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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm CEST

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using an entire generation of children. if you can describe. because they are the future of syria. this is you know we do this line for berlin present trouble accuse this china of meddling in u.s. elections their reason according to the us leader is that china doesn't like his trade policies which involve a slapping tariffs on chinese exports to the u.s. where new york for reaction also coming up a chance the anglo american puts on a brave face as her party rejects one of her key allies but critics say this could be the beginning of the end of the american era.
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thank you so much for your company everyone u.s. president donald trump has accused china of interfering in america's upcoming midterm elections president trump made the controversial charge as he chaired a meeting of the u.n. security council in new york he offered no evidence to back up the accusation but set china did not want him to win the election because of his tough line on trade with beijing trump also commented on north korea saying talks are making positive progress behind the scenes and that he expected very good news in the coming months and years. all right let's find out how prison transfer formants as the chair of the security council went down for that i'd like to turn to our correspondent fun naaman she is in new york for us. yesterday the u.s. president's address drew laughs when he touted his administration's achievements
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what was the reaction from those gathered today. well there was no laughter today we have to say and i was in the security council meeting and my impression was said that we can this quiet the atmosphere there is very thieve you smoot and the president himself seems to be very focused to be very restrained he stayed pretty much on message on script however at the same time what was to most remarkable thing about this security council session was the fact that it's once again exposed the deep divisions between the united states and its closest allies such as great britain or friends on topics such as the iranian nuclear deal or russia's role in syria all right well let's talk about that other thing that everybody's talking about since that opening address president
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trump's allegation that china is meddling in u.s. a midterm elections against him let's take a listen to what he said exactly and then we'll pick up from there. regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level. we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election what is so remarkable on is that on choose a president trump use his address to the general assembly to bash china over intellectual property theft and tariffs on u.s.
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goods and now this accusation how sour are relations between washington and beijing . well we have to say that this is really a bombshell. president trump has talked about this before that it's that was not only russia to meddle in the u.s. elections but also all the extras such as china but to accuse china in such a high level meeting on the wool stage while the foreign minister of china is sitting at the very same table it's really remarkable and that's it ends really on the usual and i would assume that the president will be facing a lot of criticism here in the united states for doing it without presenting any evidence for his claims and even because he's own intl community is saying that it's russia who is the bad the worst actor here and not china all right now the
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town as you've illustrated there has been at times blistering but then there was this. but most importantly i believe that chairman kim jong un a man i have gotten to know and like wants peace and prosperity for north korea many things are happening behind the scenes away from the media which nobody know what they're happening nevertheless and they are happening in a very positive way so i think you will have some very good news coming from north korea in the coming months and years. so i said no we don't have anything tangible substantial agreement ought to support that belief that he is saying that he's expressing there yet he believes korea will wants peace if iran is abiding by all the terms of the nuclear deal and the shunned by this president
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how is he scoring that circle. well you know that the president the president. of the best to deal maker and the world and i think these remarks today reflected this belief and it is a really radical shift from threats last year to this flood three this year however as you said we have not seen any evidence yet that north korea is really committed to a complete new close ation of the korean peninsula so it might be that president is too optimistic and it was actually the french president today who said the dead we need to see evidence that north korea is really committed student included zation alexander phenomena thank you so much for your continued coverage in new york art want to bring up to see now some of the other stories making news around the world. new allegations have surfaced against u.s.
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh a third accuser says she witnessed sexually abusive behavior by cavanagh toward girls at high school parties they attended in the early one nine hundred eighty s. she also says she was gang raped at one such party although did not accuse cavanagh of taking part in. a danish appeals court has upheld a life sentence for inventor peter madsen it was found guilty of murdering the swedish journalist kim wall of bore his homemade submarine last year mattson had appealed to the court for a time limited sentance. the wife of malaysia's former prime minister has appeared before an anti corruption agency also months or was questioned over the alleged misuse of a multi-billion dollar state investment fund police found luxury goods and cash during raids on apartments linked to the family shortly after her husband news you
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presides election defeat in may. here in germany a chance the anglo american suffered a serious blow when her conservative bloc rejected her personal choice and close ally to be their leader in parliament came as a surprise both to the chancellor and to the political establishment and medicals opponents believe it could be the beginning of the end for her thirteen year long chancellorship. the german government's weekly meeting chancellor angela merkel getting to work but is it really business as usual it's the day after the biggest defeat of her career her party's parliamentary bloc ousted their longtime leader and one of marco's closest confidants until now the new party whip was only known as a financial expert he's expected to both stop the conservative parliamentary group self-confidence but this will put chancellor merkel in an even more uncomfortable position says one conservative m.p.
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i think that she has to counter with affection group that is more self-confident and i think now we gain back a bit more independence and i think that is. slightly challenging because the chancellor will need to fight for her own positions the new group leader promised to listen closely to the input from constituencies and try to downplay the significance of the vote for him into office looking forward to working with anglong otto as has just been explained there's no daylight between us it will be a close and trusting cooperation just as i've had with in recent years. if you had before the vote marital had urged the conservative m.p.'s to support her like but to no avail the majority wanted to change the german chancellor acknowledge the outcome is
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a defeat. that's just stupid you this is democracy and that means sometimes you lose a vote there is nothing to gloss over but i want the parliamentary group of c.d.u. and c.s.u. to be successful and therefore i will support i think houseware of a possible. catfish and all opposition parties declared kouddous defeat a clear sign that markets time is chance less coming to an end coalition partner the social democrats are calling for a return to serious work. mind else if the sky urge seriousness and politics we have a global political situation that is rather chaotic germany cannot afford to gamble on the contrary we are an anchor of stability also for europe and i expect the seriousness from both the social democratic as well as the conservative parliamentary group. but this will take some time yesterday's vote has say can conservatives see more than expected. an activist with the russian
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protest punk group pussy riot has said he's convinced he was poisoned by russia secret service. has told a german newspaper that it was likely russia's military intelligence agency attacked him possibly for looking into the killing of three russian reporters in africa first love is now recovering in a hospital here in berlin. a police guard outside the sharkey to a hospital in central berlin currently its most prominent patient is being treated there. and this is at the airport ten days ago just a vessel law a thirty year old activist from the russian protest group pussy riot was brought to the german capital on suspicion of being poisoned berlin doctors say that's quite possible but didn't find any toxins there's a lot of suffered from impaired consciousness and vision problems his family is in berlin as is his girlfriend also from pussy riot has been really better a yes they we watched a few so he's involved in everything that's going on there on the fume yeah sure
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sometimes he has some thing not clear in his mind but says the progress is cereal great during the world cup final this july in moscow there's a lot of ran onto the field in a police uniform along with other activists they were protesting against police brutality in russia. two weeks ago in moscow he was brought to a hospital apparently disoriented his family then arranged to have him transported to berlin there's a lot of girlfriends believes that the russian secret service is also watching him in germany but she herself doesn't feel threatened. i'm not the type of person. i get i understand that it could be something like that but i'm not the type of person for me it's much more uncomfortable to be on the control of police even they try to protect and to control me doctors in berlin hope that there's a lot will fully recover the question then will be what really happened.
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but it's like a football now and last season's runners up a shocker travel to fiber go on wednesday night hoping to end their nightmare start to this season but a fifth straight loss left shall kamar it at the very bottom of the standings. in freiburg a match that at least on paper had to gray cloud royal blues as favorites get coach domenico today changed six of his starting eleven in this must win game five minutes into the match and freiburg alexander's fall of saved his efforts twice only to be beaten at the third attempt shocker went crazy celebrating their first lead of the whole season but they soon discovered that the referee had ruled the goal out as the eventual score a said it was offside before he found the net. then the industrious you have
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set up. as cheika kept pushing and shortly before half time it was daniel cally jurys turn to hit the upright. nil nil at the break but seven minutes into the second half freiburg took the leach when floria media types home an easy rebound a horrible moment for shock a keeper right fairmount spilling christiane into as original shot straight into need election as part of one elite state the hosts celebrating their first home win of the season shocker meanwhile on able to manage even a drawer the fraud book they state firmly rooted to the bottom of the industry. now are minor of the top story that we're tracking for you this hour. u.s. president donald trump has told the united nations security council that china is quote attempting to interfere in november's u.s. congressional elections he says it's because china opposes his trade policy and tariffs on chinese exports. the first time while high rock and berlin on behalf of
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the entire news team thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us the news continues at the top of the hour here that. nico is in germany to learn german. polish people why not learn with him online on the mobile and free shops from the w e learning course streak.
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germany best known therapist volcom smith bala has a column in which he analyzes modern relationships. in a society where the pressure to perform is increasing a partner who i know and who can compensate my weaknesses is of huge importance as to stalk i would he have a sixth sense to the family and ultimately the couple's relationship ought to be a place where i do not have to perform always try to meet perform and most said the thing and but at the same time there are an increasing number of factors such as performance physical appearance erotic functionality or compromising couples' relationships i have it's when i am in the past there were precious few alternatives to marriage there were clear male and female roles in relationships and married life followed a strict set of morals i think has already forced were all the cards that may have
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cause for the mystery it did help to stabilize relationships. if so. we're at the crossroads between an era where crossing the line into the forbidden it was an essential part of sexuality the zero six man and innovation to an era where desire has become a matter of conformity don't. name if sexual desire is accepted even in the most unconventional forms and. it is just it's a given. every weekend palin hosts dozens of sex parties as people find it more difficult to happen as she ships alternative options become more leering and more marketable.
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securities biggest erotic trade for arizona right now and it's. the feeder is. full up in dinners dinners which aren't speaks volumes. so goes where. the sexual revolution is such was about greater freedom and happiness but individual commercialization and mass availability however has meant that sex has increasingly lost its significance in the process becoming almost but now. this is just off the beam a straight path give spans the opportunity to meet pawn stars and what kind of girls and today's visitors comprise of only a fraction of those who know the likes of war a dirty tina conner a cream and pussy cat. a quarter of all online searches today opera not a few related it's an industry that now turns over in excess of twelve million
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a vibrator instead of being an embarrassment they are lifestyle products. is head of marketing at an online supplier of sex accessories catering specifically to women. i think i'll take my jacket off i'm feeling really hard. just from looking at the toys all right ok are you familiar with these and the bit where the idea with a traditional erotica industry was very male oriented. products for men met lots of naked or scantily clad women that i never met a member lation said that doesn't appeal to female sexuality. in fact in heterosexual relationships it tends to be the woman who decides what the couple will try out and how far they'll take things. a lot of men are eager to have plenty of sex and to experiment young and whereas women are more cautious. on phones and
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to get my let's start with the classics. this is a rabbit vibrator. since the company began to hype. profile advertising campaign for sex toys it has seen turnover increased ten fold it's a similar scenario across the industry that. new technical innovations promise new superior sexual experiences. my guess is from a new generation of collateral vibrators and it's called the womanizer it marks a minor revolution being the first clipper all five greater to work via suction as opposed to vibration. this image that there's this little red light and when you place your finger here you'll feel that sucking sound so for women to follow out completely different feelings if a customer survey showed that eighty percent of women came within two minutes of using this it can help users set new orgasm records. off for fathers and mothers
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used a variety of natural materials to fashion toys to aid sexual arousal. queen clear patter of egypt is said to have used a paper bag filled with beings quite possibly the world's first vibrator. two millennia later new technology was used to design a range of devices to treat so-called histeria among women through sexual stimulation this is the steam powered many plates invented by dr george taylor in eight hundred sixty nine it was one of the first modern vibrators ostensibly marketed as medical equipment it was openly advertised in women's magazines went into the one nine hundred twenty s. now in the digital age sexual stimulation is available via apps and the internet. this is an interesting this is a partner toy but if you link it up to our app the woman can wear it while the man controls it. down my friends via. this is the new technology ideal for long
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enjoy people in europe having let's say. thirty years ago young couples in germany for example slept together almost every day now it's only twice a week in two thousand and five french couples had sex on average ten times a month now down to just eight. over a third of women in europe do not climax during sex and a growing number of young men suffer from a wrecked dysfunction among the over forty it's one thing to. feel has existed practically since the first came. but the tendency to ban such images made them difficult to access. the video player in the one nine hundred seventy s. introduced to a mass audience today millions of men around the world make use of the opportunity to get sexual stimulation online and anonymous.


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