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there gunston much you're going to. want is going to be the thing that is beyond missing element. but who will move. the borneo case starts october ninth monday w. . i don't have a well known as welcome to the show or as bavarians would say this go out it's that time of year again when i got to wear a traditional german outfit the october fest kicks off today show. sense of a feeling p.t.w. we've just explored you need some trouble first for the first time. wind up in take
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charge a trip to the medieval time off center in your. zero emissions of occasion cabin in known ways to get one with nature. october fest is in full swing again if you think about the german festival you automatically think of gold seven plato's the right bit of brass bands are also part of the actuation every year millions of visitors flock to munich at the opening weekend the traditional barrel tapping took place which starts the folk fest i was there myself this year well effect of been there a couple of times there are actually people who have not yet experienced the october fest like three of our reporters now since of the t.v. it's an international station journalists from all over the wood work here and these we call aches are from three different continents let's see what they think
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of their very first visit to their toba fest. october first the world's largest beer festival and plenty more besides and in the midst of the mayhem our three reporters as if their first time of the festive extravaganza the particularly curious. hello hello i mention i come from hong kong today i'm especially interested in the food here at the uk to protest hello hello i'm just wanted to meluha i was born in the us and i grew up in zambia and here at october fest i want to find out what the music is like if. my name is william and i comparable oh man i'm interested in the fashion of the festival. and a lot of visitors choose traditional bavarian attire for the occasion they need a hose and for the men and during those for the leaders. yes. for me to wear these visually these way what i come from we have these traditional festivals and once a year we dress up something like these so we can really dance and part of. our
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spirits for example are much more like deal with. the day before we accompanied holly on a gonzalez and she went to seek assistance from turn builders. sign a card or a tab. as with any national or regional costume the details tend to be very significant. that last if i said that joe wrong side ok of course will put the bow on the right side you wear this on the right side if you're married or engaged and on the left side if you're still available and in the middle if you're a virgin but nowadays hardly anyone does that anymore what's most important is for the dirndl to cover your knees just like this one does the money thing back at the october fast show soon find out whether she made the right decisions with her dirndl. give it a whirl it could be taken in just a little printout here so it's not really cocked to the body's shape.
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roberts. or you think is not needed and. nice to know the very elegant. and in colombia i think you'd wear around hats with that right. was a stylish go it's not for starts. so. google may i take a look. it's not well i'd like to see a bit more color something south american street on the corner. each to his own taste so what does a reporter make of all the data hosen doing the rounds here. and i gather that by the eighties of the overfed the sky it goes with the mood here but on the street i don't think it's all this is every year off is it is who like to get a bit inventive with that otherwise traditional october fest out france. has
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reverted the ball i give the fashion here four to five points because i think it is thought all you beautiful that people put so much thought into it before they even get here. next stop that legendary hof boy tent while who deanna and she ponder head off to the dance floor. thanks tran decides to tackle the menu. first she tries a giant rat so. i guess that means that for my taste it was a bit dry because in hong kong we each very soft rolls have seen lots of roast meat here and hardly any vegetables it's a bit different for us that besides we usually have the small portions. we put everything on the table and divide it up i think to do things a bit differently here it's got your mum doesn't listen i'm not i don't say her next course is knuckle of pork with dumplings. was not dilute it
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was quite good but the skin is a little too tough roast chicken is another classic a masterful at the october fast of course is it any different here the fabulous it was really delicious the skin is nice and crispy and inside is absolutely tender and juicy and how many points out of five. the food gets frequents for me overall it was very very tasty but i did miss the vegetables a bit the treehouse next stop takes him to another brewery festival tent live and boy here they have a brass band getting the crowd in the mood even if not into the groove for to ponder the rather sobering experience. was by my first impression is that you generally have to sing along or you should sing along where i grew up in zambia the most important part of any festival is actually dancing i'm past the sun tan.
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on policy so for us sing along isn't the most important thing. but the dancing that's really the main thing. still chair pounder can't help getting carried away by the party atmosphere. and after getting a great view of events from center stage how many points for the music can move. is given that i get three points and that's because the music is a mix from german music and pop from the u.s. and that's actually a good thing for foreigners like myself that we can sing along to put our mixing and our roving reporters then move on to the fairground of these and when you've been stuck in a stuffy bare tent what better way to get some fresh air than on a ferris wheel. there's live music everywhere here too. but finally our reporters have to
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break down or experience at the first of october fest hit or miss. by good stuff yes david i'll give the up to the first full points and pleasantly surprised the people are having fun and the atmosphere here is really great. and i get four points for the where fairest six million people can be around they move here it's fantastic. my a total experience gets three points it's much much better than carnival which i've been to like four times but what's really missing is the cool factor of the spirit and i'd include fire. and in keeping with tradition instead of eating that gingerbread hearts our three reporters will take them home as souvenirs of a remarkable day at munich's opto professed. watch aware at oto belfast it's absolutely clear that our lead a horse at the fashion week in italy however completely different outfits can be
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seen on the catwalk more on that in today's express. on sunday at milan fashion week the italian luxury fashion house dolce and gabbana sent big names like helena christensen monica bellucci and carla bruni down the runway the. actress isabella rossellini and her daughter and granddaughter were on hand to present the twenty nine hundred spring and summer collection. emporio armani as creations for the coming summer season were not quite as opulent but exuberant in satin slender silhouettes and glowing colors. on sunday at barcelona's la mar say festival honoring the city's patron saint revelers from schumann pyramids the object of the annual competition is to build the highest and most spectacular cast out of towers of people without forming.
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this catalonian tradition dates back to the eighteenth century in twenty ten unesco decanted part of mankind's intangible cultural heritage. on saturday the seventh festival of the giant kite was held on the field of berlin's former tempelhof airport about eighty cut flyers from all across europe entered their mostly home sewn creations some of the fifty metres long. the giant kites fluttered in winds gusting up to force four and five well thousands of spectators gathered below and enjoyed the show. has. become to new up in the air as we kick of this week serious extraordinary effort that takes when it comes to extreme sports perhaps skydiving off the side skiing comes to mind but acrobatics also fits into this category especially when
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cutting as a data that's it. she takes her skills to new heights every time she goes out to perform for her there is no need for circus when a bridge crane or highway across a canyon will do the trick. aerial dance greek aerial acrobat cutlery missile datu performs her choreographed pieces at dizzying heights and with spectacular backdrops. that's is a wonderful way of expressing your emotions so modern arial dance a like also me you're free you dance in the air it's magic she records the magic in elaborate video clips and posts them on her website greece has sold its devoted to promoting the beauty and history of greece and for that she has suspended her sixteen metre long silk in places like the corinth canal.
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the cliffs of matteo rock. and the island of santorini the idea of staging her aerial tricks outdoors came to her by chance. while i was on vacation with a sailing boat i decided that it would be nice to try to do some aerial silks some aerial dance from the sailing boat so that was the first thing i did with first thing i tried something out those with my silks. to study modern dance now she combines it with acrobatics. in twenty thirteen her dance school beyond aerial opened at the olympic aquatic center in athens well swimmers plough through the water below she gives lessons beneath the roof and every day she rehearses her routines here. but there is one
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thing she can't prepare for. inside if you're eating you have a lie you have no weather condition if you're out. on a bridge hanging from a grades or a gourd or i don't know the difficult thing is that you have to be in control of many many things. it can sometimes be dangerous together with her team of six professional climbers and camera operators catarina searches for the perfect locations each performance is precisely planned for weeks even months extreme athletes be responding us is responsible for making the videos. there have been times that there was quite silencing not from the aspect of filming but. you have. to help pick up. the teamwork
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we always collaborate and help each other with. katherine russell dottle and her team the greece has so project is a labor of love it's not supported by sponsors or tourism boards at least not yet but the stunning stunts have attracted international attention and counter rena has a long list of must see places in greece where she'd like to perform. i would love to go the highest point in greece which is the olympus mountain with also really enjoyed going to create and to some of facts. so she intends to continue her aerial dancing and atmospheric way of raising awareness of greece's history and natural beauty. and now it's time again for your mex extra too and today we are heading to france thanks to the viewer
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request from google like me that cora is fascinated by france and it history that's why we chose a very special destination for her the medieval town off center mule in the southwest region of the country and the area is especially worth a visit right now why well september is when the wind season begins. convenes in sent to me the one time city parliament is now a wine brotherhood. in june they pass their judgment of the new wine when the grapes ripen in september they grant permission to begin the harvest both occasions are celebrated in style. wine is a huge part of cent to me yeoman's identity and one of the main reasons visitors come here you can hardly turn a corner without seeing top ranked wines the grand cru class a being tasted and treated. visitors also come to send to me young because it embodies the classic
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image of a french village. i mean as raw takes us on a little voyage of discovery. to come as such people come here for the wine meals once a world famous but there's so much more to be discovered here in every little alleyway and street the town a surfer a thousand years old them are always happy to take visitors to see all these little details that have been something. the steep narrow streets add to the villages charm. the couple stones have been worn smooth over the centuries so it can be a slippery slope up or down hill. on. the stones date back to the middle ages when the wind trade with england was flourishing. by what the wind was shipped to england in boats and so that have the right ballast on the way back they were loaded with stones
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from cornwall and here in sun to me on the stones with and used to build the streets. i was. the one trade was initiated by eleanor duchess of aquitaine when she married the heir to the english throne the future henry the second it was their son the later king john who said. up the brotherhood . it's rather unusual to hear people popping bottles of sparkling wine and sent him a young unless you happen to be in the magical cloister fizzy winds have been aged in the former monastery cellar since the late nineteenth century and savored in the romantic setting of the terrace garden. emily and suggests that visitors fill a picnic basket with local specialities order a bottle of sparkling wine and look for a cosy spot in the cloister. i please sometime
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your is actually more of a red wine town but the code close to produces this crime on to a bottle it goes perfectly with the sun to me all mackerel a local specialty there a little bit different from the french marco rolls and they taste so good with a crime all. just delicious aunts cousins to meet kim also so i'm gonna come. home people have been baking macaroni incented me own since sixteen twenty but only in this bakery to the use the original recipe. it really does look as if time has stood still here and the aroma is as delicate as it's always been. the pastry chefs work at an incredible pace in the simple kitchen it is really only skins of blanched almonds the main ingredient of the recipe. it
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was first concocted by the nuns in the convent of the ursuline smore than four hundred years ago. sweet and bitter omens are ground up and mixed with beaten egg whites. today it's mostly done by hand just as it always has been. seen by. at the time the nuns came up with a recipe there weren't many vineyards in santa miyan but they were all the more almond trees and the nuns baked these little cakes to thank the local people for their good deeds and they became a speciality of sun to me on the recipe has remained unchanged ever since since the meal. but the exact proportions of almonds sugar and egg whites needed to produce the divine macaroni are now a well kept family secret. but the picture of a village of sent to me is itself no longer an insider's to.
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let's we'll show you a really extraordinary cottage this located on a small island off the coast of has offended at the time a cabin is a perfect example of environmentally friendly emission free living it is completely solar power than built from when your bow wrong material it's even sold the cottage still office creates a confidence. this man is not out hiking he's on his way to a vacation cabin that is truly at one with nature finnish designer an architect robin fall came up with the idea for a low impact holiday escape it's called no luck which means zero and it's just outside helsinki. the amount of movie it's a pretty unique concept some people will find it too small but the idea is primarily about inspiring people and challenging them to think about leaving less waste taking up less space and living in one with nature. the cabin features a pitched roof and one large window and is made from locally sourced timber it's
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assembled in jigsaw style with no screws with power provided by solar panels the interior is on the spark inside the construction was sponsored by a finnish biofuel manufacturer. for the gas. we developed the idea together with an advertising agency the aim is to encourage people to improve their personal c o two footprint we finns love outdoor cabins and we thought that it would be a good starting point for devising a sustainable hoss and for addressing the issue of how we can avoid emissions. nola is a twenty minute boat ride from helsinki and the ferry to runs on eco friendly fuel . blogger eunice person and has popped over from helsinki to spend the night here for thirty five euros the majestic view is free of charge. there's no bethen just an outside toilet but none of that or the minuscule kitchenette bothers him. about i'm
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a bit excited about spending my first night here back in nature so quiet you know exactly what i was looking forward to getting a break from work and enjoying nature while just a stone's throw away from helsinki on a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city pairs and it was less. the architect and sponsor declined to comment on how much novolog cost but given the finns love of summer cabins called mickey's their confidence zero emissions escape will have no shortage of vacationing visitors. have you ever spent the night at a special place that's exactly what we want to know from you this week whether he has stayed in a small hot or any huge cost to show us where you have been simply upload a picture on a website that shows you that special place and if you do your name would automatically enter
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a draw for your mix so good luck i am certain of last me but i'm not talking about myself it's the title of the current exhibition and you know all the germany works by marc chagall and other artists of french classical modernism are in the spotlight in addition to paintings you also find artists books these are from a private collection that are now on public display for the first time. marc chagall paintings often referenced his russian jewish heritage with a vividness and humanity that earned him the nickname the poet. at the turn of the twentieth century at the age of twenty three sugar moved to france. in the legendary salans founder c.e.o. clear paris he met various evan garde writers who he teamed up with to produce illustrated books. marc chagall also drew inspiration from historical works most notably taking on
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a monument of literature the bible. that i think has come into this field for sure god the old testament was the source of all poetry and that of perspective was manifest in his book at the time of this when it was published in one nine hundred fifty six not everyone appreciated this kind of illustration due to the poetic license often involved. but his illustrations are very human and warm and above all there of disappear your artistic quality. should asked spent around a quarter of a century working on his bible a magnum opus bridging the worlds of art and writing. she golfs friend french painter henri matisse likewise illustrated literature as seen in the series inspired by love letters written by a portuguese now on the portrait show the progression of her emotions in the course of her clan to stand affair with the french army officer.
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was a prolific creator of illustrated books for the master a welcome opportunity to experiment with alternative means of artistic expression. the exhibition in yanna comprises four hundred works by eighteen artists lent by a private collector and on show to the public for the first time it runs. through me. and you can always find many reports about art and culture on off facebook page and there's also much more for discover now your instagram account also your all next time on to them and for botching employed by. next time on your i'm at. aachen cathedral i'm just the burial place of and british on september nineteenth seventy eight it became the first signed in germany to be
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awarded world cultural heritage status by unesco and the cathedral is celebrating the fortieth anniversary in a very special one monumental festivities next time on your honor.
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because. tension between our son became a season and on fire. after downing mentioned blood must be made their best ever start to appoint his legacy. and a fiery display from liverpool isn't is rewarded as they edge mindstream wreck up their first points of the campaign. to go from thirteen to double.
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your link to news from africa at the world join us on facebook g w africa. a news analyst. on some. of so-called changes up to his confidence boost side by the first. people to have put big dreams on the big screen. movie magazine on d.w. . an unusual friendship. this is the story of paul and jaco. one is a student from cameroon. the other
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a filmmaker from germany is rather one now likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case is this is the story of how many. on europe's most dangerous border. ah ah . what began as a documentary. driven by my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and. became a story about them seeking. and those ready to go. when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin and starts october fourth on t.w. . this
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is d w news coming to you live from berlin calls for germany's catholic church to take responsibility for decades of sex abuse against children a new report reveals thousands of cases of sexual assaults and cover ups the country's justice minister also see criminal charges brought against those responsible also coming out number sexual assaults of anyone.


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