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tv   Made in Germany - New currencies -- old problems  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm CEST

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for all the liberties we now enjoy people in europe having less sex thirty years ago young couples in germany for example slept together almost every day now it's only twice a week in two thousand and five french couples had sex on average ten times a month now down to just eight. over a third of women in europe do not climax during sex and a growing number of young men suffer from a rectal dysfunction among the over fault if it's wanting to. be free has existed practically since the first actions of cain falls but the tendency to bend such images made them difficult to access. the emergence of the video player in the one nine hundred seventy s. introduced pornography to a mass audience today millions of men around the world make use of the opportunity to get sexual stimulation online and anonymously. is this yes all this
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and that in the real world women are still considered aloof and difficult to conquer and while in the world of forms they're extremely willing and wild. fish status with stuff that reinforces the notion that they alternately constitute a cure for mailings i it is about impotence and on attractiveness. to retaliate for in quotations. like this that's why a lot more men watch porn. consuming. twenty sixteen the world's most popular porn sites alone attract a twenty three billion visitors that's sixty five million pradesh americans where the biggest but capital uses. an increasing number of young men now cater to their own sexual needs the human brain is programmed to respond to the extreme visual stimuli in pornographic movies . these consumers get their arousal not in bed but at
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a computer desk. virtual reality v r is now set to take the pornography experience to a new dimension. we all know what polish because this is something else in the. cutting edge be our technology office more than just a simple three d. effect although it is for now very expensive. this is the dimension that really offer something more the goal of the manufacture of course is to address more and more of our senses and eventually imitate sex. wearing white parents and ever harry cherish. the v.a. our experience means you can also take a look around or make eye contact. often a little pressure. sometimes you can choose what happens next instead of just watching your interacting it's like
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a simple bear arms and hair brushes are enough for you have not touched them so much for fun if you feel the feeling is caressing may. just be just feel the streets are clear no mayor in this other world won't help feel anything before she's doing stuff for the physical exam favorite. the widespread availability of free online porn has become a serious problem for the adult film industry now presents a new avenue of opportunity to make money a whole new genre films are now being shot primarily in california by twenty seventeen half a million videos were already being streamed today. consumers can now also watch interactive films enabling them to have virtual sex with a man mates or participate in orgies with aliens. so well
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that really is shown. to you can put yourself in the other baltic. cool. you can turn into that other person also. but you need james's own particular parts of your body to actually feel anything. then i could actually feel her touching then it would be perfect to see can you see every think of it. some feet off when he's made specifically for women a growing custom a group with its own to sting sexual fantasies of.
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well the next sexual revolution be digitised philosopher kathleen richardson has researched the consequences there's this mess that women aren't interested in sex that men are more interested in that women but the reality is is that women are interested in sex but they don't get the kind of sexual experience so they actually want. sex and watches and it's about feeling smelling tasting and surprising a part but. it's about more than record breaking more gassings. but today we are under pressure to perform even in moments of intimacy the pharmaceuticals industry profits from our fear of sexual failure by acro alone and its maker around one point seven billion dollars a year. researchers have been looking desperately for
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a similar moneymaker for the female market. in twenty fifteen a controversial female viagra was approved in the u.s. as such. a psychotropic drug affecting the nervous system to enhance the consumers would be dope. unlike the drug for men. affects the brain not the body but it comes with the risks and side effects it's developer had argued that denying approval would be denying a woman's right to sexual desire and had the backing up women's organizations in its application to be all for it is an estimated one in ten american women suffer from a low sex drive but does that qualify as an illness in europe for example the drug has yet to be granted approval. think it is the second say i see the entire concept of medicalized sexual performance as problematic to me it's like cosmetic surgery this is own decision had. pink by agra is undoubtedly
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a means for a man to have a woman who then desires him more. info months met lee i ask myself whether this is an innovation with a similar range of benefits for both men and women or chiefly for men. but it precisely. because it is. think by a group does nothing to improve a woman's position on the market it merely improves her availability for the man she is already in a relationship with and it's only when there's. a lot of men are quickly aroused often visual stimulation is sufficient and generally women first need to develop a feeling which gradually turns into desire and then arousal which takes a little longer.
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a further issue with long term relationships is that women tend to lose interest in their partner faster than man a new man a stranger can arouse desire for more. affects of me that many pill critics have dubbed pink frog grow a monogamy drug to prevent desire for their own partner blaming women and now experimenting with new forms of erotic arousal in the hope of refuting the spark in a relationship. there is now a new boom in the market for erotic literature written for female readers a boom fueled by the advent of e-books erotica is now more popular the conventional love stories amazon alone stocks thirty eight thousand titles and one of them has been picked to be successful fifty shades of grey. i have the book right here the hoops it's upside down it's interesting very good good for lack of
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a better word it's like porn but in writing i've been a married woman for fifteen years this book will rejuvenating your marriage. but i like the sex in the book i like the freakiness the s. and m. . the story of shy student and introduced to the world of s. and m. by the wealthy and don't let mr grey shuttered all previous records. the book sold over one hundred million copies worldwide while part one of the film franchise alone raked in over hoffa billion dollars. the reason for its success it serves as a guide to rescuing modern relationships because the s. and m. story tension it turns into a classic romance. mr grey ends up falling hopelessly in love with anna and she calls the shots in the relationship except on the sexual front they both prefer it
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when he spots but it's only because he respects and that he's allowed to tie her up at night. in the publication of fifty shades of grey sales of s. and m. products such as blindfolds handcuffs and coddles skyrocketed the film production company founded its own sex toy non-germane label. moving over me try this on. i phone mosques in general great. as if i already know that they can heighten your sense of us. and she often being i'm on my way to vacation home with some special feature is the perfect place for testing out the accessories from fifty shades and reenact if you see once again. whole. becomes
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a curious it's a good curiosity is crucial just one thing you can feel everything except me but not part of the equipment. b d s m sexual practices involving dominance and submission is no longer considered outlandish. around thirty percent of couples in europe have tried out some form of bondage although this is not comparable to proper x. and them the appeal lies in experiencing something new with your partner. i mean creasing number of couples are discovering s.n.m. as an alternative to routine sex just for the ring is for the mouth. so this is positive again it sets. on a few good many people have never tried as an empty full. absolutely our guests
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range in age from eighteen to seventy six we get everyone from students to multi-millionaires including celebrities in the tug. of course since fifty shades of grey we've definitely been seeing more younger guests even if you sort of. the b.b.s. and loft is an adventure playground for adults in the heart of ballet and some guests day for one night others for a whole week. couples who meet here come for a brief time leave the complicated world of an equal partnership and explore new intimate experiences of his experience online i think people revert to it because they value trust and togetherness to do something like this you have to know and understand each other. and then something great can happen. in the i'm not sure whether i'd like this place right now. but he knows what might
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happen in the future maybe i will be tempted if you know. it's great that there are options like this and maybe if i get bored i'll come back and start off so to conquer. marriage and partnership are now seen as serving individual happiness. the internet offers immediate alternatives if the relationship isn't going to well. according to an online survey forty three percent of women and forty six percent of men in germany are unfaithful. in front it's thirty two percent of women and fifty five percent of men. online millions of website members seek office sexual adventures registering with a dating site will on average provide you with six hundred suggestions for potential suddenly. experts cite the internet as
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a factor in relationships breaking down more frequently and faster also among the over fifty's. basically. ok so any internet leads people to feel that there might be something better out there. it is in relationships that have become routine and have lost their thrill can be replaced with something more exciting. and. the internet enables a perpetual optimization of the relationship. it creates a new way of imagining our future. people opting out of the increasingly. again and they are instead living alone they put
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work first and content themselves with casual sexual escapades reluctant to make compromises for a partner or are afraid of disappointment. there are a lot of lonely people out there there also seems to be a growing number of people who might turn thirty without having had sex. they're afraid and then they just give up entirely. so how about trying and unconventional solution. somewhere down this corridor little saying. it was charming young larry but see what i have for the show.
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and repairs. a life like tamara costs around six thousand euros since its launch ten years ago it's been. product but in future perhaps a best seller. there are also models with a heating function some can simulate fragile contractions. in twenty seventeen the world's first six told brothels opened in spain and germany. comes to have a touch or. possibly well for sure absolutely. and this is silly cognac yes but don't be shy you can really take hold of her. this is not fragile very soft. because you can also touch this one in a new body just back from repairs in. this instance this is the latest silicone addition and with special nipples that are a bit larger than normal. which. was closer than the sea
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very serious. so you can figure turn around and even the roof of a man's house it almost feels real except the trees are really shelved and believe . some customers who simply want to have sex with a daw or live out a fantasy they're too shy to suggest with a real woman. your own then there are men who just have problems getting to know a real woman. and if you focus on maybe their expectations are too high. or even. before she might some instead of being alone they decide to try a dog. and you mentioned with enough imagination that it works really well. over the last ten years i've met a lot of people who actually have
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a kind of social relationship with a dog. and they're happy so it's a great thing that's on the top is a just a year for could you imagine eventually becoming normal for someone to go out on the street with little of course they'd be programmed unable to warn of notes and. i'm absolutely convinced that once robotics are ready to go into mass production and become socially acceptable there'll be no way back and no way past it. and it's eventually it will become normal just like smartphones have. smartphones california based abyss creations now sells around three hundred dollars a year. there are also. low cost supplies from china. but abyss is already working on a model with artificial intelligence. and. harmony
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is due to hit the market in twenty eighteen. having a sexual affair. is. she says in an infant seat but the foundation is there for not only with ai software but the connection to hard work of politics and we're really excited because we can make hundreds of different faces that will fit on the same platform and the same way people can read hundreds of different personalities to go through that robot. david levy is an expert in artificial intelligence and robots. robots become more and more sophisticated and the manufacturers learn more about what the public want in a sex robots and what we need to do to improve them so i think robots will become
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more accepted widely as sex partners once a year he hosts an international convention on love and sex with robots at the goldsmith's institute in london it brings together scientists discussing ethical social and technical issues arising from the development of sex robots. there are millions millions of people in the world who cannot and do not have satisfactory loving relationships and sexual relationships so for them i think sex robots will be an enormous benefit because it will remove this terrible fluid from their lives and make so much happier. kathleen richardson is a researcher in rome. epix at the university of leicester she's launched a campaign against sex robots in the hope of stopping their developments.
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they don't give a sense of people feeling connected or being in a relationship they're just objects that have become automated so even if you've got this moving dong sitting next to you you're actually by yourself and so these people are promoting a technology. that is going to increase human isolation if it if it takes off it's just going to create more and more people sitting alone being alone with a dog. what is certain is that the robots are coming and they'll be capable of far more than just the missionary position which it will intelligent robots really sought and offer us companionship and conversation. just about any subject that if you want to have a conversation with a robot in a few years time the robot will have to talk to you about open about the beatles about jazz about anything you want to talk about sophia is a highly advanced version of
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a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence she can process visual data imitate human patient expressions and the basic question here. and one of the creators. you created what emotions usually being awake and alive. as a robot you have access to a great deal of information sorrow i like the encyclopedia except you can read it in a baby can't. well. how can. a robot would have access to the personal data that will even google facebook amazon and other websites. a robot would know us better than we do and know exactly what our needs are will we be able to resist. you.
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to get down to business psychologists have found a number of reasons different reasons why people fall in love and most of these reasons could be simulated in a robot. in . i think within about fifty years from now eventually robots will be able to outperform humans in just about every human endeavor. will hemans be rendered second rate cottons. what will the consequences be if we increasingly live with a machine that feels nothing and never says no and whose feelings we never have to
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consider. and something we we only have because of our relationships with each other as human beings it's not something you can have outside of your relationships with human beings in fact. so if we're encouraging more people to basically form attachments to dolls. muscle products yes that will impact because think about it human beings on pieces of property when you buy a piece of property like a product you can use it you can throw it away you know you can destroy it you don't have to take into account how it's thinking or feeling or what it's experiencing but human beings aren't like that. meme seems amazing crews even if these dolls could too. crease.
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war even small. i mean that's true just don't for me at least you know there's no genuine communication. just. account saying this replacing a real power. if we continue this kind of isolating practice of producing dolls and robots and saying they're like human beings if we go along that road by twenty fifty the biggest kind of sexual practice will be masturbation they'll just go in the direction of japan the just stop light into each other stuff interacting forming relationships that is a society in a crisis because schumann beings can even take pleasure in each other's company any more. the a.
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i think what would be really great is if we're focused on supporting relationships real relationships between men and women or women and women and men. will be getting married soon and plans to have children perhaps that's the greatest romantic endeavor today by the way the big white wedding is currently enjoying a renaissance but those who do tie the knot doing so is a matter of self-fulfillment. stability comes about from couples excusing one another for not being perfect it doesn't i've missed perfect. love sex and family relationships will continue to evolve in the future monogamy may no longer be the dominant model what is needed is
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a new moral code. so that we can return to an outgoing and relaxed sexuality whoever the object of desire may be. the changes in sexuality have brought about a range of advances. and he said precision of women and their right to their desire . to legitimize ation of sexual minorities. these are all extremely important developments that need bad at the same time it too could fall of the emotional aspects are now pushed aside me to skew the longer limousine and have become hugely complicated into the new. sudden and oh i'm measuring how are you doing. more to do that to me i'm missing here by restaurant i am a good idea see you this evening. enter
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the conflict zone confronting the powerful radical you government has caused thank you constellation here in brussels since it was elected my guest this week is the.
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italian to me peace trouble trust i'll go off to britain to stand up to the e.u. one brick said why did his government leave to resume a in the. last weeks critical e.u. summit conflict zone. in thirty minutes you don't believe. for. stories of people who've world over information provided. the means to want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter both today and in touch follow us.
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believe. this is it every news life for berlin president trouble he lashes out at china accuses it of meddling in u.s. election china rejects that charge trump told a security council meeting that beijing was interfering because it doesn't like his trade policy also coming up chancellor pongal americal puts on a new worry face as her party rejects one of her.


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