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this is coming to you live from berlin disaster strikes on africa's biggest lake more than one hundred twenty thousand just drown as a ferry capsizes on the victoria scores of people still missing and officials expect the death show to dries. up. british prime minister to resign hits back at the e.u. leaders calling their rejection of dregs of blueprint unacceptable she says talks
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are now at an impasse so when every both sides. and aid organizations trying to get supplies into. the docks as the deed to delay finding good civilians there a moment off rest by many have fled bombings elsewhere in civilians syria. also coming up an orphanage seemed off. as allegations about china's internment of muslim minorities cruelty cripples the muslim past matching children from their parents and shutting them away in old ninjas to. play. a welcome to you i'm. more than a hundred and twenty people are reported to have died after. ferry carrying more
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than four hundred passengers sank on the victoria in tanzania and water rescue efforts are still underway a day off the disaster hopes of finding more survivors are feeding and officials say the death of two is expected to rise about one hundred people have been rescued so far thirty two are said to be in a critical condition the ferry sank the of the shore between the islands of court and a book. for the very latest on the situation i'm joined by did the obvious correspondent live cats from one door from nairobi catching many people are still missing from this disaster what is the latest from the accident site well we have recovery the recovery of mission is still going on over one hundred bodies as you said have been have been retrieved and they expect to retrieve more in the coming hours at least two hundred people a still missing and the navy which is carrying out the rescue and recovery mission
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says that it's unlikely to find any survivors from here on out i think in any initial thoughts on the cause of this tragedy catherine what our mission's saying about this disaster well officials say that the cause could be over overloading of the ferry which is not uncommon and victoria waters this particular ferry was it was had a capacity of one hundred people but it was carrying more than that authorities put the number between three hundred to four hundred people were on board that ferry as well as cargo and merchandise so as much as they could tori is known to have very rough waters this particular incident he said leaning towards overloading didn't get them was looking at social media there's a lot of anger about the frequency off accidents like this why do we keep seeing these disasters on the victoria. well like i said it's the
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overloading issue as much as they are regulations guiding how how many people should go in these ferries and how much it can carry you still have to find a lot of people dismissing these regulations so you have more this these ferries carrying more than they should but then also the watch is a rough but it's mainly you know overloading and trying to get people to actually obey regulations and implement these regulations that's right because overloading is something which is easy to regulate but have there been any other attempts to improve safety on the waters of lake victoria well according to the tanzanian government this particular theriault their ferries have undergone maintainance and this one had done a goldman maintainance in the past two months and had its engine engines overhauled so in this in the sense of whether these are working machines they are working machines that the governments are maintaining them but it's rather the you know on
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the grassroots level the ticket the guy who hands out the ticket whether he's following the rules right catherine one do in nairobi thank you very much for that life update on the fate disaster on lake victoria. let me now being the operative in some other stories making news around the wild the death steward from a monsoon landslide in central philippines has risen to twenty nine dozens of other people are still missing authorities forcibly evacuated people from five villages at risk of further landslides after days of heavy rains brought by typhoon mon court or. the president of vietnam tran dyke kwan has died at the age of sixty one state media says president kwan had suffered a serious illness and had been treated both at home and abroad you've been vietnam's president since april two thousand and sixteen. british
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prime minister is a man has spoken out for the first time since a brig's of plan was rejected by e.u. leaders at a summit in science book austria on thursday she called the dismissal of a blueprint unacceptable warning that the talks are now stored here's more on what she had to say throughout this process i have treated the e.u. with nothing but respect the u.k. expects to say a good relationship at the end of this process depends on it at this late stage in the negotiations it is not acceptable to simply rejects the other side's proposals without a detailed explanation and counter proposals. so we now need to hear from the e.u. what the real issues are and what their alternative is so that we can discuss them until we do we cannot make progress. and
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for more on tourism a statement to have with me in the studio. forrest whiting and teri schultz joins me now from brussels welcome to both of you let me start with you alex we listen to what recently had to see some very strong words and demanding respect in the borders very much in the court well what did you make of her statement well this was two reason may really trying to push back against the e.u. after what was yesterday described by most of the british media as a humiliation for her at that sort spoke summit so she appeared angry in downing street clearly trying to lay the blame there at the the feet of the e.u. saying that they didn't come up with alternative plans having dismissed what she had put forward they should have come up with those they have not they are not respecting the result of the e.u. referendum and also she accused them of trying to break up the u.k. over the issue of northern ireland so we strong position there terry should in
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brussels of this seems like a classic standoff what is being fed in the e.u. . to her statement. well it's quite early and there hasn't been any official reaction yet from european union leaders and maybe there won't be because while the reason may says she needs to hear from the e.u. the e.u. made it very clear in salzburg that it's up to her to come up with new proposals we did see that president mcclellan's office was asked for any reaction to the speech and they said no comment so that doesn't mean. that they won't eventually be saying something about it but anyway here in brussels now completely silent on tourism a's latest latest venture so silence in brussels but alex we do know that the biggest sticking point is the nor northern border question other any compromises or any alternatives that the british prime minister to visit make would come up with or what she doesn't want is for northern ireland remain in the customs union and the
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u.k. to the rest of the u.k. not to because that would effectively provide this hardboard it so she said that they have come up with this check is a plan that would basically say that they continue with frictionless trade in goods which with their for help northern ireland the e.u. have rejected that the u.k. is supposed to come up with alternatives talking about infrastructure this talk of dogs cameras at the post that's make sure that there isn't a hard border but basically the irish republic have felt disappointed that the u.k. have not nailed this down they didn't come up with those details that they were supposed to be so this still is an ongoing issue and to me you know there's a moment of silence in in brussels as they digest watch resume has just said a short while ago but the are these big issues like the northern irish border obvious solutions which are acceptable for both sides do you think. well both sides believe that their own proposals should be acceptable to the other side but
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as alexander said that the e.u. is waiting on trees m a who has promised to give more options on on the irish border and the irish prime minister said that he hasn't seen anything that there's been no progress whatsoever so i think that both sides would probably agree that things are at an impasse right now with with both tourism a and european union official saying that the next offer the next step forward needs to come from the other side ok we just have to wait and see how this develops study shows in buffalo . in the studio with me thank you both very much for your analysis. jim and johnson the american is also under increasing pressure this off the results of a new poll here in germany only twenty eight percent of voters surveyed back to those conservatives the lowest in over two decades the survey also showed that the far right are tentative for germany or the f.t. has overtaken the center left s.p.d.
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to become the country's second most popular party for the first time ever and with strife within a coalition and a surging opposition some are now asking for how long can the chancellor who are gone. still business as usual at german chancellor angela merkel's weekly cabinet meeting yet the struggle to keep her coalition together is increasingly taking its toll. the latest germany trend by public broadcaster a r d again sees michael's coalition government lose its overall majority the conservative c.d.u. c.s.u. drops to twenty eight percent its worst result ever social democratic coalition partner s.p.d. is down to seventeen percent while the far right e.f.t. party has become the second strongest political force for the first time polling for the remaining parties has remained the same. weeks of public wrangling over what really happened on the streets of chemists with e.s.d.
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and the extremist right closed ranks and demonstrations and the constant power struggle between machall and her interior minister haas disease has hurt the government the promotion of germany's chief spy hands georg masson a medical critic as a compromise way to remove him from office also appears to be backfiring on the very man who had the idea. machall critic and interior minister horsy who his approval ratings have plummeted eleven points since april to twenty eight percent. the head of the various conservative c.s.u. party is facing increasing criticism from within his own party ranks this latest poll again suggests that coalition wrangling is a major problem and is playing into the hands of the far right f.t. . and this analysis did of his chief political editor joins me from up on i'm interested us as we saw gains for the far right if he according to the latest
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survey making is the second strongest party in the country what does this mean for america. well it means that the pressure from the right is certainly growing and that is really. just an expression of the weakness of her own coalition government right now i'm going to map is used to press as she's used to pressure from the right but with interior minister a horse the will for playing out in her own government and not being afraid of once again forcing upon her a potential government crisis which was now really averted i'm going to mackerels sounds they're weakened and also very visibly weakened for her european partners as well she knows she needs to find something to tackle the a d. from the right this latest poll puts it in second position but then again let's put a health warning on those polls we've learned that over the past two years and one of the reasons for these losses survey shows both the conservative blogs. and the
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coalition part of the d. have lost support. yes appears to be really a punishment by the voters who really thought it was rather an appetizing what they had to see over the past weeks this wrangling over these chiefs by somebody who clearly challenge somebody who's not in a political position makes political statements and is then promoted to get rid of him into a more political position it's all sounds rather complicated but in the end it boils down to the coalition being busy with itself and that's something the voters don't seem to approve of and you put a health warning on this but we have to remember there has been a fair bit of infighting within the coalition government and within the conservative bloc if this goes on could the country be heading for fresh elections . well we certainly first of all have those recent elections coming up in bavaria anything could really happen after that but the expectation really is that hospital
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for who's also the head of the bavarian sister party might not survive those elections this would throw a lot of questions into the open but it could also then be your belief a german chancellor merkel i think where we stand right now where fall way off fresh elections and we're certainly seeing general motors from the u.s. sold the company to france's p.s. eight but despite better figures the company is struggling to stay profitable. our financial correspondent don you call past been following the story for us at the frankfurt stock exchange hi daniel it's good to see you know let's get back to the time when oprah was actually sold. there were many fears that factories or the factory in germany specifically would be closed isn't this what we're seeing right now a really bad sign. well hi there have you know what i can tell you that the open line is that's how they're called here and germany they have a job guarantee actually with p.s.a.
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until the year of twenty twenty three but still this news is not creating good spirit among the employees we are her hearing that they're worker council now wants to have talks with the management and there could be even more problems for the employees from october on because we are hearing that in the factories of aizen out and also in one of the polish facilities there could be also forced reduced working hours so yeah this appears they are right now is not very good. for the employees but let's take a look at investors because the performance of the company has been better since the takeover of soros we know how do investors see this well when you talk from the investor's perspective they are actually pretty in a good spirit at the moment we have to remember that opel was for about twenty years not in the winning zone now about two months ago for the first time they were able to return to the winning zone and now with p s a they also have the
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opportunity to enter markets they were not able to enter under the ownership of general motors from the frankfurt stock exchange thanks very much for the insight to a company that is highly profitable apple has just launched the new i phone x. s. and thirty countries around the globe a few dozen chinese customers lined up outside the tech giant stores in hong kong and beijing to get their hands on the new series but how is it being affected by the ongoing trait spat between the u.s. and china. the i phone customers standing here don't care about trade disputes but there were less of them waiting for the doors to open in hong kong and beijing than during previous releases those that didn't wait came for the improvements like the i phone ten s macs with the super sized six point five inch screen. which is a. i used i phone five i phone six i phone seven and i phone ten the
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new i phone has got the jewel sim cards function and the screen is bigger those of the only things i care about. that. china is the largest overseas market for apple six point five million chinese consumers reportedly ordered an i phone ten s. although i phones are not affected by the u.s. china tit for tat tariffs would die hard i phone fans the high prices and trade route wouldn't stop them anyway. u.s. life insurance provider john hancock now makes new customers wear a health monitoring armband that the insurer can access of customers achieve their fitness goals stay pay a smaller premium customers refusing to wear the tracker will be turned down the company says everyone profits from the measure the customers are healthier and live longer critics though warn of misuse and surveillance. spectrum written on a federal accident during protests to save force or until actually we've been
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talking about the situation in syria thank you very much now the united nations is warned that a turkish russian deal to delay a major offensive in syria's it live province may not prevent or fighting there the deal leaves room for syrian forces to take on terrorist organizations many of whose fighters live side by side with civilians it's the plight of its three million civilians many of whom fed fighting else in syria that's now become a priority and organizations like the red crescent are desperate to get aid to them before the bullets start flying again. reports from hotter i on the turkish side of the border with syria. did i can do is urging everyone time is short these aid packages are bound for the syrian border . but there are still empty boxes here at the red crescent depot in how tight. helps with packing even though it isn't
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one of his usual tasks he's the chief coordinator of his organization's aid to syria we're going to. these things we can care for one hundred twenty five thousand people from head to toe in the camps for displaced people an adlib. but in order for all this to go smoothly it's crucial for the transport to go quickly and be well organized. in one corner of the warehouse there is a display of what the red crescent workers take across the border to shoes toys washing powder hygiene supplies food and cooking utensils the units in the beginning the need in the most of the families there have been displaced in the province of it live alone there are more than four hundred camps and the people there have a very hard time getting by. most of them have lost absolutely everything they once had. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point
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five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president added undecided the country could not host anymore and effectively close the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and give them aid over there. and to further its effort to prevent more syrians from crossing the border turkey has been building a wall it's more than eight hundred kilometers long and still expanding. and the red crescent truck arrives at the border crossing. is available i am not allowed to accompany them. foreign journalists are not permitted at the moment to cross into it. i. but the aid workers have showed me this video from the red crescent it gives an
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impression of the scale of their mission. on the outskirts of bombed out syrian cities new tent cities are being built. and not all are as tidy as the camp filmed by the drones these images are from the syrian village of very close to the turkish border more than three million people are now living in the province of it house of them have fled fighting in other parts of syria. has returned from his eighth delivery and he says the people there are more optimistic since a feared large scale offensive by the syrian army was for now a very it's a glimmer of hope but no more. we bring our aid supplies into the people there and we leave again but they are always there day and night for them explosions and bomb
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attacks have become a part of their daily reality for the children too that's very hard for me to take let's hope that this fighting truly comes to an end and all these displaced people can return to their cities because. the red crescent sends aid convoys across the border at least four to five times a week. makes his way back to her tie in turkey the next transports need to be prepared. within the studio to welcome the yana airlines the secretary general of the net no region a refugee council and a u.n. special adviser on syria of whom will continue not as we heard in our reporting about some seen million civilians in that area how did you i'm still very worried but indeed we were very relieved that russia and turkey agreed to call off the countdown to a frontal attack on it that the syrian government and russia had said they would
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and. take. but let's not fool ourselves there will now be a so-called war on terror which is both air raids against those radical groups listed as terrorist and also armed opposition groups fighting with them that's part of this deal and i'm i fear many civilians will be caught in the crossfire exactly because as we heard in our report some people have welcomed this delay in the offensive it's not a calling off the offensive it's a delay which gives them a glimmer of hope but you think that that meant actually not being very much in the long term no i mean i think this was the best of all of the relish sticks in oreos we had i mean i'm working day and night actually for negotiated solutions to this conflict at the meeting yesterday in geneva with russia with turkey with the united states with iran with all of the countries that have influence on this area. but
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they all seem to agree that these extremist groups have to be dealt with in the military fashion that makes me nervous in the sense that these so-called nusra which have a different name now have thousands of fighters there and they seem to be recklessly ruthlessly being willing to fight to the last civilian we need to have agreements with all the armed groups to spare civilians if you read for that agreement with all of the groups i mean you could still have an offensive taking place in all these groups taking refuge in civilian areas which makes it so difficult then to protect them it's it is very difficult to protect people if if they are in crossfire if if one attacks by with air raids and in a ground offensive groups that are blending into the civilian population it's really the civilians that will bleed so my colleagues on the ground in which a refugee council is doing relief to forty of these camps you you saw they tell of
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people who are really still afraid we need to have negotiated solutions with all of these armed men but you said you talk to all the main actors in geneva yes david you were not able to reach a negotiated settlement so where do you go from here well of course russia and turkey say they are optimistic as the now i ring out all of the details that one will they the big blood shed what we're still going to work on is that there is reaching out to all of the groups but also of course appealing to groups themselves don't fight to the last civilian if you are a man of don't continue with a fight that will expose civilians don't locate next to schools to hospitals and all of these places as we also say to the syrian government to russia and others do
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not have rates do not. support groups that will attack civilians in an indiscriminate manner so we certainly hope that they will listen to your sound advice is jan egeland secretary general of the norwegian refugee council and un special advisor on syria thank you so much for joining us on the w. you're watching the news coming up ahead is this a kindergarten or a prison we report on china's camps for muslim children who are being systematically separated from their regal parents. and from on spoken word surrounding bitter to a distinct lack of modesty on the dress front the dummy's racial still takes a look at the religion wonderful aspects of german culture coming up shortly you're watching the definitions stay with us. play.
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build a game snow cones generation. it was an awesome dusty philistine to be antigens who conceived it demanded nothing less than a whole new system in. my full stomach he said. with the field no more. margaret watched the drama work every day. and. i missed the first time i had a feeling of being part of something in. the seeds of civil rights. peace move. plan. i sixty eight. this week.
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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin i'm at the cima coming up in the next fifteen minutes when a high speed rail link in hong kong stop a slow erosion office autonomy we head to the controversial station where chinese lol has its phones photoed in the terror trade. class affright from mumbai turns into a mid to air heart when pilots forget to pressurize the cabin passengers talk about the ordeal on social media. but for us we had to conquer all next when a controversial high speed data project is set to begin operations on sunday the twenty six kilometer line connects a guangzhou on the chinese mainland to hong kong on the way it passes through the tech option gen the idea is to promote business and tourism but the project raised eyebrows after it was agreed that a lot of the film is in hong kong really operate on the chinese mainland critics
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say it's an attempt by the chinese government to road hong kong's autonomy ahead of the station's opening correspond mathias berlingo rang to hear what people think of the project. this construction site in hong kong is so controversial even. khan isn't allowed on site most of the workers hail from mainland china local union reps are persona non-grata i think. technically speaking hong kong laws should be protecting these workers here. but we've been hearing stories about regulations not being respected. so the construction companies are under extreme pressure and are apparently disregarding working hours and safety measures. in. the west calhoun station is the terminus of a new high speed train between guangzhou on the mainland and hong kong but the project has many locals nervous of china's growing influence in their city
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especially alarming chinese and not hong kong laws will be in force in a part of the station. attention off the entering the mainland pointing out that departing passengers will need to comply with mainland. critics argue that hong kong is sacrificing part of its autonomy and no one is excited about the ten billion euro price tag. on the hong kong government maintains that the city would lose business without the train line. but in what way why. no one in the city administration has even attempted to explain this. autonomy is a highly charged topic here the british returned the region to the people's republic of china twenty one years ago since then the city has hoisted both the chinese and the hong kong flags every morning. it's an official
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ceremony commemorating reunification that's a hit among tourists from the mainland. it's a patriotic symbol. to. send them on with a ceremony symbolizes that hong kong has returned to china it's just you and tear down to this town needed to bangkok was able to grow incredibly fast and thanks to the great support from the mainland to remove it. but many in hong kong feel their autonomy is being threatened every year more and more tourists and investors come here from the mainland some because of its reputation as a mecca for high end shopping. victor chan who leads a probation youth group doesn't understand why some are resisting the change sign.
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yes it's true hong kong is becoming more dependent economically on the mainland but that's something positive for business here's a natural development hong kong is a small economic area so it can't help but be dependent says. nonetheless union chairman john park condos and want hong kong to surrender its autonomy to him that would run counter to what the city was promised twenty one years ago. and joining us for more from outside the west and station in hong kong the seat of a correspondent kong ringing the station is set to open in a couple of days is that what the people of hong kong want. actually many hong kong people has a mixed feeling over this neck of project number one is. the car has over run over all these years it takes us eight years to finish to show and it cost us eighty four point four billion hong kong dollars which is equivalent to
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a ten point eight billion dollars to complete to hold constructions. this these cars is extremely expensive compared to. similar projects around the world and this railway only has a chinese six kilometers long and so many people are questioning. whether it is really beneficial to people and. the opponents are criticising the hong kong people are paying a lot of money we're paying lots of course but actually we can get and actual return. but mostly. what the first knows is the language chinese so i think that is the feeling of the hong kong the. heart of the reporter station has generated a lot of controversy especially over the fact that the bottom of it will have me learn china in force how would that work and why is that so problematic.
4:36 pm
sure thomas behind me is located there are hong kong victoria harbor it's within the hong kong territory but inside terminus part of the area to the mainland chinese authorities and which is unprecedented in hong kong history. part of the park area to the mainland chinese authorities and the. chinese government they deploy and then they have stationed some of the officials inside the checkpoints the immigration checkpoints and the passengers when they go through immigration checkpoints they have to go through both hong kong and mainland chinese. immigrations checkpoints and within that area china's national law will be in force within that area what is what is most controversial is that under the serious munich constitution basic law is stated clearly that no national law
4:37 pm
from china from china is going to be implemented in hong kong territory so many pro-democracy lawmakers as well as legal experts including prominent bar association of hong kong they are they are personating about the legal grounds of the co-location range men and they criticized the work. even while they stood right the basic law and actually some law cases is now in a car to challenging. this decision. in hong kong thank you very much. and now to another controversy in china the country is defending its controversial reeducation camps for up to a million muslims despite international calls to shut them down they are thought to be dozens of state indoctrination centers in the northwestern province of young a largely muslim region home to ethnic and. recent years in junk has seen
4:38 pm
a series of violent attacks from radical riggers with hundreds killed now the chinese government calls them terrorist attacks readers say it's retaliation for china's destruction of their culture for the past year beijing has targeted muslims for so-called reeducation supposedly to guard against extremists and separatists but it's not only adults who are being swept up the children of riego detainees are also being sent to stay off not just far away from their parents. with its music and cartoon characters the whole ton kindness kindergarden seems like just another place for kids to have fun but the barbed wire and barricading betray its real purpose as a de facto prison for children. among those believed to be inside other children of we go mary pat of durham on
4:39 pm
a deal mohamed and abdullah. from clothing to fate it's all chinese they're indoctrinating them with chinese culture and chinese customs so they sell their bacon there now living in turkey all but one of mera pets children were taken away while she was abroad caring for her sex father. i wanted them to grow up with me i feel horrible but there isn't a day that goes by where i don't cry. state security are always on high alert in sheehan jang province home to china as we go community. people rocked by passion and prone to protest. we were and it is where the government is accused of a brutal crackdown that has seen more than one million muslims sent to
4:40 pm
indoctrination camps like this one since last year. official response is a deep in the language of anti terrorism. she injunction the measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and people's livelihoods and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements. back in turkey hard words for grieving mothers like mary pat but faith and family help. if god gave me another chance to speak to my children i would say. i'm so sorry my children. a systematic separation of parents and children that has stops the years that be is on a campaign to raise identity one we're child at
4:41 pm
a time. a commercial aircraft in india had to make an emergency landing on thursday when the cabin failed to pressurise reportedly because the crew forgot to do it the jet flight had just taken off from mumbai heading for jeopardy when passengers began to complain of your pin and nose bleeds those on board captured the frightful moments after oxygen masks automatically dropped from the ceiling posting images to twitter here's a passenger who writes panic situation due to technical fortan jet airways nine zero six nine seven going from mumbai to jaipur flight returns back to mumbai after forty five minutes or passengers are safe including me other passengers one white socom this one treating the airplane last pressure immediately after taking off scores of passengers including me bleeding from the nose northeast after her no announcement on board to wear the oxygen mask passenger safety completely ignored
4:42 pm
in response jet a reason least a statement saying everyone onboard returned safely with five people requiring additional medical attention and later visit released the airline says it's cooperated with india's civil aviation authority in the investigation and they regret it inconvenience caused to our guests. time to bring you up to date with some more business stories and we're going to start in turkey the country cut its economic growth forecasts in half for this year and next this comes as turkish finance minister travels to relent today carrying some heavy luggage the euro has plunged by forty percent this year over concerns about president. policy and there is a deep deep rift with the united states inflation is now over twenty percent and the situation is getting worse every day circa new knowledge is staff still have
4:43 pm
work to do but it gets harder by the day eight years ago he set up on his own as a silversmith in istanbul each piece is hand crafted it's hard work and until recently it's paid off but the currency crisis has changed everything silver has to be imported and paid for in dollars as a result the cost has skyrocketed and with people worried about their finances they're buying less jewelry. producing half as much as last year. under in the red in terms of profit. but other people are even worse off people who've had to shut down their businesses coming to me to ask if i could take on some of their stuff. in the mud baths i have a question you can respond to these would be you small businesses
4:44 pm
like our especially badly his but larger companies are struggling to the nearest decline has made loans taken action dollars or euros far harder to pay back all over turkey people can see that the notes coming out of the a.t.m. are losing value. mobile phones have become more expensive they now cost fifteen hundred two thousand lire more than before as well as food transport everything. to call it the truth which in all the chocolate i buy for the kids first it cost one lira and one fifteen now it costs to layer a market even at a discount supermarkets are no longer chief. michael moore elected at the moment the emphasis is he companies are pretty much robbing us blind they put their prices up every month to them acknowledge them carom outcome is an economist and business columnist of the pro-government newspaper sapa he admits that there are problems but he insists it's not the president's fault and that the conditions for recovery
4:45 pm
are in place the model of the growth for the next one and a half years mostly be about. treason and export the fix for the growth we will find the way to decrease the government expenditures and after the decision period we will begin to see easily two point five four percent or higher than four percent for the turkish g.d.p. growth between two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty three fourths or twenty twenty three could be too late he's not even sure if his business will be able to stay afloat until the end of this year. the migration situation in europe was high on the agenda at the e.u. leaders summit in australia thursday the big challenge how can the millions of migrants who have arrived here be integrated into europeans all sides most experts
4:46 pm
agree the key is to get them into work and quickly very often small businesses are leaving their way in their fields because they are having trouble filling vacancies as our example from bavaria shows. before. driving large amounts of beer around that slum in seventies main job. he's employed by the hallowed brewery. i'm sure proud about helen. just because of the good news from the knowledge they how to walk. busy and difficult or so are so kind to me yeah sure failure to get to got feed had they hired him three years ago he needed people for simple unskilled labor. this lot of i mean seventy seventy has been working for the company since march of twenty fifteen is a good worker after him we hired three more refugees. the migrants are young and
4:47 pm
they learn quickly but for halle the social aspect also plays a role he pays for the refugees german classes and ensures that they find accommodation. all my stuff is out of the future the job is most important they have a structured day they have their own money that is important i talk a lot to the refugees and they all say that they do not want to depend on the payments they would get from the german state t.v. the chamber of industry and commerce has established a network with the aim of integrating migrants into the labor market that this is deposits are a fact there are two motivators for the companies to commit themselves socially and to contribute to society and the other is quite simply the lack of specialists many enterprises need people and they simply found an exciting target group a lot of young people who want to build something for themselves.
4:48 pm
and i mean seventy and his colleagues grows between one thousand eight hundred and two thousand euros a month depending on how many hours they work and after being here so long the new one say they almost feel like they're from here. now this weekend's business league actually sees germany's champions league competitors face off against each other i joined in the studio it's a pleasure to welcome pablo fully. was welcome now let's start with the big bind was the shock of the wood number one into this series how are they looking now going into this championship that's right well i mean we're talking about byron of course the almighty byron who are also having a fantastic season three wins out of three and of course they did well in the champions league because they won their much completely different situation they have yet to win a game in fact if you have to get a point this season and they're down hovering down at the bottom end of the table
4:49 pm
along with another big side leverkusen we'll get to them in a minute and so this is a real make or break it will not make or break as we are early in the season but it's very important that we get at least something out of this match because then it'll be four games without a point now things are not looking they're kind of going against them in some ways because the last time that they actually beat byron was back in two thousand and ten and in fact in their last sixteen games they haven't so it's been a long long time now bizarrely their manager to monaco to disco has been rather beat about despite the fact they have no points so far this season and he's saying he's feeling sort of confident going into the match but i think they'll be lucky if they get even a point against current champions ok let's look at the other juicy encounter dortmund going to hoffenheim how is dortmund out of the new coach. well they're having a respectable season they have two wins and
4:50 pm
a draw so far this season they you know they did quite well against frankfurt but they're not looking as fluid or a strong as byron are looking at the new manager some fava has been sort of making many changes he's been rotating a lot he's been testing out have players work together and so far it doesn't seem to be going one hundred. percent well and that may take time at the same time doing pretty well now hoffenheim are having their sort of sitting table i think in reality buyers dortmund should do well and they should pick up three points against often and before anything else we should look out for this like i mentioned laver who isn't there another team who are shocking many people they have absolutely no points other this season they really need to pick up some points against mines on friday night stuttgart take on the new boys dusseldorf so some juicy encounters coming up this week. thank you very much for all that key information thank you very much for joining us.
4:51 pm
a controversial high interest art project that was set to build of replica of the berlin wall and seal off part of the city has been canceled for now but a spectacular project was announced at a press conference in august after being prepared in secret for at least two years but soon drew criticism from being tasteless civil rights activists from former communist east germany religious communities and historians signed an open letter against it a city authorities have now pulled the plug on the six million euro project citing safety concerns german culture minister monica gritters expressed disappointment at the cancellation saying she had hoped the of on god idea would be met with more open mindedness on the project was due to begin on october the twelfth with the war being torn down on november the ninth which of course is the anniversary of the
4:52 pm
fall of the real berlin war ok moving from of the berlin wall to the germans themselves d. w.'s meet the germans series explores it is sin simplicius of german culture this week the show kicked off its second series let's take a look. at this german seem to be born with the ability to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. check this out. getting thirsty. joining me now is rachel stewart as you saw she presents the serious meet the germans a welcome for those of us who don't know what meet the germans is tell us about it the germans is
4:53 pm
a video series that kind of digs into the german culture and traditions so i'm from the u.k. and i spend quite a. i'm in germany over the last few years and you just can't help but notice really the little tiny cultural differences that there are sometimes it might be something really simple like food or drink but it could also be a little bit more subtle like attitudes and behaviors one really good example that of something that's funny but at the same time really confusing for non germans is of course the german language and we can see that in the next clip. german word to such a mouthful because there are often just a whole bunch of nouns crammed together but the result is logical in fact you can kind of imagine how some of these words were invented someone stumbles across something for the first time and simply says what they see. a couple can. do. lie things. shine through out what.
4:54 pm
it sounds like a lot of fun so what is going to look forward to in the series will be definitely coming back to language because there's just so much to talk about with the german language but will be the king at food will be looking at small talk in germany and definitely nudity and the german sort of culture something that's particularly unusual for people from a lot of different cultures and i'm really looking forward to filming going to some of a you'll get of attitude towards all of that also until these new videos come out and record people find them posted every two weeks and you can find them on you tube and on the v.w. culture facebook page as well as on our website that's dot com forward slash meet the germans ok what's your favorite little bits from the germans i've got to say it's the clip we showed at the beginning where people can open bottles with anything more and i think it's really really impressive germans and their beer and i usually do it thank you very much sounds very interesting and exciting thank you
4:55 pm
. you're watching news has a recap of the top stories that we're following for you a ferry from tanzania has capsized on lake victoria killing more than one hundred twenty people a recovery mission is ongoing nutrition stranded jeff joel couldn't even drive. and don't forget you can always get good news on the gorgeous download from google play it all from the apple store that he give you access to all the latest news from around the world is going to push notifications for any breaking news you can also use of you debbie after send us photos and videos that's it for me under that she is standing by i should have more news for you coming up in a few minutes a do stay with us if you can.
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but she's the one historical but to put them through one as a person. she continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by the unity we have to comprehend where peace has taken our search for today there is a new arms race. between our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace we still starts oct third on d w. after. the into modern. audience. this is your news life from berlin disaster strikes on africa's biggest lake more
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than a hundred twenty people have drowned after a ferry capsized on lake victoria in tanzania and scores of people are still missing and officials fear that the death toll will rise also coming up a fire started three weeks ago by military rocket tests is spreading it's now threatening to german towels authorities are telling people to get ready to evacuate and digging in and british prime minister theresa may gets.


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