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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin the german chancellor suffers an unexpected blow on the machall puts on a brave face as her party houses a key ally critics say this could be the beginning of the end of the machall era also coming out sowing chaos and death and destruction president trouble addresses the u.n. general assembly and attacks the leaders of iran as enemies of peace. and
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he was once known as america's dad but from now on actor bill cosby will be classified as a violent sexual predator he's been sent to jail for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. and no rest for the honestly go a full schedule of midweek match ups saw high flying size brain and berlin facing off we'll have all the goals coming up. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show it's being called a political thunderbolt on them ackles parliamentary party has defied the wishes of the chancellor by voting to oust her longstanding ally folke account as its leader now this came as a surprise both for the chancellor and for the political establishment here in germany opponents believe this could be the beginning of the end for the chancellor
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. only one hundred and twelve votes for khalid a close ally to anglo-american and lead off the party's parliamentary block for thirteen years words as one hundred twenty five votes for his opponent of being callous or rather low profile m.p. known for his budgetary expertise he's now the new leader of the cd un sees you group in parliament an unexpected outcome and also a defeat for the german chancellor link house himself trying to downplay the significance of the vote. looking forward to working with anglo american as has just been explained there's no daylight between us it will be a close and trusting cooperation just as i've had with in recent years. before the vote had urged the conservative m.p.'s to support counter her candidate was also backed by leaders of the conservatives but very insistent party this see is you but to no avail the majority wanted to change afterward the newly elected
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leader stressed that he didn't see the result as a vote against anglo american but the german chancellor acknowledged the outcome is a defeat. this is democracy and that means sometimes you lose a vote there's nothing to gloss over but i want the parliamentary group of the c.d.u. and sees you to be successful and therefore i will support wherever possible. merkel lost one of her closest confidence calda had been at the top of the parliamentary party of the conservatives since i'm glad america became german chancellor in two thousand and five all opposition parties declared kalidas defeat a clear sign that merkel's time as chancellor is coming to an end does this shows that mrs merkel can no longer rely on the support of her own group so i recommend that mrs merkel ask for a vote of confidence that. we call on the government to finally come to terms and
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to be a government again and not a divided bunch. for the m.p.'s of a conservative party this is an unknown situation until now and always have the support of a majority but not for sure anymore. so is the clock ticking for all america let's talk about that with political correspondent simon young good morning simon germany's biggest selling delhi newspaper build site on the saying this morning that asking rather whether on a macro can still govern can she without the support of her own party well there's no doubt this is a huge blow to angela merkel's leadership focus was a man who stood at her side since the beginning of chancellorship and really boasted that we often refer to his role as chief whip that is to say sort of her in force in parliament the man responsible for making sure that her side at least
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voted the right way either by persuasion or occasionally by sort of gentle application of the thumbscrews and now he's been moved moved aside that we can see clearly can she still govern yes for now i think is the arms of the new man said that he's just as ready to work with her closely as he's pretty says a date but clearly she's going forward she's weakened and she faces a conference of her own cd policy in december now after yesterday's vote it looks rather less likely than it did before that she will be reelected as party leader. difficult times reglan that simon this administration has been moving from one crisis to another we just saw one solved yesterday a little couple days ago what's behind this crisis dynamic i think the real problem of this government is that it contains three parties who are worried that they
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are losing. touch with the voter base and in fact probably have lost touch with much of it you've got the very end conservatives of the c.s.u. . of course face a very important regional election in just a couple of weeks' time we've seen their lead a horse they hope again and again rattling the cage and trying to alert voters to the idea that he's an alternative voice particularly on the migration issue he threatens the government from that side the social democrats for their part emerged from a very bad election result of the general election last year they effectively only join this government to try and you know repair the damage and many within the social democrat party are looking for their opportunity to to put a new offering to the voters so you've got stresses and strains fault lines within
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the government and many people think that it won't go to the full term for that very reason and those cracks just widen didn't they after of after this vote simon thanks very much for that on other news president trump has a tax globalism in a speech to the u.n. general assembly he said quote sovereign nations should promote their own traditions and interests and not defer to global institutions like the united nations he also said washington would be cutting its funding for u.n. peacekeepers and would never recognize the jurisdiction of the international criminal court after arriving at the plenary whole late in keeping everyone waiting president launched into his address he hailed what he called extraordinary progress made since his first speech at the un general assembly one year ago a statement that was met with barely stifled left across three. in less than two
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years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. american soldier. didn't expect the reaction reversal. from continued undaunted a recurring theme throughout his address was america's rejection of globalization the united states will not tell you how to live or work or worship we only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return. he also warned other nations against him bracing globalism and singled out germany for criticism saying the country will become totally dependent on russian energy if it does not change course there was praise for north korea in his speech last year trump derided north
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korean leader kim jong un as a little rocket man this year he thanks the communist dictator for his steps towards denuclearization trump reserved his harshest criticism for iran calling it a brutal and corrupt dictatorship iran's leaders he said was sowing chaos death and destruction across the region we ask all nations to isolate iran's regime. as long as its aggression continues. and we ask well nations to support the ranch people as they struggle to reclaim. their religious and righteous destiny. later iran's president has done rouhani used his speech to push back against the u.s. accusing donald trump of trying to topple his government rouhani said the new u.s. sanctions amount to economic terrorism and violent that iran would not be found by
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them president trumps attack on iran was not unexpected last year his maiden speech at the u.n. general assembly shocked many world leaders this year there were frowns of disapproval and at the end plights applause was. ok let's get some analysis now on the speech with tyson barker's u.s. affairs analyst with the aspen institute here in berlin good morning tyson morning you know it was an incredible speech we were analyzing it last night talking about it before this interview with the president wants to isolate iran that was at the core of this speech do you see europe ignoring that and moving as it plans to do to work with china and russia to dodge the u.s. sanctions on iran i mean that's definitely the attempt that we're seeing here is to create a firewall for to preserve this agreement the iran nuclear agreement the j c p a way the question is whether or not it can be successful you know the europeans
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really taking the lead here fredricka mogul really to create this special purpose vehicle which is to inoculate buyers of iranian oil those who have put foreign direct investment into iran so they're not having to use the dollar and basically expose themself to u.s. sanctions now the question really is will that work the way that the sanctions are structured and i'm going to be implemented it looks like that that might not work because any company having business in the united states would still be subject to sanctions no matter what the avenue of flow is into iran even if they don't use the swift system for transferring funds and v.w. for example is already pulled out of iran washington has responded with disappointment to the e.u. announcement by meanwhile the u.s. has issued new warnings to iran let's listen in now to trump's national security advisor john bull on that issue if you cross our allies or our partners
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if you harm our citizens if you continue to lie cheat and deceive yes there will indeed be held. hell to pay does that apply to europe tyson what are america's options with europe should it work with china and russia on dodging the sanctions i mean the biggest cudgel that the united states has its twenty trillion dollar economy not having access to that twenty trillion dollar economy is a real threat for for european companies companies russian companies etc if you look at the work that's being done by the u.s. ambassador to germany for example able protege richard richard grinnell who has said you know each company that has come out and said we're pulling out of iran b.s.f. for example he has touted on his twitter feed so this is really a sustained campaign to pull european companies out of the orbit to do business in the days ok the question is will it be successful you know at this assembly and at
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the u.n. the president was working to isolate iran but a lot of ways to look like it was america that was isolated well again you know there's the president and then there's the u.s. economy i think that if in a vacuum if it was just a political question i think that most people would side on the side of preserving in agreement that the iranians have actually complied with but if it's a question of having access the u.s. market the world still the world's largest market the twenty trillion dollar market a lot of great consumers a lot of very wealthy consumers stable rule of law you know great place to invest and then they're going to have to think twice ok not just iran of course in the speech. the president also talked about the primacy of the nation state over global institutions and their supporters very looked like the president was laying down what sounded like to me the trump doctrine with this is you know sometimes he toggles between or even a year and a half almost two years that we've seen him in office he's toggle between kind of
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an internationalist stablish mint wing you know the old mcmasters even the pump ailes to some extent the mattresses who have written things like the national security strategy the national defense strategy. and then the speeches like he gave in poland like his speech at the u.n. general assembly last year which are much more bannan mist which basically as you said define globalism is a type of ideology that needs to be fought against unelected bureaucrats technocrats who think they know better than the elected the people that elect officials and what he's basically saying is you know we need an international strategy dish counter act that that every country should be making itself great again just like the united states is reclaiming its sovereignty from institutions like you and briefly if you could the place very well ahead of the midterm elections in the u.s. to his base back home well i mean this is going to be a very domestically focused midterm election i think you know there's a lot of issues right now about the treatment of women there's a lot of issues around the supreme court there are questions about rising prices i
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think that the so be much more domestically focused than international tyson barker from the aspen institute as ever thanks very much the state of the news live from berlin still to come on the show from superstar to serial sex offender actor bill cosby is sent to jail for sexual assault we'll hear from the victims who have been waiting for this moment for years the. first let's take a look at some of the other stories making the news this morning britain's opposition labor party has voted in favor of keeping open the option of a second referendum on boxes. delegates approving the motion with overwhelming support at their annual conference in liverpool prime minister theresa may criticize the move insisting again there will be no second rexx a vote. a baluga wells been spotted in the river thames near london that puts the whale hundreds of kilometers away from its usual arctic habitat some twenty balloons have previously been seen in british waters but usually much
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farther north. now from america's dad to sexual predator us comedian and former t.v. star bill cosby is in prison where he's been ordered to serve between three and ten years for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman the judge also declared that cosby is a violent sexual predator and that means will be subject to monitoring for the rest of his life is the first liberty to be locked up since the downfall of media mogul harvey weinstein and the start of the me too movement. the day of reckoning for the man millions thought they knew bill cosby sentenced to at least three years behind bars before he can even apply for parole his victim andrea konstam said he drugged her and sexually assaulted her in two thousand and four some sixty women have made similar accusations against him. outside the courthouse some of them gathered with their lawyer to hail the sentence but i'm very happy to know them if people read
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all my prayers from kirk lippold i can cut down on one of them this is just going to show them that they can make it through and that there's justice. and how the. cosby's defense team say they will appeal the court's ruling they claim his conviction was based on falsified evidence and racial bias he corrected mr karr's been no god is watching over here so he knows that these are live they persecuted jesus and look what happened now sam is the cause is jesus but we know what this country is going to black me the truth the eighty one year old cosby was denied bail during the appeals process instead he embarks on a life far removed from the fortune and accolades that accompanied the height of his career. we have sports now into the business leaders midweek games braman and
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berlin are brimming with confidence both sides made an unbeaten start to the season they faced off in a battle of the surprise packages. of pals out i has guided heter barely into their best ever build this league starts the brain in a difficult prospect. unbeaten here in the last fifteen games didn't take too long for home advantage to shine through nourish our hands free kick caused all kinds of problems in the heads a box. martin hannett with a simple finish a slightly more elaborate celebration. both a goalkeeper and defender went for the ball. neither gossage. summer signings are fired or rowson was hatch's biggest threat going forward but any hopes of finishing the half with a flourish will soon dashed another set piece of the goal for braman millersville katich with a header. body language said it all visitors with
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a lot of work to do at half time. they did start the second half with more intent to rowson through on the left despite the title go he produced a superb finish i the twenty year old was deemed surplus to requirements at manchester city more goals like this maybe pet room letting him go but it would prove to be the high point for heter a needless file case braman the chance to restore their two goalies midway through the half. max cruiser from the sports. piece of his home and he excused to without that celebration. the penalty completed tonight scoring three one the final score. his side keep their own beats and run. his. use that as fortress braman doing the
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job again. staying with the bonus legal last season's runners up shall go travel to freiburg desperate to end their nightmare start of the season the team of lost all their games thus far top of that royal blues have historically found it difficult to beat freiburg. in freiburg a match that at least on paper had to great cloud royal blues as for favorites like a coach to many go today changed six of his starting eleven in this must win game. five minutes into the match and freiburg alexander's fall of saved his efforts twice only to be beaten at the third attempt shock and went crazy celebrating their first lead of the whole season but they soon discovered that the referee had to go out as the eventual score was offside before he found the net. then the industrious you have set up. as she kept pushing and shortly before half time
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it was done the ocala jury's turned to hit the upright. nil nil at the break about seven minutes into the second half freiburg to delete when floria media leshner taps home an easy rebound a horrible moment for soccer keep a right fairmount spirit christiane good to its original shot straight into need elation as part of one elite state the hosts celebrating their first home win of the season meanwhile on able to manage even a drop the freiburg very state firmly rooted to the bottom of the bundesliga so. let's get our business with monica now and asia is looking into the future and preparing for some challenging times indeed to brine the asian development bank is forecasting a slowdown in growth next year over fears that a global trade conflicts could hurt economies in the region the lender has also warned that further interest rate hikes in the united states could disrupt currency
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markets and lead to bad loans but it also said that expanding trade within the region could help make up for lost exports to the united states asia is now home to more than half of all the world's middle class. the pressure is mounting on venezuela's president nicolas maduro will join five south american nations in signing a formal request for the international criminal court to investigate the venezuelan government this only a day after the u.s. imposed sanctions on monday a row and his wife venezuela socialist economy is wrecked by hyper inflation and crippling shortages thousands of people keep fleeing into neighboring countries every day. it's an almost unstoppable flood of people the exodus from venezuela has so far seen around two million people flee the country taking grave risks almost always on foot with starvation only a few paces behind. because we're really dying of hunger everything was difficult
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for us there's no medicine no food nothing. all venezuelans are thinking of leaving to search for stability but we find ourselves in other places in another world that's not our own it's been very tough for us to. rule. but the sheer number of venezuelan refugees is causing problems for the country's neighbors in front year terms like in colombia the world food program is helping local governments and civic bodies give aid to the most vulnerable. sort of commented that even the hot meals that were giving them were giving them two solid meals a day things like beans and rice and planting they're saying you know that they haven't had that kind of solid food for quite a while that they're also providing access to basic services the organization hopes that today's session of the united nations general assembly will focus attention on
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the crisis. but the united nations has got an integrated response plan and the world food program needs for example twenty two million dollars just to provide emergency food assistance for these people for the ones who really need it most venezuela is an unfolding disaster with many facets but the exodus caused by the food crisis rocking the country is without doubt one of the most urgent. here in europe bulgaria is one of the continent's major textile producers largely due to its low cost structure the average wage of a textile worker is only about three hundred fifty euros now that's peanuts especially when you consider bulgaria is an e.u. member state and that is why many young bulgarians are leaving to find jobs in other parts of the e.u. . guts a dead chav in southern belle gary people in this region make their living mostly
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from agriculture and tourism but many bow guerin's also work in the textile industry german entrepreneur bet has been producing clothes here since one thousand nine hundred three when he founded the company pier in texas. they produce men's clothing as well as women's fashion for luxury brands mostly sold in german stores . two thousand employees work here the average net salary of three hundred fifty euros per month is higher than other factories around the e.u. country. we pay more than average because we expect more than average from our employees. like quality flexibility and adapting to new products and materials. it's two thirty pm time for a shift change employees have worked hard for their above average salary a few years ago a strike shut down the production line one worker outside the factory though told
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us the salary still isn't enough to survive on. instead of adjusting our salaries upwards they keep going down and. they have people who time our work then they don't work in the allotted time instead of motivating us and giving us incentives in the mylan what i mean. workers' rights groups are calling for change. the main headquarters for the union representing clothing and textile workers is located in the capital sofia it represents five thousand employees. in them all of the. members throughout the country report that the standards targets for sewing cannot be met in one day. they often have to work overtime. on the road more. appear in texas bosses currently struggling
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with completely different problems many young people have left the country and the training center is almost deserted only seven apprentices work the machines become pany actually has room for three times as many but the new generation is fleeing to germany or england where they hope to find their fortune or at least better working conditions. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. the german chancellor's pollin entry policy has defied her wishes five voting to oust her longstanding ally foca as its leader under the mcas opponents beneath the surprise move could mean the time as chancellor is coming to an end. the. us president still next trump has rejected globalism in an address to the un national assembly in new york he also called on all nations to isolate the leadership of iran as long as what he called the corrupt dictatorship continued in power. you're watching news coming to you
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live from berlin at the top of the hour up. on the to. the to. the to. the east at full speed. but always almost moved the sod home
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last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. he continues to fight for world peace with a reminder i know much we have to comprehend where this has taken us today there is a new arms race. the arrow of time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace waisted starts october third on d. w. . o. and welcome to drive with a b w motor magazine coming up in a new race car b.m.w. z o electric eye f t eighty. beatlemania wells fargo's wild for the beatles sunshine tour. and the newest generation of hyundai santa fe.


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