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the latest rating is what makes germany obviously attractive the number one choice is that they it's a safe country safety of course they don't have right now the sort of political and economic instability that we face that turkey is facing for example the drop of the euro and their proximity of course also of tookie being close to syria which is a conflict a war zone and then of course germany you know they mass just when it comes to tournaments they have organized picks. european championships several what is it handball tournaments almost every other sport that's out there and they have the infrastructure the hat they have a transportation if you are i mean if you come here does matter where you come from to watch this tournament every stadium that will hold again will be so accessible it doesn't matter it doesn't have to be in a big if it's in a big city in a smaller town a smaller city accessibility also and of course what's different this time about this vote is that human rights are supposed to pay a decision
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a role in the decision making and of course in that as well germany does have the up ahead and so but of course we also know that favorites don't always win as we saw with fee file you know all of a sudden you have qatar and russia so who knows if i might follow in those steps as well as the riches were hanging in there would begin to drift because we don't know what kind of result is going to come but before we continue our conversation now we have to mention that both germany and tookie have a lot of history and baggage and that extends to football let's take a look at a report which shows the two a competing bids. euro twenty twenty four is set to be a footballing spectacle twenty four countries competing in a total of fifty one games but who will host the prestigious event germany are regarded as frontrunners you wafers evaluation committee has already backed the bid
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the german football association see this as a chance to follow up on the success of the two thousand and six world cup and they're clear on the benefits of their bid. to have the stadia the infrastructure the accommodation we also have great fan zones basically ready to host the euros tomorrow. but a shadow looms over germany's bid the message is still a fact the arsenal midfielder is meeting with turkish president richard tie of add on caused an uproar that eventually ended in israel retiring from the germany national team he accused the german football association of racism and discrimination. could that be an advantage for turkey the country is confident its bid can stand on its own turkey's footballing culture its modern stadia and even president add to one's passion for the game positives after three unsuccessful bids this one is meant to click. around everyone
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can see we're ready to host the iraqis we love football we deserve to be the host of. football's been played in turkey five or one hundred years it's part of our lives here. but financial instability and the drop of the lira could put turkey's bid and potential profits in jeopardy. europe's football governing body has sent out mixed signals they have set clear requirements including on matters such as human rights and freedom of expression on the other hand you a for expects huge tax breaks from the host. its executive committee is made up of twenty members. the german and turkish representatives can vote one member netherlands michel van praag has publicly thrown his support behind turkey. in case of a stalemate you wait for president aleksander shefrin will break the tie some think
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he will lean towards germany as it stands it's all up in the air the only certainty the bid for euro two thousand and twenty four is going to be a close race. so those committee executive committee members we talked about at this moment in new york in the good of the u.s. are headquarters deciding whether it be germany a whether to be tookie to host the two thousand and twenty four olympics and we talked about germany having a slight edge over the key but it's expected to be a close race let's talk about a key though i mean they have in the last three bids to win a tournament germany's already hosted the you know european championships won the world cup twice why not give tookie a chance exactly this would be turkey's fourth attempt after three unsuccessful ones the most recent one that they lost out was to france that was twenty sixteen so and i don't one vote yeah yeah really well and this is also where i think where
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of course the argument comes in is the same thing as in when we talk about the experience argument how can you get experience if no one is willing to take a shot on you and i think it's a kind of weird turkey finds themselves right now they're like well yeah but obviously we don't have the kind of you know tournament experience or that germany does because you know no one i mean in twenty twentieth's i mean to have hosted for example champions. like a champion see krajina lin everything but this is of course trying to mean in a much bigger scale and you know what i mean turkey also has some positives the one is for example there they known for their passion i mean the atmosphere. to of course football stadiums why it's known to be one of the best it's out to the point where you can't even hear yourself and i think you a farm might be thinking you know what and that was a bit of like the room like there was a bit of like talk happening that people were saying you a from might vote for turkey because you know what let's give somebody who's never had an opportunity so
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that could still happen i do not rule it out i mean when i first found out you know in press when we found out that it's turkey against germany it was so you know logic told you germany is going to win but then check the last few months i've been . meaning unlocked what's tricky and even now if turkey bends i know it might surprise a lot of people it will not surprise me and on one side as well if turkey wins i mean let's think about it big a positive could come out of this it could put more pressure on her to one when it comes to the human rights situation there but of course there's also that risk that fear that if you do give it to turkey in my d.m. just into the once hands and it might just be an image boost for him so crossing that fine line i'm just happy i'm not the one making the. doing that and in fact in this it kind of strange coincidence the turkish president is in berlin right now as we speak and he'll be meeting chancellor angela merkel tomorrow so i think both
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people of them are going to be glued to the screens or aides will be good to the screen to tell them who has won ok and i was thinking football is a sport and it's all about the game but actually if you would know you're a sports journalist it's a lot about money as well yeah i mean sports people i mean we have this romantic understanding off sports especially of football because of this sometimes i won't call it a myth but you can to some extent call it a creation myth that this is how this club began with the workers and the fans and a lot of them probably perhaps did happen but people need to realize that it is a business and for you a fight is a business and if you look at the financial category germany again has the upper hand and that's because if you look at the overall the total capacity of all the stadiums germany at the end will have will be able to fill what is it around two hundred seventy thousand to three hundred thousand more seats that of course equals want tickets and that of course he quotes more money and those executive members making the decisions of course will also be looking at their own member states and
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saying you know if that will give me more money but then there's also the argument that turkey turkey has then said have come out and said but wait a minute we're willing to give you certain tax breaks and because. football stadiums in turkey owned by the state the turkish state has basically come out and said you know what you don't have to pay any rent so free yeah for free you can host of games for free here in germany of course have said we'll give you a reasonable price so let's see what have you no use in fear they will attack you thank you very much from the wrist of course waiting for the decision to come on from neil whether you if a committee members are deciding whether it would be germany or turkey. which will host who will host the two thousand and twenty four european championships we are keeping an eye on that but one of the right to care for a decision not me bring you some other news as i mentioned turkey's president richard has arrived in berlin at the start of his first state visit to germany he and his wife touched down at the city's take
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a short while ago and john has said he wants to reset relations with germany which have been screened over a number of issues including turkey's detention of german nationals in a post cool crackdown a protest planned and five thousand police officers will be out on the streets security has been raised to a level usually reserved for the u.s. president. now while. at the same time we're hearing from the foreign ministry that the change in rhetoric simply won't do in the past he's accused the german chancellor of using nazi methods he also called on voters ahead of the general elections just over a year ago how easy it can be a state visit or not to return to something like normal relations now everyone has arrived in a bowl in but he's only going to a chance and lamech it tomorrow what does she hope to get out of this meeting.
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well she needs a stable turkey so she will also have an interest to help the turkish president in his hour of need because that's where he is right now he helped her in that migration crisis through what became known as the turkey migration deal one point three million migrants mostly syrians are in turkey right now those didn't move further towards europe and germany but the turkish lira has seen a crash in recent months it's down by forty percent there is little investment german companies are afraid to invest frankly in what is becoming increasingly an or thore tarion regime and less predictable for businesses so germany needs turkey also for strategic and edgy regions of the german thought so we'll be inclined to offer him something but it already has a for once it has a real pressure point a real moment where it can get some assurances in terms of bull of law out of the
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president out of one it will be interesting to see how much of that will be really transparent in public statements right chief political editor michel thank you very much for that assessment. so as we have from. the she's told us about what the german chancellor actually wants from this state visit with the turkish president but what does he want from germany and from america turkey correspondent yulia han reports from istanbul. america looks friendly yet aloof while. at the plummeting. that's how cartoonists portrays the turkish president's visit to germany he says turkey's currency crisis is a huge problem for. it's affecting everyone in the country he's had to reduce the size of his situational magazine lamond because the price of paper has more than
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doubled in the last few months. just getting to know that a. fund raising mission to relieve the dedication and self-sacrifice always been a part of life goal in turkey. was news to especially in our field rather than a picture of fear as a look at the letter. but now it has become a real struggle to survive for the world and i don't know if we'll be able to make it here. many turks complain about the rising cost of living due to the currency crash and they worry about the future some are hoping germany and the e.u. might step in. but they should help us all mothers while we don't have a problem with germany or the germans. all my kids in germany is our oldest friend michelin's them to say it could be due to teaching the turkish shouldn't have gotten into the situation in the first place i hope everything improves michelle
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a lot you're going to show john judo more you turks and germans depend on each other to share in the last year relations between turkey and germany it's an all time low pro-government turkish newspapers repeatedly right in front pages criticizing and even personally insulting chancellor merkel accusing her of nazi practices. now it seems the turkish government is looking for a fresh start an academician turkey's full my e.u. affairs minister. is among those who want relations to improve the war in syria the unpredictable us president and the currency crisis provide plenty of reasons for turkey and germany to work together he says this is his wish list for the machal adlon meeting myself more understanding from chancellor merkel to turkey sensitivities cooperation with turkey in the fight against terror more business cooperation. and to be more. optimistic about thirty years european
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prospects and what can chancellor merkel expect from president add one thing. she can expect from turkey true friendship true cooperation and everyone who knows presenter dawn with a greenie that if he makes a promise he keeps it so if she can. to make some promises in exchange of the promises that she will make of course then she knows she'll be delivered a cartoonist who will be watching the macula adwan meeting closely at the very least he says it should serve up enough material for some fresh set tire. we're going to bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wild clashes have erupted between anti india protesters and police in indian controlled kashmir protester threw stones while police fired tear gas and shot gun pellets the protesters are angry about the death of
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a young man killed by indian troops last week rebel groups in indian controlled kashmir have been fighting for independence or a merger with pakistan since one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. police in slovakia have detained suspects in the killing of a journalist and his fiance. and. both twenty seven were shot dead at their home. in february the debt sparked public outrage in the central european country had investigated fraud cases involving businessman retirees leading to slovak politicians. a russian member of the anti kremlin activist group pussy riot has been discharged from a burning hospital your thought it says he was poisoned by russia's secret service for investigating the deaths of russian journalist german doctors say it's quote highly plausible he was poisoned but can determine how it happened or who could
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have been responsible. for turning out to china which has hit back at us president dollar trump as tensions escalate over trade beijing has rejected an accusation by trump the china seeking to meddle in the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections trump made the allegation wednesday at a meeting of the un security council and he offered no evidence but said china didn't want his republican party to win because of his tough line on trade china's foreign ministry has since retired a reiterated that china does not get involved in other countries domestic affairs a spokesman said the international community is quote clear which country interferes most and other countries affairs. in another development president trump says he would be prepared to withdraw his nomination office supreme court pick brett kavanaugh if sexual assault allegations against him prove credible governor
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and his accuser professor christine blassie ford are both set to testify at a hearing in washington today ford accuses calvin off trying to rape her when they were teenagers gavin denies the allegations the scene is set for judge brett kavanaugh his day of reckoning senators will hear testimony from christine lacy ford the first woman to accuse him of sexual misconduct she will step up to the microphone the day after a third woman went public with fresh allegations which also date back to the one nine hundred eighty s. judy sweating it claims to have witnessed kavanaugh consistently engage in inappropriate sexual contact during high school. tramps pick for the supreme court has described the latest claims as ridiculous and total twilight zone. kavanagh's lawyers released calendars of his from the summer of one nine hundred eighty two submitting them to the committee as part of that defense. in
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a lengthy question and answer session president trump was pressed by reporters to say if he would consider withdrawing kavanagh's nomination. the republican senators have delayed this for weeks now. they're giving the women a major chance to speak now it's possible i'll hear that and i'll say hey i'm changing my mind that is possible but they're going to have a big shot at speaking to making their case and you know what i could be persuaded also hate to admit it was trumped just cried senate democrats calling for kavanaugh to be withdrawn as obstructionists taking part in what he called a con job something that a group leader in the senate strenuously denying this isn't a democratic smear job as the leader so callously and disrespectfully suggested this is a republican rush job and i might add
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a rush job to avoid getting to the truth regarding the extraordinary hearing president trump said i think it's going to be a very very important day in the history of our country and i want to thank you all . to young men who served their young men and young to thank you very much nothing to say. no more to say the nine. christine lacy food will be first to give her testimony followed by brett kavanaugh soon after. if you're just joining us you're watching news coming to you live from berlin we can now take you live to the on that is in switzerland where the u. if executive committee members have gathered they're going to choose who is going to host the two thousand and twenty four european championships the two contending countries germany and. so we're looking at live pictures coming to you from then
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with me in the studio is talking from sports. the you if i didn't evaluation report as to which country would be a better candidate and this said they favored germany but it's not just them also the bookmakers have favored germany. i mean if you like i said people often use logic to me and if you follow logic germany are the key. you know they have the infrastructure they have the organization the experience economically politically things are looking really good for them and they also have the upper hand when it comes to human rights and everything. so. what is it yeah so they have that but of course with germany as well it's not to say that germany has all you know everything for germany is going well because people recently there's a lot. who knows what sort of role that might pay in all of this we had two thousand and six pictures like the fairy tale for germany when it came to hosting
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the world cup and then it didn't we found out that there's a lot of there's a scandal or corruption scandal behind it that they were bought and i think this is also one of the reasons why germany is so desperate so nervous that in case they don't win it because i think they really want a new start they want to say hey we want to host another tournament at home but this time without any sort of corruption without any skeletons in the closet and this is also being shot. and killed and there's a lot of more gras in. well at the moment just the world cup and the kind of very quick and unexpected humiliating. and could have recovered some of the more than the looking at by march of life which is coming from you on up to you are far as good as let's take a look at those speeches and you know we can see that everybody lot of people have gathered there to listen to that result at what is going to be germany or is it going to be to give us a brief explanation as to how they actually choose what is a system involved that is basically you a fuzz executive committee and it's made of of twenty members from the different
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states. and what happens is that of course germany tookey also two of those members but because they are the ones bidding for the twenty twenty four tournaments they of course cannot take part in it that's eighteen members making the vote and he did here starting yesterday that the member from the netherlands suppose it and that he already had public publicly thrown his support behind turkey and then he laid on her. the member said that he was misunderstood that's not what he said but at the same time germany would go back and look at the way for presidential votes it was germany that had voted for alexander's sefer and not the member that's now publicly given his supposedly made the statement and said that he threw his support behind keyes so it's going to be a close call i really think this is going to be
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a close call i mean like you said germany for all of us you know the key of favorites if you follow reason and logic but. seeing at what has you know transpired in football i mean you know and also at the end i think sometimes we look at turkey we say oh the risk factors are too high but that happens with every turn i mean we heard all we heard all those scary stories coming out of russia you know with the hooligans and at the end it all went really well there were. so many people you know for the first time visiting russia and they were even shocked and surprised at the hospitality and i think maybe this might be even not just an image boost for one because obviously that's not what we want but it might also be a nice image boost for for turkey and turkey is also it's a bridge between europe and asia and this could also be a way for you a friend to get some how when it comes to cup football also are they already have a really strong foothold but also more into the asian market so that's right because turkey's all the costs between europe and asia are the things that or football officials want is to expand the attraction and draw kind of football fans
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into the sport and this may be a good way to do that because a lot of turkish fans you know i've been reading talking about you know turkey is more than just because the western countries have quite upset by the fact that turkey seems to be going to drifting towards authoritarian rule and they don't want to as you said kind of. empower. themselves aponte is a big football fan it was a semi professional very surprising but he was he was and people also need to understand that earlier one you know whether you like him or hate him but it's really under earlier one that this past decade these past ten years like since he's been in power that he's the one who's invested a lot of money into revitalizing a lot of the football stadiums that's also because they've wanted to make they've made multiple bets and so i think out of the ten or something stadiums i believe around seven or eight are ready to go they still have problems with around two three zero yes five ok we interrupt you let's just go straight live to leon we see
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family then let's hear what this thing welcome to the house of european football here in switzerland for the u.a.e. for euro twenty twenty four announcement ceremony a few minutes we'll know which country will host the u.a.e. for european football championships in twenty twenty four. two countries germany in turkey have submitted their beds and have gone through a thorough evaluation process culminating in today's vote by the way for executive committee but before moving on moving on to the respective bids let's look back at the history of this magnificent competition that a shaped and developed european national team football since one thousand nine hundred eighty. i. live. i.
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play live. i. live. i live. lives. i live.
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live. live. live live live .
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it's a film that brings back some really great memories and i'm sure everyone is already looking forward to experiencing such moments during u.a.e. for euro two thousand and twenty but now let's turn our attention to you a way for your own twenty twenty four and take a look at the videos presenting the bids of those two candidates starting with germany. yeah. fantastic. i have. a list for five. dollars helping her machine but you have enough we have now that's just really not the media. does have an ability oh here also comes in it's all about.
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fifty. thank you. thank you. thank you. please. thank. you for the. feel. if. feel.


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