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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 5:02am-5:15am CEST

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welcome to the bundesliga here on detail view on problem for us a special treat for bill in this league of funds this week as germany's top flight is in action again now joining me to poor overall all of the action is the very own mccambridge now how much do you love these midweek much as well i usually just spend on weekdays watching the clock counting down the i was what you will to come back so there's nothing more than a bit midweek action well we are going to take a look at all that action books unbeaten braman host a half the berlin side reveling in their best start ever to a bum this league season we'll see which of the two sides came out on top. so many called to discos are in dire need of points any points at this stage could they find the rocks away to freiburg. braman and berlin are brimming with confidence both sides are unbeaten this season and riding high in
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the title veterans home ground is a tough place to visit could they put a dent in berlin's best ever start to a bonus league a campaign and give the home crowd what they want let's find out. pals are guy his guy that has a balance of their best ever been this league of stars but braman it difficult prospect. unbeaten here in the last fifteen games didn't take too long for home advantage to shine through nourish our hands free kick caused all kinds of problems in the heads a box. martin hannett with a simple finish and a slightly more elaborate celebration. both a goalkeeper and defender went for the ball. neither gossage. summer signing to farage or rowson was hatch's biggest threat going forward but any hopes of finishing the half with a flourish will soon dashed another set piece of the goal for braman millersville
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coverage with a header their body language said it all the visitors with a lot of work to do at half time. they did start the second half with more intent to roast and through on the last despite the title go he put used to see perth finish. the twenty year old was deemed surplus to requirements at manchester city while goals like this maybe pep. letting him go but it would prove to be the high point for heter a needless foul gave braman a chance to restore their two goalies midway through the half. back screws up from the sports. piece of his home and he excused to without that celebration. the penalty completed tonight scoring three one the final score his side keep their own beats and run. his lose
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there is fortress braman doing the job again. so first defeat of the season for ahead and ed mccambridge from sports is here to go over it with me now before we get into anything else what on earth was going on with our first goal or that first goal is definitely to go down as one of the all time great but in this league goals it was an absolute shambles i loved every minute long ball to the back we see you see a fabulous timber going knock against his own ball a kick out of his goalkeepers hands and then when the before he goes in it comes back off him i mean he gets the ball strikes out the goalkeeper times like i've said and it hits him on the way inside so to the wind so just off the shambles in the entire half of the fence and like to say definitely one for the history books i loved every minute of that goal i certainly did too and it's incredibly have to really look closely to actually see who really scored and how they went in anyway people were getting a bit excited about have to saying they were possible even title contenders and
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what went wrong for them well i think talk at the top was always way too much for head to berlin i was peopled in dreamland thinking that. there is plenty to be excited about but this has the side that started the season in grand fashion they've got a beautiful blend of youth and experience and pelle daughter has really let the pragmatic approach go in airplanes voss talking football but i think today they missed marco group which the young midfielder on loan from liverpool he just adds a little sprinkling of stardust and tranquility to them and phil and i also think aside from anything else they just came up against a very well drilled and well organized inside talk about vertebrae and of course they're still undefeated they look pretty good they've been absolutely excellent so far this season of he had to how to lead lines going into this match but still undefeated now and florian cofield is really benefiting from being able to slip back the settled back for every single week and he's paying dividends now they play with a midfield three and their shining as well young has been an excellent form since the start of the season they brought in david clarkson off their very difficult
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spell in the premier league and he's adding a bit of leadership a bit of quality and of course goals so that made for. and as we saw today even newish he is chipping in he's plains a beautiful bowls around the park and he was heavily involved in two of brennan's goals today so it's all clicked into place and if i was a brandon fan pretty excited right now we have a few and they are pretty. stay there because we have to look at a team who are having a certainly a very different season that of course is shelter they travel to freiburg desperate for their nightmare started the season to end the medical to death because team have yet to win a point and the royal blues have traditionally found it difficult to beat freiburg who hold an impressive record against them was going to be five defeats at a five for shelter let's take a look. in freiburg a match that at least on paper had to gray cloud royal blues as for favorites coach dominico today changed six of his starting eleven in this must win game. five
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minutes into the match and freiburg alexander's full of saved his efforts twice only to be beaten at the third attempt shocker went crazy celebrating their first lead of the whole season but they soon discovered that the referee had to go out as the eventual school was off saw it before he found the net. then the industrious you have set up. as she kept pushing and shortly before half time it was done the ocala jury's turned to hit the upright. nil nil at the break but seven minutes into the second half freiburg to delete when floria media taps home and easy rebound a horrible moment for shock a keeper right fairmount christiane original shot straight into need elation this path won nearly stayed the hosts celebrating their first home win of the season meanwhile unable to manage even a draw or friedberg they stay firmly rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga
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standings. now i'm going to go back to you ed that's five defeat out of five now for last season's runners up it's hard to even believe now seeing that what's gone wrong a child or to lose five games on the bounce but anybody would mean that basically everything is going wrong it's been an awful start to the season for dominica to disco side now if this is one of the promoted clubs you might understand it would still be bad but as you said this is last season's runners up so it's frankly ridiculous that defending hopelessly they're not scoring enough goals but i think the biggest issue for shocker is that midfield they lost two key young players in. this summer both for free didn't even have the money to reinvest and they've just not replaced the they're missing that kraft and that doyle that those two young players brought to the scored now they did bring in sebastian rudy he didn't play today but he's been way off the boil since they brought him in and i think they're really suffering in that midfield area and it's going to be
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a very difficult slog if they want to get back into the champions league from this stage because they're way off the pace now fifteen points of course no to go to disco maybe he surprised people a few weeks back even by how positive the sound is but at this stage he must be worried do you think this could be the end for him or these the beginning of the end for the beginning of the end perhaps i mean it was such a fantastic season for them last year he was winning all the plaudits i mean nobody had them even with a shot of making it to the champions league when he took over but he took him to second place in the league runners up by munich absolutely fantastic so i do think he has quite a lot of credit in the bank but i mean this is football it's a cutthroat world and credits only going to get you so far and to lose as we've said five games on the bounce having been runners up the season before is just not good enough and i think he may be on borrowed time but i mean he's got a game against minds this season and he needs a statement victory there because it's a slippery slope once you start going downhill i mean he's been compared to some of
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the other good young managers in the union noddles man but he's you know he's kicking on as he always has and to disk. just looking stale and like i said they they need something else they need to either find a way for the midfield to reassert control as it was doing so well last season or find a way to stick the ball in the back of the net because right now the squad is running out of answers and i think they're in deep deep trouble deep deep trouble indeed well we'll be keeping an eye on shellcode of course but ed we need to take a look at all of the results from tuesday's games and there's braman when overhead and freiburg victory over shelton now there were two other matches of course mentioned there biron could only draw at home to. substitute. produced an unconventional finish in the asian six minutes to equalize against his former club after our young robin had put the hosts in front. of his first goal for i would swear it was enough to secure them a surprise point against their the varian neighbors. now in the final
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tuesday game hoffenheim took three points away to hanover and now there are five more matches to come on wednesday including dortmund versus nuremberg and time to take a look at the table no change after top with biron still leading braman move up to second move down dortmund play wednesday so we could see some movement at the top of the table and they have done the other end five defeats out of five for a bit of a shock to everybody leave them bottom of the table worrying times and get some cash in stuttgart and leverkusen complete the bottom three for now but they both play of course on wednesday. now before we go i want to ask one more question now ads. which one's religion bad for you or which one comes after you well there's a few that jump out from a i think it's actually a noise that line up with fixtures to look forward to tomorrow to the promoted
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teams in action we will go off against lay because now i like the sound of that one because this will go for expected to struggle when they came up with their white high at the table and on late edition really need to kick start this season away at the office just a little to myself be interesting to see if they can now dortmund host new book nuremberg again high flying for team that just came up people expected them to struggle can they can they do against don't see. should be an ice game as well to establish going to the club so some nice midweek action to look forward to and we'll be discussing that of course on wednesday thank you so much for all your analysis i'd like to thank of course admire cambridge will be back on wednesday with the remaining much thirty five games so for me and the rest of the bonus need to teamhair him by but.
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