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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2018 1:02am-1:15am CEST

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the u.s. and china have hit each other with billions of dollars in tariffs but as the increasingly bitter dispute heats up some say washington is actually shooting itself in the foot. when it comes to e.u. africa trade kenyan farmers face high hurdles if they want to export probably used to europe. and we take you on a whistle stop right to be in a trance train exhibition in berlin to show you the future of rail travel. it's time for business on the w m for you to get us it's good to have you with us by monday next week over two hundred fifty billion dollars worth of products from china will be more expensive in the u.s. the trump administration wants to use tariffs to pressure beijing to negotiate new deals with concessions on rules for foreign investments and intellectual property but some already fear the plan could backfire. this week beijing responded to
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washington's latest terrace with its own levies on sixty billion dollars of american products among the goods it's targeting china has included liquefied natural gas or oil and sheet that could undermine u.s. prison terms ambition to make the u.s. a global energy leader last year china was the world's second largest importer of l n g after japan and slightly ahead of south korea asia is an important market for american suppliers so the chinese tariffs will hurt them the new tariffs also target u.s. meat and wheat so farmers will be affected as well a move that didn't go down well at the white house twee said halt china has openly stated that they are actively trying to impact and change our election by attacking all farmers ranchers and industrial workers because of their loyalty to me and quote china's retaliatory tariffs by hitting where it hurts so i've been to farmers who are among the targets in the first round of beijing's tit for tat tariffs are
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now receiving aid from the us government to help offset major losses tech companies are also why despite being unscathed for now outpost products for instance are not on the list but many business leaders are concerned they fear the terrorists could disrupt supply chains so they are warning the trump administration against further escalation of the trade dispute. our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange so fishman's he is ready to give us the view from wall street now sophie we've been talking about these tariffs for a long time now and as they seem to pile up can we ask the question again just how much are american businesses going to suffer this time. well farmers for example are being targeted in a way that is an extension of threat to their business especially soybean farmers they have sold more than twelve billion dollars worth of soybeans to china last year and they have spoken out repeatedly about the threat to their livelihoods
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farmers suffering economic consequences from the trade wars will get up to four point seven billion dollars in government payments starting this month and the biggest chunk of that money is going to soybean partners so we also have many other sectors being negatively impacted especially sectors being connected to chinese suppliers via the global supply chains we just heard the first one that comes to mind are auto makers the newest sanctions are expected to hit a range of fodder were elated imports from crankshafts to wind shear the wiper blades and the automotive industry has become so globalized that chinese suppliers are so dominant certain points in the supply change that there is simply no alternative so she speaking of the auto industry that could be affected by the nafta agreement reports are out once again that nafta negotiators are close to reaching a deal we've heard so many times recently what's different this time. well
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experts say if the u.s. is making progress in the trade area trump has already wrapped up a fight deal with the mexico but is threatening to exclude canada but whatever it may decide congress has to agree and canadian officials say they do not believe the u.s. congress what agree to turn into a bilateral treaty with a deal done only with mexico either new say that they are very close to a deal with canada but the two hundred fifty percent plus of canadian a re terrace is rumored to be a stumbling block justin trudeau said on wednesday you want to see flexibility from the face so this is where we're at right now plus a lady from the united states that one is tough these days thank you very much so fishman ski from new york we say in the subject of trade because when it comes to e.u. africa trade african farmers face many hurdles if they want to export to the e.u.
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take kenya for example agriculture is one of the backbones of the east african countries economy the e.u. alone imports a billion euros worth of green beans peppers chiles and mangoes every year but for kenyans to sell them there the produce has to meet all your requirements a goal many can only dream of. the vegetables at this street market in nairobi look juicy and good for you but the european union would never accept these farmers produce any new regulations are to blame about regulations concerning hygiene fertilizer and pesticides farmer michael key emma has been trying to export his mangoes to europe for a long time but the e.u. standards make it hard no matter how much pesticides he uses the majority of the harvest won't meet european standards. when we watch. european market and we really. need all of that is to add to our or about my
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kit by a tea shop and the hurdles for kenyan farmers who want to export to the e.u. are extremely high according to has seen much from the fresh produce exporter association it's indeed expensive because you need more money to get. additional to sites you need more money to get the tops you need you need more money to do the building to specify small a pharmacy farming is an important sector for kenya the kenyan government offers farmers special training on how to get their produce ready for sale in the e.u. they can learn about the requirements like those concerning pesticides it's not just about which pesticide to use it's also about using the proper amount. then kenyan authorities check before export whether the e.u. directives have been observed if the permitted limit of pesticide residue is exceeded the produce is rejected. when people on the side.
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order. or washing your hands farmers and exporters know only too well that washing hands or choosing the right pesticide is not enough the goods should also be beautiful not too big not too small without stains like a picture book foods that don't meet these criteria don't make the cut. we have good quality fresh produce from this country. it's only. it may not look as glossy as nice as you would want to see so because he was a noodle buffet choice whether they didn't want to go through nutritious testify or what they want to buy food mango farmer my cookie emma can sell just ten percent of his harvest to the e.u. he earns only two cents per mango the rest goes for transport middlemen and the
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supermarkets but he intends to continue working on his flawless mangoes for europe . the future of train travel is on display here in berlin as the by annual in a trans fair showcase is new technologies and comfortable options for travellers times though are less comfortable to or german train makers they're largely dependent on extorting their products but the competition abroad is scaring strong . stumble into the inner trans trade fair and you'd be forgiven for thinking it's little more than a lot of men looking at a loss of trades but many of these people are transport experts keenly eyeing the competition they're excited about what they can see and what they can touch and they're checking out the newest mechanisms to connect one train carriage to another device known as the coupling shall cause that's good doesn't mean we're shako from soundscapes out and we're looking at the couplings on all the trains here this train is really interesting because the couplings are relatively small on my
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colleagues going right in their face and he has two meters tall surrogate sit down . the sector is building including here in germany fifty thousand employees and more than ten billion euros in revenue every second train made in germany is slated for export the german trade industry is competing with international companies from around the world and they're hoping to shine it in a child's the main competition comes from china see all see the world's a lot. just railway equipment manufacturer is pushing its way into the european market even making locomotives for dog. and my smile is doesn't the most impressive thing is that even rail traffic is slowly starting to think about sustainability and not only wasting resources they're thinking about the future and what we leave behind is in the middle aged twenty eighteen yes like the car industry auto industry. but the german transport minister on the show you can forget about the beleaguered car industry for a minute in
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a trance is one of the more pleasant events in his agenda. you know what you put in a bag of wagons efficient ecological quiet to full don't you think. taking a train will be much more pleasant in the future a play area for children. it's all possible in theory but in practice cancellations delays broken scenes what everyday travelers experience is a world away from what goes on show here. but in a trance wants to think big after all the competition never sleeps most of the time anyway. before we go a turkey noted has slashed financial requirements for foreigners wanting turkish citizenship under the new rules the amount of required fixed capital investment has been cut to a fourth from two million to five hundred thousand dollars the requisite size of back deposits was cut from three million to five hundred thousand dollars the cuts
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appear to be aimed at boosting foreign investors. to tougher business next time. up. her first day of school in the jungle.
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