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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin more drama and confusion at the white house that says u.s. deputy attorney general brosnan's time is summoned because he resigns or will he be fired by president trump what's ahead for the man whose affectively in charge of the russian investigation will be live in washington with the latest also chancellor merkel admits she lost touch with the people in the dispute over germany's domestic spy chief says she'll pay more attention now to voters' concerns
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but have the missteps in the hans-georg mohsen affair permanently damaged her coalition government. plus three saudi human rights activists a former corruption crusaders in guatemala and the scientists working on the report station we profile the winners of an award known as the alternative nobel prize. well i'm terry martin good to have you with us unconfirmed u.s. media reports say that deputy attorney attorney general rod rosenstein has been summoned to the white house and is in for a bout to resign or be fired this comes after rosenstein reportedly suggested that aides take president on a conversation he's also alleged to have raised the idea of invoking the twenty fifth amendment of the us constitution. trump removed from office rosenstein is in
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charge of the investigation into the trump campaign's connections to russia after rosenstein balsa attorney general jeff sessions had to recuse himself. well let's go straight over to washington d.c. where our correspondent there is following this developing story it's reported that u.s. deputy attorney general rob rosenstein could be able to job what more can you tell us. so terry it does actually matter whether or not he is about to be fired or whether or not he decides to resign because the distinction here is that if he resigns trump gets to appoint the next guy and the thing about rosenstein is he's been basically acting as a human shield standing in front of robert mueller is russia investigation as you mentioned and as we know trump and his administrations are not fans of this investigation we know there are reports that trump had tried to fire moeller last
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summer had tried to shut down the investigation and if trump gets to appoint the next person that person can to shut it down can throw up major roadblocks to hinder mahler's investigation can maybe even leak what muller is working on to the white house and compare them in advance so all we know right now is that there is going to maybe be some sort of change in rod rosen size employment status but how that happens actually ends up mattering a lot and i suspect we're going to find that out within the next hour if not several hours ok we'll if rosenstein ends up resigning or being fired or removed from his post if that shield as you describe it to the russia probe is gone how will the russia pro be affected. it could very deeply affect it for now we know that robert muller will continue doing what he's been working on.
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if it ends up that rosenstein does resign because there are a lot of reports saying that he even offered to resign last week when this new york times story broke and it was a big embarrassment to both him and to the trump administration if it turns out that he does resign and there is a certain process within the justice department for who would then step up to the next role and the next guy is possibly somebody who is a lot more sympathetic to trump as a lot less sympathetic to robert muller now we should mention that the reason why jeff sessions the attorney general is not the person who's overseeing all of this it would normally be the person overseeing all this is that he recused himself way back at the beginning of the trumpet ministration because he had some unreported conversations with the russian ambassador during the twenty sixteen campaign and he saw fit to step back from what was going on and thus rod rosenstein came to the
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fore as the person who was essentially robert muller's boss and now this is all being thrown wide open and again it really does matter whether or not he's coing to be fired or resign if he's fired it's a lot murkier as to what's going to happen after that well it thank you so much for now the w.'s most waiter there in washington. well german chancellor angela merkel has apologized for being out of touch with voters so after public outrage forced her coalition government to reverse its decision by promoting the controversial head of the domestic intelligence agency though many observers say the affair has weakened an already fragile coalition. admitting a mistake and then apologizing for it is something you rarely see in german politics but that's what german chancellor on the americal did when she called last week's decision about how mohsen unconvincing. president foghat i
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was too focused on the workings of the interior ministry and gave too little consideration to what people think rightly when they hear that someone is getting promoted i deeply regret that this could happen. you see in quanta that's been the interior minister horst hope for delivered the compromise reached this weekend over the future of germany's soon to be former domestic intelligence chief it's a few presidents the current president of the federal office for the protection of the constitution. will henceforth serve a special advisor to the interior minister with the rank of department head there he will be responsible for european adventure national matters. into knots and all of the scrutiny said last week there were calls for hans-georg mohsen to be sacked after he apparently downplayed recent my confinement in the city of kemet he
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was to be removed from his post and then to get a promotion in the interior ministry that sparked widespread public anger prompting new negotiations between on the american c.d.u. their bavarian sister party the c.s.u. led by horst c. who for and the social democrats s.p.d. leader on delay in knowledge gave her reaction in berlin following ze hope for his announcement. i have spoken again with the c.d.u. and c.s.u. leaders and i think that it's a very good sign that if we took the criticism of our decision on tuesday seriously and could resolve it i would like to thank i'm going to call and horse a horse if it's taking up my initiative. an initiative that in theory at least should spell the end of the mountain crisis and help lift the latest cloud over unless. you. are chief political correspondent a
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crane is following this story of the chancellor as they are caved into public pressure reversed a decision and apologised to voters for being out of touch what does this tell us about the current state of germany's government. it tells us first of all that the government remains riven with divisions not only between the two big parties the social democrats and the conservatives but within the conservative party itself it tells us secondly that the government is aware that these divisions and the government's preoccupation with internal conflicts are definitely costing it's support if you look at the latest polls seventy two percent of germans say they're losing confidence in the government due to this latest crisis and the two parties taken together that are governing in this grand coalition would only have forty three percent of the vote if elections were to be held tomorrow that of course is less than a majority and thirdly what all this tells us is that the parties nonetheless the
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s.p.d. and the conservatives are determined to remain in this marriage of convenience despite all the strains the reason for that of course is that number that i just told you they would not get a majority if they were to run if there were elections to be held today who would surely see an increase in support would be the far right party and essentially none of the parties in the governing coalition want that so you could say in many ways that it's better of the rise of the far right is holding this government hostage in this very uncomfortable marriage of convenience well as you describe the government is under massive pressure at this point but the two main parties in merkel's coalition are now vowing to stop bickering and get on with the business of governing is that likely to happen under the current conditions. much depends on the interior minister he has played a leading role both in this latest crisis and in the crisis that nearly brought the
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government down in june. essentially what he has done in both cases is to try to play a nationalist populist card taking positions that were too extreme even for uncle americal christian democrats or conservatives and doing that because he is determined to try to win support from people in his home state of bavaria who might otherwise vote for that far right party i mentioned the a.f.d. the reason he's so worried about that party is that there is a very important election coming up in bavaria in the middle of october so all eyes in germany are now fixed on that election and there are a lot of questions about what will be the fate of the varian conservatives if they have a poor showing in that election that could then impact on the interior minister's. position and also his tendency to keep playing this this right wing nationalist
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card but i think certainly until that election things remain there a volatile indeed linda thank you so much for now d.w. chief political correspondent milena crane. now to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today opposition supporters in the mall deeds are celebrating ibraheem sully's surprise win in sunday's presidential election so lee who campaigned as a reformer now has to hold together a coalition which includes all rivals outgoing president. conceded defeat in a televised address he was criticized for cracking down on opponents during his term in office. and us president ultra has dismissed the sexual assault allegations against his supreme court pick brett kavanaugh as politically motivated trump said he was with him all the way cabinet on his accuser are due to testify before
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a senate panel on thursday another woman has also claimed sexual misconduct by cabinet in a magazine article. now today we're shining a spotlight on those working to make the world a better place each year the right livelihood award authors those creating smart solutions for the environment and develop it the award is known as the alternative nobel prize there are four winners this year and we've been looking at them across the day here at t w one of the winners. saw dougal has been recognized for turning barren land into first all forests in his native postle. when you. said he would plant a forest in the desert his neighbors thought he was mad. but the forest grew. now some would go travels around his native brook enough aso to teach his technique
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using a traditional method called he shows farmers how to dig small pits and fill them with compost to protect the seeds the mounds attract termites whose tunnels trap rainwater. positive problem i want the training program to be the starting point of many fruitful exchanges in the region. so i would go has been a farmer for most of his life when a drought was forcing thousands to flee the semi arid saheli region of central africa in the one nine hundred seventy s. he stayed and began experimenting with traditional techniques. since then he has created some of the most diverse forests in the region and his methods have saved hundreds of square kilometers of arid land from desert if occasion the reclaimed soil allows farmers to produce crops even in times of drought so would though has gained international recognition for his work in two thousand and ten he was
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a featured guest at the united nations convention to combat the certification. mistake yes so i do. but the farmer spends most of his time back home in burkina faso. fighting deforestation during times of climate change takes constant care and vigilance. and his community depends on his knowledge to bring life back to the land. for many so i would go has given them a reason to stay. if you want to learn more about the other winners of the right livelihood awards you'll find them on our website that's a call. though it's already in hong kong have banned a political party that calls for independence from china they've ordered the national party led by twenty eight year old the chant to cease all operations immediately it's the first time the government in hong kong has taken such
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a step since britain handed over control of the territory to china in one thousand nine hundred seven opponents fear the move sets a dangerous precedence. the government in hong kong said it had decided to ban the national party because it was a threat to security announcing the move hong kong secretary for security described the group as extremist it has also will make it very clear that it will make use of all means to achieve its goal. and this includes the option of using force. is also used terms of the revolution. the young leader of the party twenty eight year old andy chan predicted the crackdown at a meeting of foreign correspondents in hong kong last month due to the nature of how the chinese public and machine works the national party was instantly demonized
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as some sort of extremist group due to the single word independence. chan denies accusations he wants to ferment violence but he accuses beijing actually brooding freedoms in hong kong and says the only way for the territory to get full democracy is to break away from china. he says he was inspired to set up his party after the failure of what became known as the umbrella protest movement back in twenty fourteen demonstrators there also accuse china every meeting on a promise support on a me and interfering too much in the running of pan kong. but china and its supporters such as these demonstrators in hong kong last month i determined to take a hard line beijing says it will be no tolerance for any groups advocating for separation from the mainland it say's such acts should and will be punished. and mentioning china the sino american trade dispute is hitting financial markets
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bands here with business that their trade is wearing creasing lee preparing and bracing for a prolonged trade war a key asian european and u.s. indices all falling this monday washington's latest tariffs of kick in for two hundred billion dollars worth of chinese products beijing retaliating now giving sixty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods with extra duties. workers in a chinese factory making flags and banners for donald trump's reelection campaign in twenty twenty if you want an idea of the irony and complexity of the trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies here it is in a nutshell the dispute has escalated dramatically since this meeting between the american president and his chinese counterpart ping almost a year ago so what's happened since then and what it meant for both economies let's take a look at last year the u.s. imported five hundred five billion dollars worth of goods from china back in june
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trying to impose tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of them as of today further g.'s have come into effect on another two hundred billion dollars worth of goods. on the other side to china it's imports from the u.s. and twenty seventeen total one hundred twenty nine billion dollars in the summer china responded to u.s. tires by imposing duties on some fifty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods and now it's retaliation again by adding judy's to a further sixty billion dollars of u.s. products. meanwhile the war of words continues to. here's what u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o had to say about the trade war when he appeared on fox news on sunday. we know this much the trade war. against the united states has been going on for years. here's what's different in this administration to the extent one wants to call this a trade war we are determined to win it china for its part accuses the united
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states of bullying with no sign of a less open the tit for tat spot economists say the real losers in this trade battle could ultimately be consumers in both countries. who will make the cut and who will get the chop the big question every autumn when the german stock market presents the top thirty companies that make it on to the decks germany's index of blue chip stocks come at spunk has been on the back since it was founded but it no longer makes the criteria it's being replaced by why a cut a new comer that makes payment software also being revamped is the tech dax index for the thirty largest tech stocks new rules allow a company to be listed on both the dax and the tech that. germany's biggest lended largest bank also losing its position in the euro stocks fifty today and there's more bad news but it is with us as you can see here the frankfurt stock exchange.
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seems to have trouble preventing terrified of seeing a money go. he yes it does indeed and the german watchdog and financial watchdog has had it with the lender and is now sending someone to monitor progress in an unprecedented move it is sending audit firm k p m. to the bank to report on the progress of improving security and getting its house in order the problem seems to be lying in the process of identifying customers in the investment banking sector something that's usually done automatically automatically what's the problem how can doit should not know who it's customers up. yes. as i mentioned it's usually an automated process but the i t department document is notorious for being
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a mess former i.t. had actually called the company a dysfunctional. according to its standards usually there's a sixty four pieces of information that are pulled automatically. on a customer and then reported but don't choose i t systems can seem to be handling that it's got problems with forwarding attachments and so that there is no automated process here it's got problems especially in russia as just came out and that's. interesting since the bank was slapped with a fine of six hundred million euros over six hundred euro's just a year ago for helping money laundering from the wealthy russians. because it's worse right but. german chancellor angela merkel met comic is on
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sunday to discuss additional measures to avoid large scale diesel vehicle bans in german cities the so-called diesel summit ended in conclusively they'll be more talks later this week the automotive industry is taking the initiative though at the a commercial vehicle show in hanover electric cars are taking center stage. this van could be something out of a science fiction novel the urban adequate less futuristic. doesn't appear to please or just futuristic concepts we obviously need practical models and affordable vehicles right now i think the industry understands there's a huge demand if. chinese car makers are here to avoid death he rented the maxus evie eighty from psych half a year ago and he's happy with it it's not luxuriously equipped but it has other advantages most importantly fast charging technology. benefit and
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effect this vehicle has a range of almost two hundred kilometers you can carry a load of one ton i can load a drawer system in there and it has a huge loading area and all that for a relatively interesting price i'm still waiting for the germans to make something like that. and that. done there is presenting the evasions of its classic sprinter and vito models and void of he could be one of the first customers he's preordered an electric veto for forty three thousand euros but he still has one concern the full battery only has a one hundred kilometer range. a solution would be a standard installation of fast loading technology which would enable drivers to recharge quickly but the main german car makers are dragging their feet could be customers don't need more range. you know i was us was out and it's we aim for one hundred kilometers under all conditions also in winter and with heating and that's
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according to what customers said is the norm when it comes to their needs they drive sixty to eighty kilometers a day six times a week that they can charge at night but that should be sufficient. roi of a ski once to get a real feel and takes the vehicle first band from the outside the ito is very similar to its diesel engine cousin. he has ten diesel vetoes in his fleet so his workers would hardly have to adjust. these models were available now i'd be ready to say i don't have to settle for vans from nissan or the chinese ones because i'd also be taking repairs and service in the long term into consideration . from small transporters to heavy trucks with electric engines there's no more time for present and future prototypes buyers need production ready e.-v. it goes now. like that. it's big.
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i'll have a full fifteen minutes visit news for you next up there thanks been we're talking football now and football focus is on london on today the world's the sports world governing body hosts the best fit for football awards which recognise the world's best male and female players well thought last decade the award has been shared between two players on the male side but this year could see a new winner. christiane or naldo and you know messi have dominated the individual football awards for ten years that this year there's a new comer in town creation style new car madre mess he was left out in the cold when it came to the future play of the year shortlist that means moderates will be up against his former reale madrid teammate ranald or. any of a poor forward. those close to moderates think he deserves it. he was
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the best player in the club what got the best player and what got there and you don't know. i hope the look of which will take place this or. moderates doesn't come close to the forty four goals that were nadal and sa banked in four reanimate dritte and liverpool respectively but his genius isn't measured in goals the midfielder was to create a force that drove reale matric to a third straight champions league title. then he played an inspirational role as creation of reach the world cup final and that won him some high profile fans. championed all but they had a great season with real madrid by winning the champions league yet a beautiful world cup and was a finalist in the tournament so logically you should win but i don't know it's not me who makes the final decision but i voted for. the man so i think he's a fantastic player. a wonderful footballer but also great mentality and
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physically for somebody that's not good in stature is alive in terms of the way towards the amazon if moderates finally ends the mess you are not a stranglehold of the more than a few rows of delight in zagreb. is. just a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today the w news u.s. deputy attorney general roger rosen rob rosenstock has been summoned to the white house. where according to u.s. media reports he's expected to either resign or be fired this comes after he allegedly criticized president troll. for watching b.w. news thanks for being with us. on the.
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faces. dive into the cultural riches of this city and its romantic surroundings there are more than one hundred castles and palaces of course the best way to do trip to the countryside is by by. next. just cooling off. with the help of climate engineering it's conceivable. using cells apostle as a protective shield pumping ocean voice and. removing come undone scientists. but is that really
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a good idea what about the side effects. tomorrow to. sixty minutes. a contentious figure at home. in germany. gorbachev is one of the greats. euro's of the twentieth century because gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder i manage we have to comprehend when he says taken us today there is a new arms race. hour of time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts october third on t w.
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this is the city of men stuck in the state of north rhine-westphalia it's also notice germany's bicycle capital because there are twice as many bikes as people.


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