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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 7:02am-7:15am CEST

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welcome to the bonus league here on d.w.i. in public voting yes joining me again to take a closer look at the meat we games is p.w. very own ed mcmahon you were super excited on tuesday did wednesday's match live up to your expectations they certainly didn't disappoint both goals in every game supplanting sort of pulitzer in the show lots of movement in the table and i already can't wait for this weekend's action well bear with me because we really need to take a look at what's coming up in the shop. door for an unbeaten in three before these are midweek fixtures brought it home to labor crews and they face perhaps their trickiest task of the season. byron slip up on tuesday in memphis dortmund had a chance to close the gap but the talk to two points but woods visitors nuremberg progress spanner in the works. now leverkusen start of a campaign is their worst since one nine hundred eighty two with three defeats and
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just one win against mines on sunday but could that victory have given them the needed to beat recently promoted to let's have a look at the run darby. it was last season's second division champions who started this one on the front foot and they would have taken the lead after just five minutes if you can spread its he hadn't spread himself to deny benito the man. after another smartly worked attack by the hosts the next chance fell to groove in headings but once again later cusins finished stop a refused to be beaten. continued to produce some fine attacking combinations in the first half but couldn't take their chances on thirty three minutes it was one small demand next lay the fuse and off. still things looked good for the home side at half time. but just five minutes after the restart for to know were punished for their failure to school kevin fall and left alone at the post after
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a corner poked his side in front last season's top scorer for later hughes in with his first of the campaign. the guests were on fire in the second half and again fell to fall lines to exploit their dominance the twenty six year old battled his way through the defenders challenges before converting a beautifully weighted truss from caiaphas. deep into at the time. gave away a penalty with this foul on me kogi said none. but few home fans would have hoped for much more than a consolation which reuben henning's duly provided i still at full time it was the away fans cheering heiko hellish men go into saturday's clash with dortmund in high spirits. and there you have it leverkusen made it two wins it has to now ed. can we now say their bad start was
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just a blip well obviously it's never good to lose your opening three games in abundance league a season but the good news is they've now got a couple of wins under their belt and they're going to be looking forward now they're not going to be looking back to wailing on that nightmare start to the season and they need to do that because they actually have a fierce test at home against dortmund this weekend now win that game and they'll put themselves back among that chasing pack behind by munich in the league and in amongst those european hopefuls those those hopefuls get into the champions league sports this season so i think we are know a lot more about later cues in the season after this weekend we don't have very long to wait till the weekend but we really need to talk about harvard so we saw in the report there he's hit form recently on doubted lee and he got that assist for their second goal today just how much potential do you think he has. honestly don't think there's any way of telling just how good this kid can be he was born in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine now doesn't that make you sick goes a little bit he's nineteen years old he's already played fifty nine games in the
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bundesliga he's got two goals in europe already scored the winner against mines and i mean he got another assist today and with a player like kevin foreman in front of him he's going to be getting plenty more of those this season absolutely magic now. if you look at the talent pool in germany this this says something about the sort of kids that germany can bring through because you got a player right play for germany for years now and he decides to hang up his boots now if you've got a player like this coming through playing week in week out for a team playing in the europa league as well player like i have it just nineteen years old getting such fantastic experience under his belt playing at such a high level and like i say he's really hit the ground running this season and if anyone was in doubt about how good this kid can be i think he's changed everybody's minds now because he is on fire at the moment there you go you're like his number one fan it's now briefly i want to talk about also dorsey now they've only worn one out of five games so far what could they realistically achieve this season i think is going to be very difficult for the. the thirteenth in the league which sounds ok
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but they've got a lot to show. them i think they could drop like a stone big game against noon but this weekend a real classic six points when that and we'll see how they get on but whoever loses that is going to be in a bit of hole or so i think they're talking about losing a nuremberg i think we need to move on to our next game that we're going to take a look of course the bundesliga wrapped up its made weeks late of matches with dormant looking to jump from fourth up to second place in the standings dortmund hosted nuremburg and proved they are a force to be reckoned with this season. dortmund was in a festive mood and even coach lucianne farve was all smiles and was expecting to extend its perfect home record against newly promoted nuremberg. and accordingly it took dortmund just nine minutes to open the scoring through the broom larsson. to meet flicks the first from provider christian felicity the second to finish off
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the move and give dortmund an early lead. which marco royce should have doubled a minute later only to be denied by norm berg's fabienne bravely. but shortly after the half hour mark dortmund's captain made up for his wasted chance. to neil the well deserved lead coming through royce whose shot took a slight deflection through the onrushing georg mark reiter. in the second half the already one sided affair became even more humiliating for the visitors first ashraf but he made it three after forty nine minutes the on loan player from rail madrid scoring on has been a slated debut. were playing cat and mouse with no amber marco royce with his second of the evening making it for now. by this point the dortmund players were taking turns at trying to score against their hapless opposition manwell ican she make it five nil after seventy four minutes. and it wasn't over
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yet jaden sent chills scoring the sixth of the evening and he later turned provider for julieann vital two rounded off the scoring at seventy dortmund's biggest bundesliga win in more than thirty years. so an absolutely huge win for dortmund there against nuremberg who were left a little shell shocked to say the least at thought before we get on to anything else we really need to start and talk that that first goal did yeah coburn larsson . really mean or was it a cross now i have my opinion but i want to hear yours don't want me out pablo of course he meant i know what you're going to say ridiculous to say he did but if you scored a goal at that down the paula let's take a look at why you would let anyone say that was a fluke i get why people might think it was he was he was looking backwards if you want to try to cross it but no chance beautiful kristie enthusiastic then he just left over he knows exactly what he's doing and that's absolutely all i did i mean
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i'm still like you said he was looking in there and we have to really see if we analyze this in take a look you can see he's looking so. different direction why would you want that to be an intentional on going to block a site if you call that down the part you would like any of you might call a fluke would he know exactly what he's doing beautiful little shit but i think she think the goalkeeper gave him a little too much room there and i think he probably could have shot that down but you know if today over in beautiful i don't think that your bird goalkeeper is going to have a very good night's sleep but anyway let's talk about the match of course no dortmund were incredible for him to say the least at how they finally found their feet under. well i think it's hard to say they haven't when they've just won seven over the world knew him but yes i mean so far this season they're the top scorers in the bundesliga again obviously those seven goals are massive towards that goal tally but they find some lovely stuff to get the ball down the wings they're playing quick attacking football the likes of marco roy's and jayden sanchez get on the scoresheet today and if i was a dog and see him play is about quality playing at the level of him playing out
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today in previous weeks i'd be really excited right now it's cracking stuff really excited and possibly because they could challenge biron this season and actually you know finally take that title back wouldn't it be nice wouldn't it be nice to see a proper challenge a season it's early doors but the signs of their boy have got a bit of a bad injury list they that we saw a little chink in the arm i can guess that i think it could be somebody else you think of you know positive so let's take a look at all the results from the midweek games so there's a very couzens when dortmund's trashing of nuremberg. there were three other matches gladbach were victorious over frankfurt. and preserve their one hundred percent home record with yet another victory at brasil park summer signing play out open the scoring and that would be fourth organ and then he added further goals in a three one win. elsewhere at leipzig beach gart at home john
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start returned to the leipzig squad after having been suspended by the club and immediately made his presence kind he made to nail after coming on as a substitute to seal his side second victory of the season against. now in choose days games braman be tatar berlin freiburg defeated child byron could only draw with burke and haas and triumphed away. let's take a look at the table at the end of march day five byron remain leaders but only two points ahead of dortmund and braman berlin complete the top five. other end of last year's runners up shall go are still bottom i'm the only club in europe's top five leagues not to have won a single point guard and over complete the bottom three. so i had five games in. very well.
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at the weekend well that's full time for us so i'd like to thank my guest edward. just a few days for all the action so for me the rest of the team here. come up. takes
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a good person away. with all the wonderful people in stories that make the game so special. for all true fans. placement. because more than football online wouldn't have been fighting for the case to take you seriously in the world of what here's what's coming up women strolled over those who still superheroes smart women smart towards smart station and legends bring creasing league dangerous time the total for my. bread the real power resides. i come from the loss of people in fact not an abbreviation if you blood lust is democracy that's one reason i'm passionate about people and aspirations and they can sense. the television the book is right
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here in the name after the for the fun in one and remember thinking at the time if the bomb in bold can full would have happened if people come together and unite for the fall. but i do the news i often confronted difficult situations more conflicts between does themselves i see to sponsor my child to confront because he does on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most congo to security of precious martian isolation. a notch has been achieved so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the heart of solutions my name is a massage and i walk into dell fields.


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