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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin will it be turkey or will it be germany excitement mounting for football fans around the world as you wait for prepares to announce the host of one of the world's great sporting competitions euro two thousand and twenty four if the choice between germany and turkey look at the upsides of the downsides of each country's big also coming up. from sports to politics turkey's president president target area one is holding talks with charles all of math in poland today everyone says he wants to improve ties will he succeed
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. and high drama is expected in the u.s. senate today a supreme court nominee kavin on prepares to defend himself against allegations he sexually assaulted a woman when he was a teenager his accuser professor christine blasi ford says the alleged attack changed her along. with. i'm brian thomas welcome to the show european football's ruling body you a four will name the host nation of the twenty twenty four european championships and the next few hours germany and turkey are the candidates seventeen members of the way france executive committee will be voting in a ballot in switzerland germany are favorites to come out on top they were praised for their hosting of the world cup in two thousand and six and they came out better in the way france tournaments are about. they also boast of course super
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infrastructure but football mad turkey is desperate to host in two thousand and twenty four having made fail for the last three tournaments. and we have to now from deed of you sports to fill us in as we wait for that vote today good morning press morning press this is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet how many people are going to be watching you do the math for me twenty four nations over fifty one games you're talking millions upon millions might even reach over a billion viewers this go round considering all of the different platforms as you mentioned the vote will take place today germany has the upper hand they were favored we do have a report previewing the choice let's take a look. euro twenty twenty four is set to be a footballing spectacle twenty four countries competing in a total of fifty one games but who will host the prestigious event germany are regarded as frontrunners you wafers of valuation committee has already backed the
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bid the german football association see this as a chance to follow up on the success of the two thousand and six world cup and they're clear on the benefits of their bid. we have the stadia the infrastructure the accommodation we also have great fan zones we're basically ready to host the euros tomorrow. but as shadow looms over germany's bid the measured feel of fact the arsenal midfielder is meeting with turkish president richard tired after one caused an uproar that eventually ended in retiring from the germany national team he accused the german football association of racism and discrimination. could that be an advantage for turkey the country is confident its bid can stand on its own turkey's footballing culture its modern stadia and even president add to one's passion for the game. after three unsuccessful bids this one is meant to
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click. around everyone can see we're ready to host the iraqis we love football we deserve to be the host of. football's been played in turkey for over one hundred years it's part of our lives here. but financial instability and the drop of the lira could put turkey's bid and potential profits in jeopardy. europe's governing body has sent out mixed signals they have set clear requirements including on matters such as human rights and freedom of expression on the other hand you a for expects huge tax breaks from the hosts. its executive committee is made up of twenty members. the german and turkish representatives can't vote. one member netherlands prague has publicly thrown his support behind turkey.
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in case of a stalemate you wait for president alexandre shuttering will break the tie some think he will lean towards germany as it stands it's all up in the yap the only certainty for the bid for euro two thousand and twenty four is going to be a close race. on just how close is going to be trust is this a tight race right now according to usa for valuation germany has the edge here they do have the edge you know there they were given praise for its inspiration all creative and very professional vision and in history when you factor that in you know we heard the reports that they've hosted turkey has never hosted a major tournament i think that works against them in that instance and one thing i want to point out the president of the way for the way for alexander separate who is the type breaking vote he made one thing clear the economic economical side is absolutely crucial and when you talk about capacity more people can fit in the stadiums in germany in turkey so in the money matters that's another reason you
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lean towards kerry so there's more tickets being sold of course it's money ok now that turkey has been rejected as so many times simply based on that shouldn't shouldn't it be the charts you know they recently were awarded the twenty twenty. and many believe that consolation setting them up for this rejection that potentially could take place later this morning in switzerland in terms of the vote you know but one thing is working in turkey's favor though they are willing to give the stadiums rent free to you wave of close to a small fee you know the german stadiums are ready to pony up but human rights issues as we heard the report is a factor that is supposed to be considered by the seventeen members that do have a vote and i think if you've been paying attention to current headlines tends. to crack down and the reprise. their report giving germany the edge in us was report was since surged in turkey as well as the desolate good either and i'm sure that
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all of the executive committee members have caught wind of that as well so i think all of these will be factored in and if i were a betting man i would say germany will host the two thousand and twenty four year ok you know the background the political background you mentioned between the two countries played out on the soccer pitch the football pitch as well the mesut ozil claims of discrimination here in germany could that be a factor we saw we saw that mentioned our report you know the only executive member to speak out today actually voiced their support of turkey has been the netherlands you know i think this is in the back of people's heads you know but the world cup with football currently restarted on several platforms that might be an old issue you know i haven't seen name in the headlines much and i don't think it'll be much of a factor to be honest with you ok well you will be covering the vote in switzerland will have press in the rest of you sports crew here in berlin for updates chris thanks very much ok. well as that vote takes place turkey's president i should
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tell you want is visiting germany today ties between the two countries as we just heard are strained over a number of issues however he says he wants to turn over a new leaf security throughout berlin right now this morning ahead of his arrival is at a rare level one now that's a level reserve usually for the american president or israeli prime minister for example large parts of lynn city center are closed off during this three day visit protests are planned in berlin five thousand extra police officers will be on the streets over the coming days. in our next report we look at how relations between ankara and berlin have become so start. this handshake is nothing more than a photo op to politicians who are unlikely to become friends turkish president to one loves pomp and circumstance and he's considered quick tempered. america on the other hand is said to be
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a serious humble politician who loves harmony. it's a relationship that's certainly not based on great personal friendship but more on the knowledge that the political relations of the two countries are very important and must be maintained it's certainly not a marriage of love. and in the spring of two thousand and seventeen relations were at a low point the german government refused to allow air to one's party to hold election campaign events in germany the furious turkish president responded by playing the nazi card. question about you right now and you. are using nazi methods against whom against my turkish brothers and sisters who live in germany i'm against all ministers and deputies who travel in. america was calm and objective in her response like lace it up with these comparisons between the federal republic of germany and national socialism must cease they are unworthy of
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the close ties and relations we've built up between the people of germany and turkey politically as nato partners socially and economically the chancellor is also concerned about the human rights situation in turkey tens of thousands of heir to one critics have been imprisoned including german journalists friends relatives and the german government are campaigning for their release. but ere the one is gradually transforming back into a serious partner his country is in the midst of an economic crisis urgently needs german aid and is increasingly isolated because of its foreign policy so turkey is now signaling a willingness to compromise with germany. is you looking they are moving closer together after last year's flare up and the more difficult years preceding that but their relationship will nevertheless remain strained because the issues that led up to the separation and that is above all domestic policy in
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turkey won't change very quickly. and yet both germany and turkey know that this is far more than a marriage of convenience. this is news let's get a look at some of the other stories making the news today a british online best to get a grip there's a russian man accused of poisoning a former russian spy and a his daughter solsbury is a military officer who received the military honor from president vladimir putin twenty fourteen the website belling cut says the suspect his passport name was response is in fact colonel honestly. thousands of palestinians have demonstrated on the border between israel and the gaza strip they burned tires and hurled rocks at israeli forces who responded with tear gas gazans have staged weekly demonstrations since late march calling for an end to the israeli egyptian blockade that has crippled gaza caught up. while later today in the u.s.
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supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh will testify at an extraordinary hearing in washington is to defend himself against allegations he sexually assaulted a teenager when he was a high school his accuser the professor christine blasi ford says the alleged attack took place at a party in one thousand nine hundred two president trump has defended count all but also says that stand could change based on the testimony later today. it is here that judge kavanaugh will come face to face with christine bleakley forward he was the first to accuse him of sexual misconduct she will step up to the microphone the day after a third women went public with fresh allegations which also date back to the one nine hundred eighty s. when it claims to have witnessed kavanah consistently engage in inappropriate sexual contact during high school. trumps pick for the supreme court has described the latest claims as ridiculous and total twilight zone. kavin as lawyers released
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calendars of his from the summer of one thousand nine hundred eighty two to the committee as part of their defense in a lengthy question and answer session president trump was pressed by reporters to see if he would consider withdrawing cavanagh's nomination. the republican senators have delayed this for weeks now they're giving the women a major chance to speak well it's possible i'll hear that and i'll say hey i'm changing my mind that is possible but they're going to have a big shot at speaking to making their case and you know what i could be persuaded also. trump described senate democrats calling for cavanagh to be withdrawn as obstructionists taking part in what he called a call on jobs to brass something their group leader in the senate strenuously denies. this isn't a democratic smear job as the leader so callously and disrespectfully suggested
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this is a republican rush job and i might add a rush job to avoid getting to the truth. regarding the extraordinary hearing the president said i think it's going to be a very very important day in the history of our country and i want to thank you all sir to young men who served their young men and young to thank you very much nothing to say no more to say for nigh christian ford will be first to give her testimony followed by print kavanah soon after. well coming up this weekend people in macedonia will be voting in a referendum on that country's name voters will be asked whether they're willing to add the word north making the country the republic of north macedonia now it's a change that could end a better decades long dispute with neighboring greece it says the name macedonia implies territorial claims to its province in greece of the same name both sides
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signed a preliminary agreement on the change back in june the deal would see greece lifting its veto on macedonia joining nato and improve the country's chances of joining the european union but it also needs to be formally approved first by voters in macedonia u.w.s. been out gauging the mood. you. sharing for europe cheering for a band and slot go the two musicians are complaining to change their country's name from us a bill to north macedonia and they are firing up the crowd. for prime minister zoran was. all. this is a big chance for our generation and we have the historic duty to our children and grandchildren to seize it for european macedonia but to go to.
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euphoria on one side of the debate. doubts on the other those opposed to the proposed name change have gathered here in this church. among them young koch but shift leader of a pro russian party. what starts as a regular mass turns quickly into a fierce sermon directed against their opponents. even their grandchildren shall be slapped when people discover that their grandfather changed our name from macedonia to north macedonia. i. the greece. it was a strong speech with lots of emotion from the bishop we asked for god's help to make the referendum fail we have been campaigning nonstop for twenty days message
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on ian's will boycott the referendum. owns the muslim looking. to make sure they do and his followers have been touring the entire country they are unwilling to make any confessions towards greece which is claiming the name macedonia for its own northern region and they are prepared to accept that athens. keep blocking the bear country from joining their european union. it's a must to but of the many are asking us to change everything for something that is totally uncertain maybe you assertion might happen in ten to fifteen years' time but who knows whether the e.u. will even exist by then. training and slots go have also been known to work for them and agreements with greece is the only way forward. for such a c.e.o. we are lacking a european education system a european media environment and a european health service even vision we used to be part of
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a community yugoslavia for all of its flaws it's still functioning better than what we have right now we at least a sip of the things you need. and that's why they are fighting for every vote they can barely wait for sunday's referendum. i will get up early which is not something i usually do he said look at him now i'll trust up in my best clothes and i will go and vote for my country and my people so that we can finally move towards europe that. it will. have been spinelli benny and slot car playing the anthem they composed for the complaint of road towards a bright future goals the chorus for them this future means only one sing north macedonia inside europe i. the business leader wrapped up its midweek slate of matches with bursa dortmund
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looking to jump from fourth to second place in the standings they host at nuremberg but didn't present much of a challenge. dortmund was in a festive mood and even coach lucianne far was all smiles and was expecting to extend its perfect home record against newly promoted nuremberg. and accordingly it took dortmund just nine minutes to open the scoring through the broom larsson. to meet flicks the first from provider christian political the second to finish off the move and give dortmund an early lead. which marco royce should have doubled a minute later only to be denied by norm bird's fabienne brave low. but shortly after the half hour mark dortmund's captain made up for his wasted chance i. too neal the well deserved lead coming through royce whose shot took a slight deflection through the onrushing georg mcgregor. in the second half the
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already one sided affair became even more humiliating for the visitors first truckie made it three after forty nine minutes the on loan player from real madrid scoring on his bundesliga debut. were playing cat and mouse with nuremberg markel royce with his second of the evening making it for now. by this point the dortmund players were taking turns at trying to score against their hapless opposition manuela conduit make it five nil after seventy four minutes. and it wasn't over yet jaden sensual scoring the sixth of the evening and he later turned provider for julieann vital to rounded off the scoring at seven now dortmund's biggest bundesliga win in more than thirty years. all by a living person starts a new season has been their worst since one thousand nine hundred. eighty two with three defeats and just one victory but that single went last week seems have given
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them a boost in ryan river derby the best and. it was last season's second division champions who started this one on the front foot and they would have taken the lead after just five minutes if you can spread it he hadn't spread himself to deny benito demand. after another smartly worked attack by the hosts the next chance pelts of moving headings but once again laver cusins finished stopper refused to be beaten i continued to produce some fine attacking combinations in the first half but couldn't take their chances on thirty three minutes it was once more the man who nets laver cruisin off. still things looked good for the home side at half time. but just five minutes after the restart for two no were punished for their frayed it's a school i haven't fallen and left alone at the post after a corner poked his side in front last season's top scorer from
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a refuse in with his first of the campaign. the guests were on fire in the second half and it again failed to follow and to exploit their dominance the twenty six year old battled his way through the defenders challenges before converting a beautifully weighted truss from kind of that. deep into at a time going to ten top gave away a penalty with this foul on new kogi so much. but few home fans would have hoped for much more than a consolation which reuben henning's duly provided i still at full time it was the away fans cheering heiko hellish men go into saturday's clash we've gotten in high spirits i. honestly give results now as we saw their dortmund move in a second place with an easy win over nurnberg leyva causing edging past. lifes against a full spark in mines played out a goal was
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a draw and gladbach beat frankfurt. mark is here now with business news from washington that looks to be moving the national markets certainly in about an hour the frankfurt stock exchange will open brian and then i can fill you in on that what happened to the u.s. federal reserve has raised interest rates to a range between two and two and a quarter percent the hike is the third this year and it's been spurred on by stronger g.d.p. growth which hit four point two percent last quarter the fed has been slowing tightening its monetary policy over the last several years marking an end to its efforts to support the u.s. economy after the financial crisis the hike is a vote of confidence in the u.s. economy despite uncertainty on world markets and the trade conflict with china the fed also signaled there might be another rise coming this year and up to three percent next year. the international monetary fund has agreed to
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boost its loan to argentina the crisis package will be increased by seven billion dollars for a total of fifty seven billion dollars says i.m.f. managing director christine lagarde also part of the deal is that argentina will receive some of the funds earlier than scheduled in a bit to restore confidence in its struggling economy the argentine peso has lost half of its value currency markets since april with the economy caught in a vicious inflationary spiral the country's government agreed to a controversial stare at the program in order to secure more support from the i m. well as we heard earlier president wretch of type at a one is in berlin political relations between germany and turkey strained but with turkey's economy struggling ankara cannot afford to spur an old friends despite political tensions business ties between berlin and ankara remain stable on many
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levels. they raced through the countryside it more than three hundred kilometers an hour high speed trains made by siemens are already running on tracks in turkey siemens manager michel cup is hoping for more orders according to media reports and current wants german support in setting up a high speed rail network worth thirty five billion euros so far no decision has been made that the latest siemens the laro model could play a part so i told. in twenty thirteen we got an order to deliver seven high speed valero type trains you to do three hundred kilometers an hour between. in this case here. in april of this year we got a follow up order for ten more of these drains and they're under construction now what do you say we can fix it it's a ball. it's not only big german corporations that have business ties to turkey so do medium sized companies entrepreneur blend was in there from braman installs
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business software for instance for parking garage operators he employs one hundred twenty i.t. specialists in braman and istanbul and. thousands of you apart from that we do a lot here and software development and software selection process is. we have various projects with which we ultimately help the company make its own process is more efficient and save money. among his customers are high tech companies across germany they include braman based space company oh-h. b. which builds satellites it's just opened up an office and i'm korea. to lead was in there says the economic crisis in turkey as a good opportunity for investment. community under seclusion you can invest and cyclically now the lira has had a drastic decline the euro is strong so you can invest a lot in turkey for less money and that's what i'd recommend now. and despite the
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current strange political relations sherman and turkish companies share many interests. and here's a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. turkish president time everyone is holding talks with chancellor i'm going to nat'l in berlin today the relationship between the two countries has strained to over a number of issues and one says he wants to improve ties. and european football's governing body the way for a session to choose the host nation of the euro twenty twenty four twenty meant germany germany and turkey are the only candidates but it is a final presentation speak for them but it should. be washington news coming to live from and more coming up at the top of the hour seemed that.
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the. center of the conflict zone confronting the powerful utilities radical new government has caused frenzy of consternation here in brussels since it was elected my guest this week is the italian. style though after urging britain to stand up to the e.u. on breck said why did his government leave to resume a in the. last weeks critical to some conflict so for. g.w. . just cooling all. with
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the help of climate engineering it's conceivable. using cells of consequence as a protective shield pumping ocean. removing come undone of sun and. that is that really a good idea. what about the side effects. sixty. four. i'm not laughing at the germans i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing with the people and i think deep into the german culture. you don't seem to take them as grandma do you it's all that. enough time rachel join me to meet the damage done to help host. her first school and the. first
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clueless i'm. sure is grand moment arrives join the arena tank on her journey. you know we're going to make you document. the ring integrity turns home. it's always radical new government has caused plenty of consternation here in brussels since it was elected but is its bach worse than its bite my guest this week is the italian m.e.p. fabio castaldo who is also a vice president of the european parliament after urging britain to stand up to the e.u. on bret's it why did his government leave to resume may in the lurch last week's critical.


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