be good if the u.s. economy off the north coast of everything up right away if said they want to stage by stage process i would hope that would be possible perhaps some sanctions relief step in a step back and then i think you might get someone talking to us have a foster cough effect here thank you very much. now monday steel between turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's province appears to have spared the region from an all out government offensive despite this billions in lives still face harsh conditions and families who have already fled the region to turkey receive daily harrowing messages from loved ones who stayed they w.'s yulia han reports now from running a red hadley in on the turkish side of the syrian border. oh lordy . two days ago there were airstrikes here again this little one was hurt can you
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see it thank god it was nothing worse. sees a system only on what's at the this one is a few days old. lives in a village. in the town of re homeless across the border in turkey he fled it lives six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed in the last trike. she left with her children talk to her and spillage for you. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long. or saw it and they want to bring order of doomadgee chose me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hawk and five children the ole share one
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space although you know he always he and. we live here because nothing else is possible. and it will never should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's a really hard life than how you feel. as difficult as life might be here a boom a jade and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the horizon turkish aid groups feet the. people there. in the
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right hand the markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. live if we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if they come i understand that they need help and that the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much because a lot of those who were there for a generation of what thirty taking our jobs we used to earn eighty liras a day. now the syrians do the same work for half the pay. little toto. a duma geed and his family very much feel the hostility still they are grateful here in the camp turkey's president is considered a hero even more so since managing for now to avert
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a final bloody offensive on the. mall coffee and of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. at least the killing will stop now but i hope. whatever egypt's future is of duma geed wants to see his sister fatima again some day in peace and freedom and not just on a small stream. after some of the other stories making news around the world a court in pakistan has ordered the release of former prime minister now a sheriff and his daughter pending an appeal hearing the country is a three time leave it was removed from office and jailed for corruption in july he says the charges are politically motivated. ugandan pop star. politician bobby wine is returning home from the united states after receiving treatment for
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injuries he says were sustained as a result of torture by ugandan or thora says the opposition m.p. was arrested in august of charged with treason for his alleged role in an incident in which the president's motorcade worsley pelted with stones one. employees at the fast food chain mcdonald's went on strike across the united states demanding an end to sexual harassment participants accuse the company of failing to adequately address what they say is a widespread problem they're also calling for the harrison train. german chancellor angela merkel's fragile government is under renewed pressure after coalition leaders agreed to sack a controversial intelligence chief hans mohsen was under fire after he comes to dictate the chancellor of the extent of recent far right violence now the chancellor's orthodoxy is being called into question after she allowed her powerful interior minister to promote the sacked spy chief to a more senior position. most german newspapers have reacted with scorn
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the promotion of the controversial head of germany's domestic intelligence agency mass and there's also provoked exasperate on the streets and a farmer in the private sector he would have been kicked out if you mess up you go it's that simple and as afscme him i think it's bad really if he has to leave his office he shouldn't get a promotion in the final few hundred incision after the other by the government must and should have gone. after yesterday's decision to promote martin to a more senior position in the interior ministry there was no comment from coalition leaders they left without stepping in front of the microphones. and at chancellor angela merkel's first official engagement of the day she still avoided addressing the issue. in the wake of far right and rest in kemet marson who defied the chancellor by questioning the authenticity of
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a video showing mobs chasing down migrants. merkel had said the video was real and condemned the actions shown calls for muslims dismissal grew louder. yet merkel's interior minister mawson's boss stood firmly by his side today he denied any responsibility for the controversy. of not offering boys and i do like to point out that i didn't start the discussion around mr marson or his agency. because it's i can't say that mr marson wanted this to happen so he didn't push me to do anything just to stress that it's ok it's his or. he's a civil servant who will do his duty wherever he's posted. that. officials have presented this reshuffle as a necessary political compromise but many will interpret it as a cynical active face saving that is unlikely to boost trust in methods government
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. meanwhile you're in years in the german position has been welcoming patients to a surgery here in a small village near cambridge about eighty kilometers north of london but the bricks that referendum has cast a shadow over his future here. we europeans are in limbo i personally in limbo since two days we don't know what is going to be what what all the rules what are. what is going to be the legal basis on which we stay here that's quite disconcerting and i think it's quite a shameful way to treat over three million people in the country. meanwhile the national health service is already experiencing a dramatic shortage of staff one in eleven posts to speak and and the situation is especially bad for nurses with breaks are coming soon the royal college of nursing is sounding the alarm it is
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a disaster in the making i'm afraid the patients won't have the right people that have the right skills to care for them in that hour and that's not acceptable not by any standards it's not acceptable for many. and it's not acceptable for us ata cat was a cat that's when nurses and doctors are taking to the streets they fear more and more pressure on their professions and eventually a collapse of the system the number of nurses arriving from the e.u. has fallen by ninety percent since the brics the referendum and the survey suggests one in five european doctors is considering leaving. it's really unsettling to see all colleagues from the e.u. feel be unsettled they are able to plan their lives for the education of their children for housing for all sorts of things we don't want to live we want to study all side so important to our community i say yes when a doctor from blumenthal has held part of this community for many years he's now
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spent more time in the u.k. than in his home country of germany his children and grandchildren all live in the area. it's very sad it's something that's quite incomprehensible. what's so vulnerable to you what's what really troubles you about it. and if you scratch on the surface there's not much coming is not much actually of substance let's roll that the new it's a mystery. the mystery also remains about his own future in the u.k. like so many office colleagues he's considering turning his back on the country that he calls home. now ahead of you meeting in salzburg the presence of the european council donald tusk assert that britain needs to rework its proposals on future relations with a u that includes business ties christopher business to ask phil and it's these
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economic ties that u.k. prime minister theresa may has her sights set on writing in a leading german newspaper today theresa may says that after back said she was a u.k. e.u. . trade zone for goods including agricultural products but not for services your officials have rejected her plan is cherry picking may well set out her case for the future relationship to other you leaders at the summit in science program today britain is due to leave the european union as early as next march. and for more let's bring in karen jones he's an economist at lancaster university in the u.k. gerund welcome to the program theresa may wants a free trade deal including goods but excluding services what do you make of the. whole christoff yes it's an interesting proposal that's come out of the prime minister's country residence and it's the deal that she has agreed with her own policy of government and been very different voices from different parts that
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government arguing for different types of breaks it and so this is a kind of compromise that they've reached amongst themselves as the governing party in the u.k. this is what the case is proposing to the european union that there should be essentially a common rule book that covers goods so that goods stay in something that is like a quasar single market but not for services this freedom for the u.k. to various regulations in the arena of services so it's a bit of a clunky arrangement clunky also in terms of how the the customs arrangements would work with different countries collecting customs revenues for each other which is a really bureaucratic obviously now why would services be excluded from this idea. all the people who keenest to have a brags it would want to keep clean gregg's the detaches the u.k. entirely from european regulations but on the manufacturing side covering
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goods it's become clear that that would be very difficult for british companies that export into europe because a lot of them are involved in supply chains that straddle across the boundary between the u.k. and the rest of the european union with good seed in various intermediate stages of production going between firms in different countries and with just in time production being involved in this not having freedom of movement of goods would be extremely difficult for produces in that manufacturing sector and i guarantee you talked about a compromise in the prime minister's party in the u.k. now from the e.u. as perspective such a trade agreement can only be signed once there's a withdrawal agreement but the issue of northern ireland is still not resolved how sensible is it to talk about trade at this stage. well that's very astute of you from i say so christophe because there are two things two separate things involved
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here first of all this the withdrawal agreement that needs to be signed and that is the urgent thing that needs to be done now by the end of march when britain leaves the european union and then secondly there is the trade agreement and the two sides to these negotiations seem to have been taking a different line completely so the u.k. seems to have been saying if we can get the trade agreement sorted out then that will involve things that will reassure the european union about things like the border in northern ireland about the freedom of mobility of goods across that border specifically meanwhile the european union has been taking a different tack and has been looking at well where can we put border arrangements in place so it now has it is coming back the indications are the michel barnier is going to propose that there's not a border at the border in northern ireland but that customs checks and other bits
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of bureaucracy are done elsewhere in the market and that might open up some scope for negotiations to move ahead jones economist at lancaster university thank you for your insight. some vestment turkey has slashed financial requirements for foreigners wanting the country's citizenship under the new rules the amount of required fixed capital investment has been cut fourth from two million to five hundred thousand dollars the necessary size of bank deposits was reduced to half a million dollars down from three million the measure appears to be the latest in a series of moves to increase the inflow of money and prop up the ailing turkish lira last week the government ordered all real estate transactions and vehicle rentals to be made in the local currency. so in football europe's most prestigious club competition the champion's league has
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returned to an expat from supporters here to talk us through the games welcome yannick so dortmund kicked off the competition for the bundestag clubs on tuesday how did they get on yeah it was a mixed not for both clubs both in terms of the results and the performances for dortmund they managed to scrap through a late one nil victory of the club bruges but it was a pretty unconvincing performance from them bruges was pretty much the better team in the first half and quite a lot of the second half but christian pushed it managed to give dortmund a win but was lucky the shin after defender tried to clear the ball so they'll have to do a lot better if they're to get through to the to the further stages as will say now in the pictures they only drew to porto but it was a much more promising foreman grill and below here he scored a great counter-attack goal but porter came back with a late penalty but the performance even though they didn't get the win was very promising and i think they have a bit more to build on than dortmund and more german teams are due to play today
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was saying hoffenheim a child to shut the nets in ukraine the big game is by munich they travel to portugal to play been faker and they looking at to basically. to win the competition and we'll see how they're planning to do that. byron's quest to repeat their two thousand and thirteen champions league victory has defined their recent seasons despite four semifinal appearances in the five years big name coaches have failed to add to byron's five titles in his first champions league campaign. is aiming to triumph where his predecessors tumbled into a win we want to start in the group stage just as we did in the bundesliga this will help build the confidence will need to carry into the next games in the new students who can. cover his first test as benfica who won the tournament twice in the one nine hundred sixty s. these days however they're content with making it through to the knockout rounds
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byron have never lost to benfica but coach rui victoria is looking to spring in upset. what can make the difference is we can be a team a team that believes in what it's doing. we must respect the opponent but also in some moments of the game we have to have the arrogance of wanting to win the match . in his injury depleted side faced their toughest test yet and biron success this season will be judged by just how far they go in europe's top competition. so yeah how do you see by and chances well that made a strong start to the season with three wins in the bonus they get and i do have a relatively easy group f. and i x also in there so that should make it to the dockets no problem but there are huge question marks the first is niko coach first season in the champions league it's been a tough ask for him to win it at first attempt they also have
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a number of injuries as well to least so. and come on looking. basically long term and on top of that don't really have a lot of challenges in the bundesliga and that lack of competition may harm their chances in the champions league as it's tough for them to step up their game against the big clubs so it's going to be a tough ask i think they'll stroll through the gate group easy but it's going to be tough for them to win it told us about hoffenheim this is their first shot of the champions league group phase will they survive again i think it's going to be tough for them they're in a very tough group with shotgun and they played tonight and as well man city and leon that joker though is you leonardo's in that he's only thirty one he's the youngest coach to ever coach in the champions league or will be tonight when they play and he's a very stupid coach and i think it's exciting to see what he can bring this competition but adults in getting through this group unfortunately you know expat from did overs for thank you. they say stay dubliners live from baghdad still to
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come. hard wired for the pains place chase has become the poster boy for doesn't deter says war on drugs is supposed to say he has framed his city from criminal gangs others say his methods have felt led to killings in cold blood. i would take a look inside nigeria's pentecostal mega churches as their focus on economic growth in spanish will salvation exploiting the christian thankful. for half their stores of malt world news on the business side of culture all the way here and they don't.
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these fishermen have certification for sustainable fishing. but why is that. who's behind all this does it all boil down to money old. sustainably labeled seafood candy and this seems seem to be trusted in forty five minutes on d w. sure the people of the world over information they provide the p.m.'s they want to express g.w. want facebook and twitter up to date and in touch and follow us. where the real power resides. i come from there lots of people in fact more than a billion if it was not just democracy give me that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and our story. i'm taken. to finishing the pork is fried
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chicken burning onto the floor of the berlin wall and i remember thinking at the time if the berlin broken forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a goal. but i do the news often confront a difficult situation with more conflict between does the milestone i see despite my job to confront what he does on policies and development just put the spotlight on issues that matter most. to security pressures nationalisation. cannot have been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be a concrete solutions money. and. this is do we do is live from and i'm still gail hughes what's coming up in the next
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fifteen minutes into this government makes instant divorce a criminal offense but i see this as a victory for women but could it also be used to persecute india's muslim minority . i mean the police officer has become a poster boy for the philippines war on drugs but there is a suspicion of this devout christian is behind a series of extra judicial killings d.w. reports from mindanao. india's government has issued an executive order making the muslim practice of instant de force a criminal offense carrying a fine up to three years in prison the tradition in some muslim communities has allowed men to divorce our wives simply by saying the word tulloch three times it was previously outlawed last year in a supreme court ruling that was hailed as a victory for women's rights earlier this year lawmakers rejected draft legislation to introduce criminal penalties today's moved. there's the indian government's six
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months to get parliament's approval. to get more on this from v.w. correspondent for the family car who joins us on the line from delhi welcome sonia so instant divorce is already illegal so why do with this now. well you know india's law minister of a recent corporate side today said that there was a compelling necessity to bring in this measure because he says you know cases of people can arc hadn't really abated despite the supreme court's verdict last year but there are many voices here there that say that they're also politically weakened behind this move now you know india faces elections a few key states in the next months before the general election next year and there are some critics he'll see this order as a team by the ruling b.g.p. that's the hindu nationalist party of prime minister marrying the monti this isn't the party problem that support your one bit for him to. kind of cynical ploy to win over votes from sections of the muslim community which we have to
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remember a population of about one hundred seventy million muslims to form a second voting bloc in india ok so how is this move that likely to affect in just muslim communities. well i think for many rights groups and petitioners who has challenged this practice in court i think they will be happy that that muslim men who don't wish to put a mark to really abandon their wives will now have to pay serious consequences though i have to say they're all from skilling's about the severity of the punishment now there are no official statistics on the prevalence of consent both in india but what we do know is that the goal for a man are often from poor families and their husbands often don't even teens forcing them to really return to their parenting homes are really fighting for themselves so i think for a lot of these women this today is the order will definitely come soon so is there a danger that this could bed that this new measure could be misused. well there are
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opposition parties in india and even the muslim clergy who have protested against provisions off the bill in the boss saying that they're excessive they've argued that you know putting the breadwinner of a family tree is an injustice to women and children if they left them for themselves without financial support in that period but i think the larger concern here is that many believe the government is trying to todd the muslim community and when you don't mean to be wary of the b.g.p. motives in championing the rights of most can women. when you're follicular and thank you so much. so a disagreement as a tourist hostel in stockholm was going viral on social media and resulted in the diplomatic incident between sweden and china abraham from a social media desk is here to tell us will welcome what happened so it's a very bizarre incident a couple of weeks ago three chinese tourists tried to check into their hostel in stockholm but can't and this right behind me here is what happens next let's watch
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. yeah. i'm going to. just one of the yeah. ok so there's a very dramatic what happened next what happened basically with the tourist claim is that they tried to check into their hotel just a couple of hours earlier before their schedule check in time they then waited in the lobby they say the hotel stuff was a horrible to them and asked them to leave was abusive and then they even called the police just throw them out on the street as as we have just seen what about the hostile stuff or the very say they have a slightly different story they say their things never had a reservation on that day to begin with themselves were the ones that were abusive to the staff and that's why the situation got out of control so they had to call the police and basically check them out ok so we go from hospital to police and now this is somehow become international exactly it seems that as soon as this video
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surfaced on the internet a couple of days ago the chinese embassy in stockholm issued a statement they took particular offense to what happened they claim they were deeply appalled by what happened to the tourists in stockholm they say that the tourists were but were abused at the hands of the swedish police and they also say that this action somehow constitution constituted a violation of their basic human rights so this escalated quickly into an alleged human rights violation so tell us about the reaction there in china well the video as soon as it hit. the chinese social networking site way bo it went completely viral with tendon tens of thousands of comments we have a couple calls up for you here this one way user says perhaps the family was irrational but it was midnight police should offer help instead of throwing people on the streets. you know the humor of this did not miss some of these are some
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people pointed. to the humor in it and this user said i watched the clip they exaggerate it so much this is absolutely embarrassing not every country has its friendliest china if you go over seas stay strong and stop doing anything awkward ok so this we'll have to see how this plays out biffen our abraham from data via social media thank you so much. the philippines is in the third year of its so-called war on drugs the campaign against illegal drugs by the president rodriguez deterred today after he was elected in twenty sixteen since then seems like this have become all too common estimates about the number of people killed by the at the hands of police vigilantes or drug gangs range from a few thousand to twenty thousand but those aren't the only casualties roland espinosa right now though. two of the of at least ten mayors who've been killed since twenty sixteen but they allegedly died at the hands of the
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police but never says this man the chief inspector hove a espinosa. he claims both men were involved in drug trafficking and to question will police operations later both men dead as been noted is now a version of the poster boy for the president to turn his war on drugs. d.w. correspondent florian noid hoff traveled to the island of mindanao in the southern philippines to meet a man who says he's determined to fight crime by all means. at the police station in the news the day starts early with prayer and song. the city's police chief joe vs benito a devout christian wants his prisoners to find redemption through religion made as leave and see all. the inmates are anything but former drug addicts drug pushers and they have a litany of crimes to answer for as benito feels he has
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a powerful ally. and. so let's just only. lord help me. without fear or feel. this space that has made s. benito one of the most effective law enforcement officers in president to so-called war on drugs before as benito became the news city's police chief it was home to one of the country's most dettori as crime syndicates it was allegedly led by long time a rainout of courage and and his family president even placed him on a list of officials he claimed were linked to the illegal drugs trade within months of s. benito's appointment was dead killed alongside his wife and thirteen others in a police raid as benito says persian or died because he fought the police but his critics suspect the man was killed in cold blood sen antonio tree line it's among
4:39 pm
them a key opposition figure he says president to tertius crackdown on narcotics is a pretext for leading the country towards tyranny he magnified the problem and. the people that if they're not going to ask the question. then. they will be destroyed so once he was able to fall then he got himself into office and now he's using the war on drugs as. to control the population and then the opposition and. destroy basically our democratic institutions in austin is getting rid of the parish you know has made s. benito a hero. his supporters like lawyer andrus fernandez say he has freed the city of a criminal gang we have suffered when. we
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were helpless. because even the national government. allowed this people to run the show and i think because of politics. we were thinking that this would be hopeless any more. and they look then became president. the police chief insists he follows the law to the latter but says he wouldn't hesitate to use force if necessary if you do things never. believed in the rights of the people in an issue. as benito faith and the law go hand in hand it is a belief that he will not tire to fight for.
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reports produced by phone and noise off who joins us now welcome florian so it. it looks as though these guys died at the police chief's hands that's the way it looks at how does he get away with it well since the president attack has come to power he's basically ensuite a regime of where there is no recriminations for police action even if it's probably against the law. as soon as he came to power he could have brought out a list of one hundred fifty politicians which he said were going to the drug trades . of those four are now dead and none of the police officers who were involved in the killings have been brought to trial and they're going to do their work in fact a leader who we've profiled here he's that we've been given a medal by the president for his work and of them he's ok so i mean he has his supporters who says they the only people he killing apparently criminals but he
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would rights watch is going to say well the killing of may is this is not just about crime this is this is this is the president's way to force politicians to tell he's lied yes this is what critics are saying and what it's notable is while a high level politicians are not immune to the crackdown. the lower level local provisions who are bearing the brunt of it. and human rights watch thinks it's not a coincidence and since it came to power many of these local petitions have left the liberal opposition party and joined the tatters party is that so broadening of power base owners of joy in my party and you probably won't get shot. where is the filipino public on this they voted for this straw man what what do they think of this sort of apparently vigilante justice well as you say. the title is very much elected on an anti drugs film and his hardline stance on this crackdown has been very popular at least initially what also should be forgotten
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a lot of local politicians in the trains are in fact involved in the drug trade and there are criminals and there's a lot of support for getting rid of these people and when i visited those i mean we were thankful to. the police chief for wearing them of a family that ran the city essentially like a mafia crime while foreign legible back safely good until it's a thank you. i reporter from the charity save the children says more than five million children are at risk of famine in war torn yemen they go on to say that more than two thirds of the country's population don't know where the next mail will come from when you'd fighting in the port city of her data could disrupt supplies and coal starvation president scale the port city is the main artery for receiving humanitarian aid the u.n. has warned that the situation could become one of the worst hunger crises in history. save the children say yemen
4:44 pm
a country director in sana'a yemen welcome from welcome to you welcome to the w how bad is the situation. well it's extremely worrying and it's true their injuries i think after three one half years of. its own country pour are you ready have actual point two million children at risk. in the last few weeks the prices of. food has actually last week since the attack the school waited until they provoked one of the main roads from today to sala. fuel prices of troubled. country produce the post has a huge impact on people who are living in a situation very big to rely on affordable and available to survive that's why we
4:45 pm
found out that this number has gone. up so as food becomes scarce and more expensive was the people doing. well people are having to resort to very very difficult decisions. the first one is to reduce their food intake they reduce expenses on things like health. transportation on things which get so children rich. from the situation so you've described a terribly desperate situation is is the city actually functioning as a city to do people go about their daily business of do they have jobs or does do does a vigil sort of wait for the shelling to stop it is the city continuing as a city welcoming the nominal way yes obviously a lot of people fled. the city or the party literally to give last few months but
4:46 pm
there are still people and there are jobs to shops and could. feed into this is an issue of course we are also concerned not just about program march issue situation and the threat for this form but also about those on the people that you're not able to get out. well we wish you well with your work thank you for joining us time could also save the children in yemen thank you to nigeria now in the booming business of worship the country's pentecostal churches a pathing in believe is every weekend with a message of economic hope in tough times but the focus on charismatic pastors and the price tag that comes with regular attendance has worried mainstream christian critics. funny fish reports from nigeria's ogun state. a typical sunday for some fourteen million nigerians. to. send
4:47 pm
a brick through just yet. while coming teams of people into one of the roughly five hundred pentecostal churches in the country i'm joining a service today in one of these mega churches just outside of lagos it's the third biggest one in nigeria literally the church service today and as you can see the shark if you found out to see it now and then leave. the service rather quietly but people don't stay in their seats for long. the pastor calls himself a bishop and he celebrated like a star david asked him a to growth is one hundred fifty million u.s. dollars and many of his followers you're in for that kind of well where that was prosperity gospel resonates with. those who have no blood that is.
4:48 pm
this world this does frustrate starvation the failure is going to. the big donation baskets filled with the belief is the more you give during and after the church service the more you're going for. the church there are many more ways to spend money how about all the while sold for five dollars per bottle this is not to eat it is to put on your hat why. not say it's the course. like it's not like. keno for anything you want to believe i use the oil swap for you if cure sickness sees. any pentecostal churches compete for members each promise is academic salvation. and people want to believe in them especially. in times of hardship. god jesus that's also the first
4:49 pm
billboard you see when you and thirty university of lagos francis is a professor of religious studies he says nigeria is one of the most religious countries in africa but he's concerned about the focus of pentecostal churches is dangerous because. everything revolves around a pastor and then the tendency is to shift you know. the pastoral and. not oh god the lifestyle of the pastor becomes this turned out not out of christ he says people's faith is being exploited and converted into a commercial business with a price tag most of these pastors are not there to sell. the idea to. question some of their practices but the. words themselves that jesus was not all these are the best of these. churches are not required to pay
4:50 pm
taxes but you don't rise in extreme poverty so politicians want to change that still it's a highly unpopular idea and those who believe a positive change is only possible through their faith and their top. five seven years ago the right wing terrorist and the spray carried out one of the deadliest attacks in european history it killed seventy seven people most of them teenagers at a summer camp on the norwegian island of toyah now two new very different films are trying to tell the story of that massacre and grapple with its legacy you july twenty two from norwegian director erik papa yes released in german faces this week the film is shot in a single tank and it's exactly seventy two minutes long the precise duration of the real life attack on toys you know i see here either. yeah sure.
4:51 pm
we would direct it was all green grass takes a more conventional approach following the story during and crucially after the attack was put on trial for his crimes scott robb's it was phone call to ask if the times well could sculls. clearly agree events while you make a movie about it yeah i mean that's a big question when it was covered heavily in the news we've had documentaries on the subject but in both cases with a norwegian film for my papa paul greengrass is the hollywood version of both cases the director said they wanted to do two things one is to create a permanent. memory of this event on cinema so that will not be forgotten and also very important to pay tribute to the victims and they thought that was best done in a way with films that could create an emotional experience as well as just the documentary something that a documentary maybe news footage couldn't do but as he said they take very very different approaches papa's approach is done the single take and very interestingly
4:52 pm
he only takes a perspective of the victims under space that is not seen in this film at all we only follow one victim. as she goes through the across the aisle and trying to survive from this unseen and her danger that's coming towards what was your reaction to the film from you know you've described i mean it's really gut wrenching i mean i guess the word is visceral you really have a sense. of death around around the next tree around the corner it's it's it's a truly i mean harrowing experience i never really had a seen a film like this i was really out of breath by the end and then the hollywood version from paul greengrass you know that's much more conventional it's he tells more the whole story he starts with breivik preparing the attacks we see the attacks but very importantly he looks at the aftermath as well so norway's reaction
4:53 pm
to the attacks and and particularly how the norwegian justice system reacted i think we have a clip of the greengrass film we take a look. i'm also feeding her about the bomb in the city. i mean some security i would. love to actually hear and see your id yeah sure. was the. company i love. to meet you see what isn't done. i just looked a little over the search and. i just thought of a. model from the thing. you can do with him still strong cannot write. i still have hope. shooting soon as i am late and friendless.
4:54 pm
and choose to live. it's all very grim you've seen this film in venice what did you make of this i thought it was very good i mean green grass is known for films like jason bourne action movies but he's also done a lot of films based on real life events including united ninety three which was about the nine eleven attacks and in this movie he's he's he's very restrained it isn't a big action movie it's very pullback it's not cliched at all but he treats it with great with great respect and what i found very interesting is because he tries to tell a broader story he really focuses in on what i think is very key about the whole story of the attacks and what happened afterwards is how norway responded which is utterly different than how america responded to the nine eleven attacks and several spawning with with with hate and with war norway stuck to its principles put a brake on trial it didn't give in to the temptation for revenge and i think that
4:55 pm
story is definitely needs to be told and i think there's a very good job of diverse us yeah this is the i mean this is not a. these are not movies to go and see with public popcorn. briefly very briefly why why would someone go to a cinema to see either of these films well i think it's an important it's important a piece of history it's an important event and both of our difficult movies particularly norwegian one but i think if you're up for it definitely it took trying to check out check them both out of the top of them comes into german theaters this week the greengrass film is out on netflix perhaps runs from thank you so much that's it you're up to date more up itself from layla her rock or you can always of course or check out the website and the w dot com have a good today. i'm
4:56 pm
going to.
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be a. nice fisherman have certification for sustainable fishing. but why is that. who's behind all this does it all boil down to money. sustainably maybe some. countries and their feet seem to be trusted in fifteen minutes on d w. sublist first sign doing transitioning. than a record of incredible it's a whole new more little. knowledge back online in some respects triano it's a new era of sexuality. will laughs a commision be a thing of the first and sexual frustration to rush i still have to get used to
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these robot noises. exploring a new frontier in sex and love three point zero. love stunt september twenty fifth on to double you play. in ten sixteen i'm crying a little rumble one of the tag. young people rebelled against their parents' generation. because it was a constant play just to follow stupidity inclusions through stupid aged men did nothing less than a home societal wanted maelstrom of conflict the toilets with the b. of the airplane which lola marjah operation watch the vietnam war every day play our documentary takes a look a lot of times the lows were under the members of the movement for the first time i
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had a feeling of being part of something the. means of those events today. who sued spoke of civil rights the peace movement the women's movement for most players during this period of. legend sixty eight booklets. this week don't. play. blame . this is it really was life for a win that must do better with six months to go until greg said that's europe's
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message to the u.k. a senior u.s. official says some progress has been made on an exit deal. but london will need to rework its position on the irish border and future trade ties also coming up the leaders of north and south korea agreed to sweeping measures to improve relations pyongyang agrees to close its main nuclear complex if the united states makes reciprocal moves.


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