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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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you. this is a d w news alive from the berlin gunman target iran's military elite dozens are dead and scores more wounded after an attack on a parade in the country's southwest many elite revolutionary guard soldiers were killed iran's military has vowed to retaliate also coming up with. tens in the mornings the victims of a deadly ferry disaster on like the tory one man has been found alive after two days but officials say they may never know just how many people perished on the overcrowded that's home. plus one of the world's biggest parties is in full swing
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right here in germany. units annual beer festival october fest has picked off in the very in capital we'll show you some of the fun on opening day. hello i'm nick spicer thanks for joining us iran's government is vowing a crushing response to an attack on a military parade dozens of people were killed and many more wounded when gunmen opened fire on crowds the attack occurred in the country's southwest in the city of close to iran's border with iraq many of the victims were members of iran's elite revolutionary guard both sunni arab separatist and so-called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack. other.
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members of iran's elite force taking cover dignitaries and civilians fleeing for their lives as gunmen opened fire on a military parade and. the soldiers were marching in one of the countrywide annual parades marking the start of iran's eight year war with iraq in the one nine hundred eighty s. when the shooting started. we suddenly realized that some armed people wearing fake military uniforms started attacking our comrades from behind the viewing platform then they opened fire on women and children they were aimlessly shooting with no target and the. members of iran's revolutionary guards officials watching from a stand and civilians were among those killed. it's the bloodiest assault to strike the country in recent years as iran's foreign minister was quick to point
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his finger at a u.s. ally in the region and threatened to retaliate. he tweeted iran holds regional terrorist sponsors and the u.s. moscow's accountable for such attacks iran will respond swiftly and decisively in defense of iranian lives. later but as the so-called islamic state and a sunni arab nationalist movement claimed responsibility for the attack the night that gave evidence iran has blamed its rival saudi arabia for funding arab separatist groups in the past the bloodshed as a huge shock to the country and likely to raise tensions in an already tumultuous region. now for more on this we can speak with ali fatah in doha he's a middle east expert and a visiting fellow with the brookings doha center public policy institute iran is pointing the finger at its rival saudi arabia and its gulf allies what does this
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mean for already tense relations. of course the sense of being quite predictable. turn around and be yourself off track most of all for the sound. track there is be a moment in time on the crown prince of saudi arabia and let's watch that he's going to take the rivalry on to iranian territory now the landscapes are too early to say who is being drawn. so we we have equally a claim from arab separatists. who say they're responsible but are they in fact a serious enough of a force to to have pulled off such an attack. well one hundred two and it's a trial and it's also we have to be cautious to to use a label secretary because what we're dealing with is probably did the strategically
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most important to our own province just on. was this a capital is the home of iran so or resource or. who just one has been defined a lot of times you regime protest at the same time the record at the turn of the year and concerning protests ever since and there is a lot of frustration not only among iranians but also. can be under parts of the corridor from the population against the government over water shortages over unemployment and so forth so there's been some home grown kind of the nation was astonished and there have been certainly on time housework been trying to buy used for their own purposes. ok ali fatah into jordan don't have thank you very much for that. you know to some of the other stories making news around the world a woman who's accused u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh of sexual assault has agreed to testify in
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front of a senate panel lawyers for christine blasi ford are said to be negotiating the conditions of her testimony the committee had earlier delayed a vote on kavanagh's confirmation. and an indian bishop accused of raping a nun has been refused bail in order to remain in police custody to face questioning bishop franco wilkow was arrested in southern carolla state after the pope suspended him from office the lookout has denied the accusations. the death toll in the ten's anea ferry disaster has risen to two hundred and nine but on saturday rescuers pulled a man alive from the upturned vessel two days after it capsized on lake victoria the badly overcrowded ferry was traveling between the islands of the. way when it sank on thursday tanzania's president has ordered the arrest of the ship's captain and declare four days of national mourning. days after the disaster
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and the recovery operation is far from over the search efforts now shifting their focus to identifying the bodies. as the death toll soared there was a single moment of hope after one man was found alive in a caucus of air having reportedly shot himself inside the engine room other survivors have begun to talk about their ordeal. what do. we just about to duck when the ferry overturned due to the load it was carrying then we found ourselves in the water but i thank god that i was able to jump overboard and hold on to something nearby that's how i survived. the boat was transporting passengers in good stocks the island after a busy market d. on the neighboring island really its load shifted as people prepared to disembark many see the blame lies with the ferry operators. figure theocrat was told about
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one o'clock and was told my nephew had died in the accident. i'm asking the government to ensure that the people employed to look after the ferries don't overload. the money according the usual. officials say the vessel had a maximum capacity of one hundred and one survivors and the relatives of those who lost their lives are wanting answers with an overloaded ferry like this the real number of day it may never be known. germany's defense minister has apologized to communities threatened by a wildfire that broke out on a military training site ursula founder law and acknowledged that mistakes had been made during a visit to the area it's still not known how long it will take to put out the blaze completely. eight hundred hectares of mole land smoldering for over two weeks no one knows how long it'll take to extinguish the fire. gemini's defense
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minister was a left handed lion visited the effected area near the border with the netherlands and offered a fresh apology to frustrated locals look in september obviously we made mistakes on september third on behalf of the german armed forces i'd like to apologize especially to the people of this region and to all those responsible for politics and administration for the fact that these mistakes when they. will figure out what we're going to do in detail and then inform the public. funded lion says she wants to check whether the rocket tests that sparked the fire were appropriate considering germany's long dry summer firefighters are still battling the blaze on land used by the german military they're now being assisted by jets using infrared cameras to identify where embers a small ring underground authorities in the state of lower saxony have to clear the
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fire a regional catastrophe. in boxing world heavyweight champion anthony joshua is all a mission to defend his title when he takes on russia's alexander privette can at london's wembley wembley stadium on saturday with an unblemished professional record joshua is seen by many as the best in his weight division but the twenty eight year old is up against an opponent with a pedigree of his own. no matter the challenger anthony joshua is always boxing boxoffice his last two fights in wales sold out now a stand off on home turf in north london against russia's alexander povetkin is slated to attract a crowd of eighty thousand easy to see why josh was unbeaten in twenty one contests as a professional fighter but the world heavyweight champion knows he'll be in for a tough fight against an opponent some eleven kilograms might are.
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you going to be quick you're going to be but i saw those issues of the shot with my feet. put that kid in a two thousand and four olympic gold medalist says he's in a much better place than he was five years ago when he lost a vote in the pitch co in front of a home crowd in moscow. one thing i can see is that when i fought klitschko i was much weaker and in much worse shape than i am no. what if i'm slow beacher mistress. protectin is known for throwing killer punch us. but joshua has a strategy up his sleeve always look at it this way they're strong to the head take him out to the body this shows that avoiding the incident that sooner or later they fall. on the physically strong by the knowledge of what's so i'll be able to compare the fight with josh was four titles on the line the fight has certainly
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caught the imagination of boxing fans on top of the sound of crowds the fight is expected to set a new pay per view record. bundesliga now and buyer nick have continued their perfect start of the season with their fourth win and for how mr draghi has scored and won a penalty in a two zero one a shocker borussia dortmund drew one one of hoffenheim high flier her to a high flying her to berlin beat gladbach forty. two while bremen won three two at oxford promoted nuremberg beat hanover and freiburg won their first game of the season and wolfsburg on friday stuttgart in dusseldorf was a no score draw on sunday laver queues and host months and r.p. life's visit frankfurt now here are the bundesliga standings after the main program of games champions byron are blazing away with a maximum twelve points hurts our second with their third win in four braman are up
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to fourth in the bottom half freiburg have jumped up to twelfth while last season's runners up shall remain without a point now the world's largest beer festival october fest is now officially underway here in germany in the very capital munich some seven million liters of brew are expected to flow at the two weeks elevation the event attracts revelers from all over the world most of whom wouldn't think to show up without the for the party without the proper attire. i. was after his he cries it's tapped in english the start of the one hundred eighty fifth october fest as announced by munich's mayor. and as tradition demands he's joined by the various state premier. and there's no shortage of pomp and ceremony at the start of the festival both inside. and outside the beer
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tents. an estimated six million locals and tourists are expected to descend on munich for the festivities which run for sixteen days and for many they have only one thing on their mind. and very rarely to get a ten in trick all day lots of beer lots let's. just hope thirty this year there won't be any problems it would be nice to see the hill over there not used as a toilet i just want a festival to be quiet and peaceful. and to ensure that peace and quiet some six hundred police officers and hundreds of stewards will keep order at the fenced off fairgrounds. once inside revelers can enjoy some tasty german sausages. and did i mention the beer. october
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fast runs until october seventh. i they're watching the. news excuse me from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and over again you can catch up on all the latest news and information around the clock on our website at www dot com thanks for joining. what's coming up for the book is leave you have plenty to talk about here. going to sleep every weekend here the. first day of school in the jungle. first listen.


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