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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2018 2:15am-2:30am CEST

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watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the news and information around the clock on our web site that's d.w. dot com thanks for joining the depth. of it. to link to news from africa the world or link to exception stories and discussions from the news of these events and while website deputed comes to click on join us on facebook c.w. forgot. her first day of school in the jungle. first listen to the. band doris green the moment arrives.
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join during the training on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the reputation returns home on t w dot com among its hangs. in. the book is the biggest crime real estate last season's top four teams which included these guys behind me in buyer kicked off their champions league campaigns with no defeats recorded now those same four teams faced off on match day for. stuttering salta in dominico to tesco at the biggest obstacle in the hosting the defending champs byron munich who look business as usual and hoffenheim stance the whole pitch where leonardo's was made arse. this lee strong posted don't mean the
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side who hasn't won there since two thousand and twelve. bookham to the but as they go right here on t.w. i'm president and so here's what we've got coming up on today's show the cream of the crop shocker phase gate former favorite suddenly on the red skull frosty reception could his former side catch fire in a sleep at the wheel and put a dent in their armor and dortmund fans had a poem to pick with oftentimes money back or deep more pop we'll tell you why and show you what happened in the battle or in the pit. the top two teams from last season byron in shock of first shaka haven't won domestically at all this season not only winless but pointless to which of course has put dominico to desk goes but on the hot seat byron or dominant despite their summer coaching change nico kobayashi who included leon gorecki in the starting eleven to score or not to
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score against your former club is the question so let's find out the answer. first there was be inevitable off the page on korecki abood on his return to show. and then came the inevitable on the pitch by and taking the lead after just eight minutes comments rodriguez with the bullet head i. shall yet to record any points let alone a victory the writing was already on the wall i buy and continue to press the set pieces providing their best chances just before halftime gretzky of course another reminder he's not so welcome here anymore can you tell a jury given a yellow card for his efforts. by and could afford to result in the second half not least because shocker we're doing a lot of the work for them despite the seemingly unthreatening situation i listened
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very shirts bundled over rodriguez in the box. rather eleven dusky converted the resulting penalty i had to deal with little more than an hour gone the game was effectively over the traffic shall confounds to leave before the final whistle but these had seen enough to buy and it was a measured victory over the nearest challenger last season shall still pointless missing more than just lay on correct. our next match hoffenheim indorsement has a majors in history hoffenheim under not goals minor unbeaten home against the black and yellow last season hoffenheim qualify for the champions league directly edging out dormant in the standings thanks to goal difference and the drama continues between the two sides a group of dortmund fans were banned from the stadium by hoffenheim zoner for abusive chants fury off the pitch in quality on the field let's see what happened.
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this clash at a base of fields with the head of kick off and fans are unhappy with this man hope hoffenheim zoner is taking legal action against a group of their supporters for verbal abuse received on the final day of last season the first case of its kind in german football i'm not so mad as the travelling fans response showed. the home side rose above the unrest to steal a first half lead however shooting dope and sending a lousy job in terms of fighting his team in front which took the whole time of all . the brazilians first ever been this league to go. i'm often high and then doubled their lead in the fifteen minutes of arriving for so they thought the referee awarded a free kick off the video spotted an offside in the buildup. thing soon went from bad to worse for development but do the all over since all for this last man
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challenge in the seventy fifth minutes of an. the frenchman a little hard done by perhaps given this scene appeared to be a regular tussle for the ball. but ten men don't been struck by mates on marco royce's pinpoint possible christie who misses the symptoms decisions by the build to blow the game wide open. to shut bell for deal was handed a gilt edged opportunity to restore his side's lead is that one down five he somehow managed to miss the target any doubt scoring would have been easier. so a point each for two of the punters league is european representatives if a result on a day of high tension. now if you think there was a short as
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a goals across the board on saturday you are sadly mistaken we have two matches that featured. eleven goals in no draws werder bremen look to extend their unbeaten streak at first germany's capital club had sober lim they've been on a hot streak since the start of the season now they had to take one another team in good form club let's take a look. germany coach you can learn made a visit to the capital and he was in for a treat as has a billet in black bags and on the style nicklaus stock five five ian johnson often hour to concede have his full of tenancy in full games talking has not the responsibility and got back to the lead. but had to suit it back to the busy of it equalized by marvin plotting how to pinpoint cross making the difference. the bend then as broke down the left again moments later and this time valentino last it opened them in front the host to turn the game around in just five minutes.
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after the break hurts alongst a quick counter-attack it busy of its nets in his second. salomon kalou made all the running. and their business scored his twenty s as league a brace. that cut the deficit through allison player. good work from patrick herman set up the new man for a nice pretty second goal of the campaign. but hansen would not deny an in-form only duda see of the four to win back here international covering his fourth goal in three games. but lose for the first time this term while her to have ten points from four games that best either as they get starts. it also took around thirty minutes before the floodgates opened in altitude their brain and captain match crews are heading in the open now. just two minutes later and it was two nil cloudy up at zero in preston his first start of the season and sets up
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a much bigger start. braman were caught napping though on the stroke of half time and jack healed who pulled one out with the goal of the game. out her continued where they left off in the second half and philip max levelled on forty seven minutes andre holmes excellent cross but the goal on the plate. but on seventy five minutes out bookkeeper fabienne deeper than gifted the game's a braman dating person could hardly miss three two to the visitors. braving the still unbeaten after four games of the season last happened thirteen years ago. so let's round up all the action now as we saw defeated shell it was a draw between dog made in a hofmann high had to put four past glod for the four two victory braman pick up
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their second win on the road over albert three two and in nuremberg the hosts scored twice in a minute to beat hanover to nothing. said talk to us can all to seal the win thirteen minutes from time close tapping came to sixty seconds after waldemar anton's own goal had given nurnberg the lead hand over eventually succumbing after playing another hour of the game with ten men the victory was promoted norm burke's first of this season and freiburg is moving in the right direction picking up their first win of the season in convincing fashion and wolfsburg mike france had the visitors cruising just after the break slotted in to make it three nail it was the captain's first goal in over three years the wolves were pulled one back freiburg helgoland to end their victory drought and inflict a first defeat of the season on the wolves.
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stuttgart and dusseldorf had a goal is draw on friday night on sunday labor couzin hosed mites in rb life's a travel to frankfurt now let's take a look at the table byron munich no big shocker there perfect twelve out of all possible twelve points had to move it to sec it is their best ever start to a bonus they could seize in dortmund drop to third and braman get a boost in our now at fort out at the other end of the table look at shul to look at shaka know where to go but up for them and we'll see if labor coups and finally pick up points vs mights to improve their situation. now usually it would be time for the bonus thing is play of the day but today we asked you on twitter for your blunder of the day and the winner with almost half of the vote is the referee's decision to send off after. the young dog the defender was harshly sent off by both mares after this without drake remarks and as you can see during his players were
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in disbelief at that call and that is your maiden bundesliga blunder of the day. on sunday we'll discuss the hoffenheim dortmund beef and more with our studio guest often hobbs very own looks fine and still be sure to send your questions to the addresses on your screen that's full time for us we'll be back with all of the action from sunday's games until then here are some of the best moments from the weekend so far for me and the rest of the team here in berlin tonka. of the this is.
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