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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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tear gas and shotgun pellets the protests as angry about the death of a young man killed by indian troops last week rebel groups in indian controlled kashmir have been fighting for independence or a merger with pakistan since one thousand if. not for a quick look at a video that's gone viral here's the moment when a seal slapped a kayaker in the face with an octopus. card melinda was battling of the goes to cry cooler in new zealand and this is what happened. my first by psycho moses sewing machine. where i come from women are bones by the social door even something as simple as learning how to write a by side isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to take a lot of my own but it took me years to convince my parents. finally they gave up
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and went on by me on my side of the returns because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike and no i wanted to reach all those women back home who are bones made in two thousand and four and inform them about the basic rights. my name is the about of people home and i wore them. to the. turkish president. is in berlin today at a time all hype and political tension but in business we report about the ties that bind companies in both countries including a massive high speed rail project. also on the show hold on to last year's wouldn't
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jump but if you count a massive drought in australia has led to a shortage of wool pushing prices to record highs. welcome to the business dim outlook for the global economy the world trade organization is downgrading its global trade forecast for the next two years and that is thanks in part to the simmering trade conflicts around the globe the w g o expects world trade to expand to by three point nine percent this year and around three point seven percent and twenty nine trittico of u.s. president trade policies. turkish president richard type is in berlin for the next five political tensions business ties between berlin and korea remains stable on many levels. they raced through the countryside it more than three hundred kilometers an hour high speed trains made by siemens are already running on tracks in turkey siemens manager michel cup is hoping for more
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orders according to media reports on current wants german support in setting up a high speed rail network worth thirty five billion euros so far no decision has been made that the latest siemens the laro model could play a part. in twenty thirteen we got an order to deliver seven high speed valero type trains to do three hundred kilometers an hour between. this keesha here. in april of this year we got a follow up order for ten more of these trains that by the end they're under construction now what do you think it's it it's about. it's not only big german corporations that have business ties to turkey so do medium sized companies entrepreneur blend was in there from braman installs business software for instance for parking garage operators he employs one hundred twenty i.t. specialists in braman and istanbul. apart from that we do
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a lot here in software development and software selection process is. we have various projects with which we ultimately help the company make its processes more efficient and save money. among his customers are high tech companies across germany they include braman based space company oh-h. b. which builds satellites it's just opened up an office in on korea. to lead was in there sees the economic crisis in turkey as a good opportunity for investment. you can invest and cyclically now the lira has had a drastic decline the euro is strong so you can invest a lot in turkey for less money and that's what i'd recommend now. and despite the current strange political relations german and turkish companies share many interests.
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here we go for a thousand days now or a bit more than three years there's been agenda quota in place for law german corporations the target is for women to occupy at least thirty percent of positions on supervisory boards since it went into effect at the start of twenty sixteen much has changed but only on supervisory boards looking at executive boards germany lags way behind other countries the albright foundation reports that a quarter of management board members in the thirty top list of companies in the us a female with sweden in the u.k. not far behind in germany it's only twelve percent and the numbers for small and medium sized businesses are considerably lower. so that's something we need to talk about and joining me in the studio now is cloudy and was illegal from the association of german women entrepreneurs good to have you with us and i know you were rushing today through traffic here in berlin
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due to. visit but you're here now you can tell us what is the problem that german companies obviously have with women i say first of all there's a cultural problem obviously there is no lack of skills i'd say there is a leg off will there is a lack of promotion of women and first place so this is when we when we introduced the quota there was hope and you know hope dies last so there still is the hope that more women on the advisory boards will change the situation in leadership positions so that this is a symbol act having a new legislation and a new dialogue on more women in leadership but actually if there is not the effect we we want it and we started this and a lot of it seems to have to do with some people thinking that women simply aren't qualified enough that's certainly something that you hear again and again and one has to disagree because
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a foreign companies operating in germany don't seem to think though. there are plenty of women on their boards if we just take a look for example at microsoft or coca-cola or nike or intel h.s.b.c. nestle you have all the logos i mean that is just a few all of those companies have women at the helm of their operations here in germany so obviously qualification is not the issue you know looking at those companies i say those are those with the most innovative capacities so if you look for more than one woman on on an executive board you'll find the innovative companies look at us a.p. for example so it's i think women are not the reason but they are the indicator for innovation so and those companies know that excellence comes from a diverse team and they are ahead i say culturally so it's a question of culture ok. there is still companies who they never fail to make
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excuses a lack of qualification we can pretty much rule out here life balance especially when it comes to child care which is still mainly a woman's job of course and here we again have something interested in that all brides report that clears up with that myth germany for one or has fourteen months of paid parental leave that is something that working parents in the united states can only dream off that doesn't exist there childcare in the united states costs nearly twenty percent of a family's income and in germany it's just about four percent and nevertheless in the united states there are so much more women in leading positions than here in germany something is going wrong yeah i'd say this the question of having care is nyssa leading discussion as of course we need good care we need more in times like late even ngs and early mornings we need more doing the weekends and of course we
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need quality child care but this. it's not the reason for having more it's not there's no automatic. promotion by having more childcare and then more women and leadership position but it's more the incentives we set in our german society they are like the legislation the text legislation or the text rules they are they favor families with women staying at home but also the social security system state favor women staying at home so they are a while we try to innovate all. the the new family picture they are still more and more still very strong incentives for families with women staying at home ok so when it comes to women in leading positions these are clearly down the wrong incentives and the association of jim and been to women entrepreneurs is a prime example that women can be in leading positions and successfully so and
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we've seen that after a thousand days the gentle quota for the supervisory board has changed a little bit but not to the executive board just very briefly do we need a special quota for that as i said to beginning the whole dyess last and i still look that or i'm i'm still looking for a very flexible system for women on an executive board level so i hope that the company's economy but also politics. recognize this as a core political issue to have a more thank you so much here. now here in europe temperatures are dropping after a scorching summer time then to wrap up in your favorite woolly garments bud what does a drought in australia have to do with the cost of your winter wardrobe quite a lot as it turns out. hungry lambs as
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a dried stricken farm in the eastern state of new south wales astray produces ninety percent of the world's merino wool exports. but after one of the driest seasons on record many sheep farmers are struggling to keep their flocks alive what at the moment were about thirty eight forty thousand balls less this form of the what we had last year so that's really awful so we've lost so far already for for this trail. to drop in production comes at a time when global demand for not full fibers is surging at this one auction in sydney the bids are coming in fast and strong. very well is certainly a great spark in demand at the moment and i guess we have to go right back to the consumer who's now walking into the shop and morning and asking for war looking for a natural for. the fashion for them i would this is certainly has
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a lot of wool in corporate innit. that's your business update here on t.w. thanks for keeping us company.
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like obama is a satirist who wears a bulletproof vest on stage. he's turkish lives in berlin and he's an opponent of president ever to watch. mama takes a critical view of the turkish president's planned visit to berlin and worries about retaliation from everyone supporters do everyone's critics face a real threat in germany. next on g.w. you saw. gemini live. at any time any place easy names on the ballot as we have a lot of those kind of songs to sing along to you just
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a combo from super slim seats. for. interactive exercises. everything is online. and interactive jamming to friends with de gemer you. a contentious figure at home. in germany. gorbachev was one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. he continues to fight for world peace with the reminder by nature we have to comprehend where he says taken us today there is a new arms race. in our time going to charge and the opportunity for peace when he starts october third on t.w. .
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welcome to focus on europe i'm sumi so much going to it is great to have you with us europe is facing difficult times the independence movement in catalonia is picking up steam again nearly a year after the region how the referendum on breaking away from spain this was the scene in barcelona a few weeks ago a pro independence rally drew nearly a million people they called on spending.


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