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tv   Conflict Zone - Guest Fabio Castaldo  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 7:30pm-8:00pm CEST

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let me tell everyone what's going on the bridge is active. against my. classes. but. the borneo case starts october ninth. it's allays radical new government has caused plenty of consternation here in brussels since it was elected but is its bach worse than its bite my guest this week is the italian m.e.p. fabio cast out o. who's also vice president of the european parliament after urging britain to stand up to the e.u. on breck said why did his government leave to resume may in the lurch at last week's critical e.u.
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summit. will cause the welcome to come to thank you very much let's talk first of all along with other members of your coalition you've been urging the british government to take a tough line with brussels and you specifically promised to help get britain's the brics it they want why did you break that promise at salzburg last week your government brought that problems i'm sorry by that i didn't see the has them to be stuff that's possible about side just told them that the government is ready to support them in a good negotiation and can satisfy everybody satisfy brussels on one hand and satisfy also they need in the desire of the british government is a question you said provide all possible support in the council and then or discussion forums to ensure. satisfactory deal for everyone and especially for the
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british government and british people so your delegation and sells burke stayed absolutely silent when all to reason is proposals were rejected out of hand you said nothing did nothing said nothing more i understand that in this moment there is a kind of blockade and we can see unfortunately that the steps that we were waiting for for and or the need backs it are not yet all here and we think that the failure of the negotiations and the bracks it without any kind of legal framework an agreement that would be a disaster bought for london bought for the you because we know variant let's not forget that this was a critical summit last week this was critical milestone and you said nothing the twenty seventh the report from the european council said the twenty seven were in full agreement so you didn't offer any help to mrs may whatsoever now because we are sealed trying to we do not want to break up the front of the negotiation by the
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same time inside the front of the twenty seven we are playing the role of the mediator we are playing the role that is trying to approach and to strengthen a bit the negotiations and to find. a compromise solution you've already said that the e.u. has a negative attitude to britain full of suspicion and arrogance this is ignites your career this is not one of your piece one of your people yes by this is not me i this is the view of many people inside the five star party i said the view of matter salvini your interior minister yes that is not the result of been part of the initial part of the coalition that is not part of the five star movement and our attitude i repeat once more is to prevent any attempts to do any kind of punishment towards the u.k. government because we usually think rejecting all premisses mase proposals was punishment. sorry i and i don't understand why you are seeing an attitude of mediator as
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a negative issue because basically you are telling me that if you are trying to play the role of the media to really do something negative you can mean you said nothing when the chips were down and the sounds were heard you said nothing that's what you are saying because you know very well that in the negotiations there are official negotiation and there are back side negotiation and in this case we think that sign on the plumber see can achieve better results than do a kind of war with a press release and a kind of warthe word with public statement we want an excellent diplomatic solution and the atlantic solution normally to be effective should be worked behind the scenes not in front of the scenes well it's not happening is it not nothing yet but this is may said the talks have reached an impasse so much for your mediation you reached an impasse sorry sorry to say by that we have seen other impasses in the past during this very difficult negotiation because the first time that article fifty was activated and we know very well that there is no tradition no cost on how
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to deal with such a negotiation because it's the first case in history so it's not a matter of the when some moment of the negotiation we can find blockade an impasse our work behind the scenes even in front of when necessary but you cannot be sinuses as government and here inside the european parliament east are trying to have a closer position in these tough moment especially because our government doesn't seem so many signs of that happening i want to talk if i may about your coalition which is four months some four months old now it's a fragile coalition because during the election in the you brought you into power you describe the league your coalition partners as the real danger to europe if you believe that how long can this coalition last you're in go aleutian with the biggest danger the real danger to you first of all just tell. me when i told her because i know you're not personally but party campaigned on of course everybody was in campaign and i think that also in the in your country in germany when there
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was the when there were the election i don't think that said they would say that that the socialist social democratic party was exactly the best party in germany but this is an unworkable coalition because you disagree on fundamental issues don't you you are like the migrants for in let me let me say that this is your personal opinion because we have a contract and this contract was negotiating following the german model and in this negotiation we put some common points in which we can agree and we do not have to agree in all the less we look at the things you don't answer sorry because we are going to give you clearly said give me a challenge because you have stopped me i would like to finish to finish my explanation in this contract of government we put some common items we didn't put anything about having exactly the same position in europe we didn't put anything about the partners we have to would like to have in europe so does not mean that we have to agree in everything what is important to stick to the program stick to the
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contract of government we've got and to follow and turning to reality all the points is the cost of the contract mr custer that you disagree on the fundamentally the biggest issue facing europe at the moon which is the migrant issue you disagree fundamentally with your coalition partners and that. is the salvini wants the open route the leader of angry he wants the open route no migrants and you want to settle this with europe so there's a big gulf between your two parties on this this is gulf not because the action of the government in the last european summit in all the discussion of the of the council was always to find and to implement what is our position to it that means a mandatory preventive redistribution are among the different countries and we have asked that with a united position on the. in all the different form maybe you're not so much informed about that but this is the reality of the fact then and let's hear.
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sometimes is expressing very tough and strong the collaboration by the is doing is saying that we are full of in self the action of the government sensibly different and we always ask through the mouth of the only person that is really in charge of this that means the prime minister to implement this position a common approach from all the you to reform the government system and to share the responsibility will islam on the come let's look at how much you actually agree on the migrants policy take the issue of sending migrants back to libya just this summer roberta fico president of the chamber of deputies member of your party spoke out about a case in which almost three hundred fifty people attempting to reach italy were sent back to libya as fico put it libya is not a safe landing point human rights are not guaranteed so migrants can be left there to serve in he says that's lies let's let's who's lying who's lying here may i answer yes the point is very clear i don't know if you have been in libya i have
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been in libya as i have been remark three months ago and i saw the situation of the ground of course this is a very terrible situation because it depends on which part of the country we are there are different reason for and level of competition of controls by the different my lucius and the different governments occupying what the human rights groups are saying about the treatment of migrants who are sent back of course as they serve in the sense that lies and of course in our piñon and our position is very clear still no these there are problems of human rights violation in the in libya and i will write you think i am and the other international organization from you and for the excellent work they are doing on the ground with very difficult condition basically because libya because of the action also of some european governments in the last years was left in the hands of militias. yes and was left in the hands of not official authorities the point is since to cast out the let's be clear here
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a lot of these migrants are being sent back to what amnesty international called horrific abuse including torture forced labor extortion and unlawful killing at the hands of libyan authorities smugglers and armed groups you may sleep more easily and your bed at night because there are fewer migrants coming to your country but this is the kind of treatment they receive when you send them back to libya exactly you care or don't shy or force a care but i would like to ask you if this is anglo american is carrying when he sent back to turkey after the legal agreement that recently here in the reviews has been a man and by that what is your point of view of the legal agreement that was done between you and turkey in agreement is not respecting the u. legal i know you represent anyone you represent i represent can i say back and i am telling you that in this moment we are seeing clearly that europe is not able all europe is not my country all europe is not able to face the problem because the position to have an agreement with libya and was not just about from the government
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was backed by all the you conference and all european union as you join speak out against human rights is one of your responsibilities towards also this is why don't you bang the drum about the divorce i guess that these people are getting at islands of the libyan authorities because many come and announce that also in the plan they say we have to pretend respect from the libyan authorities of the human rights we have to do more to protect your family it's not happening but it's not happening you can talk all you want but it's not have it's not happening even the improvement of our state or rule of law in turkey after that dream and with that was pushed by those are lousy agreements all of them of course the agreement that we are trying just to move the problem inside other countries to try to hide the problem solve the carpet but the problem is still there but it was a problem in italy it's of you happy with the way migrants were kept for days on a boat in august as the interior minister mr salvini refused to let the. heard that the terrible consequence of the fact that the use nots not want to solve the problem for all many years the different governments asked for
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a joint solution to reform the system there is not one advisor his decision to keep certain members of your party were very upset by this deal the sporty said the decision not to allow the rescue ship to disembark is not shared by me it cannot belong to my any of us we express concerns and we say this is not the solution but i can also understand that that has remained to blame by the or it may i answer that i cannot some the standard after many years of silence silence by our power barnett's of the property by mr mccraw on that is blaming on us but at the same time to meet her eyes the border with italy invented media militarize of the west board of italy and is trying to also massive reports from the human rights ngo about violation by the french authorities in the french police about the rights of the migrants well where is the answer to european answer on that this is unfortunately for ling from people the sense of insecurity as your own surrealists where it was your answer to lock people up on a boat to stop them disempowered it is not my answer this is the answer of the
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minister of interior that implement that and those are the people you brought into government let's remember you won the election and you brought the league into government so you share in sensibility for what the league does as well and that's why we said that we want a new european solution but still know this what is the attitude from our partners to solve the problem we are again we repeat for example let's change the mandate of the mission of of the software nation let's try to share again the harbors in the mediterranean and then go to take all the responsibility or at least let's say that all these migrants that will come in it will then they will be there to distribute it from the nation leg ain't no twenty seven no what italy what why my country has to deal with seven hundred thousand maggots all alone this is the european solidarity ok let's go looking forward this is the european let's love the closing let's look closer to home mr. how did you feel when your country's interior minister posted a slogan on his facebook and twitter accounts on the anniversary of muscling his
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birthday a slogan that was almost exactly the same as the one used by the wartime fascist dictator only a few words change something you wrote so many enemies so much on mussolini saying was many enemies much on the how did you feel about i didn't know about that and if it happened probably it has you haven't heard about it now in the you know nothing about this no there was a national average in your own papers and well i only worry about silly if it is such a kind of communication this is not an appropriate one should not have done this and i hope we will clarify that there is there is nothing to do with this passive fastenings fasces apology vengeance us brother for or from your party is under secretary to the prime minister's office he said he warned against using slogans that relate to dark times in italian history you agree with i absolutely agree with chances by the vote is a good friend of mine in many time i support these battles and his position on defense of your parents in equal opportunities as and their secretary general for
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equal opportunities in italy and of course i think that all ministers of the government of every single government should be very careful on the communication they are using and to clarify that there is in any case any doubts about any possible misunderstanding about former slogan of exactly dr mr mr spider for was speaking of the daisy black discus thrower elizabeth thirty extreme was hit by an egg in an apparent racist attack she suffered an eye and she said the racial attitudes in italy have got worse in the past i've experienced insults but now i see in this country she said attention that unifies prejudice and frustrations sometimes leading to extreme incidents is that the kind of country you want is that where you entered government absolutely no celebration. ten million not inform about the fact that most of these aggression to these athletes was one of them it was the child of a democratic party councilor maybe you didn't read enough our speed doesn't matter
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she's told us a lot she's talking about actually choose unification of prejudice and frustrations in italy and we don't want exact and i also then answered that but then we discovered that those those guys one of them is some of one councillors local council of the democratic party so that means that we have to fight all together in this regard and nobody can be just blamed by himself by a by this risk because one person to get in the family that is left we can then use it to get in a family in which one of the party is actively participating to politics for one of the party that there was accusing the government for that so that means there is a common receive this is not an isolated cases this is not we now know that your coalition romola you didn't know about but we now know that your coalition partner the league has brought a defamation case against a politician called cecile key engage sure she's a member of the european parliament who is italy's first black government minister she accused the league of racism they deny the charge and are fighting back through
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the courts but whatever the legal merits of this case she was deeply insulted wasn't she and she's like politicians my colleague here in the european parliament i know her very well and my members are alone i know it was in the ira commitment here and they have a huge respect for our work and of course sentences by the law by treatment should be respected by everybody as will be said in every single case that is concerning every single politician from any single party so we will wait for what justice will say and we will pretend that it wasn't you condemn the things some of the league politicians have said why don't you can that because we can rather than talk of their only league senator said inherently thirteen when i see miss i am able not to think about although i don't say that it is the appearance of in the running and unfortunately we've had six have totally false. for your remarks we condemn that many times and we said we didn't we do not want to have to have anything to do with this kind of the collaboration maybe or not inform about the press and this and any
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times we did on this regard and these are the people you still wanted to have in your coalition i remember i would like to remember that when we proposed to mutterings it to form a government together and we proposed the matter ends in the makati party to have a government together he said no way we don't want to negotiate we said we are ready to negotiate every single issue and a joint program for the government of the next five five years in italy even if it was not secretary general of his party anymore block every single possible today so tell me what was the solution to live in italy without the government to do not have any kind of government in power to take the terrible issues we have to face an economical crisis possible bank crisis. everything what we have to do we try to negotiate with old two possible partners ok let's look at the something else you're doing the league's families minister learns of yes proposal to scrap the anti fascist man chino law which was passed in one thousand nine hundred three to outlaw racist violence and hate saying we defend these low and we said it is not going to
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happen because it's now been the problem of the contract of this government and that's why it will never happen because it was not negotiated we stick to the got the promises we kept and we stick to the contract we negotiate so this is not going to happen what makes this is specially controversial is the attempt to scrap the anti fascist law is happening just at the same time as mr dean is being investigated and do it so is this what happens now in italy ministers find laws inconvenient so they seek to scrap the laws i'm sorry to say that and i repeat once more that this is not going to happen because we are the main partner of this coalition and we said that these issues it's not in the contract of the government and for this reason this is not going to be supported voted or presented by five stars moment that means there. no numbers seem parliament to vote such abrogation of such a low we're going to defend that and if the. members are doing such
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a declaration you should have them to begin or because on behalf of a starts i can repeat once more that these law is not going to be changed because for us and the first season is a value and the defense of the values of the resistance and of those people who fight to free our country are a value so i'm for you there is that the league's right wing populism is raising them up in the pinion polls where your five star movement is falling back savin his rhetoric is catching on this new poll in august shows his handling of the migrant crisis had won over some fifty percent of your voters according to a poll in la republica poll of rather public at the ad not the truth say very clearly that if you are you know that you are losing in the opinion polls now is the movement is losing i would like to tell you that according to all the polls almost all the polls that were published in the last months maybe we're going to have lost one point or two but the one who is collapsing is mr berlusconi forsake
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alya that had in the last election thirteen only interested in your party very well represented in fourteen percent of the votes during the last election and now it's around six seven percent so almost all the new voters that are supporting mr selvin action are coming from for say the owner of mr berlusconi and yet you're so worried about your image that you've taken to attacking the italian media luigi dean myers says some papers are polluting the political debate every day i don't read italian newspapers to be informed he said but only to understand how they want to attack us welcome to democracy just because the if you don't like the heat why are you in government sorry to say that but here what it was then and said it was not the role of media because we always fought for free media's independency and free the freedom of opinion what will. didn't have. a lot in the president you have like a real life i would like to answer if you allow me without blocking me every thirty
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seconds when i'm expressing concept thank you very much i would like to tell you that this case about newspapers what we are denouncing is the conflict of interest and i would like to give us some examples do you everybody of us so in the media as what happened about the collapse of the bridge in genoa ok when we denounce it what happened the fact that the maintenance was cut every single year for more than twenty years by the business company this is managing all this infrastructure no newspaper was publishing the name of the main shareholders that are controlling this big business and this is a reason to try to take advertise many of them and knives are saying oh well i will use it you know go ahead and saying that this big business company in this family is financing many newspaper is taking some action in this very newspaper so we didn't say that we want to close these newspapers what we ask is that these newspapers should publish very clearly in the newspaper who are the shareholders
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who are the investors that are financing these newspaper because everybody was me you everybody when they are buying and use paper we should know if this newspaper should be influenced this has done the owners and their private interests or they are doing exactly their job as publishers without any kind of influence is the consumer also know it is there as well as your own president was concerned enough to remind your party that as he put it the unconditional freedom of the press is the cornerstone and fundamental element of democracy shocking that you need to to be reminded of this no i don't think i think that what the president has said is totally in his rights as his position but we clearly find that yes nothing to fear because again we repeat we would like to have publish in the newspapers the name of the shareholders that are controlling these newspapers because in italy we didn't solve the issue of the conflict of interests and this is a problem says there's a civil war in the european union between the pro e.u.
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liberals and the nationalist faction which is hungary poland czech republic as he sees it. who's going to win and what side are you all personally i always say that five star said we always had five stars that want to be the third way in this issue we don't want to be with my crown and with the old you think you won't challenge the mayor has said it yet now it's said that if we have not going to believe as a country consider they were an active contributor we are paying much more than what we are getting we we are ready to rise the veto on the new budget of evil from two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty seven that is start on the our right because he thought the treaty is given to us because we need a unanimous approval approval and second of all i would like to clarify a very single issue from one side we have let's say the nationalistic and sovereign approach from the other side we have mr mccrone approach let's say that i do logical is pro european but then from his country policy day by day we see that
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he's very nationalistic as well enduring interests of this country and is trying to deny the reality of many problems we will. be hearing to challenge you're not going to challenge the european union sorry what does it mean challenge we need to do my yearly easy of particularly by your side we are ready if there will be no reform of the dublin treaty if there will be no only from of euro zone there we are ready to even think about it possibly to use the veto on the next budget and this is our prerogative as germany can do reforms and euro zone on social europe on migration not without a bun and not with a marker and we've run out of time travel because the other thanks for being on counted so thank you you thank
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to the odd. piece. this is due to readers line from berlin president trump lashes out at china accuses it of meddling in u.s. elections trump tells the u.n. security council that beijing is interfering because it doesn't like his tough trade policy china or jacks that charge also coming up a third of a woman makes new accusations of sexual abuse against the u.s. supreme court nominee brad chapman on the day before he faces a crucial senate hearing. also chance on glimmer of hope puts on a brave face says her.


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