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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 27, 2018 7:15pm-7:30pm CEST

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this on his face lesson learned never got in the whale of a sail having much. the giggling you heard there in the back of that was from ben facility will be presenting your business update in just a sec i'll be back a bit so i'll be out. of. that. i'm not laughing. because sometimes i am nothing. new to repeat. to you because it's all that. time right so join me for me going to help me post. for student school in the jungle.
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first clueless. and then doris grand moment arrives join the ranks hang on her journey. you know we're entering a new documentary toronto and returns home. to the. talk is tension president richard tiny a bad one visits germany at a tricky political time the pressure is also weighing on business relations we take a look at some of the projects that binds the two nations. and hold on to a bus does well and if you can add extremes around in a straight you have leads to a shortage of wool pushing up prices to the record highs. i've been fizzling let's do business chuck as president one is in for the next two days political relations
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between germany and tokyo strange with turkey's economy struggling can. afford to spurn old friends everyone's visit comes at a time when turkeys economy is in dire need of help while turkey once enjoyed an economic boom on the bosphorus much of that growth was debt driven this year turkey's external debt ceiling to four hundred sixty six billion dollars or close to it as you can see there reaching just over half of the country's total g.d.p. and that debt is getting more expensive by the minute after donald trump imposed sanctions against turkey still an element of industry the leader lost forty percent of its value against the dollar meaning ankara needs to pay more money back to creditors than it initially borrowed and that's hurting investor confidence in the turkish market the central bank has also recently raised interest rates to find inflation against the wishes of everyone who's afraid it cuts into growth so his economic health will be on the table as everyone meets with the german ministers of
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finance and economy both countries have ruled out financial aid for ankara. the race through the countryside it more than three hundred kilometers an hour high speed trains made by siemens are already running on tracks in turkey siemens manager michel cup is hoping for more orders according to media reports on current wants german support in setting up a high speed rail network worth thirty five billion euros so far no decision has been made that the latest siemens the laro model could play a part. in twenty thirteen we got an order to deliver seven high speed valero type trains you to do three hundred kilometers an hour between uncorrupt kanya this keesha here. in april of this year we got a follow up order for ten more of these trains and they're under construction now what do you think is it gets a ball. it's not only big german corporations that have business ties to turkey so
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do medium sized companies entrepreneur blent was in there from braman installs business software for instance for parking garage operators he employs one hundred twenty i.t. specialists in braman and istanbul. apart from that we do a lot here in software development and software selection process is. we have various projects with which we ultimately help the company make its process is more efficient and save money. isn't there moved with his family to bring in when he was a child he studied economics and worked for consulting companies before setting up his own business. he comes from a humble background his father was a welder in a shipyard his mother was a housewife. and i consider myself a northern german that's how i behave in my business dealings that's how i was
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socialized here with descriptions like migrant child of immigrants only serve to marginalize and i reject them for myself and my children. among his customers are high tech companies across germany they include braman based space company oh-h. b. which builds satellites it's just opened up an office and i'm kyra. was in there says the economic crisis in turkey is a good opportunity for investment. if you can invest and cyclically now the lira has had a drastic decline the euro is strong so you can invest a lot in turkey for less money and that's what i'd recommend now. and despite the current strange political relations germany and turkish companies share many interests. german industrial giant to some cope is set to split its holdings into two separate companies company management confirm the plans today indicating the
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specifics will be announced at a shareholders meeting this weekend one of the future holdings will focus on industrial goods and construction material production the other will continue to call just elevator and automotive component production unit for months now to some hope has been under pressure from its investors to speed up its restructuring efforts its stock rose seven percent on the news. i asked paul christo blitz at the frankfurt stock exchange if this was the end of a rough few months it's yours and it's been pretty rough both the c.e.o. and the chairman left the company in july there is a potential merger with tata steel to create the second largest company in europe but that hasn't been approved yet but this building splitting up into two is a lot better than just completely taking a company apart and selling it for all its parts which the unions wouldn't approve off this they've already said they'd approve they'd be happy about this. the world
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trade organization is downgrading its global trade forecast for the next two years that's thanks in part to the simmering trade conflicts around the globe the w t o expects world trade to expand by three point nine percent this year and around three point seven percent in twenty nineteen that's down huff of a cent from previous four years previous full costs rather it a statement the w t o cited anti free trade measures is prompting the move evidently a critique of u.s. president donald trump's trade policies. european stocks have slumped over fears the italian government will delay presenting its first budget that's down to a standoff between the two coalition partners and the minister for economics but left populist five star movement on the far right league want to increase spending to deliver on campaign promises of lower taxes or generous pensions and basic income subsidies for the poor but economy minister giovanni korea says his goal is
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to further cut italy's deficit he's denied reports he's threatened to resign under coalition pressure to loosen the purse strings. economy minister giovanni trio wants to bring the deficit down to below two percent of g.d.p. but the five star movement and the league are pushing for a looser target the government has threatened to sack tria if he doesn't bend to their will italy has been gradually bringing its budget deficit under control the country was hit hard in the global financial crisis in two thousand and eight within a year its deficit ballooned to five point two percent of g.d.p. but by twenty fifteen it was below the euro zone's three percent benchmark and last year the deficit was down to two point three percent of g.d.p. . the central bank fears that even a minor spike in the deficit would send italy's did out of control is only has the second highest public debt in the eurozone after greece and analysts believe that italy's debt figures are underestimated because they don't adequately factor in the
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cost of supporting the country's ailing banks. earlier we spoke to a list here with kathy from the brussels based economic think tank bruegel and i asked him if italy can afford an expensive welfare program this government is defined to be a populist government because he has been promising something in the order of magnitude of one hundred billion euros worth of electoral promises with tax reduction on the universal basic income that would be six seven percentage points of g.d.p. so while it is a lot of all that the government wants to fulfill its promises has to reckon with. economic reality and that's what that's what's at stake today with the presentation of the of the budget for a thousand days now that is being agenda quote were in place for large job corporations the target is for women to occupy at least thirty percent of positions
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on supervisory boards since it went into effect at the start of twenty sixteen much as changed but only on supervisory boards looking at executive boards germany lags way behind other countries the albright foundation reports that a quarter of management board members in the thirty top listed companies in the us a female with sweden and the u.k. not far behind in germany it's only twelve percent and the numbers for small and medium sized businesses are considerably lower. well here in europe temperatures are dropping after a scorching summer time then to wrap up in your favorable garments but what does a drought in australia have to do with the cost of your winter water quite a lot as it turns out. hungry lambs as a dried stricken farm in the eastern states of new south wales astray produces
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ninety percent of the world's merino wool exports. but after one of the driest seasons on record many sheep farmers are struggling to keep their flocks alive at the moment where about thirty eight forty thousand balls last this form of the what we had last year so that's really a fool so weak that we've lost so far already for all this trail. to drop in production comes at a time when global demand for not will fibers is surging at this one locks in infamy the beds are coming in fast and strong what do. you want to do you know well it's certainly a great spot in demand at the moment and i guess we have to go back to the consumer who's now walking into the shop and want and asking for wool i guess looking for a natural fabius and the the fashion for them i would use is certainly has a lot of wool incorporating it with farmers losing sheep to drives the astray and
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government is predicting will production to drop four per cent this financial year . meaning shoppers should expect to fork had more for their we'll leave winter where. i stand business with a. laundry
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gun international talk show for journalists discuss the topic of the week should the socialist president red shirt tie a better one state visit to germany has be carefully choreographed to put so would relations between both live in ankara back on track both worked on the increasingly tarion turkish leaders moving from state to find our. next.
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more. wouldn't have been fighting for the case taking seriously in the world of what here's what's come out women strong. superheroes smart smart talks smart state the legend frank recently dangerous time for w. for mom. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. climate change. waste. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's. be going to be farming magazine. long d w. twelve in a very welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from bumps above it and this week the focus on the controversial state visits of germany by president reds have tied to the speech given the full read culprits treatments and on the ease of his visit the turkish media said.


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