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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin germany's catholic church apologizes to the victims of decades of sex abuse by clergy as the new report reveals thousands of cases of sexual assaults and cover ups and germany's leading carville says perpetrators must be brought to justice also coming up number six was sold to anyone. brett kavanaugh is nomination to the u.s. supreme court under attack again as the second woman makes allegations of sexual misconduct. protesters are calling on him to address in detail the accusations.
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and it's not messy and it's not written all that people names croatia's luko motoring as the best footballer in the world so is this the beginning of a new era. and welcome i'm terry martin welcome to the program the ted of the catholic church in germany has apologized for the church's failure of addressing sexual abuse over decades and all the pain is has caused officials have just released a report detailing thousands of sexual abuse cases here in germany at the opening of the meeting of the country's bishops conference a study found that priests had abused more than three and a half thousand children and teens in germany over seventy years the victims were mostly male and were mostly chilled. and well over one and
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a half thousand priests and other church officials are accused of committing those crimes critics of the study as well as its all as the authors themselves say the true scale of the abuse was probably far greater. well for more on this let's bring in martin dock he's our religious affairs analyst martin how could so many priests get away with such serious crimes for so long in germany essentially we had what we have with two stories we have one story which is about sexual abuse and of course that's the more lurid one and the one that we have seen for now fourteen years fifteen years and it's really something that should not be forgotten that in the end we're talking about this young victims and should not be lost in conceptual you know conceptual discussions but it's relevant revelations have been coming out for fourteen or fifteen are very wary of the practices going on right moment and i think that what we actually do see with this new study after the pennsylvania study so strongly and chile and so on of this country heard sort
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of mounting evidence is initially if a cover up and a cover up that is quite broad and that did not jut just span sort of you know congregations in countries but really was across the globe this is really the main reese and the way we have seen these things go for such a long time now there's a moral dimension to this but there's also a criminal dimension to this the crimes that we're talking about here you know rape of children these are very serious crimes can we be assured that at least in the case of germany that a law enforcement authorities will investigate this and perpetrators will be brought to trial well no we unfortunately cannot the main reason is because there's been sort of a lot of you know feet dragging and sort of a very slow process among other things because the church remains a very powerful political actor inside germany and it requires a lot of political will from some very conservative forces to really force the church to reveal documents and to bring the evidence for national authorities that
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being said i think that what we have seen over the last couple of months is really not only mounting pressure but an understanding on the part of the church itself that it can no longer cope by itself with the magnitude of the charges that are being brought forth now the report that we're talking about today it has. now been presented just in the last hour it's been presented publicly by the head of the german bishops conference cardinal marks he publicly apologized to victims saying the church had neglected their interests for too long let's listen in to part of what he had to say. let me pull east of sexual abuse is a crime those who are guilty must be punished in the church we for too long looked away covered up and didn't want it to be true boldness these god as the head of the bishops conference i must take responsibility for all the failures and for all the pain caused i must also ask for forgiveness personally. martin what do you make of
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that statement i think that you know questions of forgiveness penance etc should really just be put aside in the sense that we have heard this very often what we have not heard very often and i think it's really quite revealing is the term crimes which were of use immediately after the pennsylvania report by the pope himself this actually completely changes the game because once that the church reek of nice in an official capacity that a crime has been committed then they're forced to bring. pertinent oh they're already seen the question now is where they will do it but he has said that crimes have to be punished so in a sense the ball is in their court now the pope has also been commenting on this today ahead of the reports publication he made a statement he's currently in is stony and in a statement he admitted that the church has effectively been pushing people away let's listen in to what he had to say. believe is a indignant about sexual uneconomic scandals which haven't been clearly condemned.
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we've been able to adequately interpret the life and since ability of young people . and this kind of a broad statement why didn't the pope address the report directly surely he's informed of that's fine yeah i mean i think that there is no doubt that this has reached the very top of the vatican and it's a good question is what are fact i mean i think that assumption of the vatican press group is that by saying by talking about the sexual abuse he said dressing it . you know they should in fact they have actually apologized they have expressed regret they have i mean the vatican has done a dozen institution the church has done it in different groups i mean in different diocese and so on the question no it's no longer about sort of repentance the question is no longer about appropriate talking about what has been done they should know it's really about redressing crimes so it's really about bringing in authorities to actually deal with cratons and the very. the long stretch of time in
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which those crimes were committed perhaps to put in place a series of mechanisms that would help to prevent this from happening of course up until this point of actually not being not been done martin thank you so much religious affairs analyst i think now within the next couple of hours u.s. president donald trump is due to address the united nations in new york at last year's general assembly threatened to totally destroy north korea this year he's expected to praise the relationship he's built with leader kim jong il is also likely to defend his decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal and he will object to u.n. aid programs that don't promote american interests well we will of course have full coverage and analysis here on d w and you can find out much more on the w. dot com do stay with us for that now u.s. supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh says he will not let what he calls false
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accusations drive him out of the nomination process the senate plans to hear testimony this week from at least one of the two women who claim coming all sexually assaulted them in the one nine hundred eighty s. kavanagh has denied any wrongdoing here's what he said in an interview on fox days i've never sexually assaulted anyone not in a high school not however. i've always treated women with dignity and respect i'm not going to want to false accusations try boss now that out of this process. well the allegations goes kavanaugh have promoted her have prompted calls for his nomination to be rejected. in washington which to a protest against the supreme court nominee. it takes a village to bring down a supreme court nomination and that's what these protesters at the u.s. capitol are asking for. island nations of sexual misconduct have cast
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a pall over brett kavanaugh president nominated to the supreme court in the era of me to these people aren't taking it lightly it's time to listen to women it's been time to listen to women for like thousands of years at this point but finally since the women's march that was the largest global demonstration in world history we're actually coming together it's no longer he said she said but i believe. should be held accountable and should do anything in their power to correct any injustices that they have committed in their past and i believe that hiding behind power and patriarchy is wrong and i believe that men should stand if they have committed wrongs and admit that. the protest was court made by several different activist groups including the same people who put together the massive women's march that swept the world last year as one of the leaders of the women's march it's important for us to ensure that the movement that we created on january twenty first two thousand and seventeen translates into action and in this particular moment
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important for women and allies to be out here it's a very important moment in our generation cavanagh cannot get on the supreme court back decades on things that folks before us fought very hard for us to have and i'm here because i don't want my daughters to have less rights than i have and the specter of the midterm elections coming up in less than two months hangs over everything republicans fear they could lose their control of both houses of congress despite flagging public support for the president's nominee republicans have stood by him the stories that kavanaugh his accusers tell are difficult to prove. but these protesters believe that i absolutely believe her the fact that it's now been corroborated or his actions have been corroborated by other women is good but i was fine with just that one woman i wonder how many other women in his adult life have. also been harassed or worse by him the first the first accusation should should be enough to have him would withdraw
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withdrawn the second is just at this point it's shameful that he should be gone i mean i hope to accomplish that we start treating these women with some kind of seriousness and respect i don't think they came out of nowhere i think they were i think if real i'm not for ruining anybody's life but if they grew in these women's if he's ruined these women's lives and we need to talk about this. one of the accusers is scheduled to testify later this week to the senate judiciary committee in the face of growing hostility have been on the republicans have indicated they will not give up without a fight neither are these activists. kevin i was hearing is just one of two political showdown state in the u.s. on thursday president trump is set to confront deputy attorney general rod rosenstein over allegations he discussed removing president the president from office said to have discussed secretly recording the president and using a constitutional procedure to unseat him the deputy attorney general is overseeing
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special counsel robert muller's probe into possible ties between russia and trump's presidential campaign allegations could provide the president with grounds to fire rosenstein. now a look at some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the world health organization is warning that the a bold break in the democratic republic of congo could rapidly spread in the coming weeks attacks by armed groups some community resistance to back the nations as well as the geographic reach of the virus could create a perfect storm according to the w.h.o. . sweden's prime minister stefan has been ousted in a no confidence vote about two thirds of the parliament voted against law then who leads the country's social democrats his departure comes two weeks after elections that saul historic gains are for reform right we all the fishes.
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they're watching v.w. news still to come the e.u. foreign policy chief announces a plan for allowing europe russia and china to continue doing business with iran will this get around u.s. sanctions. soccer's governing body thief has named croatian midfielder luka mode gretsch the world's best male player at an awards ceremony in london but rich was chosen for the prize after helping real madrid win a third consecutive champions league title he was then player of the tournament while captaining croatia to the country's first ever world cup final in the women's category brazilian greats marto took the award for a sixth time she scored thirteen goals as orlando pride reached the playoffs and kept in brazil to victory in the copa america. well joining me now to talk about the fifa awards is a lima what tuckey from t w sports. so what made luka moderates so special this
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year yeah his specialty definitely on a goal you know that's not come out rich doesn't do gold what makes him so special is that he's a maestro he dictates the fee was the creative genius that basically pushed to the world cup final he was this country's most important player he had he showed impressive leaderships skills and on top of that he did the same thing at club level you know for madrid he was the bridge in midfield he helped them to a their consecutive champions league title and i think you know at a time at decade where we have strikers and forwards dominate i think it just so. i think gold just a lot more easily like you can quantify goal speak you can put a number on them whereas you look at a midfielder how do you you know put a number on vision or creativity and i think that's why also in the past when it comes to the awards some of the best midfielders have not won it like xabi or in yester a spade a muscle enough example and this is the first time since two thousand and seven
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that the winner hasn't been either messi or renault is this the end of an arrow may i think is still going to see both of them probably pick up the award a few more times and i know you know i get it they're in their thirty's but in football nowadays you know thirty is the new twenty and if you look at messi if you look at ronaldo they still playing at the highest south ever like at their highest level and i don't think they're going to drop like their performances are going to drop anytime soon and you know and i mean just to appreciate the greatness of these two you just have to take a look at wait a minute who second best who comes after these two guys and then you know you stop to think and you're like well maybe neymar even has odds and that's when you realize just how great these two guys so i was i always say the odds of having two of the best players of all time you know born around the same time let's enjoy it because we're not going to have a remind button where you know once it's always over is oh let's enjoy
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a replay their only we have to argue from did every sports things. scientists in the us are reporting success in helping patients with paralysis to stand and even take steps again it's all thanks to an electrical implant that zaps the spinal cord along with months of intense rehabilitation of course the research is giving new hope to people suffering from spinal cord injuries. one step at a time jerry chinalco is able to walk again five years after an accident that left him paralyzed to be able to move. my legs and. to walk even to stand it means a lot. that there is hope for not only me but other people. ok as one of three patients taking part in two separate studies in the united states has managed to walk again albeit assisted. the twenty nine year old was the
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first patient at the mayo clinic in minnesota to have an electrical stimulation device implanted near his damaged spinal cord. the original function of the electrical stimulator was to treat chronic pain. but it's being used experimentally to try to activate dormant circuitry in the spinal cord. and allow movement. plus we were able to stimulate directly the spinal cord itself and we believe that that was very important to be able to regain volitional control or voluntary control in. just one month after surgery cino commute his toe on his own again he underwent forty three weeks of intense physical therapy and stimulator adjustments at one therapy session managed to walk the length of a football field but for him it's not about the distance. to hold full
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side of maybe i'll gain that where i can leave the wheelchair behind even if it is to walk. to the refrigerator and back in his hometown you know like not very far. and hope is watching has given to those with spinal injuries who never thought standing up. or walking would ever be possible again. over again and big day for business leaders here in germany that's why they're all gathered for an annual meeting in berlin where they have been here with the german chancellor to express their concern. was asked by leadership by the leadership of the federation of german industries as swiftly addressed tax and financial policy to avoid a slowing down of euro zone's largest economy germany's economy remains buoyant but concerns are mounting about political stability at home and threats to growth abroad including britain's departure from the e.u. next year and threats to global trade. correspondent stephen
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business is at that conference here in berlin stephen the chancellor just spoke did she have anything to offer to ease the wars of business leaders. heard i think she she made a point of addressing a lot of their particular concerns at least by topic she highlighted such things as staying ahead electric autos are trying to keep pace with china for example creating battery cell technology here that's something that she wants to see here and she highlighted the challenges of course with digitisation and some of the frustrations that people have but she also placed herself firmly in a multilateral. sort of structural environment here in terms of she stands with the e.u. on their course with bryce as she stands with the e.u. and their course with dealing with the u.s. when it comes to trade issues and generally everyone here is very much in line with that that can be frustrating though for some of the tax reforms that you mentioned for example corporate rates here are seen as way too high merkel says that she
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wants to see what everyone else in the neighborhood sort of say is doing before she tackles that on her own. stephen earlier you spoke to death a camp head of the federation of the german industry is a how did that speech go down with the target audience what is he still concerned about. i think he heard a lot to like i think he also knows that she has to address some of these issues in a very sort of general way and that a lot of things are frankly out of her hands i asked him what he saw as the biggest threat right now and he said that for one thing it's the sort of the sort of tit for tat trade disputes that are going on the attempts of nations to act outside of that multilateral system of course a reference to the u.s. and china in this case with counterterrorist but he said also domestically there's a huge issue with the regime with the government here being unable to really govern effectively and sort of lead and sort of infighting that's a huge concern for him and of course some of the debates and some of the protests
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by right wing extremists here that also threatens to damage the german brand here and that's incredibly important to business leaders here stephen beard state in berlin thank you very much. the you seem to have found a way to keep the nuclear deal with tehran alive and trade is the key word here since u.s. president donald trump reinstated economic sanctions against tehran over its nuclear program european companies have been worried about their business ties with iran due to the sanctions transactions compu made through the international banking system anymore bust the u.s. found a new way to trade with iran and to save the nuclear deal in the process. fredericka moga really believes she's found the solution the e.u. foreign affairs commissioner wants to continue doing business with iran by developing a new financial institution in new york she met with the remaining signatories of the iran nuclear agreement and presented her model. that but disciplines welcomed
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practical proposals two month tain and develop payment channels. notably the initiative to establish a special therapist they call to facilitate payments related to dance exports including oil and imports which will assist and reassure economic operators they're seeing legitimate business with iran. the creation of this new monetary transfer system to continue trading with iran is intended to save the nuclear agreement this would prevent banks involved in those transactions from becoming targets of u.s. sanctions themselves european companies would then have the ability to trade with the rand again at least when it comes to payment transactions. europe correspondent . from a brussels go what are you hearing there is that the secrets to keep trading and run the u.s. sanctions well it will work in practice avoiding banks in avoiding global money
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transfer something the u.s. can monitor is of course a clever step now we've still lack the details where this new and to to your legal vassal as as the e.u. calls it will be located how much money will be involved but in theory it could be a valid tool to help facilitate business says in europe but also in china and russia to deal with iran without violating sanctions now that's the theory the practice is and what i have heard here from experts from from economic leaders in brussels it is they are cautious they see the u.s. as a big player and they rather pull investment from iran than risk their u.s. business. is the u.s. with this is undermining the u.s. sanctions really other u.s. just going to swallow that. i don't think they will and therefore they're rather furious like with other measures that the e.u. has already set up that are obstructing the u.s.
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sanctions so it will sour relations that is without question it all depends really how effective this legal loophole will be and if it cannot be simply targeted this legal vessel or this transaction formation or some say it's just an accounting for and basically if the u.s. could target that firm of course then the project wouldn't fly so how exactly will it keep the nuclear deal alive are the key thing here is it preserves the foundation of the nuclear deal and that is known nuclear proliferation by iran in return for business with the rest of the world over the signatories of that treaty and that is what the u. is very keen on keeping alive the basis that iran can do business with europe can do business with china and with russia. in brussels for us thank you very much . argentina is bracing for a general strike that will see disruptions to services across the country it comes
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a day after tens of thousands of people turned out to protest against the government's plan to impose austerity in exchange for another loan from the international monetary fund a currency crisis in the past so lose off of its value against the dollar this year . the reports from the center of those demonstrations in the capital one as hours. protests on the streets of what is their read times of people turned out to reject on the stairs he punches the government needs to secure funds from the i.m.f. . i'm a teacher and i say no to the adjustments. you know i want the president to change course on these policies. like everyone else i'm affected by it economically whether it's work shortages or increasing food prices everyone here is feeling is. that devaluation of the arden
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time period so that went from twenty eight to forty pages per dollars increase the social tension that began to be a month ago the social and economic adjustments made by the government especially in the service and transportation area had intense here demand the creation of new jobs increased salaries and for the government to change its economic power for it to stop asking for i.m.f. loans. analysts say the government has a clear incentive for wanting access to those funds as soon as possible. that the political intention here is to avoid a new deal or the one back in two thousand and one two thousand and two or this sort of that's why the government is attempting to give a signal to the i.m.f. to advance all the funds needed for two thousand and nineteen and two thousand and twenty. to give a clear signal that we've guaranteed funding for the next year for twenty twenty one but the question then is whether those funds will be extended for twenty twenty
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one. c. but they also put a road and remember that we don't do no. as public anger amounts tuesday's general strike could be just the beginning of a bigger wave of resistance against austerity. that's all your business but before i let you go here's a tale of two travelers who looked a bit out of place and were apparently very far from home. penguins were discovered wandering around with old floral area and prove the birds have been named. in after could soon characters in the film. and that set you up to date in the next hour it's.
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just. with the help of climate engineering it's conceivable. using cells or particle as a protective shield pumping. ocean boys a. moving company does silent. but is that really a good idea what about the side of. the road today.
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who did the fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears was coming up. on the top on g.w. though they do use the female superheroes on a mission to change attitudes smart women spawn smart talks smart strange and legends isn't by no means missed out on and bring creasing dangerous times doesn't make for money. they make a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the move. the stories of both people who made no difference shaping their nation and their continent of africa on the move the stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d.w.
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