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the roof time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wish to score took over thirty on g.w. . and. this is deja vu news live from berlin two versions of our shared past but has already altered their futures for ever christine blasi forward and the trauma she says was also her life brett kavanaugh defined in the face of accusations standing between him and a seat on america's highest court. before with what degree of certainty do you
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believe britain kavanaugh assaulted. one hundred percent one hundred percent. i am innocent of this charge a night of high drama in washington d.c. as for tell senators she was sexually assaulted by the president's supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh denying the allegations completely. of demonstrations expected here in berlin today thousands something take to the streets in protest of a statement that by turkey's president let's entire battle on everyone's in germany to try to improve these brain toys with the german government security is extremely tight it's a level one in the center of the german capital ahead of the protests. and u.s. regulators assume iran must because we're still head of tesla cars accusing him of committing fraud by suggesting he was taking his company private they want him to step down as c.e.o. of america's most valuable. car company plus so beautiful the host of the euro
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to twenty four. will be germany. germany beats turkey in the competition to host the twenty twenty four european football championships it is the first time for germany since nineteen eighty eight. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us accusations and counterclaims capped off a day of emotional testimony on a committee looking into a nomination for the u.s. supreme court psychologist christine blasi ford accusing judge brett kavanaugh of sexual assault while high school cabin all deny the accusation republican senators are planning an initial vote on capitals now nomination later today a vote by the entire senate could go ahead next week we're going to our
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correspondent in washington first we have this report where the testimony you're about senators questioned christine blassie forward and supreme court nominee kavanah in separate sanctions over more than nine hours. and here today not because i want to be and terrified i'm here because they believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes i believe he was going to rape me i'm not questioning that doctor ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was. i am innocent of this charge dr ford with what degree of
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certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted you one hundred percent one hundred percent how are you so sure that it was. the same way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now just basic memory functions so what you are telling us is this could not be a case of mistaken identity absolutely not the do you have emotional testimony was not without elements if these are and attempts at political point scoring across the aisle this is the most an ethical sham since i've been in politics and if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell what i've done what you've done to this guy are you a gang right this. no this is not a job interview. this is hail this there's this is going to destroy the
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ability of good people to come forward because this crap your high school yearbook my friends and i spent this supreme court nominee appeared emotional through his testimony often on the verge of tears. those are small some women. minutes after brett kavanaugh left the president took to twitter writing judge kavanah shoot america exactly why i know many to ten donald trump described kavin as testimony and spiritual honest and riveting he then called on the senators to vote on joining us now after some very emotional testimony this stuff simon's seven testimony today riveting one of them some of the reactions what are you hearing from the public. well the
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judgment of the public is actually out still i think that's a little bit close to call too close to call to judge how the public is siding or who the public is siding with but no doubt this was a first that has never ever been seen before by anybody not in political washington as well as elsewhere in the country people were glued to their televisions yesterday the television sets or radios or the internet and watched the proceedings and as you said absolutely riveting and emotional and brant kevin are coming out following blasi for its testimony guns blazing aggressive some say. and combating if blasi forward in comparison to that rather collected post very emotional and very likable as a witness for the senate so that was quite a show as you and i mean this and i say this on purpose show because that's what the president actually likes and that's what he has said to you in his tweet and
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expressed he liked the performance of kevin on here like the entire set up of this the drama of this and there was a lot of drama. and yeah now we'll see what happens tomorrow perceptions as you mentioned are so predominant in all of this and the senate judiciary committee vote is later today that's for the judiciary committee the full senate is next week how's it looking right now will some republicans have been swayed to vote against kavanaugh. right seven hours from now the vote is scheduled in the judiciary committee. in the senate there is a problem for the g.o.p. and for the republicans and these problems this problem has three names jeff flake susan collins and. those are the three g.o.p. senators who are kind of the swing votes where other republicans in the company as well as in the entire conference are not sure if they're go in with
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a vote for pushing kevin out of the company and to his senate floor so those those three two of them of course women are considered a question mark when it comes to committee to more be able to vote for to process and to proceed with the nomination process of brett kavanaugh ok all eyes on those three individuals right now no democrats have been calling for an f.b.i. investigation into cavanagh the statute of limitations on the actual charges brought by professor ford i mean there chad the charges for what she has alleged are are not possible but what could happen in terms of a possible investigation is that out there at this hour. well it's out there but nobody actually things that it's going to happen. but right just a few minutes ago at least reportedly the american bar association actually has
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wrote a letter to the republicans and to the senate judiciary committee asking for a delay in proceedings the a.b.a. the american bar association wants a investigation by the f.b.i. but again this has to be called by the president and president is very very unlikely to call for an h.b.o. investigation on this he wants to push this through the g.o.p. the republicans want to push this through there won't be at least that's the assessment from many many experts and observers there won't be any f.b.i. investigation as far as we can see no ok maybe one then from one of those organizations you you mentioned four lawyers thank you very much for that and especially for the new developments there stuff for us in washington thanks very much or here in germany thousands of people are expected to take to the streets of berlin today to protest a statement by the turkish president. he's meeting with german leaders and
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a diplomatic to improve relations with. ties between ankara and germany were put under immense strain after turkey imprisoned thousands of people including dozens of german citizens following the fells coup attempt twenty sixteen rejects to once presidential plane touching down in berlin this is the ones first state visit to germany as turkish president but it's not without controversy he faces heavy criticism and to learn about the rule of florence turkey and he hopes this visit to lead to closer cooperation between the two nations are one received a mixed reception in the german capital many supporters waited on the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of his motorcade but there was signs of protest outside the turkish embassy. the president's visit was hotly debated in parliament with criticism coming from all sides. the arbitrary imprisonment of german citizens has taken a heavy toll on bilateral relations german citizens remain behind bars on charges
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of a seemingly political nature you know if you want to save your own life the government is rolling out the red carpet for heir to one even though he hasn't changed his ways since july twenty seventeen absolutely nothing has improved in turkey that's why i think holding a state visit now sends the wrong signal that it's a good start. and one company not one isn't here because he is suddenly rediscovered his love and affection for our country instead his economy is in tatters he needs money and investment from all businesses but those who suffer from inflation and economic disaster are the ordinary people in turkey that. one three day visit is both politically and logistically a huge challenge for germany in berlin alone some five thousand police officers have been deployed for his visit and a large area of the city center is on lockdown no one will next travel to cologne with the shuttle to open a mosque on saturday. more about this visit now with political
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correspondent peter craven with us this morning good morning peter what's going to happen today here in berlin was almost on the schedule initially the president had one will be going to bellevue palace as the official residence is you know frankfurt to steinmeier the german head of state the german president where there's going to be some ceremonials military honors for the president which is controversial but then there's going to be some frank talking between frank foster steinmeyer and president when he says it's time i says he's not going to beat about the bush is going to address address the difficult issues of human rights in turkey and what have you so be a similar meeting with angela merkel shortly after that and a similar agender i'm sure that she too is saying she's going to press the turkish leader on the rule of law and human rights in turkey is going to be protests in the house of berlin it's four o'clock ish local time this afternoon groups are going to go to one protest. ten thousand are expected to rally possibly more and this evening there's going to be a controversial state banquet where the opposition in the making of staying away
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under merkel two we don't know because she was actually fully invited but she's not going to be there either now that's very important when you look at the relations right now they're all americans not going to be at this dinner is rather emblematic isn't it the relations so strained for for a number of years now what does ankara want this reset at this point well as we heard in the report just know the the turks economy is in a powerless condition and is under a lot of pressure both domestically and internationally the turkish economy and president had one personally is under pressure from president trump who is fighting a personal vendetta against him so turkey needs as much political and economic assistance as it can get from germany from the e.u. and it seems germany is the sort of the voice of the e.u. so it's coming to germany with high hopes in that respect it's means that the turkey will be in listening mode when germany delivers that message that i've already repeated in reiterated about him and rights in the rule of law in turkey
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you know where the germans want to take this discussion today the listening mode is very important is that i mean it's not only a change of direction that we're seeing for turkey but it's also a real change of tone for erewhon personally. very true he looks as though it's going to be the meek and mild version of the very rich of type everyone who's the who's the real richard type better and that's the question i mean he has been saying it's going to be there's going to be a complete new start we're going to be opening a new page we're talking about germany as friends but he has he's a divisive figure in turkey of course but he's an immensely divisive figure here in germany as well he's promised to be one publication described him as needy for all the reasons that i just talked about in the when we talk about the economy and at this point in time he's going to be on the best behavior that's for sure but whether he can really carry that through tomorrow whether it's going to be the controversial opening of a new mosque in cologne and he's going to be attending leading the. ceremony a short address expected that we don't really know what's going to come out of that from the volatile mr ok well with all this volatility from him person personally
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what else could hold up the possible rapprochement that he wants to see happen well both sides i think him to be frank his the german leadership not necessarily the job population the german opposition of course but the german leadership they want to. do one wants. the question is can they take it beyond today can they take it beyond this weekend can they get to use a trompe and sort of tonality come they get a deal in germany get concessions from from the one on democracy in turkey can everyone get something in terms of financial backing financial support from germany remains to be sick ok we'll see today if there is some initial traction at least towards any kind of deal possible deal peter graver for us thanks very much. let's take a look now some the other stories making the news today new zealand's prime minister has used her speech to the un general assembly to highlight the gender pay gap and domestic violence is continuing global problems speaking on the third day of the
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debate you saw in the argument called for the world to recommit to gender equality she said me too must become weaker. dutch police have arrested seven men suspected of planning a large scale terror attack heavily armed police tearing out raids across the country after a month long investigation authorities say a thirty four year old iraqi male previously convicted for attempting to join so-called islamic state headed up terrorist cells. this is the news live from berlin still to come on the show will get germany's reaction after clenching the right to host football's european championships and twenty twenty fourth the first major football tournament mind you since two thousand and six. it's going to business now with monica and a shock for that famous american electric car company in monaco talking about tesla brian because can hear much of tesla without in on musk of the wheel well that is hard to imagine of course but it is what u.s.
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regulators wants to see they've accused tesla c.e.o. eat on moscow of securities fraud with false statements about plans to take the company private and a complaint filed in manhattan federal court to the s.e.c. said mosque quote knew or was reckless in not knowing that he was misleading investors in a serious of tweets last months i'm considering taking tesla private at four hundred twenty dollars funding secured this is the message tesla c.e.o. ilan musk tweeted to his twenty two million followers last month and here's the response of u.s. regulators who've charged him with fraud. musk's statements misled members of the investing public to believe that it was virtually certain he could take private enterprise of four hundred twenty dollars per share which was a substantial premium over a share price about time because funding for this proposed transaction had been
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secured and the only contingency remaining was a shareholder vote. the market reacted to this information and. quickly traded out we allege that most statements were false and misleading because they lacked any basis in fact on the day of musk's tweet last month test us shares shot up causing the nasdaq to suspend trading for an hour and i hop. that calls huge losses for so-called short sellers investors who borrow a company's stock betting that it will fall in a statement issued by tesla must called the allegations of fraud unjustified and said that he was taken action in the interests of his investors test shares fell nearly twelve percent after news of the fraud charges broke. now you know musk of course is one of the highest profile executives accused by the securities and exchange commission in the united states the regulator seeks to bar him from
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running public companies which would include tesla tesla is america's most valuable company by the way and he has more now from wall street's correspondent caught it. the charges a big blow to iran must to the company and at this point all thought to. shareholders will be very difficult for iran must good to keep his job as chief executive for a lot of investors on wall street have been pushing for months that iran must go should step aside and that could be the final moment that this has to happen even if a final decision has not been made at this point theoretically. could all thought bring . to jail that is a certain possibility and then we don't even have to discuss if you can remain as c.e.o. of the company we saw a mess of reaction in the after hours trading on wall street the stock of at some
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point down by a good ten per cent and the pressure and the heat is certainly on not just on you don't must but in general. scott is talking to us from the new york stock exchange more than two hundred ryan air flights will be grounded today amid a mass strike wryness staff in six european countries namely belgium portugal the netherlands spain italy and germany have walked off the job demanding more pay and better working conditions the budget airline has seen repeated strike actions in recent months ryanair is continuing negotiations but the unions say they offer to offer put forward by the airline is not acceptable but it's low ticket prices right now has overtaken established carriers to become one of europe's biggest airlines that its business model is controversial. i thought a little bit about that with our until to my colleague from business i think that
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right has says it's already made significant progress when it comes to negotiations . do those alex mean anything then well if you talk to ryanair employees and has in the past several months repeatedly spoken to many who have taken to the picket lines they really feel the company management isn't negotiating in good faith you have to remember this isn't just about money this is also about contractual issues i mean we've spoken to several ryanair employees who complain that even though they're working in spain france and ireland spring france and italy they're actually employed in ireland now is a little bit complicated that basically this allows ryan air to not pay into the social systems of those countries which means many employees who get sick have to pay out of their own pocket and then petition the irish government in the irish health care system in order to get reimbursed for their health care now for many employees workers they're making a lot of money this is an incredible insecurity an incredible risk now is also because they're employed in ireland and not in the countries they're living and
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they're denied access to bank loans and so for them this is really more a case of of worker dignity rather than just higher pay it's really an impossible situation to be in and that is why i write a stuff on the only ones who criticize that particular business model yes you're definitely right we've seen some voices coming out of brussels with the us social affairs commissioner saying that really the the contractual system that ryanair has established a keynote to hold up their razor thin margins is really not in the spirit of the european union she said that she was speaking to ryanair brass in saying that you know the e.u. is in a jungle where they can pit workers against each other to just try to get the lowest possible wage and she also called on them to respect workers' rights that are more in line with what the european union wants to see in terms of relationships of the workers between countries and just briefly i mean what about the passages how many more strikes will they stomach before they just turn away well that is real. the the big question and you have to really admit if you look at
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the numbers is a massive contradiction here a lot of the official polling around this strike and other strikes indicate that the vast majority of europeans support the workers in terms of their minds are some of the biggest polluters out there in the exact same vein europeans say we want these airlines to be greener but we're not willing to pay more for it so there's a massive contradiction and it seems right now consumers are voting with their paycheck and their pocketbook is voting in favor of carriers like this at a very familiar contradiction not just with the ryan and they aren't tilton thank you so much if you. a winner and a loser in european football germany clinching the right to host football's european championship in two thousand and twenty four and this will be the first time since the two thousand and six world cup the germany hosted a major footballing event announcement made by european football's governing body you a few after germany won by
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a vote of twelve to four over turkey so there you are all the host of the twenty four. we beat germany the german football association president reinhard pumped his fist the relief for him was culpable germany's move to host the european championship was griddles project and he put his job on the line and got celestials to germany now after a long drought of only disparaging he found good news. on the other side of the room the turkish delegation sat stone faced having failed for the fourth time to lure the tournament to turkey. the germans already have visions of repeating their success of hosting the twenty six world cup. the sooner the nice thing is that we can have another huge party in germany everyone can look forward to it we want to take everyone along for the ride and we can all celebrate a tremendous football festival together that's something i think that this sport
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can offer. to those who experienced a tournament like i experienced it in my own country know what it means back then our people at the germans were emotional as never before the whole world was a guest it was a huge party and we look forward to doing it again but we're also well prepared because we've done it before. you know the live love the more you know six world cup germans still call it the summer fairytale so did a selection of folks just after the announcement in the munich pedestrian zone. as you have a good idea if i just heard that your money has been chosen to host a european championship it's great i happily remember the time twelve years ago when we had a super summer here in germany we were all happy and that was world cup fever maybe we'll have the same great time again you like to leave it as well as mamma. today's choice means of course i'm happy if we have guests i wouldn't have liked it if it was in turkey to for political reasons but if you know yeah you know tonight i
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think it's super it'll be a huge event we can celebrate here in germany again and i think it'll be like the world cup in two thousand and six very cool this sequel been. a repeat of a nationwide month long festival that's what germans are hoping for as they look ahead to twenty twenty four five. w. was at the headquarters for that vote johnson crane censuses take on how germany won with a margin of victory try to four i think was a lot bigger than many people had been predicting in the run up to the votes in arguably reflected concerns that have been laid out in the wife is evaluation reports published last week the fact that he missed out on hosting euro trente sixteen by just one fights shows how far back the country has gone in terms of it suitability at hosting big international sporting events u.a. for clearly deciding that the country's current political and economic instability constituted too much of
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a risk but let's not take anything away from the german date described by you a friend as high quality the german team prepared meticulously and they were rewarded for their efforts at german football federation had reinhard gringo chordates votes of confidence in the bates and offer a miserable world cup german football finally has something it can be proud of again. to your mind of our headlines at this hour security has been stepped up in the heart of the german capital berlin a massive demonstration against a state visit by turkey's president president tired her long scheduled for today. and while i have complete live coverage of that state visit as the day rolls on this is deja vu news live from berlin we're back again at the top down.
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the. more intrigued international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week such as president breccia bedouin state visit to germany has been carefully choreographed and support so would relations between brooklyn and ankara back on track public would be increasingly foreign tearing into the future for the state to find out. quadriga next on d w.
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move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands. d w z o t maybe a series for africa. d.w.m. dot com for go. play. well in a very warm welcome and it's a quarter acre coming to you from the hans above it at this week the focus on the controversial state visits a german a fight so the president rich have time added one who is being given the full red culprits treatments and on the eve of his visit the turkish media said.


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