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tv   Treasures of the World - The Old City of Rome Italy  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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david. against goliath time for me to tell everyone what's going on the fight the courageous activists the guns oh my you're going to glib losses on a long long night. but who will make. the borneo case starts october night long t w. glock. the eternal city built on seven hills from afar
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a vast prospect of stone but at close quarters its magnificence is revealed. the walls and remains the very culture of the ancient world the key to that world is here on the capitol hill we get angelo restyled the piazza in fifteen thirty six flanked by castro and pollux a broad flight of steps leads up to the senator's palace now the city hall rode. on almost ten taisha statue recalls the fourteenth century tribune color and billions of his incendiary speeches fire the crowds to a fury and they killed in. today's young romans may know little of the city's turbulent past there were visits to the nearby capital and museum would make it vividly immediate. the famous equestrian statue of emperor marcus aurelius says that.
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the ancient romans profoundly admired hellenistic culture the famous of his room is filled with the busts of the great greeks from blind coma to epicurus the roman emperors sometimes strange descent from home as heroes from the people of venice in troy. the famous dying going to one of the most perfect works of antiquity it was erected by king out of as the first to have a month to commemorate his victory over the glaciers around the year two hundred b.c. . it. was . visitors to the museum always captivated by this celebrated statute. the boy extracting the phone from his corpse.
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the legendary she will symbol of the city of rome stood on the capital in the ciceros day his writings tennis. she is suckling romulus and remus the twins said to have found a drone both they and the city owed everything to her. at the foot of the computer line here is the roman forum. in the first century a.d. julius caesar had homes on the site demolished to make way for four of his plans were carried out by subsequent emperors. after the fall of the roman empire the christians built their churches on the foundations of the old temples. before him fell into ruin.
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when surest now walk mussolini's ground via de forty imperioli to the colosseum there is one point where they always pools for stone reliefs trace the growth of the mighty roman empire from the foundation of the city in seven fifty three b.c. to its full in the year a d three hundred thirty by the modern calendar year and i think that. all the. a stand that feel all that was. the forum extends southward as far as the palatine hill from here we have the finest view of the capital. and. there. in the form and on mccullough time the magic and history of ancient rome how people wherever we go to air. we have only to sit in the shade of
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the columns and read the pages of historian levy and the rome of classical antiquity with all its festivals disasters and every day possible comes to life. until it was burned down in the great fire of fifty two b.c. the coolio studio was the roman senate house it was later rebuilt. in the fire coins even melted on the stones of the forum but the future held worse in store for rome with the fall of the empire the city was wide open to looting gough's vandals and norseman and after the grimace devastation of the mall the sack of roman fifteen twenty seven the forum was used for grazing cattle. yeah. the vs soka all sacred way. behind the mighty columns of
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a temple built by antonius is another church sandlot and so in the land of. a stone's throw further rome are the remains of the commanding the silica of my accenture's completed under constant integrate. the arch of titus commemorated the capture of jerusalem in eighty seventy and the destruction of the holy city by the romans. on the power china hill there are also relics of by gone splenda and were all gangsters was born here and built a polish or residence on the hill where he lived for many years with his emperors livia later the empress time periods and domitian also resided here but these brick walls are all that still stands of those palaces.
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as long as the coliseum stands the room will stand declared st venerableness and when the coliseum falls rome will follow it and if rome follows the whole world. building was begun under m. protestation in a.d. seventy nine the coliseums outer walls are fifty meters high the longest axes one hundred ninety meters and it could hold seventy thousand people in this great amphitheater the pleasure seeking romans watched gladiators fight and so animals baited and christians executed cannon and sets senses bread and gains no emperor would have dared to close the the coliseum. wanted sensation. archaeologists are currently conducting a detailed survey. opposite the coliseum stands the majestic of constantine the people and senator rome erected
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it to commemorate the emperor's victory near the million bridge and eighty three hundred twelve. constantine fourteen the sign of the cross under stablished christianity in the empire. there are countless domes and towers atop the churches and ministries of rome reputedly more than three hundred and more all planned for the year two thousand declared the holy grail. it's sometimes difficult to tell churches and temples apart the pantheon on get said out of town that is in fact that. it was built by the great commander marcus agrippa right hand man of augustus.
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fronted by greek columns it's a magnificent for tundra crowned by the biggest dome in ancient rome. and opening nine meters across known as the gold admits the sunlight the dome itself has a radius of forty three meters on most of the achievement. pope going to face the fourth patch twenty eight wagon loads of martyrs relics moved to the pantheon transforming a heathen temple into a church the great painter raphael is very here. near the artist by the italian king's victoria manual the second and on back to the first. loyal monarchists stand watch by their tombs and collect signatures to petition restoration of the monarchy.
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the picturesque square is popular with young romans on summer evenings the spirit of rome is intended to. be. an east famous elephant and bearing the organist seems to have found. i. knew the time not sold in e.t.o. which was once a papal residence and later a mostly new seat of office is the most famous column in a row the column of trajan commanding the forum triathlete. and for a trading was seen as the founder of the golden age under his rule the empire achieved its greatest extent the release on the column commemorate his conquests of the day shift.
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this is the heart of the room what every tourist comes to see and one of the favorite sites has long been the spanish steps leading up to the church of trinidad de monte. the loveliest steps in the world a place to sit see and be seen. but know of a spot in the old. the city of rome has the magical charm of the piaffe some of whom autists and musicians entertainers and whole coast sell their wares and skills to the passing from.
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the bustle never stops in the many cafes and restaurants and a cool place to be on these hot summer nights as every roman well knows is that nice famous fountain of the full recount called play. rome is the great city of fountains and want a better way to conclude taste of being gone civita kind of night time visits to the trade the found. love is almost alone in hoping the old magic still winds so they say that if you comes to coin into the fountain you tend to grow again and again. to death she will.
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