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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 26, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight u.s. president pointing the finger at it russia. for trying to meddle in u.s. elections at the u.n. security council today said that beijing is interfering because it doesn't like his tough trade policy immediately rejected the claim also coming up a third woman julie's nick is making new accusations of sexual abuse against u.s.
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and supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh the day before he faces a crucial senate hearing and putting on a brave face but is it the face of a lame duck leader the german chancellor. more and more voices saying this is the beginning of the end of the. golf it's good to have you with us with just six weeks to go before americans vote in crucial midterm elections a new warning that a foreign power is trying to influence the results tonight u.s. president donald trump is accusing china of interfering in america's upcoming midterm elections made the charge a meeting of the u.n. security council today. new york he said that beijing did not want him to win the
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election because of his tough line on trade and his tariffs on chinese exports china has denied the charge saying we did not and we will not interfere in any country's domestic affairs are let's take this over now to new york our correspondent xander phenomenas on the story for us good evening to you alexandra i want to start by the shocking claim that was made today by the u.s. president against china take a listen regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november against my administration they do not want me or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade
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and we are winning on trade we are winning at every level we don't want them to meddle or interfere in our upcoming election. alexander you saw the reaction there by the chinese foreign minister and he basically shrugged his shoulders when he heard the translation this accusation that came out of the blue has there been more reaction in new york. well you're right it was a real bombshell here and people in the security council were looking at themselves asking themselves what it is all about all it's we have to say that the president has talked about this topic before saying that it was not only russia to meddle in you asked elections but also other nations such as china for example but to make such accusations in such
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a high profile setting and the security council meeting when the chinese foreign minister was sitting at the same table is highly on the usual. price also because according to the national security advisor as it is russia that is continuing its efforts to interfere in the u.s. elections only a month ago they told us that they didn't have any evidence that china is trying to interfere but the president president he doubled down later on on twitter saying that china is placing its ads in you as regional newspapers that look like news reports so i guess this was his way of trying to show some evidence or he claims it is amazing the claim that was made today because if you look at the president there at the security council the two people sitting behind
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him nikki haley and the secretary of state mr mayor both of them have said publicly that there is evidence that russia tried to meddle they have not said anything about china today we heard the us. president adding that china is guilty of intellectual property theft and he said the trade tariffs dispute shows that the u.s. policy is winning and now this accusation of chinese election medley how bad are relations between washington and beijing. well we have to say that the trade war between the u.s. and china is escalating very quickly and that it's going to have consequences and he talks so far didn't bring. closer to a solution and we hearing from beijing that the chinese government things that the u.s. is trying to punish china for its economic growth experts here however say
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that president is just trying to increase pressure to get china to make more concessions however we have to say that's because our economies are so connected today in the long term this dispute is going to hurt china and the united states the united states all right our correspondent alexander phenomenal the story for us tonight at the united nations in new york city alexandra thank you. well staying in the u.s. there are new allegations tonight of sexual misconduct against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh a third accuser claims that she witnessed sexually abusive behavior first by kavanagh directed at girls at high school parties in the early one nine hundred eighty s. the woman also says that she was gang raped at one of these parties although she did not accuse kavanagh of taking part of this comes just one day before
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a critical senate hearing which kavanagh's initial accuser is expected to testify. kavanagh has denied the latest allegations calling them ridiculous us president trump also moved swiftly to defend his nominee today the senate judiciary committee is reviewing all of these claims amid calls from senate democrats for kavanaugh to withdraw all i strongly believe judge kavanaugh should draw from consideration and the president should withdraw this nomination if kavanagh won't do it voluntarily if he will not at the very least the hearing and vote should be postponed while the f.b.i. investigates all of these very serious and very troubling allegations that was in the minority leader chuck schumer speaking there let's go over to washington now our correspondent miles waiter is on the story for us good evening
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to you my if these allegations are coming in fast and furious talk to me a little bit about the the new claims what is this third accuser or what is she alleging. this was an accusation that was released today in what's called a sworn declaration which means it's an official document that could be submitted as evidence if theoretically there were a trial which is not something that's on the table right now but it's a legal document and this woman whose name is julie sweat nick is alleging that she was as you said several parties in the early one nine hundred eighty s. at which brett kavanaugh was allegedly also he was also attending these and she claims that there was behavior that would be considered sexual misconduct today she was claims that he was trying to get women drunk that there was use of drugs she would need women and she makes that she was gang raped by
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a group of men at one of these parties and as you said that cavanaugh was there this is indeed something very heavy adding to the weight on the judge cavanagh's nomination like you said just a day before they're supposed to be of this testimony that may or may not decide whether or not this nomination goes forward. mr governor or he has released a statement in response to all of these accusations run. he has been very adamant from the beginning that none of these accusations coming from any of these women are true he specifically had some strong words today saying that he doesn't know who this woman julia sweig is and that these accusations are coming out of the twilight zone and he has also been an interesting p.r. campaign that's unusual for a supreme court nominee giving interviews to cable news here in the u.s. and he's really trying to play this image of himself as a someone who's
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a very serious student a very serious athlete who was very concentrated on doing well in school although he has walked that back a little bit today saying ok yes i did some things in high school them a little bit embarrassed about now but still none of this is true and the u.s. president. weighed in today really really really in his defense of mr cavanaugh wasn't. absolutely it's been interesting that he hasn't cool whites gone after the women making these accusations of have been some tweets in that direction as well but he's very much sticking by his nominee this is a big deal for the republicans they want this win especially before the midterm elections happen in november and we should note that trump was particularly vehement in attacking the lawyer who put out julie sweat next statement today to try and we're looking at the tweet that came from her that came from trump today do
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you see that mio. yeah i can read for anyone who can't see it he's that's hacking michael evan not he who is also the same lawyer who represents stormy daniels the porn star who is also suing tron the says i have an audience a third rate lawyer who is good at making false accusations like he did on me and like he's now doing on judge brett kavanaugh he's just looking for attention and doesn't want people to look at his past record and relationships he's a total lowlife obviously present i'm not a fan of michael often howdy you could say that again or rather first bonded by his word on the story for us tonight in washington thank you. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world thousands of palestinians have rallied on the border between israel and the gaza strip and some burned tires and hold rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas gazans have staged near weekly demonstrations since early march calling for it into the
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israeli egyptian blockade that has crippled gaza's economy a danish appeals court has upheld a life sentence for inventor paid to months and he was found guilty of murdering the swedish journalist killed wall aboard his homemade submarine last year madsen had appealed to the court for a time limited sentence a russian member of the anti christian activist group pussy riot has been released from a berlin hospital peter it still believes that he was poisoned by russia's a secret service for investigating the deaths of russian journalist german doctors say that it's highly plausible that he was poisoned but they can't determine how it happened or who could be responsible. well here in germany the chancellor angela merkel she suffered a serious blow this week when members of her conservative bloc rejected her personal choice and close ally as their leader in parliament it came is they surprised both to the chancellor and to the political establishment here in berlin
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merkel's opponents believe it could be the beginning of the end for her thirteen year long chancellorship. as if nothing had happened german chancellor angela merkel at her weekly cabinet meeting not a word about yesterday's extraordinary defeat her party's parliamentary bloc ousted its longtime leader and one of merkel's closest confidants the new party whip was playing house was only known as a financial expert on till now he's expected to bolster the conservative parliamentary scroope self-confidence but it will put chancellor angela merkel in an even more difficult position according to one conservative m.p. . i think that she has to counter with affection group that is more self-confident and i think now. we gain back a bit more independence and i think that is. slightly challenging because
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the chancellor will need to fight for her own positions the new group leader promised to listen closely to the m.p.'s and he tried to downplay the significance of the vote after his first meeting with merkel. it was a routine meeting i have already been in contact with the chancellor will work closely together with total trust but the opposition parties are not convinced they say the conservatives change of leadership signals a government that's unfit for duty. leave mine we're experiencing a split conservative union weak social democrats and a coalition government that's only capable of solving the problems it created itself. the social democrats and merkel's junior coalition partners are all too aware that a continuous crisis mode is hurting more than the government my nails have to sky urge seriousness and politics we have a global political situation that is rather chaotic germany cannot afford to gamble
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on the contrary we are an anchor of stability also for europe him and i expect the seriousness from both the social democratic as well as the conservative parliamentary group. the chancellor says her coalition is getting back to work but lately crisis mode has become business as usual. our let's bring in our political correspondent richard meter bald he's on the story for us tonight here in berlin good evening to you. the conservatives they are doing their best to downplay the negative impact of what happened this week what are they so afraid of well the main message of the bring cause of the surprise new leader of the conservative in peace and calm and the main message he tried to bring across today was the simply is no problem between me and america but that's actually not really the point but obviously most of the conservative in peace at least half of them seem to have a major problem with uncle america and the way she fulfills a duty as a german can't this was pointed out yesterday by the surprise vote and even worse
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it is already the second time within two weeks that i didn't see it coming coming she didn't see coming that she didn't see the problems that were in within her conservative m.p.'s and she was struck even and she was really struck hard and by surprise and that is also one of the things that her critics see point out as a weakness a weakness they will certainly try to take advantage of in the future in a report it seems that the political establishment in berlin is just waiting for the next crisis how can anyone govern in this kind of environment. well the main problem here is that this could wish and in the past was a coalition of three parties which stood for the big majority in this country they they they they symbolize stability in the end the most the main thing people voted for but right now what we see is a c.d.u.
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party which is using confidence in the party leader anglo-american in the tonsil we see it sees you party which doesn't really know if it's going to win the next elections in its home state in bavaria and then s.p.d. party which is losing massive support or has been losing massive support during the last twenty years alone the s.p.d. has been losing ten million. during the last twenty years and the conservative bloc of anglo-american. is seeing the same happening to them right now and they all all three parties in the end react the same in the same way they panic and panic is not really good footing to build a stable government and briefly but we know that there is a crucial regional election in bavaria if the conservatives if they do poorly in that election will all go to medical survive. well to lose an election is never really helpful for political but it isn't in crisis mode especially as uncle americal is up for reelection himself as party leader of a party the c.d.u.
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just before christmas at their party convention in december and they're already rumors running around him bill in saying that. could if the elections in bavaria and hasn't turned out as bad as predicted that i could resign from a post as party leader to focus on her post as german chancellor but this again would be seen as a sign of the deteriorating power of the ones most powerful woman in the world writes our correspondent privy to vote on the story for us tonight in berlin report thank you you're welcome. all right yards here now and we saw it coming the error of cheap money is coming to an end slowly but surely brand the us federal reserve has announced it will raise interest rates overnights to a range between two point zero and two and a quarter percent the raises a third this year and has been spurred on by a stronger g.d.p.
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growth which hit four point two percent last quarter the fed has been. slowly tightening as monetary policy over the last several years marking an end to its effort to support the u.s. economy after the financial crisis the hike is a vote of confidence in the u.s. economy despite uncertainty on world markets and the trade conflict with china the fed also signaled there might be another rise coming this year and up to three next year. first brioni and scoffed at the new york stock exchange and how did markets like that fresh interest rate hike today the move was widely expected and initially there was a slight uptick to stock prices here on wall street but shortly before the closing bell we did see some pressure piling up especially that the federal reserve is talking about three potential rate hikes in twenty nine t. in sounded a bit more aggressive than market participants had expected and hoped for certainly
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we have to wait and see those rate hikes are not set in stone but the fed seems to be a bit more aggressive and therefore we saw a bit of a sell off here in afternoon trading is a peculiar phenomenon since the fed started raising interest rates slowly three years ago the euro has been actually gaining ground against the dollar as much as eight percent and that goes against economic theory the dollar should be gaining against the euro why isn't it. that is really the big question everybody is asking because by the textbook said the get of interest rates between the eurozone and the u.s. widens ever further why the u.s. economy is actually growing much stronger than the e.u. economy theoretically that should lead the euro to drop and the dollar to rise but
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that is not really the case so one potential explanation is that all over the globe we see a bigger appetite for risk and that means that investors and not necessarily fleeing the so-called safe harbor of the u.s. dollar but they keep investing they keep putting money also in weaker areas in the global well at least for emerging markets for now that stopped the bleeding a little bit but to a certain degree that's probably one explanation so the higher risk for appetites why investors are not fleeing into the dollar at this point in cotton and they all thank you very much. coming back to germany where dimler cod to sachin is leaving his post next year he will go on to head up the company's supervisory board his departure comes at a time of turmoil in the german car industry as it struggles to response to the emissions scandal the prospect of diesel bans and the threat of terrorists from the
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united states such a has been a demand for for decades and has been at the steering wheel for the last twelve years to be replaced by the first non german to ever be in charge of the maker of the famous mercedes benz cars. di miller's current c.e.o. stands shoulder to shoulder with his soon to be successor dieter zetsche or pointing the way to the company's future with an electric s.u.v. . despite good sales not all has been well at the carmaker in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal german authorities forced the company to recall seven hundred thousand diesel vehicles across europe. the c.e.o. was frequently summoned to berlin over issues related to diesel. for years was a model figure among the chief executives of big german companies after he jettisoned the company's last bringing us partner chrysler now earlier than
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expected to cheer is to make way for r. and d. chief all or any of. the forty nine year old swede represents a new generation of the top of dime luck but dieter zetsche at may still keep a hand on the wheel he hopes to head the supervisory board after a two year waiting period. so fresh blood diamond spoke to christiane stop is a professor a sort of management of the war of business school we asked him why dima thoughts and change at the top was now necessary but i think. that also holds for the other car companies little bit less worried about the competition to know you know the words the other car companies what they're really worried about is google apple some of those companies that provide software solutions the mapping services that power a lot of mobility and they don't want to find themselves in a situation like computer manufacturers in one thousand ninety's was suddenly
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microsoft was eating their lunch and they've done things you have example as a partnership between b.m.w. audi and dinah we had a quiet here and mapping service that seems to work quite well to get up to speed in the space when it's the earth that's it from the business team his friends thank you very much climate change and melting sea ice are creating new routes from europe to asia through the arctic ocean currently most ships from ports are just hamburg travel along the southern route through the mediterranean sea via the suez canal to shanghai that's a whopping twenty thousand kilometers but melting ice around the north pole could cut that trip almost in half the northern route which looks longer on the map than it is in reality passes by iceland well now the island nation is planning to build a massive deep sea port on its northeastern coast they are hoping that it will
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become the next trans oceanic shipping hub others are worried about the impact it could have on the environment. tourism hudson reached iceland's remote northeastern corner yet this area money from fishing but iceland's water has a warming up and that's pushing shoals further north. local politician cigar stefan's on is on his way to the nearby fin a fuel that he supports the construction of a deep sea port here. but it did feel that you have possibility of wrong kaiya i do have a very good lad who based on. project blueprints show the land could support containers and an industry around processing and shipping natural resources from the arctic climate change is making all this
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a possibility. melting sea ice could make iceland a hub for international shipping routes but what do local think about the idea of a mega port in their backyard. florida vulcanite share of the birds which on this area need something of course i don't know if it's. actually. many people here are worried about how diminishing fish stocks will affect this area including workers at the local fish person plant a major employer in the region and while many are concerned about the environmental impact of the poor they say it would create much needed opportunities. i don't have enough young people are especially drawn to right to be and to been live there's more things happening there so more and more people are moving away
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from small towns are just struggling to survive. iceland's capital reykjavik its harbor has already frequented by big ships environmentalists fear the consequences of more ships passing through. of. course she should consider. many conservationists and research shows share this uneasy. but develop as a moving ahead with the find if you would put project and invest as a lining up to jump on board. the date is next.
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in. the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful pizzerias radical new government has caused frenzy of consternation here in brussels since it was elected my guest this week is the italian to me feet fabio pascal go off to britain to stand up to the e.u. on breck said why did his government leave to resume
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a single ip last week's critical to some conflict. in sixty minutes on d w. such a finishing. touch news from africa that the world join us on facebook d w africa. an unusual friendship. is the story of paul and. is a student from cameroon b. other a filmmaker from germany has read or not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose. whatever the case this is the story of how we met. a mission on europe's most dangerous.
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what began as a documentary. about dogs my parents sacrificed everything for i can't go back and . became story about those seeking refuge. and dumas to know. when poaching over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t w. the security council is called to honor. u.s. president double trump at the united nations today with the gavel would hand trump added election meddling to the agenda and pointed the finger not at russia but it china accusing beijing of trying to rig the upcoming midterm elections in the u.s. trump says that is the only weapon china has against his winning policy of trade
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tariffs i'm bored golf in berlin this is the day.


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