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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin jan follow macro admits she lost touch with the people in a dispute over germany's domestic spy chief backer social pay more attention to voters' concerns in the future but have the missteps in the homes he lost an affair permanently damaged her coalition government also coming up. a scientist who's pioneered a simple but effective solution to deforestation look at why his work has won what's known as the alternative the bell process. and the united states latest
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round of tariffs on chinese goods takes effect today beijing calls the move trade bullyism the tariff wars getting ever more better but so far neither side looks willing to compromise. plus hong kong authorizes authorities formally banned a political organization the hong kong national party led by any chance promotes independence from china the government says it is a threat to national security how far away is hong kong from direct rule by beijing . and we visit the beethoven fast and bog one of the highlights of peace commissioned by d.w. and performed by german and indian musicians. i'm brian thomas a very. warm welcome to the show we start here in berlin where chancellor all
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america has apologized for being out of touch with voters now that after leading members of her coalition became embroiled in a dispute over how to handle her controversy or domestic intelligence chief the decision to move into a higher paid position in the interior ministry met with a huge backlash the coalition has since walked back his pay raise and now america was trying to repair the damage just a month ago the punters lined up outside the chancellor's office for open day the chancellor they experienced was down to earth and approachable but this sense of connection sometimes gets lost something on the american seems to have noticed over the past week. it's all the more important of course that we now start solving people's problems we have resolved some of them but in some areas
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during the past months we were too concerned with ourselves that has to change in that there is no shortage of issues preoccupying ordinary german vote in this old age care for example pensions crime and climate change and most recently affordable housing but in recent months refugee and migration issues have dominated the agenda culminating in a debate about high ranking civil servants at the interior ministry not necessarily the average citizens main worry and. i was too focused on the workings of the interior ministry and gave too little consideration to what people think safety of its of anything and that's the toughest dimension so they should be. america coalition partner the s.p.d. concur. we need a new way of working in the coalition and we have to get out of the hysterical frame of mind that we have seen in the last few days. now the german government has
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pledged to turn a venue and to get to work in a way that the electorate can appreciate. well will it our d.w. chief political correspondent trains with us now and our crisis may have been avoided but voices inside the social democrats and the conservative say this government is hanging by a thread. that's absolutely right the government is riven by divisions and not only between the two big parties the social democrats and the christian democrats who govern in this grand coalition but also by divisions with in the conservative bloc that is to say within between chancellor merkel's christian democrats and the bavarian sister party the c.s.u. those divisions broke out in june and nearly brought the government down and they broke out again now over the last two and a half weeks just
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a reminder about how they played out in this particular case the head of the domestic intelligence service gave an interview to germany's largest tabloid newspaper in which he appeared to be playing down right wing violence that had taken place in eastern german city of camden at the end of august now supposedly he had okayed this interview in advance with his boss the interior minister who happens to be a leading figure in that varying conservative party his boss then essentially under pressure said ok he was willing to see this man move to a different position but in fact he wound up promoting him for higher pay and that led to this current scandal so the man in question has now been demoted once again but the government absolutely remains divided and if you look at polls the two parties that are joined here in this coalition would only get forty three percent of the vote if elections were to be held today that's one of the reasons
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they don't want the fight to come to the ultimate coming to namely new elections because they are worried they could no longer form a government and they're particularly worried about the rise of the right wing if tea party so that explains why they remain together but it's a very uneasy comradeship ok no no let's go back to the case you're this case calls public outrage. that outrage underscored the real gap between the governing politicians including the chancellor and the broad public have the politicians here in berlin addressed that gap with this decision briefly if you could place no i think this is very much a cosmetic decision you know we saw the government essentially completely preoccupied with itself for the past ten days devoting a kind of a crisis meeting to this subject alone seventy particular cent of germans are saying this is absolutely decreased their confidence in the government's ability to
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solve the tough issues that they need to be working on. did have you chief political correspondent linda crane thanks very much. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour the british prime minister theresa may is chairing a cabinet meeting today amid growing pressure to ditch her bracks of plan she's defended the blueprint despite your leaders rejecting key proposals it has at a summons allsburg last week may's conservatives are holding their annual party conference later this week with arrivals pushing for a hard. old francis is in latvia on the third day of his baltics tour the roman catholic leader celebrating mass at a shrine in the town of glow which is popular with pogroms because of an icon there believed to have healing powers the pope also praised the cooperation between latvia's mix of catholic distant and orthodox communities. well now we
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want to put the spotlight on those working to make the world a better place each year the right livelihood award honors people and organizations offering smart solutions for the environment and for development a swedish philanthropist created the ward because these areas are not authored by the more famous nobel prize and the award is therefore known as the alternative nobel prize there are four winners this year will be looking at them throughout the day here on the w. one of the awards goes to three of the most prominent defenders of human rights in saudi arabia all three of them are in prison for challenging the country's all true conservative and totalitarian rulers of amede mohammad khatami and will lead to a career are serving ten to fifteen year sentences their crimes advocating the separation of government powers advocating a transition to a constitutional monarchy and calling for a quality for all and that includes the abolishment of the system of male
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guardianship that deprives women of the most basic human rights joining me now from new york is my tawny she's the wife of mohammad khatami one of the three laureates thanks so much for being with us today what is a surprise mean for the public visibility of your husband and of the two other men in prison as well and really do you think more people will now get to know about the. yes thank you thank you for your all to public to make this a life. case like that. what are your hopes for for the future of saudi arabia this award has focused a lot of attention on your country what direction do you hope will be moving. help in moving forward justice for i think body and the country activities and all
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women and men die. all. people inside iraq. ok ma i did i understand it's a very emotional time for you with your husband stone prison i understand and thank you again for your time do you think this could help the situation for women and particularly for the end of the male guardian ship system in your country. oh i hope so i hope so i hope it's going to change because it's. with their arrest for a woman activists it's kind of hard to predict the future but. with with the this that we received today and the news it's it's kind of for we we get in some hope so we. oh ok do you think that international
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pressure like this can move saudi arabia toward some of the reforms that your husband has so bravely been fighting for i hope so. a little effect ok tani wife of a mom of a hard all caetano in prison in saudi arabia one of three alternate nobel prize laureates thanks so much and and we understand that there must be some mixed feelings for you today especially for your husband thanks very much maha for being with us thank you so much thanks and if you'd like to learn more about the other winners along with maz husband of course you go to the right livelihoods award section our website interview dot com now though let's go over to ban a lot of business today trade tensions hitting the financial markets if and only definitely traders are increasingly bracing for a pro trade war brian a lot of the key asian and european indices falling this monday washington's latest
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tariffs have kicked in for two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products beijing retaliating targeting sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods with extra duties. workers in a chinese factory making flags on banners for donald trump's reelection campaign in twenty twenty if you want an idea of the irony and complexity of the trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies here it is in a nutshell. the dispute has escalated dramatically since this meeting between the american president and his chinese counterpart teaching ping almost a year ago. so what's happened since then and what it meant for both economies let's take a look at last year the u.s. imported five hundred five billion dollars worth of goods from china back in june trump impose tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of them as of today further g.'s have come into effect on another two hundred billion dollars worth of goods on
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the other side to china its imports from the u.s. in twenty seventeen totaled one hundred twenty nine billion dollars in the summer china responded to u.s. tires by imposing duties on some fifty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods and now it's retaliation again by adding two she's to a further sixty billion dollars of u.s. products. meanwhile the war of words continues to. here's what u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o had to say about the trade war when he appeared on fox news on sunday. we know this much the trade war. against the united states has been going on for years. here's what's different in this administration to the extent to call this a trade war we are determined to win it china for its parts accuses the united states of bullying with no sign of a less up in the tit for tat spot economists say the real losers in this trade
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battle could ultimately be consumers in both countries. let's bring in our correspondent linda. linda what are people saying where you are is china going to come out on top. well china being a one party government since one thousand nine hundred forty nine it means that this has means to waste this trade war for longer and apart from terrorists it's actually launched the typical terrorist is also oil companies like alibaba has also backtracked its promise of treating a million jobs in the u.s. that this promise was made in twenty seventy and now it's a they no longer does it's going to do it because of the trade war that's ongoing and next week look at the population of over a billion and it's also one of the ways that you know the government could actually boost domestic consumption growth so these are some of the advantages that china my have when going into this trade war going forward for the long term and we're trying to could be. sustainable but at the same time reports keep rolling in of
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companies shifting production from china to other countries in the region surely that's going to hurt beijing at some stage thought one off the lawn bright star that we're seeing is the faster they expected imports growth and the signal that the message the mind might be holding up for now about to take note that the headwinds china has a population one billion over a billion yes but its population is also aging and due to the one child policy that it has come up with that has ended in twenty sixteen some people might think that it might not be right for them to have children anymore so these are some of the headwinds that china might be facing an aging population going forward so what is the next move in this trade for. well there are many ways for china to grow you know it has just before the trade what it has already looked at a robotics going it's robotics sectors and it's also making solar panels and sustainable energy and in fact a rising wages china not too attractive for manufacturing trade war or not
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and they're also tweet deals i mean there are also things like the multilateral deals like the regional comprehensive economic partnership that looks set to conclude by the end of the year and this this trade deal is actually one of the pieces the transpacific partnership that president donald trump as a cheap backed out of when he became president of the u.s. and china is looking to be part of this deal that comprises sixteen countries and it's very big i mean it's when it's concluded that it has three point four billion people with a g.d.p. of about forty nine trillion dollars and that's a key thirty nine percent of the world's g.d.p. and it's actually and china was. likely to be able to take advantage of the and we're also looking at one belt that's going to be financial products coming up china needs to come up with loans and this is one of the ways that china could perhaps not rely on this trade with the u.s. going forward in growing its economy that it sounds like the trade war could
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actually spark quite some progress for the chinese home for us in singapore. to come including the slow death of diesel for specter bryan and a controversial visit. that's right ben turkey's president want to visit germany later this week relations between the two countries have been strained following turkey's failed two two years ago and the subsequent government crackdown there yet there is also a strong connection between germany and turkey several waves of migration over decades have resulted in germany being home to the largest turkish population outside the home country today there are nearly three million people with turkish roots in germany half of them one point five million have a turkish passport among those who voted in turkey's presidential elections in june loyalty to president aired on was very strong aired a one got sixty five percent of the german turkish vote that's about two thirds and
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it's significantly higher than everyone's overall result of this three percent well for turks living here in germany integration is a big issue and many turks in germany for them sports especially football can be an important path towards that but even though turkish teammates often play an important role in their team's success some players say they're often viewed as outsiders w. visited one football team where more than half of the players have a migration background there's more than the berlin a k under nineteen squad couldn't have asked for a better start to the season today they're looking to extend a four game winning run more than half of the players have roots in turkey and such they're often referred to as the turkish club which angers some of the team. give us was the only thing that distinguishes me from
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a complete german with german roots is that i also have turkey shrift my parents are turkish but i think that should not matter that i was born here and i'm as much german as anyone. on the. german turks or germans but the turkish culture we live in this culture and that's completely ok. germany is generally a country with many cultures and also has a different culture than someone from hamburg. my needs was this bustling community club is proud of its diversity this is the club are keen to point out that the head of the use department doreen and goalkeeping coach anna are germans without migration backgrounds but they say their club lives and breathes multiculturalism of that oh. the m five hundred six and we have twenty six youth teams where twenty to thirty different nations play together integration has never been an issue for us the boys play football here no matter where you come from. poland
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croatia nigeria wherever it i will hear but it's not all kicking a ball in the room next door youngsters who can sometimes train four or five times a week who are sitting through a lesson provided by the club it's a firm believer that the kids also need good school grades to get on in society but it's their diversity that brings adversity club president mehmet ali han says racist hate messages and threatening phone calls are on the rise. for his club it's increasingly difficult to play clubs from the former east. he was particularly afraid of the game in kemet after recent far right demonstrations there. this is the fed we're going to go they say that fans of hitler everyone knows what
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hitler did. i don't even want to think about it anymore. barbecue night with one of the players families an opportunity to play football and share frustrations about what they see is society turning a blind eye to the attacks it's over cous cous and sausages that this club forges its reputation as a success story for social cohesion. so what are the paths forward for social cohesion to talk about that i'm happy to be joined by i don't is a political activist member of the social democrats and that is one issue you're looking at first of all thanks so much for being here you know how to create this cohesion we heard the club president in our report talking about racist hate messages on the rise you work closely with this issue here in berlin are you seeing that in your work. yeah it's more likely happening than it used to be in the past
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and i think one way is it became enormous. to send this message just i mean social media is much popular than it used to be in the past of course we didn't have that and it was more over that people maybe set it in bars or at their living room and now it's getting all there and people who see it as a normal way of communicating so you need a way of stopping it and saying it's on tried would you things behind what's driving this increase and not only in social media but on the telephone the president talking about getting phone calls with hate messages what's driving that . i mean people say that it's fear and that people are afraid but the question is what are they afraid off i mean we see discussions in the east and we need a new see how many percentage of people have an immigration background there that is like what are they afraid of because i mean they don't see the people there so
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how can they happen and maybe it's the lack of communication and that there is no exchange with people with an immigration background and they are i don't know but for me is that became more and more but unknown to me to become. to it make it racist comments ok now as we saw there and what you're saying is that communication and being together is simply a good way to reduce those years you know in addition to to football like we just saw there what are some other ways to bring the turkish and german communities closer together i mean we are all together it's not always only bringing people together it's also putting people in representative positions in all their make them all the desertions because we always talk about the integration is an effect that we say that the people within immigration background. that minority has to be active it's also the my during. the german society who has to be opened up
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give people positions opportunities we need to them as representatives and then i think things will change because we as a person who is the fact that by it i thing i can understand other facing discrimination and racism and do something against it and be a president to have somewhere but be much more effective and then i mean doing coming together football is very important doing dinners together into cultural festivals is important but is only one part of it ok so both sides have a responsibility here is it more of a question of integration or is it a question of accepting diversity definitely accepting. i mean there is no way off they stick with the people with the turkish origin that there is one way of being turkish the group is so they're worse and we have to accept and say they're
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all kind of people they're dong political activists member of the social democrats thanks so much for being with us. on some sports now the german football association the d.f.e. is investigating bursey adore for unsporting behavior now that's after the club fans held up a banner depicting hoffenheim chairman de mar hop in crosshairs hoffenheim said that was quote incitement to murder the banner which bore the legend hostilities the hope was unveiled at saturday's win this league clash with hoffenheim previously press charges against some dortmund fans and banned them from the stadium durban chief executive. backi called the fans behavior completely unacceptable. staying with sports golfer tiger woods is roared back to form with his first tournament victory in five years back injuries and of course personal problems of dog the american for
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a number of seasons but he comfortably won the tour championship in a while by two shots on sunday his confidence boosting win comes at the perfect time for the u.s. with the ryder cup against europe starting up on friday and woods saying it was a personal highlight as he claimed p.g.a. tour title number eight. terminals over put the bunker the bunker shot on the green and at one eighty and. you know it is a big number. you know sitting on a seventy nine for five years now and to get it is. pretty damn good feeling. tiger woods there while diving backwards from a twenty seven metre high cliff into the adriatic now the cliff diving world series is not for the faint hearted sunday showpiece hosted on the coast of southern italy saw two stars of the daredevil sport securing world titles in the final leg of the
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series the british diver gary hart sailing his first ever cliff diving world title breathtaking style beating competitors from the united states and for mexico to record a crucial fourth went in the series. and the reigning world champion rianna if one of australia defended her crown in the women's about. this is due to be news still to come on the show authorities in hong kong banned a pro independence party calling it a threat to national security is this move setting a dangerous precedent. and music from a piece called kiss my specially commissioned by d w for the beethoven festival gone it's an annual event in the composer's hometown our culture editor will be
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joining us here for more on that and other highlights from the fest. all that much more straight ahead. the gatekeepers of europe outsourcing border controls to africa. pays billions of euros to african countries even dictatorships. something close the borders. and keep people from the continent. but does that mean. solve the refugee problem. just like minutes on t.w. . first day in school in the jungle. the first clinging lesson. doors grandma is arrives. jointly
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ranting on her journey back to freedom. in our interest of documentary. and on regulating returns home on t w dot com tanks. an unusual friendship. is the story of paul and jock hope. is a student from cameroon b. other a filmmaker from germany is ready or not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how it is. on europe's most dangerous. up. what began as a documentary. my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and. became a story about those seeking. and those who know. when
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poaching over the scene from cameroon to berlin starts oct fourth on t w e. welcome back to news live from berlin our top stories this hour german chancellor all america has apologized for the handling of the crisis over her former head of domestic intelligence who says she lost touch with the concerns of voters during that crisis. and three saudi human rights activists a former anticorruption crusaders from latin america are among this year's winners of the right livelihood award also known as the alternative nobel prize it recognizes people offering solutions for the causes of global problems as well as those who suffer for their beliefs. to chinatown authorities
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in hong kong have banned the political party that calls for independence from china they've ordered the national party and sled by the twenty year old and the chant to cease all operations immediately it is the first time the government of hong kong has taken such a step since britain handed over control of the territory to china in one thousand nine hundred seven opponents fear this move sets a dangerous precedent. the government in hong kong said it had decided to ban the national party because it was a threat to security announcing the move hong kong secretary for security described the group as extremist it has also will make it very clear that it will make use of all means to achieve its goal. and this includes the option of using force. is also used terms of the revolution. the young leader of the party twenty eight year old andy chan predicted the
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crackdown at a meeting of foreign correspondents in hong kong last month due to the nature of how the chinese public and western works the national party was instantly demonize as some sort of extremist group do this thing go word independence. chan denies accusations he wants to ferment violence but he accuses beijing actually voting freedoms in hong kong and says the only way for the territory to get full democracy is to break away from china. anyhow. he says he was inspired to set up his party after the failure of what became known as the umbrella protest movement back in twenty fourteen demonstrators there also accuse china every meeting on a promise of autonomy and interfering too much in the running of pan kong. but china and its supporters such as these demonstrators in hong kong last month i determined to take a hard line beijing says it will be no tolerance for any groups advocating for
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separation from the mainland it say's such acts should and will be punished. or will the spanish will continue to lead joins us now in the studio hello. is this move an indicator that hong kong's political freedoms are in fact being eroded by the central government in beijing i think it's difficult to say of this and i guess . eroding hong kong's freedom because the issue of independence itself is very disputed and home within the whole course of scientific has while some say that beijing's grip tightening its grip on hong kong some say that it's totally fine for china to do this because this is natural like it can be like what it's happened anywhere in the world however i think what we can say is that this ban poses a threat to the freedom of speech and hong kong because. what they used to be no guidelines at all like people can talk about the put their political ideas and then
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they can criticize the government but now there is like i got light has been set up and then there is like a red line that khan be crossed so to say but how can you define that lie like today we can say that ok hong kong independence is the line how about tomorrow maybe tomorrow i can talk about democracy and again i can replenish so it can affect hong kong's freedom of speech in some way ok we saw the freedom of speech issue very jealously guarded by activists in the past a lot of demonstrations over the past few years in hong kong the party. that's been banned there h k p it's a small party and as you mentioned independence which it promotes is not very popular in hong kong could there be a backlash now could we see more people supporting independence from china my feeling is that it's not going to like change anything like this ban it's not going to change a lot because. i've watched the news today there has been
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a lot of reaction from the society yet maybe but i think it's not only because that pot is not popular enough and it's that people are going to have seen similar cases so many times the past few years for example like recently just been a controversy about beijing setting up. like immigration control points in the middle of the city and that's because of. new way of highway and that's causing a lot of controversy and cases like this. people just think that. the freedom of the freedom that the high level of autonomy has been affected but they are kind of tired of all this they can't they feel that the conduit anything about this. so they're doing is more basic problems yet you transportation what what why is china . increasingly sensitive by all when we look at the straits of china for example
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about its national security and its national sovereignty right now especially when we look at places like hong kong i think china has always been sensitive about its about the border when it comes to syria and russia knows sovereignty and. you know as i've said as also been a lot of discussion about what is is that actually correct to such a ban on this on this policy because. like as i've said some people just think that that's totally natural totally normal for china to do that because it has to protect its like it's sovereignty but while some say ok this is like a. business like really a friend affecting the freedom of people in hong kong. when lee thanks very much for your insights today the. other is now in the main opposition candidate in the maldives is claiming a surprise victory in the country's presidential election pretty provisional
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results are giving him a home and slowly well over fifty percent of the vote against the incumbent you mean the you in the u.s. of threatened sanctions if the vote was not free and fair. celebrations on the streets of the capital of mali as the reign of a yemeni is supposedly over. the winner mohammad soli led a combined force of two opposition parties and had the support of past presidents they united with one goal in mind to lobby on an anti corruption platform that would defeat mean however the victory is still surprising mainly because it's believed that you mean control the country's electoral commission and public broadcaster among other institutions yet he also made several very unpopular decisions such as imprisoning or exiling key political opponents and arresting two judges from the country's supreme court voter turnout was very high with all but
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two ballot boxes counted a local newspaper reported that opposition leader slowly got more than fifty eight percent of the votes while the amine got less than forty two you mean had hoped to rule for a second term the winner was ecstatic this is a moment of happiness this is a moment of hope this is a moment of history for many. this has been a difficult journey a journey that has led to a put isn't so. it's been a journey that a complete politicized issue on the an but i don't know public institutions. congratulating the country's new president was a former president of maldives mohamed nasheed who himself lives in exile in sri lanka. led to the condenser let under the drive home the sunday visit to let. the dream. that it streamed
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be clipped a. bit in the last point is pretty soon start with that is. no word yet from the loser the final results will be announced within seven days according to the chief of the maldives electoral commission. well in just under two weeks time brazil will choose its new president it has been a tumultuous few years for south america's biggest nation following the impeachment of one president and the jelling of another leading the polls right now is share also noro he's the far right politician who's about a tough crackdown on crime and corruption earlier this month he was seriously injured when he was stabbed during a campaigning event he spent the last few weeks in hospital but those injuries and heavy criticism for comments condemned as raises sexes and even homophobic have not managed to stop the presidential front runners right. well
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a group of women in brazil are among those who say balls and hours remarks on the campaign trail are outrageous and indicate he's unfit to be president and they're determined to stop him becoming leader d.w. social media editor called last ones here to talk about that a local so we have comments getting him into some very hot water yeah absolutely i mean he is a polarizing candidate he draws a lot of comparisons actually to a certain us president with his divisive statements along the campaign trail both snarl has insulted minorities gays and in particular women and just to give you a sense here are some of his most controversial statements that he's made over the past few years here he's said some interesting things about women during a t.v. interview in twenty sixteen he said women should earn a smaller salary because they get pregnant last spring at a public event he said this about his own kids he said i have five children i have four boys and in the fifth i weakened and the girl came is currently appealing a fine that he received for saying this to
4:41 pm
a fellow congresswoman he said i wouldn't rape you because you don't deserve it so perhaps it's not surprising then women voters now rejecting him in increasing numbers in fact according to a poll this month nearly half of all brazilian women say they would not support olson r.-o. that is eighty. one percent increase from august so maybe losing some support there ok so there's been been some consequences for comments like these in the polls right now and also there's an online movement building against them right you know this is a campaign that's now gaining strength recently on social media it's all behind a hash tag called ellen now which means not him and this is actually a pretty big campaign now on social media one and cybil sonora facebook group had around three million members and you can see some of the hundreds of thousands of posts here from twitter and instagram is also being used to mobilize a nationwide rally next weekend and we're even seeing now brazilian female
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celebrities speaking out as well this is actress deborah said go and she writes that's not him that hashtag isn't just about politics it's about morality it's about having freedom and dignity to be and to think whatever you want which i hope my daughter will have and i hope all your children will have it too that's why not . ok well despite zero now and the rising boyce's that are expressing concern he still has a very good chance of becoming the next president of iran and he's the frontrunner right now according to the polls and in fact that status is really due in part actually because of support from women seventeen percent of brazilian women say that they would support him that makes him the top candidate in terms of support from women it's a very crowded field he actually has a strong online presence in terms of his female supporters as well they have a nickname for themselves the bulls the meet us voters go to the polls october seventh from their bowls and if he finishes first will likely end up in
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a runoff with the second place candidate over some two will will a lot of. carlos with thanks very much for bringing us up to date. german chancellor angela merkel met comic is on sunday to discuss extra measures to avoid large scale diesel bans across the country among the most contentious issues engine retrofits which the sectors so far opposed that the summit ended in conclusively had to sit to continue later this week. perhaps b.m.w. wanted to show a little goodwill the c.e.o. came to chancellor angela merkel's office in an electric car for his company there's a lot at stake the same for mercedes boss tetra and v.w. management they'll be meeting with macko finance minister shots and transport minister sure once again the subject is driving bans for diesel vehicles the coalition wants to prevent this is much as possible but the industry does not want
4:44 pm
to make any promises for retrofitting. it instead for clean air in the cities fleet renewal remains our priority we've also talked about retrofitting now they'll be discussions at the federal level and the individual car manufacturers will do the same with an automobile has been like a tone but the green party demands the conversion of all vehicles that don't meet exhaust emissions standards and so my high school activities and they always say that only older diesels are affected but it isn't true there are many of the relatively new euro five diesel vehicles which totally exceed the standard values and many of the newest euro sixty s. of vehicles considered the most modern don't meet the standards that's why we demand that the vehicles be retrofitted at the expense of the car industry. the german government has blocked the retrofitting of older diesel engines and prefers offering incentives to buy new vehicles the big car bosses left until america is office without a deal but the german chancellor wants to present
4:45 pm
a solution for diesel vehicles by the end of the month. the potential diesel bans in many germans and his main mall business is a switching to electric cars from thomas vans to delivery trucks the technology is developing rapidly and can be seen at the international motor show and head of gemini we took a peek this van could be something out of a science fiction novel the urban attic will be able to master the road without a human driver trades been run for dusky likes that. that's despite the fact that he's looking for something a little bit less futuristic. doesn't answer to these are just futuristic concepts we obviously need practical models and affordable vehicles right now i think the industry understands there's a huge demand if. chinese car makers are here to avoid he rented the maxus e.-v. eighty from psych half a year ago and he's happy with it it's not like jurors lee equipped but it has
4:46 pm
other advantages most importantly fast charging technology. benefit and effect this vehicle has a range of almost two hundred kilometers it can carry a load of one ton i can load a drawer system in there and it has a huge loading area and all that for a relatively interesting price i'm still waiting for the germans to make something like that. spend some. time there is presenting the evasions of its classic sprinter and veto models and void of he could be one of the first customers he's preordered an electric veto for forty three thousand euros but he still has one concern the full battery only has a one hundred kilometer range. a solution would be a standard installation of fast loading technology which would enable drivers to recharge quickly but the main german car makers are dragging their feet could be customers don't need more range. hey i'll just was out and it's we aim for one
4:47 pm
hundred kilometers under all conditions also in winter and with heating and that's according to what customers said is the norm when it comes to their needs they drive sixty to eighty kilometers a day six times a week that they can charge at night but that should be sufficient. once to get a real feel and takes the vehicle first banned from the outside the event it was very similar to its diesel engine cousin. already has ten diesel vetoes in his fleet. so his workers would hardly have to adjust. these models were available now i'd be ready to say i don't have to settle for vans from nissan or the chinese ones because i'd also be taking repairs and service in the long term into consideration. from small transporters to heavy trucks with electric engines there's no more time for present and future prototypes. production ready evy it
4:48 pm
goes now. the price of oil has hit a four year high brant crude spiked a day off the members of opec a group of oil producing nations were ruled out increasing output at decision to five calls from the united states which fears that the sanctions it really imposed on oil rich iran will put pressure on global supply a barrel of the black stuff will currently set you back over eighteen dollars but some analysts believe the costs would rise to could rise to one hundred in the coming months. as a new merger in the gold industry a canadian company barack gold has taken over its rival brand gold that makes it a largest gold company wide the new will have a market value of around eighteen billion u.s. dollars according to rank gold it's headquartered in the channel islands that operates gold mines in the ivory coast. and the democratic republic of congo the price of gold is under pressure since february the precious metals value has by
4:49 pm
more than thirteen percent some analysts believe the merger could boost the best of confidence. who make the lists and who gets thrown off it that's the big question every autumn when the german stock market presents the top thirty companies that have made it on to the dax germany's index of blue chip stocks comet's bank has been in the dax since it was founded but it no longer beats the criteria it's being replaced by y. a cut a new comer that makes payment software also being revamped is the tech dax the index for the thirty largest tech stocks new rules allow a company to be listed on both the dax and the tech next.
4:50 pm
news ache from a piece called kismat especially commissioned by d.w. for the beethoven festival in vaughan it's an annual event and the composer's home town one of the many highlights of the festival is this campus concert where young musicians from different parts of the world come together to make music. and robin merrill from our culture desk is here for more on this now day to robin east meets west in bonn tell us about the i mean very much so every year the german youth orchestra gets with musicians of another country. and this year it's india there are other musicians involved as well and indeed five german percussionists went to india from a group called splash went to india to sort of learn indian musical styles from some of the great for caution is there and i must say this campus project it's all about the rehearsing really the end concert is
4:51 pm
a bowl but it's the rehearsing getting to know each other getting to know each other's musical cultures as you said d.w. commissions a brand new piece of music every year we had a t.v. there were his morning second composed by the austrian percussionist band hot shrimp bag and the indian virtue and so on the band sooty flutes we saw in their. regime the food is a sort of bamboo equivalent of the western flute anyway here's how this year's campus projects got started. british five students of classical percussion in germany were sent by the beethoven festival to mumbai to rehearse with young indian musicians. these included cataract dancers who's written it damps into go to india and percussion. just.
4:52 pm
reunited in bond they are now in a race against the clock they are rehearsing kismet a new competition for bansuri flute percussion and orchestra. means this to me so. this means always to really look forward and that's the way the music is as well from the start i asked myself what would it beethoven do possibly not indian music but that's not the point he would do something new he would want to do something that hadn't been heard before something that interested him and he would try to break down barriers. so. the moment of truth approaches the premie at the beethoven festival in poland.
4:53 pm
and it seems to be all right on the night a standing ovation. five days hard work has given a good result thank you so much and love the audience you know what a receptive audience with amazing listeners. to. the experiment combining european and indian sounds and rhythms is a hit. it's been had for a long time you know has a robert i'm looking at this i'm reminded of ravi shankar in the beatles a working city back in the sixty's so it has a long historical precedent in this festival is seeing a very diverse offering with a lot of global artists yeah indeed the there were fifty seven concerts in the last three weeks the opening concert was actually by the film monaco to radio france
4:54 pm
conducted by the finnish maestro mico frank there was a belgian orchestras there was a british orchestra that lots of international artists and also the violinist passed tricia patchin skya who's actually moldova an austrian and swiss evidently so you can get all the about diversity. and she put before him the number of pieces barefooted so that which we can't really see there but she was performs better foot with the bat cammarata from switzerland she was made the director of the band coming up this year instead and i should mention of course there were also many performances of works. why the great god himself we haven't really mentioned many of his performances ok and the festival the beethoven festivals already gearing up for a very special anniversary indeed in two years in twenty twenty eight would be to the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of beethoven's bust the city of ball is expecting is gearing itself up for an influx of what would you call the music
4:55 pm
tourism. and the festival will be on a much bigger scale the anniversary actually begins we'll take over the whole year the anniversary itself in the b. exhibitions film projects lectures and of course the major movie in september the the festival itself as always is the media so we all know where to go for the best information that's all websites d.w. dot com slash and i should just mention concerning the other well the this is a campus project so there's a special trying to you all not this week it's next week's. be old about the campus project and that piece called kismet ok has met destiny a lot to look forward to there romero as ever thanks very much for bringing us up to date that festival is fantastic as ever beethoven a huge magnet for music lovers this is the live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get more on these and other
4:56 pm
stories our web site you know dot com i'm brian thomas for the entire team thanks for being with us. the to the.
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peoples of europe outsourcing border controls to africa. pays billions of euros to african countries even dictatorships of. the close the borders. and keep people from feeling the continent. but there's got to be a song for the refugees called. this genius phone d.w. .
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great yourself with g w interior design channel on to. a museum says mr bush let's focus on some new sas some of the so-called changes not to just kind of fill those lists ahead but of. people have put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on the dummy. the contentious figure at home. he wrote in germany. from the fall of the early. to german reunification. and the end of the current. form charles was one of the brit hume so for the twentieth century. because the
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gorbachev of the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. quickly measures downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president to offer soviet union. lost. but she's one historical but i'm sure of one because of course. she continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by units we have to comprehend when peace has taken our search but today there is a new arms race. our time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace waster starts october third on t w.
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this is state of the news coming to you live from berlin german shells were on the back will admit she lost touch with the people in a dispute over germany's domestic spy chief bekele says she'll pay more attention to voters' concerns in the future but if the missteps in the hans scaled mohsen affair permanently damaged her coalition government also coming up three saudi human rights activists a former anticorruption crusaders in guatemala and a scientist working on reforestation a profile.


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