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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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harsh reality of beijing's roadways. and that's your news wrap coming up your business round up with been facility including this story anger in argentina the country's central banker resigns amid protests against the austerity measures the government says it urgently needs. ben we'll have that story for you up next to nothing at the top of the hour. birth. home to have species. go home or see if you can. get those are big changes and most start with small steps global indios tell stories of communities people and innovative projects around the world. like to use the term climate used religious exemptions and reforestation. the community interactive content teaching the next generation about
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environmental protection. using all channels available to school people to change connection and more determined to build something new for the next generation gloomily dmoz the environment series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. the people at the. markets give facebook the thumbs down after the founders of its photo sharing service instagram quit alast scolding news surprising and concerning. and i can see an anger protests against the austerity the government says is vital encouraging international aid for its ailing economy. i've been fizzling let's do business instagram's co-founders kevin systrom and mike krieger have quit their jobs as c.e.o. and chief technical officer of the photo sharing app
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a statement they said. they are ready for that next chapter as they transition from lead is to two uses in a billion shares a parent company facebook with down on news of their resignation it quiet instagram six years ago with a deal that reportedly allowed instagram to continue to be run independently but insiders say the co-founders felt they were not being given enough autonomy. but they don't use their until discovering this for us erin what's behind the departure it's a surprise it's concerning as we've heard from analysts and i don't know anything about it well it definitely is a concerning move you have to remember systrom in krieger were the men who built this app and took it to a billion user application i mean that's no small feat but what we're seeing in the media so far reported from a lot of insiders is basically that they felt they weren't given the independence that facebook initially promised them when they purchased the company some years
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ago basically have to think about it from facebook's perspective they're facing pressure from a lot of different fronts right now you know the ones idea of politics are saying they're lame soulsby instrumental ised by foreign powers when it comes to influence elections users are concerned about how their personal data is being used and also really the big challenge facing them right now is kind of a demographic change especially in western europe and united states teens are increasingly turning away from the service and that's where instagram kind of comes into it it's a much more popular splash from when it comes to the teen demographic and it seems that mark zuckerberg and facebook were trying to muscle more in on the board executives there to try to get their view of how business should be done through and this sort of thing has happened to fall at another facebook company oh certainly it has i mean we've also seen the founders of what's app another popular messenger service also a billion user app that facebook purchased recently. departing as well as saying that they had concerns about privacy of about how facebook was actually using user data so yes this is part of an overall trend so is facebook really in trouble well
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i think it. it is to a certain extent especially if you look at the long term demographics i mean especially when it comes that critical teen market group a lot of users are turning away from facebook now some numbers that we've seen recently indicate that in two thousand and fifteen around seventy one percent of american and western european teens use facebook daily and bringing that up to this year three years later they've seen twenty percent decrease in terms of teens were using facebook each and every day actually that you know teens are really kind of the future of their product they're the ones who are going to be using this product long term and facebook right now is if i'm not mistaken in place number four when it comes to the amount of social media teens consume and actually instagram is the number two spot so instagram was really a key product in the portfolio to make sure that they could have that long term connection to users what does it mean for the company long term i mean you're saying it was it's still is pod of facebook isn't it oh definitely and i mean facebook's not going to go anywhere in the next couple years that they are the
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largest social media platform and will most likely remain however they are starting to hemorrhage users the growth has slowing down there isn't really as much hype as there used to be and it's because of those three things i talked about because of the demographic change because of the problems that are having politically and also just user skepticism and those are challenges they're going to have to find answers for moving forward or else you know they could go the way of my space is it going to have to reinvent itself somehow list's it disappears into a police vehicle was certainly going to have to make some hard choices you know they've definitely had a very hands off approach when it comes to content on the platform they want to say they provide a platform but it's up to users to police themselves they're going to take a much more active role in that to kind of regain some of the faith that they've lost in the last several years and thank you very much thank you. argentina's central bank president. has unexpectedly resigned as well after just three months in the position this comes after tens of thousands of people turned out to protest
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against the government's plan to impose austerity in exchange for another loan from the international monetary fund a currency crisis has seen the pace all believers hoth its value against the dollar this year you know years of. reports from the center of the demonstrations in the capital. protests on the streets of what is their read times of people turned out to reject on the stairs he budget the government needs to secure funds from the i.m.f. . i'm a teacher and i say no to the adjustments. i want the president to change course on these policies. like everyone else i'm affected by it economically whether it's work shortages or increasing food prices everyone here is feeling. the devaluation of the arden time period so that went from twenty eight to forty basis great dollars increase the
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social tension that began of a few months ago the social and economic adjustments made by the government especially in the service and transportation area hard intense here demand the creation of new jobs increased salaries and for the government to change its economic for it to stop asking for i.m.f. loans. analysts say the government has a clear incentive for wanting access to those funds as soon as possible. intention here is to avoid a new one back in two thousand and one two thousand and two. when the government is attempting to give a signal to the i.m.f. to advance all the funds needed for two thousand and nineteen and two thousand and twenty. to give a clear signal that we've guaranteed funding for the next year for twenty twenty. but the question then is whether those funds will be extended for twenty twenty one
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. public anger amounts tuesday's general strike could be just the beginning of a bigger wave of resistance against austerity. let's go live now to feel the earth tell us how that demonstration is going if it's going to have any. any sort of. encouragement as far as the changing the course of government because while we don't see demonstrations today but there is a disruption in the public transport there's no bus is no trains nor so boys running airports are paralyzed and this is meant to cost the country about eight hundred million dollars that's what it has been estimated but it is unlikely that this will change the course of the government. it has already asked for an i.m.f.
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loan and to keep the clauses of this loan it will have to continue. the line first. if you can you hear us we can't be you unfortunately we will have to leave it there i think. that's the shave. for moving on the u.n. general assembly in new york is discussing global sustainability goals these include environmental conservation and poverty reduction but they'll also be talking about social entrepreneurship and that's drawing a lot of interest as more people around the world aim to do business with a conscience. new york is locked down for the un general assembly the police are working special shifts in hotels are booked out during september's regular session the city is even fuller than usual social entrepreneurs from latin america europe and africa are here to there being honored for their dedication and work like from
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kenya who developed the shoot discordant not to kill initiative when i started out it was not about. i was just a crazy dream. this is a muslim guy who wanted to kick a ball and now today we have one thousand six hundred twenty five. and we have had . a high school and my hope is. the schwann foundation supports social entrepreneurs by supplying know how internetworking and it's honored three hundred fifty of them over the past twenty years. hunger are still very big in the world and the social entrepreneurs really work at the grassroots level to improve the conditions in small villages around the world from. those entrepreneurs are innovative and sustainable like this idea from fair phone
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a modular environmentally friendly ethically sourced smart phone. to do it's what sustainability on the one making sure you know you're going to materials and you. products but also the impact that. it seems that here in the capital of capitalism the next few days won't only be about profit. after planning on flying with ryanair this friday you might want to make other plans he. will cancel one hundred ninety european flights two to a cabin crew strike it's the latest industrial action targeting the famously anti union and line strike organizers are hoping to help ryanair employees gain higher wages and force the airline to end practice as they say and the cost employees job security right as announced it may have to reduce its growth expectations due to the strikes. and u.s. fashion company cause as acquired luxury brands for the two point two billion
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dollars it outspend comes off the years of speculation that the family owned italian fashion label had been considering going public as sales of the colorful designs by the company's creative director don't tell us the client those plans were put on ice the deal is the latest push by michael kors into high end luxury offer for british brand jimmy chose in two thousand and seventeen. as doing business with a. credible
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. a second chance everyone does says one even here in the run people us a video punished for minor things. businessmen only reason to be he enjoys only people who have come into conflict with the know. he's sending a signal because society is becoming more and more unjust. next on.
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an unusual friendship. this is the story of paul and. one is a student from cameroon. the other a filmmaker from germany has read or not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how many's. the mission on europe's most dangerous border. last. last. laugh. my. what began as a documentary. triggered by my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and be handed. became
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a story about the music. and those ready to help. when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t.w. . welcome to global three thousand. what would we do without all the people across the world to help others. in sweden we meet a woman who's.


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