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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm CEST

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join the arena take on her journey. you know we're an interactive dungeon. returns home. here's what's coming up for the book loosely plenty to talk about here. on this legal weekend here on. the best everyone wants to say and in this episode of kick off we'll show you who's
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the best. and i play and which lady in europe is the strongest. part one of this episode all the leading that's may propose on the leg of his homeland england the premier league strong south probably the world of high intensity attacking style marching with a. gemini's best however is se by n. and they're back in full swing three league games and three wins. we take a look at that saying why is by and so strong again. all right we all want to see the back isn't always winning sometimes isn't it a bit of a pain to be a fan. finals but some get i asked around among the by and fans let's check out the best now with kick off life.
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leagues are up and running again around europe fans are back to supporting their clubs and facing international football but which is the best league in the world i'm running the rule over the top five leagues starting with england. so here's how it's going to go i look at the things that make the premier league the best among the top five leagues and also the things that make it the worst of the big five. let's start with the banks. for years now england has been the destination for many of the world's best players the competitiveness the history and the be honest the money has attracted first rate talent from the premier league over the last twenty years but is that enough to make it the world's best lee. what makes the premier league
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great let's start with the basics the premier league is famous for its cut and thrust style of play the premier league style and style small believes the world's toughest part intensity attacking style man two minutes old and. we can't force our overall assists this desire to turn from our two minutes on to turn sunny for a. while spain and italy have traditions of possession or defense based tactical systems england has always been about getting the ball forward. counter-attacking is basically a religion from the great manchester united and arsenal sides of the early two thousand right up to your good clubs liverpool the league has always loved the team that goes hell for leather in a time the premier league may be a long way behind a couple of the others when it comes to ticks may. we consider it the most exciting
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late to walk. that's not just about the style life nor is it just about the english. so much of what makes the premier league great is the international element if we're going to talk about players who too far they are the premier league i think you have to talk about that it's got to come jumpers are. generally of course slightly later peter schmeichel you know these are players who in their position were a certain put the brightest in the world and with today's multinational squads the premier league office football is from abroad more opportunities than any of the late forget about bright said english fans need foreigners to keep crossing the channel in the last eight years the player of the season has always been a foreigner and take a look at the most recent when as now mara is can say solve some of the
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world's finest and there's plenty more silence around you call talk about an art without one. possible mesut ozil extraordinary player coming to florida this summer even more global stars who signed up for the premier league's foreign legion or bike in the summer and look at liverpool's army not because it's a rotten from leipsic extraordinary player and it's not just the big clubs that fork out huge sums thanks to the premier league's global appeal and unrivaled marketing skills even clubs lower down the table have more money to play with and champions league regulars other countries. of course the might of money has attracted great coaches to. the riches sorry of chelsea no roy hodgson at crystal palace his marriage cries within countries. so these are your kind of it your full of you know the quality of coaching it's not going to university with a leech coach is a professor every level is wonderful and let's not forget. england have
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a few lads who can play say as i showed at the world cup. perry can score thirty league goals last season and so that's off with the golden bullets in russia. all that also helps make the premier league the most competitive league in europe a different thing has won the title in each of the last three seasons. man city and chelsea have been the most dominant sides in recent years but a few other teams are also in with a chance this season. and who knows in the post venue era and even also can challenge again what defines the premier league above all is the competitive nature of the league so the teams of the press quotes are all to do with our belief on any given march to a walk for compete in manchester city so much so compelling. while financial power is one of the premier league's biggest strengths it hasn't
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helped english sides bright spain's recent dominance in europe. in particular the champions league has been a bridge too far. only one team has made it to the finals since chelsea became the last english side to win the competition back in twenty twelve. and you call it the best league in the world if premier league teams aren't getting anywhere near the biggest prize in europe. and all that money is actually not such a good thing for much going fans the huge t.v. deals have helped bring the cream of the world's talents of late but also given broadcasters control the kickoff times i think probably france are some of the industry to produce the most and but also the most taken for granted this is all just part of the general disenfranchisement of english fans they pay the most.
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expensive ticket prices in the world with some going for more than one hundred pounds yes that's for one ticket so what's interesting now is that you've got. a product which the world loves but which actually takes the locals for granted you know what that's done to the stadium atmosphere. english band used to be the loudest and the rowdiest ok that wasn't always a good thing. but still fans felt like they were part of their club these days not so much in england there's no fifty plus one rule no social system and many clubs have owners who care more about their dividends than the fans stan kroenke is full takeover of arsenal is the latest step manchester united fans have been protesting against the glazers for years and then there's mike ashley. grace with more caution newcastle knowledge of i feel terrible because of an amazing moment or rather wonderful foundation fantastic stadium having a running across like a supermarket choice it's not just about every last pound it's not sustainability
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and about the found experience of locals. of course not all owners are despised but the point is they can run their clubs however they want there's no accountability to the supporters it has something place about that saying it's almost like we are talking progress of the future saying germany don't do it well we did it you know stick to grounds stick to the shuttling stick to us which will start citing here and stick to the fall express because amazement is here because we're going to lose out. so here is how english football right it's the best among the top five leagues for competition regularly having the most exciting title race but it's the worst the fan treatment with so many clubs having sold their souls at the expense of supporters. to the premier league finds itself in a bind it's built. reputation for
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a fast paced action packed football played by some of the best players money can buy from every corner of the flight. while money has made it much competitively in europe it's also taken the game away from the fans maybe the premier league is the best league in europe or maybe it's just the best brand. speaking of brands buy in munich knows a thing or two buy in is the poster child for german football they're already off to a great season start with nine points from three matches let's take a look at how they do it. they've come racing out of the bundesliga blocks. fire in are in top form already. first. step. three league win success in the super cup and the first german cup around all's well with by. most of those you've got to show you this right from.
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the show girly boy end of the scene to get to the caesar and be for us with a team under squad of unrivalled depth and quality. back from a long term injury germany number one money well neuer is back to his same old self his class and experience will be vital in the big games ahead. three world class contenders for two center back slots mats hummels your own boa tank and nick glass. the solution strategic rotation with no different quality. buy and have top drawer full backs as well as you a chemical and doubted alibi the one proviso being that ref india is the only established back up covering boat. flying's but he's out injured even if they're
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a bit stretched on personnel they're still a class defensive so all round. it becomes second nature to have this hunger to always want to win through so just a lot of fun. the midfield an embarrassment of riches they can even afford to leave a world champion in the stands and a superstar on the bench. midfield where we have so many good players when you look at our bench was homicide although he has a wonderful player a great player and content only saw also a very good player. is also about injured now but the midfield makes him young guns and evergreens work from green berry and i and robin are still making splashes out why. because they're both very important for us also in terms of leadership and
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motivation. by ins midfield is their showpiece department with coach nico cuz that's truly spoiled for choice. and rovers live and don't ski have found a shooting but certainly this season by way of a bonus they also like them on for each other. from back to front by and are leading the way already targeting further cause for celebration of the busy weeks ahead. did you know kick off is now on you tube with the world of football. a quad core of mexico. so really we travel the world can really feel how things are running and i'm going to sing the stars never people and discuss football i am chris here it is . this is going to go on. as
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a football kick off on you tube. i think you. already own cause for the next championship how nice for the fans but is it really all fun expect to get only has his doubts off by him fans the best supporters all just a bunch of glory hunters and full of onlookers it's a got how defeat feels like. last time i was in manchester asking manchester city friends to tell me all about how horrible it is supporting a d.c. for three now i'm taking my cynicism on to what the man city fans are just learning supporters elsewhere in europe have known for a long time. for all of this is fairly new and pretty exciting there are other clubs in europe in success has taken
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a fall. if you see friends need any tips on how to cope with their club's success there's no group of supporters but a place to advise the fans of why we're doing. so with that being the case we're here in munich to make a few. to play up to. last season by munich made it to the champions league semifinal with the final of the german cup kind of cool spot on the bundesliga but for them that feels like a fairly successful with a disappointing campaign how do you reach a situation where so many achievements add up to show you so. well have been the kings of german football for a long time. that's been at the top of the bundesliga for decades winning more titles and achieving international success than any other german player. the more you have a something special it feels. but more attacking to fix that start with another
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domestic downside sort of back to. the most successful club in germany as bill said the most hate crimes have long had a reputation as fury and says to call be counted on to stick around if that team ever lose. it's a soccer club like with a lot of money. and a lot of success so that's why it tracks people they're. protected by the success and all the cops and all the winnings so that's why the images like we call it a fox fan this in for like the. fans of id. in biology business that's where i might be the most of the month is an end to by and by a little boy i don't know but my religion my son my significant you know people say
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it's useless to be had by a love story like not a real pal and a lot of people switch clubs will come to buy will make the successful come to boy and see your team week week in week out some fun. thirty four games a season in this when you get by and go in expecting of which there are many so i can get through why you can ever expect to take something the rest of us you know so well maybe to speak about maybe it does sound good but it certainly makes it hit a little harder if you do end up losing. by news the game is going to go like. why do you use a toilet looked at don that's a good pick in the process on the last dollar and on top of that i've got a fairly strong suspicion that only ever winning makes winning taste a little mixed with. it's nice to win the league i'll be like yeah but i wouldn't know given. anti-smokers
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a big news on the children point album i believe in looks like if you keep not the institutions have to listen to them i would want them to delete in the future too but mostly i just have a bit more competition if this is the feelings usually a football or soccer fan like has when you goes to get pissed you can lose it every day and you lose that feeling as a by munich and kind of. it's hard to see how would you use that phrase last season was by and six taunts all in a row the premier league has become boring competition even for the winners ok another one of the no one seven in the row was not just a mouse's honestly done by any of this if i own this cup put some sort of look. out any of the shocking now it's just me that's really hard to look like even dortmund doesn't really make a good opponent look one of. the few years ago before the ultimate goal. because we interesting i hope they come back stronger and that the stuff will become more
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interesting to have like real competition to so many other teams like chicago or other states it would mean so everything like they would they would i don't know celebrate for four four months. and see brian is deeply rooted in munich and embodies a very and regional droit. by simple tiny asli a global brand with millions of infuse us that follow with all around the world and that means that on match days the audience arena is as much a tourist destination as it is a football stadium. which in turn means that rowdy atmosphere is the audience arena can be fairly hard to find despite every effort of the old guard and the ultras. i'm hoping that's mostly i have enough for me not to mention it so often as the star going to close on the kids you don't cock and bull shit out of the ocean let's . listen for the political response on to the common hide model once in the by the
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by i was told by an suv and surprised me and it's much more to see defined and done again to know jose. on the t.v. isn't for me not real father i don't appreciate that update i able to watch a game like that thomas ruskin so most of us will see only it's younger people begin to buy all this again it's all different igniting the homes again and so i guess you know and. it's not just the tourists who are responsible for the suffering atmosphere the locals off to rule in ways here but for boy and glory has become believe it's no wonder the atmosphere has followed suit. boy in anything less than domination is an underachievement so maybe defines have just had it too good for to go it's so sad actually because if you're just the wind just win the championship it's here like ok next next thing like it's really don't
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some people don't care because it's almost every year i think we do if we wanted like four times in a row now it's something to put a new unit that's the only thing is you at least a double so the cup and. the chairmanship. and the triplets i think the only thing where the people really get crazy. winning the leak of a thing if you don't win the league it's something much already dealt with that something go wrong and. to do was always nice but i mean. even better who can still need to ensure they can still be delighted in times like this and so it's always going just as a starting to. being like this here for a while. for most of us maybe even for our friends from manchester where the money just to see success is a faded recent development by munich has been so successful. and
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. today. they run the show. the fans. that's is the whole japanese last job the i did last year these drugs the album i think that made you know i deceived my look you need to go for good that's good and us job yankee there you don't see of these i did a lot did they gave back you'd see in the six point apart from the rich cops these
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two best success from the ground up they just have a true. not true blue ball and if you want to sell i mean that's the city can only buy a new player who they like and then have the best players in the world and then win everything. but there's also like my we're going to win this thing and it's like another thing it's like to fifty plus one rule that says that it's not allowed like especially for russians or for far east people they have really money to buy a club but a success is not buyable restrain germany like. thank god you have to work hard for them it's just been given to and everything you had to work hard for. is like i was worth more than just being given to nowadays working hard means promoting the top in china would be usa send the players on global p.r. with if they like it when said if you can keep up the idea that these customers abroad just the same as the fact that. they have to do this maybe to get generate
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more money but i think it's just part of the business i don't appreciate it or release say it's really necessary but i think it has to be that i was hyper sensitive to others most i've done on my all through the door of my innocence and like a guy. called me on the show through the day going to get us more money just caught and i did not but it was just going to into a ton of money on what was a could understand what's in the here you know it's not football anymore like i used to know it it's just yeah it's getting more and more money business just to to to to compete with others that's the that's the only thing like your it's a set. part but it's part of the life. in truth against that background the resilience and dogs versity of clients hard core fan culture is worth celebrating. just then you have also huge fan base they do have a really fun culture and this is
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a good team so it's put the business school them on the c.d.c. mom down first in the party because. i'm again it's a field next to us so i never have to meet with success either way in the end we will suffer the same model takes its toll all over and we'll have our own cross to . receive funding most of all that was in the financially scalia album the first thing they told on the movie that. turns out was a lot that we can put up with success or struggle boredom or misery everyone in the end finds a way to cause. whether they're only one of these old passionate supporters of the club by and fans will surely continue finding reasons to cheer this season such as up to v. tes like this from i and robin and the three one win against later q.'s and if it's
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up to buy a can gladly carry on like this while the rest of the league helps not to have to witness this for much longer franklin strikes on the last class. plus as such not falling from you is very rapidly becoming an absolute shootings.
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the mob. more intrigue on the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week few of my host governments has once again being threatening to employ commentators are saying that the only thing that binds the coalition together piece mutual mistrust so what does it mean for germany and for your find out shortly quadriga.
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starts october third on d w. this is the news coming to you live from above and. the house is trying to africa's biggest make more than one hundred passengers drowned as a ferry capsizes them live. scores of people are still missing and of christians expect the deaf children drives once a coming up a bad week for making against even bus that's and the new system puts a conservatives on their nose to put two decades of the far right or turn into
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