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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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working dinner over breaks it has a fifty fifty chance of ending with dessert or heartburn time is running out to negotiate a final break sit deal that makes everyone happy tonight before the dinner began european union leaders told mrs may your brakes it plan has promise and problems. berlin this is the day. that upgrades it would be difficult for europe but it would be terrible for the u.k. prime minister amazing proposals indicate that that if a little soon. and foreign policy. issues. such as the irish question they will case proposals to be. negotiated today those that have more hold. about that show will be less and less.
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it will be much better as a compromise between the u.k. and the european union. also coming up tonight brett kavanaugh could be the next u.s. supreme court justice he could also be at the center of an f.b.i. investigation into a possible sex crime. yes his cabinet is very very tough as a family i can only say this is this is. very hard for me is that this is a life time when he does reign court of the united states and it is important to a thorough background check before there are any tunnels coming out of the united states and. we begin the day with talk of a divorce over dinner in just six months britain's date with gregg's it will arrive
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the u.k. will officially leave the european union one of the biggest political divorces in history and we still don't know if it will be an amicable or a hostile separation and that is why british prime minister to resign may travel to austria today to present her latest breaks it plan to the leaders of the other twenty seven european union countries now may says her blueprint is fair and just for the u.k. and for the single market of the e.u. yet the prime minister she continues to run into bricks it barriers from her own conservatives accusations that she's attempting to push through a break sit light and some inside the labor party are still talking about a possible second breaks at referendum and tonight before they sat down for dinner some e.u. leaders declared teresa mayes plan satisfactory but nowhere near good enough.
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it's being described as an informal summit of the austrian chancellor's about and could appear to be living up to the relaxed atmosphere as british prime minister treason may arrive for dinner but may's main task is to convince the whole of the e.u. that her brakes are package will work ahead of formal negotiations a positive message from courts. if you want to make a deal both sides need to compromise i think that we should but here in three years the twenty seventh we want to do everything possible to avoid the heartbreak it's it to be ready to compromise but we also expect that from the u.k. but top e.u. official donald tusk had a word of warning ahead of the talks. question. the framework for economic cooperation they propose of will need to be reworked
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and. today there is perhaps more hope about those surely less and less during the day that the left we must see for talks i would like to finalize them still this. angle a merkel also spoke to waiting press and called for a break of goodwill and respect. smiles all round on arrival at the sound spurred venue however negotiations to avoid a hard braggart could see the new change quickly. so a word of warning to london the head of another key e.u. summit let's go live now to salzburg corresponding next hoffman is standing by he's covering the summit force good evening to you max are e.u. leaders are they you know i needed in hope of
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a compromise. there is certainly united in hoping for a compromise they all said so when they came here and the german chancellor even said she had hoped for a very close cooperation the problem with that was as an example she cited security and not trade ties and trade ties of course one of the crucial issues that could prevent this compromise the other one we just heard from dawn to toast president of the u. council is the border between northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom and the rest of ireland which is part of the european union no compromise no progress in sight here in fact the both parties said that it was now time for the other party to compromise on the case of theresa may the prime minister the u.k. she said the u.s. to do something and the u.s. which is sort of said that it's time for the u.k. to come forward with a with a feasible proposition and we've got the european council president
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calling for an extra breaks a summit to take place in november what's what's what's your read on that do you think that's really going to happen. we've been hearing rumors about this summit for quite some time now because that's what the strategist said we need this it's not going to happen in october where we have a regular summit in brussels and where originally the plan was to have this deal in the pocket not going to happen we know that so this november summit very likely to happen the question is when will that really happen in november because some say the last possible date would be in the beginning of december but then really they need to have this deal because you still need for example the european parliament. waving it through being ok with that deal which is not a given either it's a very very tight schedule and what don did here is said he announced the end of the final defeat nala the end of the end game and what we're having here in
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south park where i am at the moment is the beginning of this and game where you can tell that the pressure is really increasing and i mean if brags that weren't a heavyweight enough you've got the austrian chancellor sebastian cordes tonight talking about migration when he arrived at the summit so what do you what are the chances that european union members will be able to see eye to eye on migration. what you heard some busted courts say was you know the same thing he said for months now he's so kissing on the part where he is trying to prevent migrants reaching the european union that's why you saw going about controlling the outer borders having partnerships with northern african countries to establish disembarkation centers that's the term they use now for that you don't hear about that second part you know what happens with refugees people who are fleeing political hardship or political prosecution in other countries that make it to the
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european union will they be redistributed among the countries of the european union that is the part that's completely unclear and that's the part where you have the most controversy you've had actually for the last three years especially between countries like poland and hungary and countries like germany and france and quite frankly there really is absolutely no compromise in sight here because politicians like the door by the prime minister of hungary want this controversy because it helps them to gain to get elected in their own countries yeah i mean it's you know it's a point that probably bowled deserve its own extra summit in the foreseeable future who knows max hope in a correspondent tonight at that e.u. summit in salzburg austria max as always thank you. the united states of appears to be setting a deadline for the completion of its denuclearization talks with north korea
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january twenty twenty one that's according to u.s. secretary of state. he says he's restarting because she ages with north korea immediately and has invited pyongyang's foreign minister to meet him in new york next week now it comes as the leaders of north and south korea are hailing a deal to improve their talks in a highly symbolic move the south's moon julian has invited kim jong un to seoul this will be the first ever visit by a north korean leader the symbolic gestures and visits they're proving easier to achieve then reducing the north korean nuclear threat. day to south korean president jay inslee this it to his no the neighbor kim jong un more carefully staged displays of harmony along with the generous serving of couple . the two leaders selling their pact is a breakthrough they've announced kim will become the first northern leader to visit
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seoul another step along the road to peace they say so and on the road with adopted a military pact to end a history of brutal confrontation and the great to make efforts to turn the korean peninsula into a land of peace. they also promise to hold family reunions regularly that softer dozens of relatives from the north and south separated in the one nine hundred fifty s. recently met. and the leaders agreed to disarm a jointly controlled border village starting with the removal of land mines they also said they've made progress on the issue the well it's watching denuclearization. south and north korea have agreed on a way to achieve denuclearization for the first time it's a very meaningful outcome. the north says it will allow international inspectors to observe the dismantling of its main missile testing site but it's repeatedly
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promised its closure in the past and the north has now made closing its nuclear plant beyond dependent on reciprocal steps from the u.s. without saying what exactly they want. both leaders have been keen to put on a display of unity at the summit but it's left experts debating if this is a big deal or yet more empty promise says. well my next guest tonight says that south korea's close strategic ties to the united states will not change in the foreseeable future with or without progress over north korea his latest book is entitled south korea at the crossroads all ptolemy and alliance in an evil powers he is a nice senior for korea studies and director of the program on u.s. korea policy at the council on foreign relations i'm happy to welcome to the
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scott snyder mr spider it's good to have you with let me start by getting your read on the news tonight that the u.s. is is setting january twenty twenty one as a deadline for denuclearization talks with north korea how do you see that. well that date actually originally comes from report spy the south korean special envoy and preparations for the enter korean summit of a date that kim jong un has indicated as a date for completion of denuclearization and so the fact that those two dates have been or that or that date has been agreed upon by both the u.s. and north korea is a kind of step forward but we really still don't see step by step how this denuclearization process is going to be unfold and there are a lot of doubts still about whether or not north korea really intends to go fully
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down the denuclearization pathway or would like to hold on to a recess nuclear capability there was also some confusion this evening when that announcement came across because the headline read that january twenty twenty one would be the deadline for the end of denuclearization talks so is that is that the date when the talks will end over denuclearization or is that the deadline when north korea is supposed to be denuclearized. i'm quite sure that that is the target date for the completion of a due nuclearization process certainly the trumpet ministration would like to see that move quickly national security adviser bolton had wanted to do it in just a year and from a political point of view obviously january twenty twenty one is significant
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because we don't know politically what the environment will look like after that date in the united states and let me and ask you just look into your crystal ball if there were to be a change in the executive branch of the united states by that date can you imagine that there would be a change in u.s. policy towards young yeah. well the history suggests that there is always a risk of shifts in policy toward. frankly that i think is one of the factors that has made the prospect of achieving denuclearization with north korea more difficult because north korea points to policy inconsistency by the united states as a factor that would make north korea wants to hold on to its nuclear weapons in other words if they are able to reduce tensions with trump it's hard to say whether
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that would stick with a new leader in the united states and it is interesting if you know if you take that thinking even further mr snyder it would mean that having a u.s. president trump see a second term in office could be the best prospects for actually realizing the goal of denuclearizing north korea you agree. it's it's plausible to magine that based on the experience so far that kim jong un could be one of president trumps biggest cheerleaders but let's see how the process unfolds you know this rough or a small it was only last year that we're talking fire and fury we saw the singapore summit and the appearance of empty promises now things may be back on track but i think we've got a lot more ups and downs to go. scott snyder with the council on foreign relations joining us tonight from washington d.c.
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mr snyder we appreciate your insights tonight thank you. well there is a new twist in the turmoil surrounding the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the u.s. supreme court last week a woman came forward claiming that kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a party thirty six years ago the woman christine ford was fifteen at the time judge kavanaugh was seventeen christine ford's attorneys says that her client felt it was her duty to make public what she had kept secret all of her adult life and she says that she would be willing to testify before the u.s. congress but overnight to christine ford added one crucial condition she wants the f.b.i. to investigate her claim before she gives any testimony to congress that change sent another shockwave through washington take a listen. it shows up and make
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a credible showing that to be very it was taken up to make that decision but i can only say this is exhibit. very hard for me to get mad is that it said before if these allegations are true then i could not vote i think it would be a disqualifying factor that's just the way it is i think that it's important to do otherwise would send a horrible message to young men and women she can do it in a public plan she can do it. by the main thread upon request and heard her lawyer put up a machine and i can testify that any theory here judge kavanaugh is ready women across the country are going to rise that make their voices heard and republicans will pay a very huge price. although the f.b.i. has reportedly conducted numerous background checks on mr cavanaugh we are discovering new facts about the judge and how he has characterized his own youth
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today a u.s. senator posted a video in which judge cavanagh makes comments about his time at georgetown prep school take a listen. fortunately we had it we had a good saying that we we've held firm to do that to this day as the dean was reminding me before before the talk which is what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown. that's been a good thing for all of us. well the u.s. senator who posted that video also posed the question is this really what america wants in its next supreme court justice or the latest polls suggest that the answer is increasingly known only thirty one percent of u.s. adults polled say they are in favor of kavanagh's appointment according to gallup polls if support remains this week and the nomination gets senate approval trump spic would rank among the least popular supreme court nominees in u.s. history. for monday's deal between
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turkey and russia to establish a demilitarized zone in syria's it live province appears to have spared the region from an all out government offensive despite this civilians that it lives still face harsh conditions and families who have already fled the region to turkey where they receive daily harrowing messages from loved ones who state the w's yulia han reports from conley on the turkish side of the syrian border. oh. two days ago there were airstrikes here again this little one was hurt can you see it thank god it was nothing worse. a sees a system only on what's up the this one is a few days old the man lives in the village of doomadgee in the town of re homeless
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across the border in turkey he fled it live six years ago his sister remained behind. her house was destroyed and last trike. the family says she left with her children to our parents village. fatima simply did not believe the war would last this long and this. or saw it and they want to bring order of doomadgee chose me how he lives in turkey in a makeshift tent camp with his wife the hawk and five children they all share one space although you know he. will live here because nothing else is possible. ever should be he should see this place in winter. the ground outside gets muddy and it's ice cold but it's
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a really hard life that high as logically. as difficult as life might be here a boom a jade and his family are at least in safety three years ago turkey effectively closed its border with syria and built a wall several hundred kilometers long since then new refugees have officially not been allowed to enter. the effects of that decision can be seen here on the left on the turkish side empty space on the right in syria refugee camps practically to the horizon turkish aid groups feet the. people there. in the ray hundred markets many turks say they're glad syrians are no longer allowed to cross the border. we've already taken in too many syrians we can't take more and don't want to. live if we had to flee the fighting we do the same it's fine with me if ican i understand that
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they need help and that the same could happen to us but still since they've been here a lot has changed too much shocked look at this a. little generational thirty king our jobs we used to earn eighty liras a day. now the syrians do the same work for half the pay. little to the mouth. of his family very much feel the hostility still there great here in the camp turkey's president is considered a hero even more so since managing for now to avert a final bloody offensive on the. coffee of course it's not the end of the conflict. but when you're drowning you grasp at every straw. and at least the killing will stop now but i hope. whatever egypt's future is. wants to see his sister again someday in peace
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and freedom and not just on a small stream. five and finally it was on this day one hundred twenty five years ago that women first got the right to vote way back in eighty ninety three new zealand became the first nation in the world to introduce women's suffrage since then the kiwis have elected three women as their country's leaders and the most recent prime minister. was at the celebrations in all. there were twenty five thousand women in freight who signed a petition who was there probably. three smegma say when i was shopping. there were members sisters grandmothers. and i signed a petition sometimes a great cost to themselves would be i'm no no we don't know what it would. succeed
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. and on social media new zealand's political class is celebrating this milestone this tweet from the country's parliament showing women m.p.'s today in the parliamentary library recreating a photo of new zealand at lawmakers take it in nineteen five look at that you'll notice not a single woman to be seen new zealand didn't get its first female m.p. until nine hundred thirty three and this from the ministry for women new zealand's three female prime minister's photograph together for the first time jenny shipley on the left current prime minister ascend to arden in the middle and helen clark on the right now greens m.p. robin davidson tweeted these pictures of male worry and pacific islander women artists performing at parliament to mark the anniversary. well the day is nearly
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done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me don't forget to use the hash tag the day we're going to leave you now with a look at the celebrations on this historic day in new zealand and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see then everybody. in town tonight. a. long haul. her.
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making a fashion splash at october fact. this year the prince of palm. has created the perfect day. he design the outfits for a famous store that sells traditional german full costume. creations and ask him what makes for a good. next. these
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men are risking their lives trying to get to the e.u. be abuzz me a handsome building up on a route that's riddled with landmines. the country is struggling to cope with growing numbers of refugees providing them with the bare necessities before they continue to fund their dangerous journey. in sixty minutes w. . cut the first time doing detailing. the part where you have incredible it's a whole new world. with. online inside her space on the screen . it's a new era of sexuality. will lovesick and this be
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a thing of and sexual frustration to which i still have to get used to these robot new ways of exploring new frontiers in sex and love three point zero. the toughest on september twenty fifth on t.w. . welcome to the sarah louise how can he refuse a date to see through the next half hour here's what's coming up. experimental featuring an underwater god projects in norfolk it's a. colorful discovering an eye catching up comments in the swedish capital.


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