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tv   Global 3000 - The Globalization Program  Deutsche Welle  September 25, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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what began as a documentary. because my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and be handed it. became a story about lucy. and those ready to help. when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts oct fourth on t.w. . i. welcome to global three thousand. what would we do without all the people across the world who help others. in sweden we meet a woman who's opened her home to people who've had to flee there. in iran an
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entrepreneur office former prisoners a new start in life his slogan come work for me. in the u.s. more and more people have no choice but to live in motels they too depend on the kindness of others. the united states is the world's biggest economy so surely people there must be able to afford a place to live. unfortunately the reality is very different last year alone average rents nationwide rose by almost three percent and that has clear consequences over the past few years the number of those spending more than half their income on housing has tripled they now total just over eleven million. more and more families are simply unable to afford the steep rent. so what's the alternative.
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going to get further out there that every cure is a living years old and lives with her grandmother in a motel. killed his grandmother is helping her with her homework there you go to do it in green as you hope to achieve all right do a composition about goals and drains the fifty four year old likes the topic she wants to do everything to ensure that her granddaughter. has a bright future and a better life far away from the rundown motel sound times i was there. just go round and round. and you will hear the neighbors going back and forth knocking on was the stuff. they need to stand your own space in that kind of feels it feels like a smaller but still be a classroom killer and her grandmother had to move out of their previous home because of mold so they came here belongings
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a piled up everywhere and they don't get clean sheets regularly despite paying twelve hundred dollars a month most of to raises money from her widow and disability pension goes toward rent putting something aside to save for a rental deposit for example is not possible. don't go call yourself. there's the most important if you got a crash crash because hey it's happening is there i don't kid don't go out and get all drugged up and drug get drawn in because when you come down off you have the situation still. there are countless motels like this across the united states they're not really for business travelers or even two arrests but places like this can protect people who still have a bit of money from homelessness good business for those running the motels but a vicious cycle for the people who live here. donna howard wants to help people
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like to raise or here in brunswick in the state of georgia there are hardly any affordable apartments for many here an even bigger problem is the lack of savings they still require them to have a first want rent security deposit which is usually the same as the first watch where all their utilities that are required they didn't have to have a deposit for that as well so if you're making them a wage when you can afford to do all that because that's all up front cost. so that's why the mojo living is so rapid right now because you know that is required when you live in my child together with her friend maria donna has set up a nonprofit organization in their free time the two women distribute food to people who have the tough choice between paying rent for finding food. all the handouts come from donations including from restaurants. the partners have been doing this
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for almost two years before that they had no idea how many people lived permanently in motels. almost twenty percent of people living in the area are below the poverty line many of them do have jobs but still earn barely enough to survive i mean you get it right there it's a great job because there are guards there and they are angled their wings are just you know that. donna and maria know all too well that someone who works in the car wash is often paid only not in tears and lives in fear of losing even this roof over their heads. that we grew up with this place it is just so sad and a lot had that that they just want to talk to someone that doesn't live here someone that's kind of outside of their parameters but for the most part we feel they just need food that is the biggest thing that they always take it. full so
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here in brunswick near an old factory it's a small motel run as a family business. motel owner kemal patel knows that his thirteen rooms are not exactly luxury as he also wants to make money but in spite of a rent of two hundred dollars a week patel tries to maintain a certain standard he even washes the shower curtains regulate the see. nice work on our floor but don't so much that you're not willing to eat. if i'm not willing to stay in one of my own rooms what makes you think somebody else. many of patel's tenants have been here for years. to mocha hughes is a waitress who lives at the motel with her partner and two stepchildren when hughes became unemployed she discovered she didn't have enough money to pay rent from the first day of delayed payment there were a mind to phase even though i've done everything. that i was supposed to do i
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didn't have the kids at the early age i have work i finish school i did everything that i was supposed to do and i can't get any kind of help and they bothers me that these girls that are out here that are just making babies left and when i get everything in they don't work for anything but everything is handed to them to mark a step son eagle high proudly shows us the smiley is in his exercise book tray his father lays carpet for a living in spite of being a two income family they still don't have enough money to rent their own apartment the didn't the family is having salad and for a table as always thank yous the bed you're. doing pretty much. complaining about it will you won't have. just taken a church i would do better every. day trey hopes that by the beginning of next year at the latest the family will be able to move out until then the oleander motel will be home the only one the family can afford.
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a woman in sweden is also dedicated to helping out this this week's global living room is in ma and the. welcome to my house to go other. than. my name is jenny i'm about seventeen. i live in my house here in mobile so i go there we go along and. they both came to sweden as refugees three years ago. the heart of my house it's my tie i'm still which reminds me of the tibetan time clouts.
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when i was travelling in the world the world was very friendly and welcoming to me i used to live in south korea for a while and my friend made these little people. and i think they definitely belong in my house. i love part but it's because of the patterns and the colors it's just that it is fun it's perfect for you know one of the guys in my house this is so she makes hartford's. coming back to sweden. i would like to give back some of what the world gave me when i was traveling he says are coming to me living together like this. in one point of view compromise but actually the world the way
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i believe it's the world's only future oh no thank you for visiting. our next report focuses on helping others to iran is a muslim country that strictly enforces religious schools those caught breaking any of them can be punished. they include homosexuality it's strictly forbidden and punishable by death it's illegal to keep a dog in your apartment all want one in public women are prohibited from riding a bike down seems like the tango are off limits as is prostitution. officials come down heavily on those who contravene then almost. iran's prisons are bursting at the seams around two hundred thirty thousand people are currently in jail there and former prisoners are often ostracized by society.
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and this is where we slept. i'm sure that in an hour or two someone will show up and take shelter under this tarp for the night. but that is. that i slept in was circumstances. where they put plastic bags like this over our heads for cover when it rained at night. sometimes we'd lie on the old blankets i think you know with them. we asked my pseud whether anyone tried to help him you know there's. no i never had any way to go. and my society rejects drug addicts and when everyone in your family despises you then society does too. he lived here on the outskirts of the city of mashad in eastern iran for two years
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massoud turned to crime to support his drug habit and ended up in jail normally a disgrace that you never recover from in iran but massoud was lucky he got a second chance. having a criminal record was no impediment to getting a job at this company. the workers here process and package all of us. must sued griefs the founder of the company nabil. that almost everyone on the staff is either a former drug addict a woman who works as a prostitute or a single mother all people ostracized by iranian society. this scheme has enabled them to begin a new life. and they were as a knobby says who are we to judge them. when he visits prisons to recruit his
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workers he brings the message of hope. i think that is and got him up i say come on we'll be waiting for you when you're released from jail you'll have a job with us i don't understand hell for example someone like harvey could be put behind bars for thirteen years he's the guy standing right behind you where behind you are you how do you know him. i'm so thankful to you heidi says. how do you now manages the company's finances the bosses and trusted him with a big responsibility that. the employees spend their breaks together not be once the staff whom he refers to as his children to get used to a regular routine and to look out for one another. he also wants to offer hope
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to those in seemingly hopeless situations. i felt something awful we bought firecrackers and threw them at a butcher's shop the butcher came out and started a fight. i defended myself i hit him in the face but the firecracker went off in my hand and tore it to shreds. as well as the face of the butcher he died. but i was sentenced to death i'm supposed to be executed. official i'm so tired for the past four years i could have been executed at any time i almost don't care anymore if a sentence is appealed again i just want clarity. or is a knobby is taking us to where he goes when he feels drained by all the tragedy he
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sees in the lives of his workers on a story you know. yet you know. he says the growing poverty in his country fills him with despair. i mean. poverty has an enormous power poverty can even dead on the sacred feelings a mother has driving or to sell her child for a little bit of money that. this that that's any i know so many of them who were forced to do this. to sell a baby you really have to be in a terrible situation to do that. in a country that should be wealthy thanks to its oil and gas reserves the middle class seems to be disappearing the number of people who now live below the poverty line in iran is growing by the day at the same time a small elite is growing richer. in some of the matter the most valuable thing a country has is its people. not the tourist sites or the dams of ballots.
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because it's people who either protect and preserve or destroy all that a country house for example people can improve the environment but they can also destroy it if this. is a nabi says he knows first hand how it feels to be poor as a child he had to sell newspapers on the street to help support his family if he didn't sell them all his mother punished him by forcing him to read the unsold newspapers today he's grateful to her knowledge is wealth he says. his hero is one of the greatest persian poets for dosey who was buried here nearly a thousand years ago. nabil recites one of his favorite poems. that he sought to see. the sea i check my chums and they kept
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getting. the translation i may have suffered all those years but i left something behind for the iranians. and this weekend global ideas we're off to the island of grenada a hot and humid country keeping cool can be a challenge when i tell lies in the atlantic just north of south america. outside people cool off in the water and inside back in dishing comes to the rescue but the old machines are bad for the environment. cats here don't ever travel to grenada she spoke to people back on alternatives. it's six thirty in the morning here in grenada it's blistering lee hot even early
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in the day. those who can head to the beach to cool off thanks import to its caribbean climate grenada has become a popular holiday destination. the increase in tourism has provided an economic boost to the island state and me pulling more people to afford certain luxuries like air conditioning a c. . it's a luxury product so i see that something are usually purchased when you have a high income so we see actually now people having this disposable income that they can spend on not just the refrigerator but also now on a c. and with that there's a growing demand also and the whole region here in the world but also in grenada and for us it's very important that this is done in a green way older air conditioning units use hydrofluoric carbons greenhouse gases
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that are bad for the environment they're now being replaced by a new system. it's energy efficient it's climate friendly meaning that it's using natural fitter and which don't harm the environment so they have a very very very low global warming potential the new refrigerant is propane or a highly flammable gas there are strict safety regulations governing its use it's a new challenge for technicians and grenada. have all of you had a nice weekend so at this workshop participants learn about the new system the training is organized by local professionals with the support of the german corporation for international cooperation. on the pipes that. there aren't really any risks associated with normal use the only risks are when technicians come into contact with it but when there's a problem and they need to make a repair they need to know how to deal with the refrigerant must be getting it in
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case you missed. every step as discussed in detail. these pipes are being assembled to transport the flammable propane they need to be totally leak proof. just like when a bike to breaks you can see right away in the water bath if a welder joint is leaking because it emits tiny bubbles. that's the leakage just researching. it straight that's a couple of hundred grams a year the fridge and it's leaking out of the system yeah but this this is doesn't want to go it's important to keep the leakage rates in the cooling facilities as low as possible a good weld is one hundred percent leak proof and we don't lose any refrigerant with flammable refrigerants of course it's very important because every leak represents a danger of flammable mixture of gases escaping and flooding. grenada
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has a population of around one hundred thousand the country and come. but says one main island and several smaller ones despite its relatively small area getting from a to b. isn't always easy. technician curtis james is on his way to a job on the island of caviar cool it's a two and a half hour journey by pode he's well known in the cooling system business a man in demand for as this ad to send me to college to learn a skill. i chose from him but when i got there i saw most of my friends. head in the sand enough for refrigeration so i just joined them and i just dive but one day. up to the day i'm doing this and you know if i'm scared and no regrets i'm enjoying it yeah. who has
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a population of just six thousand unsurprisingly there's no one here who knows how to work the propane systems curtis has come to install the new system in a hospital. the installation process is the same but because they'll be transporting propane in the future the pipes need to be checked. so if they look if we take all gauges to if there was a leak it off in the middle going back down to zero. when curtis was training he could take his time now he has to work faster so it's a lot more walk now. because of the safety precautions. but it's what i'm enjoying it that. while some are busy installing others check the systems already in place at the moment the question is how much more energy efficient are the new models. the results after the first few weeks come as
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a surprise. we figured out that basically just and that small periods we figured out that the new unit was using only a third of the electricity that the old unit was using which of course results in a third of the electricity bill that might encourage more people to invest in a new unit and by doing so they'll also be doing their bit for the environment. and now it's time for something sweet this week's global snack comes from senegal. a fishing village on the coast of senegal near the city of roofie sq. here it's the women who sell the catch. here. the market stretches further inland. and this is where what he makes and sells her delicious
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brainy t.v. she makes one batch of della de starting with not make water and he still. milk sugar and the eggs. she won't reveal the other ingredients that make up being a set tasty apart from flour of course. the recipe for. a song helps i need the dough she doesn't do it any more because her shoulders heart. beat she tells us the oil has to be really hot otherwise the big one to get crispy
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. the families. cut customers off from india with her daily routine and know when the first penny will be ready. to what a fish has them out of the pan while they're still light and fluffy inside they turn golden brown as they cool off. while in the. opinion a cup of coffee i love it. this is what i have for breakfast every day here. it's good for me and it's so tasty really it was. good to undergo they give you strength the venue sirrah are really good. they are. close.
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to what it takes pricks to pray there's a mosque right next to her stall and many people come by after prayers to buy her. seat. love. seat. and that's all from us this week did you enjoy it tell us what you write to global three thousand. or check out our facebook page d.w. global society see you next time.
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her. first day of school in the jungle. first lists the band doris crane the moment arrives to. join the ring in tame on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary. tour on the brain ten
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returns home on the dot com bring in tang's. they make a commitment. they find solutions. based in stronger. africa on the moon. the stories from both people moved to different spots shaping their nation the continent the first up on the move the stories about motivational change makers the shaking their destinies speak to their name it's the d w multimedia series food for god. dot com click on the most. the world population is increasing the climate is changing it's getting warmer and
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there are going to be more and more places where you cannot grow traditional props we have to fix this from the white to do that is to use the modern genetic modification methods to make better crawl it is a lot safer than anything we've done by traditional kinetic modification you take one to need you know exactly what it is or you put it into one of the plans when we come out exactly where it's gone i think we will be able to provide enough food for people by twenty fifty if we can make crops that will grow on the semi arid conditions this will achieve a much greater stability in the food supply that we have at the moment.
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and. this is you know who's live from berlin tough sell president trump makes the case for america sovereignty rejects globalism and calls on the nations of the world to help bring down iran's leadership we ask all nations to isolate a range regime. as long as its aggression continues. and we have school nations to.


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