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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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extraordinary. words or some go more. for. that but. this is deja vu news my from then on the fire in western germany a wildfire that sparked weeks ago by a military test is now menacing several towns with the flames threatening thousands of people german defense officials are facing a storm of criticism we'll go live to the site of the blaze also coming up another stress test for germany's fragile governing coalition and new talks could decide
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the fate of the country's domestic intelligence chief after his removal and subsequent promotions response widespread outrage. and an orphanage caught in razor wire as allegations about china's internment of muslim minorities grow the courts and the state is tearing weak and children away from their parents as well. i'm rebecca mrs welcome to the show firefighters in northwestern germany are struggling to contain a blaze in the ems land region near the dutch border the fire was sparked to nearly three weeks ago by military rocket tests german defense minister found the line is apologized on behalf of the country's military she's traveling to the region today to survey the damage local officials are considering evacuating some one thousand people from several villages. in the town of mithun. in the enslin region in north
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western germany the wind has shifted and this getting stronger and so could the remaining blazes the area affected this an army training site near the city of meth and it totals eight hundred hector's one thousand three hundred emergency personnel i working hard to contain the place to be on the safe side nearby residents were called upon to prepare for a possible evacuation this year humvee we didn't have flying sparks yet so far we've been getting off lightly over its own before and i hope it stays this way we don't want to evacuate and we also don't want to see houses burning was on the wildfire was triggered by german army rocket tests in the beginning of september the german military has been subject to fierce criticism for not dealing with the fire immediately there also doubts whether the rocket test was performed correctly . defense minister it was
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a life on the line apologized to citizens affected by the blaze it didn't didn't we will find the causes of the fire especially regarding the question whether regulations were not observed or misinterpreted there will be an investigation and the results are of course going to be published question for. the defense minister is going to visit the disaster zone today federal prosecutors have launched an investigation against persons unknown for negligent arson they've already searched the test side and have confiscated documents. d.w. correspondent down a regiment in the town of mithun where the emergency response is being coordinated down to give us a scale a sense of the scale of this fire. well rebecca as of now we're talking about eight hundred hectares of more land burning estimates here are comparing this to roughly one thousand football fields just to give you a proportion no the fire is definitely under control as in it's not spreading any
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further however it's also far from being out strong winds or the key word everyone is talking about right now is whether any change in diet could turn things around completely the strong winds of yesterday are definitely making it hard for firefighters to combat the blazes but as of now weather is our key word right now the fire was originally sparked by the army testing rockets how could that happen. well this is exactly the million dollar question everyone is asking at the moment in this is also what the public prosecutor's office in office in the nearby city of austin a book is investigating as we could heard potentially of negligent arson person or funder lay in the dim german defense minister is also in the area as we speak visiting visiting and watching assessing the situation she will also be required to give some answers as for that so solutions answers are yet to be given but
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also angry citizens and residents are asking exactly the same exactly the same the bundeswehr and fondle a and we'll have to supply some answers. here you mentioned the locals there you've spoken to some of them i mean how are they reacting to this . absolutely some of them are absolutely furious a few minutes ago i have just talked to a representative from the health ministry here in and he said that. health wise pollution wise it seems like an evacuation of the nearby communities is unlikely however residents that with whom i spoke yesterday are saying that even if they won't be asked to evacuate some are actually considering to do this voluntarily because the smell is so hard to so heavy the air is so thick so families have children with. so they're absolutely furious by the situation to question main questions that they are talking about one is
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a more strategic strategic one how could this be that in such dry conditions. that germany's seeing in the past few weeks even months how could it be that such an exercise is even approved in such conditions but more but even more angrily what they are expressing is how could this be that the buddhist fear has enough means to ignite such fire but not at all enough means to extinguish it. d.w. correspondent dan a regifted thank you for your time. now in iran at least eight people dead and twenty others injured after a gunman opened fire at a military parade it happened in the city of near iran's border with iraq during a ceremony marking the anniversary of the start of the iran iraq war in the one nine hundred eighty s. state media is reporting that dignitaries and spectators were among those targeted iran's revolutionary guard has reportedly blamed quote terrorist terrorist affiliated with saudi arabia for the attack but no one has claimed responsibility.
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and the leaders of germany's governing coalition have agreed to review a decision to move the head of the country's domestic intelligence agency hans-georg. was told he had to go after he made controversial comments about far right violence in the eastern german town of chemists last month but his subsequent promotion to a higher paid position in the interior ministry sparked widespread outrage among germans. a serious message delivered with a smile of by s.p.d. leader andrea. we have all made mistakes and that's why i've gone back to translator anglo-american law and interior minister haast say her for her to request that we reconsider our decision and that's what we'll do. in a letter to her coalition partners knowledges wrote that it was a mistake to promote hans-georg mohsen from the head of the domestic intelligence agency to
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a senior post in the interior ministry trust she wrote had been lost she won praise from the s.p.d. as youth wing that's the s.b. deal it's good that the s.p.d. has responded to pressure and said we want to cancel this deal and it's now up to say hold for an american to show whether there's any remaining feeling of justice and what else has to be done to ensure masson is put aside don't put it that. it was only on tuesday that knowledge merkel and see hoffa met in the chancellor's office to negotiate about mawson's future instead of being fired mohsen was moved sideways and upwards resulting in a pay rise that caused a storm among s.p.d. supporters their demand for a rethink got a response from the c.s.u. merkel's conservative bavarian sister posse ya have to be patient yes we always have to be open to talks within a coalition. but there has to be consensus even easy for up to have the difficult weekend of diplomatic work ahead of us that's for sure and the rest will have to
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see the best above. and finally a reaction from the chancellor herself. into buying new calm we have agreed to reassess the situation i think it's right and necessary if what you want to reach a joint sustainable solution this weekend that's been in this. talks could decide the future of mohsen and that of the coalition itself. well as to china now where up to a million muslims have been sent to so-called reeducation camps in the last year there are reportedly dozens of camps in the province where mostly members of the weak and muslim minority are thought to be held for political indoctrination china has defended the camps as part of a vital security move germany and france have called for the camps closure. now new evidence has emerged that we get children are being detained and sent to state run
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orphanages far away from their parents human rights groups say it's an attempt to dissolve the identity and culture of a proud ethnic minority. with its music and cartoon characters the whole ton kindergarten seems like just another place for kids to have fun but the barbed wire and bada keating betray its real purpose as a de facto prison for children. among those believed to be inside are the children of we merit. a deal mohamed and abdullah. from clothing to food it's all chinese they're indoctrinating them with chinese culture and chinese customs so they sell their bacon there no living in turkey all but one of mera pets children were taken away while she was abroad caring for her six father.
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i wanted them to grow up with me i feel horrible. there isn't a day that goes by where i don't cry or. state security are always on high alert and she and jang province home to china as we go community. are people rocked by passion and prone to protest. we were and it is where the government is accused of a brutal crackdown that has seen more than one million muslim center indoctrination camps like this one since last year. official response is in the language of anti terrorism. she injunction the measures are intended to promote stability development harmony and people's livelihoods and at the same time strike against ethnic separatists and terrorist opposition movements. back in turkey
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hard words for grieving mothers like mary pat but faith and family help. well there will they give if god gave me another chance to speak to my children i would say. i'm so sorry my children. a systematic separation of parents and children the fears that beijing is on a campaign to raise identity one we're going to child at a time. i am fridays born this legal action stuttgart were hoping for their first win of the season when they hosted fortuna does not offer on match day four but they'll have to wait a bit longer as the visitors put up an intense fight both sides were able to break the deadlock as they played out around the drab will melt role when this leg of
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fans will be hoping for more excitement on saturday when the runners up of the previous season play the champions as shell could take on by in munich my own one all their game so far and top the table as usual shelter on the other hand had a catastrophic start to the campaign and do they stand a chance against the mighty bavarians. coach dramatic or to disco has a lot to discuss with his squad a poor start to the season has resulted in last year's runners up sitting second from bottom in the table in their debut champions league march the royal blues could only manage a draw but to just go remains upbeat music to it so we're dealing with a situation where guys are very prepared very focused and we realise we're in a tricky situation the team knows they can't give just ninety eight percent it's not enough against any opponent they need to give one hundred percent. shoulders performances have been less than impressive their attack lacked ideas and their defense was shaky but to just go believes tactically they're sound and the squad it
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just needs to make some small adjustments. on the last fear and pressure shouldn't weigh us down we're looking forward to the game against biron in front of the home crowd at times. munich travel to go on the back of a champions league victory if childcare loses yet again the home fans may grow angry and it's a waste of energy to think about things you can't influence at the end of every training session every single day and after each game the coach some players need to look at themselves in the mirror we need to say we've done everything we can and we have the feeling that we have. the aim is to beat biron but it may be a tall order the last time shall come on it's the victory against the current champions on home turf was almost eighteen years ago. and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you in northwestern germany five five years of battling to contain a blaze that was sparked by
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a military rocket test weeks weeks ago germany's defense minister has apologized for the fire on behalf of the military she's in the region today to meet with local officials. here watching data on the news line from both of them well coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's devaney dot com thanks for joining me. from. earth. home tunes of species a home more seem to. see as much as on those are big changes and most start with
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small steps. one two years told stories of crude you do for people and innovative projects around the world like to use hunter to come.


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