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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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i am. this says you know we can use live from berlin disaster strikes on africa's biggest lake more than one hundred thirty passengers drowned as a ferry capsizes on lake victoria and scores of people are still missing and officials expect the death toll to rise also coming up the controversy that won't quit the german government agrees to new talks to revisit the fate of the former domestic intelligence chief all that's after his removal and subsequent promotion prompted in widespread outrage also aid organizations scramble to get supplies into
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the bill it promises that says a deal to delay fighting gives civilians there a moment of rest by as many have fled violence elsewhere in syria plus military rocket tests ignite a large scale wildfire the blaze is now threatening thousands of residents in two german towns authorities are telling people get ready to evacuate. and the thinking of reaching for a cold beer to endure workweek well not so fast we've got some sobering news from the world health organization it says alcohol consumption kill some three million people a year we'll talk to an expert about the dangers of drinking. on little rock thank you so much for your company. everyone well we begin our
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broadcast in tanzania that country has declared four days of national mourning following a deadly ferry accident only victoria more than one hundred thirty people are reported to have died after the boat capsized there are conflicting reports about just how many passengers were on board at the time of the accident but some say the ferry was carrying up to four hundred people rescue efforts are still underway but hopes of finding more survivors are fading the country's president has ordered the arrest of the operator. all right and we can take you now to do that catherine wando she joins me from nairobi from which she is tracking developments there catherine what more can you tell us about tanzania's president issuing this arrest warrant for those managing the ferry well in his televised statement on friday evening the president said that the ferry was clearly overloaded and said that this was negligence on the part of the ferry operators not
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just with overloading the theory itself but also by allowing unqualified personnel to control the ferry the ferry had a capacity of one hundred and was carrying well over that so for him he says that these arrests come ahead of investigations that are to follow and accounts and of course tragically many people are still believed to be missing is this still a search and rescue mission at this stage but at this stage those on the ground of calling it a recovery mission. at least two hundred people are still missing and as the recovery mission goes into the second day into saturday do you feel that the hopes of finding survivors at this point. have really got any other news about the cause of this tragedy what are officials telling you.
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well officials say that the the main cause of this is overloading although investigations will be launched after the recovery mission has been completed but if you talk to local authorities and even the president himself due to the fact that it was overloading of this ferry which is not uncommon we find a lot of cases like that in tanzania and basically the east african region so for him it's overloading it was carrying more than it's capacity to carry you know three times it's. three times the number of people who are meant to be on the on the ferry as well as heavy cargo and merchandise like cement and livestock and sadly of course as you referred to there in two in your answer this is the third major ferry disaster for tanzania why does this keep happening. well. that those people who do to the fact that maintainance is a big issue when it comes to these ferries these public ferries but then this
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particular ferry had undergone maintainance so the issue is following the law in terms of regulations of how many people can get on board these ferries there are regulations that do govern how these ferries should operate but rather the implementation is the issue and that's perhaps why president michael fully has called for the arrest of these ferry operators catherine wander reporting from nairobi thank you in a surprising turn of events germany's party leaders have agreed to take another look at the controversial decision to reshuffle the former head of the domestic intelligence agency. was removed from his post this week after his controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern town of chemists but his prompt promotion to a higher position in the interior ministry sparked an outcry from the conservatives
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coalition partner the social democrats. and let's take a listen now to what german chancellor angela merkel had to say about this. the new buying a calm we have agreed to reassess the situation. i think it's right and necessary. it's right and it's necessary because we need to be fully focused on our tasks in government due to the many challenges we face at home and abroad. because it's our duty to resolve the worries and problems of people in germany. if we want to reach a joint sustainable solution this weekend that's been in this. so the coalition reconsidering its decision there political correspondent thomas there is tracking developments for you thomas what do you make of the chancellor statement. they stress that it was right and necessary to revisit that decision it was
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a very short statement by chance and cole and i don't think it will appease some of her critics some of the critics of the grand coalition who have obviously been very unhappy about the decision that was taken earlier this week when it comes to hans-georg mohsen the head of the domestic intelligence agency this raises questions about cold leadership about angela merkel's power to find a compromise between the different members of the coalition there are questions already about why she wasn't able for example in the first place to make a better compromise and if she wasn't able to make a better compromise in the first place then why she had to wait until the leader of the social democrats and their knowledge actually came to her and came to wholesale home to ask for a revisit of the decision so this is certainly not a good time for i'm going to merkel and for her leadership in germany right not opportunity thomas as you say before we continue our conversation let's have a look at the findings of
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a new poll here in germany medicals coalition government the government says its overall majority her c.d.u. c.s.u. party drops twenty eight percent it's the worst result so far as social democrat coalition partner s.p.d. is down to seventeen percent while the far right party has become the second strongest political force for the first time pulling for the green left and pro-business f.d.p. parties has largely remained the same. wow thomas against this backdrop are these poll numbers the reason behind the three parties party leaders of backtracking on their decision or later what these numbers show i think is a much wider trench we not only reflects this decision right now what these poll numbers reflect is the fact that as far as many voters are concerned the traditional parties in germany the conservatives in the social democrats are not
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necessarily taking into consideration people's needs there is seems to be a disconnect between voters and traditional parties if you look at other polls for example many germans have already indicated that the members of the grand coalition should stop quarrelling and fighting and they should maybe focus on some of the issues that germans actually feel important we're talking about housing we're talking about education we're talking about health care we're talking about many issues that for germans are also as important maybe as the migration question but they're asking that them and government to stop fighting so i would analyze these poll numbers in a much broader perspective they obviously do reflect in a way this entire situation with mohsen but it's much more than that it's about this disconnect between the voter and the traditional parties in germany thomas sparrow reporting thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british prime minister theresa may says that gregg's
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that talks with the european union are now stalled she also called the use dismissal of her blueprint for that you case exit from the bloc unacceptable main met with e.u. leaders in salzburg austria on thursday. several hundred demonstrators took to the streets of malawi to protest against alleged corruption in the government of president peter wood to rico marchers chanted songs criticizing the president after a leaked anti corruption bureau report accused him of refusing almost one hundred seventy thousand euros a kickback from a procurement deal. the death toll from a monsoon landslide in central philippines says risen to twenty nine dozens of other people are still missing authorities forcibly evacuated people from five five villages at risk of further landslides after days of heavy rains brought on by thai food man coots and javier is now here with your business
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headlines and one of the very first car makers in trouble that's right a very traditional brand especially here in germany we're talking about open the company's sluggish sales are keeping will pull in crisis mode next month employees will be sent home as a production line is shut down for a week and overall capacity is reduced while lost money for two decades a year ago its former owner general motors sold the ailing company to francis a despite better figures the company is trying to stay afloat. our financial correspondent don you call past been following the story for us at the frankfurt stock exchange hi daniel it's good to see you know let's get back to the time when all that was actually sold to persia was the trend there were many fears that factories or the factory in germany specifically would be closed isn't this what we're seeing right now a really bad sign. well hi there have you know what i can tell you that the open
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line is that's how they're called here and germany they have a job guarantee actually with p.s.a. until the year of twenty twenty three but still this news is not creating good spirit among the employees we are her hearing that their work or council now wants to have talks with the management and there could be even more problems for the employees from october on because we're hearing that in the factories of aizen art and also in one of the polish facilities there could be also forced reduced working hours so yeah this appears they are right now is not very good that's for the employees but let's take a look at investors because the performance of the company has been better since the takeover of soros we know how do investors see this well when you talk from the investor's perspective they are actually pretty in a good spirit at the moment we have to remember that opel was for about twenty years not in the winning zone now about two months ago for the first time they were
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able to return to the winning zone and now with p s a they also have the opportunity to enter markets they were not able to enter under the ownership of general motors you quote from the frankfurt stock exchange thank you very much for the insight turkey on thursday cut its growth forecasts in half for this year and next this comes a circus finance minister bet out i'll be back to travel to berlin on friday carrying some heavy economic baggage the lira has lost forty percent this year and there's a deep rift with the united states inflation on top of that is now over twenty percent and the situation is getting worse every day. knowledge is staff still have work to do but it gets harder by the day eight years ago he set up on his own as a silversmith in istanbul each piece is hand crafted it's hard work and until
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recently it's paid off. but the currency crisis has changed everything silver has to be imported and paid for in dollars as a result the cost has skyrocketed and with people worried about their finances they're buying less jewelry. will move in the us we're producing for half as much as last year. and are in the red in terms of profit. but other people are even worse off i've had people who've had to shut down their businesses coming to me to ask if i can take on some of their stuff. in one market for the money but i have a question. to give you one of these will be your small businesses like especially badly his but larger companies are struggling to the lure us to clients made loans taken action dollars or euros far harder to pay back all over turkey people can see that the notes coming out of the a.t.m.
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are losing value. phones have become more expensive they now cost fifteen hundred two thousand lire more than before as well as food transport everything. the truth which in all the chocolate i buy for the kids first it cost one lira and one fifteen now it costs to layer a market even it just can't supermarkets are no longer cheap. market that are in their electorate at the moment again specific companies are pretty much robbing us blind they put their prices up every month. karen alcan is an economist and business columnist at the pro-government newspaper sabah he admits that there are problems but he insists it's not the president's fault and that the conditions for recovery are in place. the model of the growth for the next one and the whole few years mostly be about the resume and export the fix for the growth we will find the way to decrease the government expenditures and
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after the decision period we will begin to see easily two point five four percent or higher than four per cent for the turkish g.d.p. growth between two thousand and twenty two two thousand and twenty three for second twenty twenty three could be too late he's not even sure if his business will be able to stay afloat until the end of this year. apple has just launched a new i phone ten s. in thirty countries around the globe a few dozen chinese customers lined up outside the apple stores in hong kong and beijing to get their hands on the new series the ongoing trade spat between the u.s. and china was an investors' minds but not so much in consumers' b. i phone customers standing here don't care about trade disputes but they were less of them waiting for the doors to open in hong kong and beijing then during previous
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releases those that didn't wait came for the improvements like the i phone ten s max with a super sized six point five inch screen. which is a lot of a i used i phone five i phone six i phone seven and i phone ten the new i phone has got the jewel sim cards function and the screen is bigger those are the only things i care about that i have had that. china is the largest overseas market for apple six point five million chinese consumers reportedly ordered an i phone ten s. although i phones are not affected by the u.s. china tit for tat tariffs would die hard i phone fans the high prices and trade route wouldn't stop them anyway. it was a year ago that tropical storm idea hit the caribbean island of puerto rico and the country associated to the united states and considered a u.s. territory has had a rough time trying to rebuild critical infrastructure after the storm critics say the u.s. government didn't do enough to provide relief after the emergency but even when the
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island some day closes this chapter economic problems will be far from over. one year on from the disaster and in many parts of the island rebuilding has yet to begin often just the bare essentials have been repaired from above puerto rico is an island under blue tarp all in plastic sheeting in place of the roofs ripped off by maria. as for the regas lives on the one of these top olin's she's eighty six years old before i go you have f.m. and when it rains my entire house gets wet the roof was ripped open because the house above it was made from cheap materials people from phoenix and this lady asked me how we used to living here because the water was very high it went all through the house. of. the. femur is the u.s. government's emergency management agency after the storm it sent hundreds of relief
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workers to the island. a little while later i got a letter from fema saying i didn't lose anything in the hurricane when i lost my fridge the washing machine i lost almost everything even my clothes because everything got wet the beds my furniture everything i lost everything and i got nothing not that. many puerto ricans have similar stories washington promised forty four billion dollars in aid off the disaster puerto rican author say they've only received a quarter of that victims in need of financial assistance say the bureaucratic hurdles a huge total damages from the hurricane are estimated at one hundred billion dollars the power outage on the island was the longest in u.s. history electricity was only fully restored in august twenty eighth teen and the next hurricane will likely ted downed power lines again hurricane maria claimed around three thousand lives most died in the aftermath of the storm due to the fact
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that for months there was no drinking water or power nothing worked on the island which was not. went off in the first place a few months before maria struck declared itself bankrupt washington imposing austerity program on its care being called any ruse it did not relax even in the wake of the storm and often maria tourists also stayed away from the island dealing a heavy blow to its biggest source of income one year on from the hurricane puerto rico is still far from being back to how it was. the migration situation in europe was high on the agenda at the e.u. leaders summit in australia thursday the big challenge how can the millions of migrants who have arrived here be integrated into european societies most experts agree the key is to get them into work and quickly very often small businesses are leading the way in that field because they have or are having trouble filling
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vacancies as this example from bavaria shows. for. driving large amounts of beer around that slum in seventies main job. he's employed by the hallowed brewery. i'm sure proud about her. abuse because of the good news from the knowledge they how to walk. this way and then deploy bitch or so are so kind to me yeah sure failure to appear to have got fried had hired him three years ago he needed people for simple unskilled labor. just love it i mean seventy seventy has been working for the company since march of twenty fifteen is a good worker after him we hired three more refugees. the migrants are young and they learn quickly but for hamlet the social aspect also plays a role he pays for the refugees german classes and it ensures that they find
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accommodation. fall by such as are living to keep the job is most important they have a structured day they have their own money that is important i talk a lot to the refugees and they all say that they do not want to depend on the payments they would get from the german state t.v. the chamber of industry and commerce has established a network with the aim of integrating migrants into the labor market that this is a fact there are two motivators for the companies to commit themselves socially and to contribute to society and the other is quite simply the lack of specialists many enterprises need people and they simply found an exciting target group a lot of young people who want to build something for themselves. and i mean seventy and his colleagues grows between one thousand eight hundred and two thousand euros
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a month depending on how many hours they work and after being here so long the new one say they almost feel like they're from here. so for business on to a not so upbeat story and back to you lou thank you so much javier the united nations has warned that a turkish russian deal to delay a major offensive in syria's illit promise may not prevent all fighting there the deal leaves room for syrian forces to take on terrorist organizations many whose fighters live side by side with civilians it's the plight of ellipse three million civilians many of whom fled fighting elsewhere in syria that has become a top priority organizations like the red crescent are desperate to get aid to them before the bullets start flying again and you have hot reports from how tight on the turkish side of the border with syria. is urging everyone on time is short these aid packages are bound for the syrian
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border who probably got there. but there are still empty boxes here at the red crescent depot in how tight. helps with packing even though it isn't one of his usual tasks he's the chief coordinator of his organization's aid to syria we're going to miss being sees things we can care for one hundred twenty five thousand people from head to toe in the camps for displaced people and it's led. but in order for all this to go smoothly it's crucial for the transport to go quickly and be well organized. in one corner of the warehouse there is a display of what the red crescent workers take across the border to shoes toys washing powder hygiene supplies food and cooking utensils for the needs of the through the in the need in the most of the families there have been displaced in the province
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of it live alone there are more than four hundred camps and the people there have a very hard time getting by. most of them have lost absolutely everything they once had. turkey has taken in more refugees than any other country about three point five million syrians now live on this side of the border three years ago president out on the side of the country could not host anymore and effectively closed the border since then turkey has been trying to keep refugees on the syrian side and give them aid over there and to further its effort to prevent more syrians from crossing the border turkey has been building a wall it's more than eight hundred kilometers long and still expanding. and the red crescent truck arrives at the border crossing. with you i am not allowed to accompany them me for in journalists are not permitted at the moment to
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cross into it. but the aid workers have showed me this video from the red crescent it gives an impression of the scale of their mission. on the outskirts of bombed out syrian cities new tent cities are being built. sort of out of somalia and not all are as tidy as the camp filmed by the drones these images are from the syrian village of very close to the turkish border more than three million people are now living in the province of it house of them have fled fighting in other parts of syria. has returned from his eighth delivery and he says the people there are more optimistic since a feared large scale offensive by the syrian army was for now a very it's
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a glimmer of hope but no more result will go to the little we bring our aid supplies into the people there and we leave again but they are always there day and night for them explosions and bomb attacks have become a part of their daily reality for the children too that's very hard for me to take let's hope that this fighting truly comes to an end and all these displaced people can return to their cities because. the red crescent sends aid convoys across the border at least four to five times a week. makes his way back to have in turkey the next transports need to be prepared. in washington when there is we still have a lot more to tell you about in court how much is too much the world health organization says excessive alcohol consumption kills three million people each year all speak to an expert about the dangers of drinking. that story and
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a whole lot more coming up after this. the to. play european stars deliver rousing performance in its. place in shallow blood that it must be the band morrison. a master of rhythm and blues the main player playing. bloodlust your concerts in forty five minutes on t.w.
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remember the most of the first time had a feeling of being part of something in. the seeds of civil rights the peace movement the women's movement or hopelessness during this period. sixty eight . the global. this week w. . great to have you back with us on a little rock n roll and here in germany fire that started three weeks ago during an exercise to test military rockets the spreading posing a real danger to two residential communities in the state of lower saxony dense smoke has now found over one hundred kilometers stirred by strong winds while authorities say they're considering evacuating around a thousand people our next report comes from staggering one of the towns affected
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by smoke from the flames. the small town of stubborn is on the front line of the fire the roads here are busy with emergency vehicles weather conditions could change in a moment spreading the fire further east. event delete the could be a win is turning and finding the far lead on time could be intelligent small and that kind of human while watching closely how it develops. all thor sees of make contingency plans to evacuate the town flying sparks and smoke could pose a threat to the residents near the fire that has consumed eight square kilometers of dry more land although authorities say there's no immediate danger more than five hundred volunteer firefighters have been called up to contain the blaze preparations are being made for a worst case scenario for the. it's just in case of an emergency we don't want to evacuation but we need to be ready if lines barks come our way for now the region
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is affected by storms but the rain isn't enough to extinguish the blaze the german military is being asked to explain why rockets were being tested in dangerously dry conditions. the world health organization says that more than three million people die every year because they drink too much alcohol on a report published on friday the w.h.o. says that alcohol kills more people than aids violent crime and traffic accidents combined europe is the region with the highest alcohol consumption in the world the w.h.o. report shows that more than a fifth of europeans age fifteen years and above reported heavy episodic drinking at least once a week that's five or more drinks or sixty grams of alcohol in one go the average annual alcohol consumption in europe is eight point six liters of pure alcohol but in many countries this way above that the biggest drinkers are in lithuania people
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there drink an average of fifteen point two leaders a year and germans also score far above the average with eleven leaders of alcohol consumed annually. all right let's get you more on the problems of alcohol consumption i'm now joined by andrea us high's who is the director of the clinic of psych psychiatry and psychotherapy hospital here in berlin and we are so happy that you took out the time to come and see us because this is a very serious issue w.h.o. says that europe has the highest alcohol consumption in the world why well this is largely due to protrude factors our drug in europe is called in other countries it's different drugs you know the answer is nope you have problem in the states now so so you think it's a cultural thing for southern france it's normal to drink i here to have a beer is also kind of part of the culture i think it really is a culture of ok what kind of danger does excessive use of alcohol pose to society
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at large well for society you have locks health costs but you also have about every six second violent act in germany being committed on the alcohol mainly by men who are drunk under the influence and the influence of alcohol including the murder rate about half of all murders are happening and how it will inform so it's also a social problem now there have been a lot of successful campaigns anti smoking campaigns in the past couple of years that we have seen unfold across europe for instance banning people from smoking in public places do you foresee in the near future something of that sort happening in terms of alcohol consumption or is that a completely different issue not really i mean there has been a shift in fashion from smoking to nonsmoking which is quite good for the population you don't see something similar with alcohol and also we are less restrictive advertisements for example i'm sure many so i'm like was smoking so you
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would you so a change in how we advertise alcohol the use of alcohol that would maybe change the . view that it's not the only. point the main point would be to teach people you know who's in danger to drink too much it's usually those who can drink a lot. and then they think they have a false security of being in the not endangered by drinking to talk about the demographic i mean for instance here in germany which which who drinks a lot here in this and that's more or less it's widespread it's a small percentage of the young adolescents being thirteen fourteen also fifteen it's a small percentage but then it gets more binge and it's a bit of fashion and again you know those ones who can drink without feeling bad about it they think they're very strong but in the long run they're the most endangered to become dependent now the w h o is urging people to get it says
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basically it's time to take action what are some of the most important steps to take i mean you already touched on a couple or couple of them is just better information to for prevention second thing would be tough of every patient in the emergency units with for example accidents particularly when they're male have had accidents and alcohol influence but the treatment is usually not focused on the al gore problem is more focused on like you know when you break a leg been drunk so you could do a lot in hospitals and the main you know area to to invest in is general practitioners who have a lot of contact with people with problems as well thank you so very much anders has director of the clinic for psychiatry and psychotherapy at the shite a hospital thank you. and we're going to shift our attention to china now we're up to eight million muslims have been sent to so-called reeducation camps in the last
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year there are reportedly dozens of them enjoying jang province where mostly members of weaker muslim minority are thought to be held for political indoctrination china has defended the camps as part of a vital security move guarding against militants and separatists something human rights groups refute germany and france have called for the camps to be closed while now there is new evidence that weaker children are being detained and sent to state run orphanages far away from their parents activists see these practices as an attempt to dissolve the identity and culture of a proud ethnic minority. with its music and cartoon characters so tun kindness kindergarden seems like just another place for kids to have fun but the barbed wire and body keeping between it's real purpose as a de facto prison for these them children.
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among those believed to be inside are children of we got married pet. a deal mohamed and abdullah. from clothing to fate it's all chinese they're indoctrinating them with chinese culture and chinese customs so they sell their bacon there no living in turkey all but one of mera pets children were taken away while she was abroad caring for her six father. i wanted them to grow up with me i feel horrible but there isn't a day that goes by where i don't cry. state security are always on high alert in sheehan jang province home to china as we go community. of people rocked by passing and prone to protest. we were and it is where the government is accused of
8:39 pm
a brutal crackdown that has seen more than one million muslim center indoctrination camps like this one since last year. official response is a state in the language of anti terrorism. she enjoyed the measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and people's livelihoods and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements. back in turkey hard words for grieving mothers like mary pat but faith and family help. well there what they get there if god gave me another chance to speak to my children i would say i'm so sorry my children all of. a systematic separation of parents and children that has stopped fears that beijing is on a campaign to raise identity one we are child at
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a time. a year ago this week a group of young egyptians did something that had never been done before in their country at a concert of their favorite rock band they took out some rainbow pride flags and helped them high in public and this simple act provoked an enormous backlash death threats and egypt's biggest crackdown on the g.b.t. community in years and again from the w. social media is in touch with the people at the heart of this story and she joins me now good to see you as always first things first what happened so i imagine this a concert or rock concert in the capital cairo thirty thousand concert goers that are there everyone's really excited it's a news it's a lebanese rock band and the front man the lead singer of this band mistry layla is known for his he's open about his sexuality is open about being gay and it's become sort of a tradition for his fans at concerts to believe the rainbow flag in solidarity with
8:41 pm
him this is happened in other countries before but this time in egypt after a picture of the concert goers raising the flag as we can see here behind me went viral there was a huge public outcry in the media and huge public discussion asking for these concert goers to be arrested and the band itself to be stopped from thing from egypt and forbidden to do so and they have indeed been banned now seven people were arrested and were kept in detention for about three months two of them were able to flee to canada and these are the two people that i got to speak with what have they been telling you well obviously they spent three months in prison in a country like egypt where there's quite a bit of homophobia as you can imagine it can be quite a traumatizing experience this is what one of them had to say about being in detention there. and. the only thing that was going
8:42 pm
through my head was how to survive this. how to survive in a society that is based on hatred for anyone who's not male straight sunni or regime supporter. anyone who's not like that is oppressed i'm not any of these things so it made sense that my place was prison. so young indeed i mean one of them was twenty or twenty one the time and the other one was twenty eight when they were arrested about a year ago but yet they're still don't really regret what they did and they say that they would do it again ahmed who was also who we also interviewed had this to say about his decision. speak and that is that as well as awful mr jews i get so many good ones too from people who've come to terms with their homosexuality because of what i did and people who become ill g.b.t.
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allies as well since we did these are to be done it wasn't just cost is now talked about this now was nice for discussion and that's an accomplishment in and of itself this is a win but to boot has been broken and people are now talking about it on social media and very openly. ok i'm saying there are people are talking about it but did it really change people's attitudes towards queer people in egypt i mean it's a valid argument that it did started national debate about it and maybe people are now talking about it openly but in terms of the things that have happened on the ground unfortunately the l.g.b. community in egypt is still has to exist under. their existence so got covered governed by these laws that are can be very loosely interpretive and they're always sort of at the mercy of of public prosecution because the laws that they're prosecute under are public indecency laws which are very much open to interpretation but this particular event actually inspired a crackdown by the state over seventy five people were arrested in the time in the
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time period directly after this incident so it remains to be seen if in the long term it brings more hope for that would be to continue to have started a discussion so there is something there already a pain thank you so much for bringing us the story. reactions have been pouring in to the decision yesterday by the world anti-doping agency also known as wada for short to reinstate russia's anti doping body to full rights after a three year battle for alleged state sponsored doping the kremlin says the move was a positive step in the right direction as date u.e.a. ganis the director general of russian don't think agency who sought out but one former head of wada criticized yesterday's decision saying it was quote a triumph for money over a clean sport david howman also accused the agency of balancing to pressure.
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and we have the first president of water dick pound with us for montreal's right now we're set i was suspended in november twenty fifth teen when its central role in the russian doping scandal was first confirmed by an investigation led by dick pound mr pound thank you so much for taking out the time to talk to us what was your reaction when you first heard about the water decision. well actually i was. pleased with it i think that it's important for everybody but he that there be regular testing in russia which can't be done by visiting. you know coming in from outside to do it so it's in everybody's interest every clean athlete around the world that russia be back in and what is spent most of the last three years trying to help reside. become. get the procedures and
8:46 pm
people in place to do this properly. not i'm going to talk with you if you're saying i want to have for a lot of ground with you what would you say to critics who maintain that the decision was a case of water caving in to moneyed interests. i think that's i mean like this you make some false starts but i think yesterday's decision was the right decision and i'm glad they made it but the impression that many are left with is that russia got away with it without fulfilling all the requirements that wada had laid out for their countries reinstatement and tessa that make why that in turn a look powerless when it comes to bringing about real change i think there's a lot of misinformation if there are the two conditions that were outstanding for water were one that russia acknowledged that it had behaved badly. it doesn't like to accept what reports but it accepted an i.o.c.
8:47 pm
parallel report that came to the same conclusions relying on the water report so that's good enough as far as the second requirement namely access to the bore tory and samples that are stored there which access have been denied what actually improved its ability to. assert anti doping violations if it fits the information supports that we have asked in our roadmap for the computer records relating to the lab but in order to mount an anti doping case you actually have to have the raw data and we hadn't put that in our list so we said to the basically to the russians will cut you some slack on the acknowledgment but in return we want access to this material all of it and we want it within a matter of three months so there's a hard deadline in place now ok but other anti-doping agencies from around the
8:48 pm
world have called for a postponement of the decision and demand that that wada fully and transparently explain their decision what would you say to them. i would say that. all of the documents are now out there to be seen and i think had been distributed even before the decision the other thing i would say is there's a there's a very narrow range in which water couldn't operate it doesn't have the power to suspend anybody it simply can declare that for example the time was noncompliant that triggers some responses and some responsibilities on the part of various stakeholders such as the international and think maybe the various in your national federations and governments there the actors of this water simply reports . for president of water dick pound thank you for their e much sir for taking out
8:49 pm
a time to speak to us leisure. a controversial and higher prestigious art project that was set to build a replica of the berlin wall and seal off part of the city has been cancelled the spectacular project was announced at a press conference in august after being prepared in secret for at least two years but soon drew criticism for being tasteless civil rights activists from former communist east germany religious communities and historians signed an open letter against it city authorities have now pulled the plug on the six million euro project citing safety concerns german culture minister monica qatar's said expressed disappointment at the council eight to begin on up to were tough with the wall being torn down on november ninth the anniversary of the fall of the real berlin wall. this german seemed to be born with the
8:50 pm
ability to open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener. check this out. getting thirsty. and now from the brylin i want to the germans themselves didn't use that meat that german series explores the if you're sick or seas of german culture and this week the show kicked off its second series let's take a look yes so the. germans video they're going to be looking at the cultural idiosyncracies the. daily life in germany.
8:51 pm
i'm from the u.k. myself and i and i've been in germany for quite a few years now and you just can't help but still notice the difference is the little cultural difference as it could be something really simple like food and drink like we just saw oh it could be something a bit deeper like behavior or to shoot as well and something one thing that can be funny but at the same time really confusing for non germans is of course the german language not something we can see in the next clip. german word to such a mouthful because there are often just a whole bunch of nouns crammed together but the result is logical in fact you can kind of imagine how some of these words were invented someone stumbles across something for the first time and simply says what they see. cup of an issue. to. claw my thinking. shine through our.
8:52 pm
mouth rachel the show is obviously called meet the germans so you go out and meet germans a kind of reception do you get are people were tickled by the fact that you're interested in all these little if you succeed yet it's actually a very positive response you might think that they might be a little bit annoyed at someone else coming in and saying this is how i think it is and i think it retro to positively often they're quite curious about the series itself and they are really keen to help us to explain their own culture and traditions not something that we can see in the next clip as well. still with one more quick of the german language these are the words which aren't really words they're more like sounds or grunts even throw a few of these into a conversation with a german and you'll be sure to impress who bar no no no. it does. you're a strict. boss and also from your no
8:53 pm
model for. night would be soon enough to spend money on your calmness not through the goods meant it was also given to order also given louche is on. german difficult. it looks like so much fun to film what can we look forward to going to looking all sorts of things of course will be coming back to the german language because there's just all sorts of things you can cover there so we've looked at for example false friends really really long german compo nouns that go on forever but then we'll be looking at for example the culture we'll be looking at smalltalk in germany which does differ to other cultures definitely looking at nudity and the german sort of culture that's something i'm particular looking forward to it's very unusual for people from a lot of other cultures well because they're so i mean they're comfortable in their
8:54 pm
skin it's kind of like we could take something from that we could learn so we probably should yeah exactly but also actually looking at other advice we can take . an episode planned on german life tax so these are kind of like germans have found solutions to problems that could perhaps benefit the rest of us as well give us an example give us an example where i was on terms of a life x. i don't much like the fact that most german homes and even hotels if you've got a double bed you'll get two separate is not just one so it's not a remand to the idea but you probably will get better night's sleep thank you so much for rachael we look for work and we where can we see you i will be publishing video once a. the two weeks and you can find them on you chip on. facebook and also on our website. for its lashing at the gym and our i catch up so thanks so much rachel greatly appreciate it and that would be for we'll let you go when i remind you of our main headlines that we're covering this hour for you tanzania has declared four days of mourning after
8:55 pm
a ferry capsized on lake victoria killing more than one hundred and thirty people of recovery mission is still ongoing officials fear the death toll could rise even further. german party leaders have agreed to new talks about the fate of domestic intelligence chief hans mos and it was moved from his post after controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern town of chemist's fighters from promotion to a higher position in the interior ministry sparked an outcry. british prime minister to resign may says rings that talks with the e.u. have reached an impasse she's challenging the blocs leaders to come up with their own plans after they roundly rejected her proposals at a summit on thursday. that does it for me on way to her rock n roll and thank you so much for spending of this part of your day with us feels good oh we'll be up next with the headlines and i'll see you next week.
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war much office one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change quickly met his downfall i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. he continues to fight for world peace with a reminder the next you have to comprehend where this is taken us looks good today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts oct third on d w.
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business day w is live from the control the soaked widespread outrage also on the program aid organizations scramble to get supplies into it with profits as a deal to delay five think it's.


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