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tv   World Stories - Accused rapists of Rotherham in the dock  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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you're watching the w. news will be back again at the top of the hour with another update for you in the meantime don't forget you can always get the latest news and information on our website just go to and you know you dot com american evan steen from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. the flames. come up. they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. africa on the moon the stories of both people in a different scale shaping their nation played and their continental the first car
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on the moon the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their millennium splaying d.w. multimedia series for go. w. dot com click on the most. this week on world storing. long supporters in france jump ship. egypt coptic football clubs. we begin this week in britain where a child abuse scandal shocked the nation when it was uncovered five years ago the list of defendants facing trial continues to grow. it
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was one of the worst moments of her life it was near here that the man who semi would have loved threatened to kill her it happened somewhere in the hills above the hometown of rather him when she was just fifty. and he took me to the edge and said he was going to throw me off it and i thought it's going to kill it and i was that scared i weighed myself and then he placed me to the back of the car and out set some is not saying you know at all it happened and i remember just lying there crying and a dead body. it took several years before sami could break away from her tormentor today she helps other victims sami woodhouse thinks the authorities look the other way because the perpetrators were mostly of pakistani muslim origin nobody wanted to be accused of being racist it wasn't her tormentor but some yourself who was arrested by the police. because he took her with him on his burglaries and during
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a raid they found his baton and her handbag people viewed as his little slags you know we were seeing to be child prostitutes as they called it. which of course even a wrong turn to you we was children being abused rather and council asserted in the statement that such a thing would never happen today but in the pakistani community the discussion continues critics from within the community are sometimes on the receiving end of hostilities that's what mohammed shafique experienced when he spoke out about the lack of respect for white women and girls people didn't want to talk about these issues as i said they said i was you know cheerleading for the far right but actually now people because there's been so many historical cases that of come to trial and people being convicted people recognise that this is a problem that we've got to confront so many would house doesn't want to live in the past but she wishes that the problem had been called out sooner but. the fact
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that people have changed such a blind eye to uncover it deliberately because he didn't want to be called racist that's just part fuel to the fire. in semi's case the pappa traitor is now in prison but there are others who are still at large. french president a man well macaulay's facing a dramatic drop in popularity recently even longtime supporters and party members have turned away from his movement. this farmer once believed president emanuel would finally give people in the countryside a voice he was a local delegate for their people and marched party in minion macor balibo conspired to. also sounded so sincere when he was talking about agriculture and
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really seemed to want to support us economically so that we would no longer have to struggle to make ends meet. in the. future more he seemed to really listen to us and appeared like a modern kind of that with sensible ideas. but more than a year on the twenty year old is deeply disappointed by the president's reforms and his leadership style he has since left micron's party and others are following dozens of his fellow activists in the region have also quit the public on march they feel misled by the president. who would you play i was convinced by my calls personality and his apparent humanity but then i realized how activists like us were treated our voice wasn't heard and we were only there to hang posters when it is a future in this way too to the social groups are no he was elected by a majority of leftwing voters and yet he only seems to be following right wing
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policies. he has reduced taxes for investors and at the same time brought down housing allowances and he has pushed through this very tough immigration law. a large majority of the people in this to distantly socialist region voted for him and i'm not cong they were hoping he would finally release the economy and road areas like this one and why many have now turned their back on him saying he just hasn't done enough others are still clinging to that hope after all unemployment has gone down slightly in the region over the past year even though you go past he has given up on that call he hasn't given up on change. many french are longing for politicians who aren't just trying to make a career but who want to change things for the better. we need to find
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a new leader who championed the people's cause. to do so but you brought up such a movement might indeed gain traction the latest polls show approval ratings for a man you will not call have plummeted to a new low. for a long time the chinese were considered frugal wishing to save their money rather than spend it the government is now advocating consumer loans in order to jumpstart domestic spending. as a freelance interpreter lieb a doesn't have a regular income she gets paid job by job and uses her credit card to tide her over she lives in beijing but comes from could mean when she bought a flat that she took out a mortgage to pay for it. over the past five years the volume of personal loans in
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china has doubled. lenders send out text messages once a month to remind their debtors to pay their instalments. that. being in debt is part of modern life the way things are nowadays you can't get by without credit just look at home prices when my parents were young the problem didn't exist prices didn't just keep rising. back then when a couple got married they'd save up some money the family would contribute a little and they'd pay for a new home in cash for. debt already fuels large parts of the chinese economy add to that massive household debt and you may well have a major problem finance expert michael pettis says the situation resembles that of the united states in the run up to the financial crisis of two thousand and eight even if china's state owned banks can avert a full blown collapse a greater problem of too much that is when you don't have
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a crisis for example japan japan never had a debt crisis but at its peak japan was seventeen percent of the global economy roughly the same size as china today. today after two three decades without a crisis what would. the japanese share of the global economy has dropped to roughly seven percent. lead pay for one isn't particularly worried a few years ago she received a lump sum as compensation when a contract was dissolved primitive early her parents said she should use it to pay down her mortgage but she decided not to. you know. if i had used all the money for that i wouldn't have any cash reserves now that might have meant moving to a smaller flat we're not going to cafes like this any more going out for a drink with my friends she chose to stick with a long term mortgage with low instalments at this rate leave bay won't have paid it
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off before she retires. our final report this week takes us to eat. shift roughly ten percent of the population is christian mainly adherence of the coptic orthodox church and many feel oppressed by the muslim majority even on the football field. a training session like any other in alexandra obstacles springs and drippings. most of these young players are coptic christians. just we offer these youngsters the chance to train a chance that's not easy to come by here in egypt but i wanted to start no idea i tried it three clubs and it's not like anybody told me i had to leave but i was treated very badly even when people heard my name they would be raised eyebrows and exchanged glances because my name is different i didn't feel comfortable i left.
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the players here are very critical of the clubs who they say discriminate against non muslim players. and that i mean i've been diary gives his boys some tips the twenty two year old lives for football but his own career was over before it had even begun. his former club wanted him to give up his christian sounding name rather than do that he gave up playing football and founded the jets we academy instead. we catch cut to kids here and there's a good talent but still the clubs refuse to take them on christians don't have the chance to make river in egypt like it almost had to do so. well i've been caught up . in the long history of egyptian football only very few coptic christians have ever played for the national team despite the fact that they represent ten percent of the overall egyptian population sporting officials however rejects the idea that
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coptic christians are systematically excluded from football. stuff. all of the african players in the league which religion do they have a foreign coach is like a cooper the national coach is a christian man will jose the most famous and popular coach among the fans and actually he's a christian the muslims versus christians thing just doesn't exist in school in egypt. back in alexandria they're just sweet academy hopes to help kids achieve their dreams i love god and willing i'll be a great player like mohamed salah and. i come here every day to train and travel two and a half hours by train. the journey is tiring but i want to make something out of myself here yes we. just we was founded three years ago and players pay no more than
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a token monthly membership for. now there are plans to found a club under the same name and soon afterwards they hope to start playing in the fourth division. still reality. things in a different life. literally. invented scene in seems kind of dissolving space into him is. one of the greatest thing about time james to our. next d.w. . european stars deliver rousing performance of.
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