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tv   Sarahs Music - A Different Chaconne  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 1:15am-1:30am CEST

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no. david. against goliath but time for me to tell everyone what's going on the fight courageous activists against a mighty opponent. wants a son in law because they lack the officer gun. but who will move the borneo case starts october ninth on t w. i not go back to there is music you know when sebastian bach is one of the best known and best luck composers of all time here in the brand in berlin a group of world renowned musicians have gotten together to celebrate him on a little differently i wonder what.
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so you buy him in his pants and musicians and composers. and inspire them to arrange the piece from all kinds of different instruments. anybody in our day in the fall began with guy bronstein playing the original version of chicago who had this wonderful idea of putting all these shock wants to gather i think it was the new bond buying the first place and he was exploring a little bit all the more and less known versions and there are probably millions of them all together and i think you made the choice at the end it's a great idea because the economy's such
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a it's such that it's like for me the ultimate bar it's got everything in it and then to hear it on all these different instruments i mean i think bach would have really liked that. to shame you can't come to the concert are you sure you can't i mean come on sorry you can do that but i mean back him self at the time he was he was composing and recomposing and rearranging his own chargers in multiple versions i think he would have probably loved it do you think the chicago works for some instruments better than others because i mean you have the pure shock on you know that is your piece the violin is the king of the shack on do you think it works in these other you know i'm sure they've been working on this piece of music for thirty more than thirty years even my teacher at the time when i was fourteen he told me when you're playing something especially this one polyphonic with multiple voices try to orchestrate it in your head. you have to figure out when you're the three horns you have to figure out when you are due to all boards you have to figure out where your voices and your imagination is is working full time. and i
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think we're kind of exploring it out all these fantasies that a violin is has when you place it alone it's all on the violin and instrumentation is only one thing but sometimes you have to have the bass line in one time you played on the g. string with. with other voices in other variations you have to imagine it. and even more difficult you have to make each each and every one of the listeners imagining what the baseline is what the second line is there is more than half of it has to be in the heads of the listener and one of the performers one.
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goes through your mind when you're playing the shock on what the scene what do you feel first of all i have to try to make a structure when their heavy points of the bar first of all of a single bar most likely is on the second beat sometimes it would be on the first and then the second would be passive and then the third would lead to the first. but the majority of the time the first was actually be a there was a russian of the bar before and the most important syllable would happen on the second week can you can you forget the structure for a little bit and then just be be in the emotion of the moment was this piece to technically difficult to do that oh no everything i was talking about has been done way in advance since you were twelve since i was twelve and since last week and now . again because every time i win i try to restrict it again i would find something that i like less about what i've been doing before but
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once i come in this spot on the stage it's all gone. in the fullness are today we also have a quite inspired world come your composition for percussion. for overweight or obese or conduct this in this new law fishing instrumental the danger can see this is just a self interest kind of us that says i'm going to move a woman i can't. influence this. oh and those of us must hear. her.
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avi welcome back to sara's music i was so happy to do this project with you because you're one of our favorites i thank you it's a completely different setting last time you were on sarah's music we were at a music festival in the depths of noise and today in the beautiful and i just listened to you were hers i must say this is the most intimate check on that we've heard today how does it work for you on the mandolin yes so of course i ask myself what every piece that i do they take to arrangement what how should they make its
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first my my interpretation and make it work when the mandolin so i found it is a great advantage and undemanding because you can play three and four notes at the same time without having to like break the chord like a violin double stop it i think exactly so the first the first theme is of course chords so. it's a very rich mccoll. it's a very clear agenda which devalues tough. to break play it much more powerfully that that's why i love to play you know something like this is beautiful i think that's another that's another point because i know already that people in the audience com with the shaquan in their hand and that's a great opportunity not only with the shaquan but also when i pay for seasons my view i know the people already come up with something in their hand and this is an opportunity for music performers to soup to work with that to work with that
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information so they expect something to happen it's a great opportunity to make a surprise to make it be an instead of afforded to. twist the whole thing so they're kind of waking up and hearing that piece again sent shivers up my spine when actually needle in this acoustic is perfect for you because it's such an intimate setting in here with people all around you tonight what are the challenges of play it's a thirteen fourteen minute piece i mean and you get a lot of power out of this this tiny beautiful little instrument does it is it is a mandolin mandolin like spa or for sure i mean i think every instrument like those every musician likes above and and you know something about the mandolin again that is that it can be very pure dnd and i think with bach music is that oh it's so well written it's so pure and absolute in the way it's written that no matter what instrument you plan it it's still not only the shaquanda all the music
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by bach it still you hear it's about it still very powerful.
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so abby after all this park today i think what's still missing is an arrangement on the horn now i would like you to try because you are sarah's music or challenge veteran. of course or
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a member. all morning. that's all from sarah's music for today. think obama is a satirist who wears a bulletproof vest onstage. turkish lives in berlin and he's an opponent of president ever want. to take the critical view of the turks president's planned visit to berlin and worries about retaliation from everyone supporters do everyone's critics face a real threat in germany. next d.w. is. a quality piece of work made by training camps
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that's real craftsmanship. what can human beings do to the machines and when the city comes up to. find out at an exhibition in venice. pre-formed you may be tempted to try your hand at creating something yourself. sixty minutes p.w. . that they're. going to. follow. up love music we've
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got you covered. pop exports come to w. . called. an unusual friendship. this is the story of paul and he. is a student from cameroon. the other a filmmaker from germany has read it we're not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case is this is the story of how many. amazing on europe's most dangerous quarter. i. would be as a documentary. to follow my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and take and it. became
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a story about the music. and those two know. when paul came over the scene from berlin and starts october fourth on t.w. . welcome to focus on europe i'm sumi so much going to it is great to have you with us europe is facing difficult times the independence movement in catalonia is picking up steam again nearly a year after the region.


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