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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm CEST

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this is news live from berlin i'm searching for common ground turkey as president and a lot of this with the german chancellor in berlin the two are deeply divided over turkey's human rights record did the two leaders manage to bridge the gap we'll have extensive coverage of the meeting also coming up the u.s. senate judicial committee gathers to vote on the fate of supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh those are not the pictures you're seeing right now but this is that there are there are others just one day after dramatic testimony at the choosing him of attempted rape. plus nigeria grapples with
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a rapidly growing population of migrants are moving to lagos in big numbers we take a look at life in a city screening out the seat. at u.s. regulators through a long moscow head of tesla cars he's accused of committing scruggs by suggesting he was taking his company private they want to step down as c.e.o. of america's most valuable car company. the great to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel and turkish president have taken the first step and repairing their fractured relationship at a joint press conference in berlin merkel admitted that differences between the two countries remain but she says she is hopeful that they can find common ground now addressing the issue of german nationals imprisoned in turkey the chancellor stated she hopes for a swift resolution she said she hoped the two countries differences could be
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overcome. everybody will have been aware of our relationship particularly in recent years have seen some profound differences which still exist today mainly this has to do with the questions. about the rule of law the freedom of the media. and we are very pleased that some concrete cases could be resolved that some people were released but there are still some german citizens who are imprisoned in turkey and i did and will continue to urge these cases to be resolved quickly. tomorrow over breakfast we will also discuss some of these issues in greater detail. didn't you say that sardar is covering the visit for us she joins us in the studio you were watching this press conference earlier closely we heard
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chancellor merkel say their shared interest but also a lot of differences what stood out to you more well it was important for chancellor merkel to make an emphasis on rule of law and the lack of freedom of speech because coming to this visit ahead of the state visit there was huge criticism why is germany giving a state welcome with the red carpet and everything included to someone who is violating human rights and democracy in his own country so it was really important for a chance to merkel to to put an emphasis on that in the press conference and we saw her do that yet as we said some of those differences really seemed to overshadow the press conference at points and there were points of contention and controversy and one of those points of controversy was journalist. he is the former editor in chief jim hood he had in turkey a journalist who's now living in exile here in germany here originally said he was going to go to the press conference and ask a question which would have been incredibly controversial for president at
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a one and we heard anyone talk about him call him an agent said you know he deserved to have been given the sentence that he had in turkey tell us more about that oh yes john that there was supposed to come to the press conference he had declared it a few days ahead of the visits that he would love to come to the press conference and ask president are do want a question why are journalists in jail in turkey he wanted to address this question at the end of the day he did not come but for president and there is someone who published a story which are two on considers a journalist revealing state secrets so in his view this is a no go and he does not deserve to be free or he certainly said that very clear words during the press conference we have to say another layer of context to this meeting is the special relationship that germany and turkey have there more than three million people of turkish descent living here in germany and he said something very specific to them let's listen to that clip. it is extremely
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important to us to cooperate with germany primarily in field of economic affairs because we consider this to be a win win approach and it is indeed encouraging that our cooperation here has to be intensified in the future one of the most important specific feature of our relations concern the three and a half million people of turkish descent living in germany. these people will retain their roots but. we also encourage them and promote them to integrate into germany when it comes to education in particular they want to make sure they have equal opportunities and that this will further enhance integration. that message there from president other one said a very important because he is a figure who has a lot of influence on the turkish community here doesn't it yes well the turkish
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community here is divided some of them are supporting our two on some of them are seeing him as their leader the man who has modernized turkey and who they believe is a strong strong character who is fighting basically for their rights the other part is of course divided and they are against art on against all of this his policies basically and so it was really important for our to want to give that message telling people here to integrate into the german society so that was that there was a strong message and it is important because usually pro groups they prefer to follow turkish media which majority a big big part of it is controlled by the government so it was important for this message to come from self was you said this visit very controversial because many people are very critical here of president and on what they see as his there are two or three tarion course and there are some protests going on today in berlin thousands of people turning out and we have our charlotte shell some hot summer
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pots us right in the center of the city and there's a protest there taking place there to one is not welcome is the name of that protest charlotte tell us more about what you're seeing how many people have come out. had been predicted ahead of as a visit to the protests would overshadow a visit and that is certainly what people here gathered at this process of trying to do they want to make that. the protests they need began about few minutes ago safe oh we're estimating that several hundred people here by the it is expected that the numbers will grow to some estimates ahead of this right is just ten thousand people would come and join the people here they are going to be meeting for part of a plan in the center of but it marching through the city on the presidential palace what night president joan person. will host out of one state's banquet other people hear from a mix of different groups the organizers say that several dozen groups have
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supported this protest they range from left wing groups to remember these turkish community and from the kurdish community as well many of whom say that one of the main things that they're concerned about is the takesh miniature interference in syria and its offensive against the kurdish militia there and what are they telling you charlotte about what they want to see what are their main issues here with their to one of the want to see from germany. yeah well a lot of people here while they might be here from different groups united by one thing they've told me that they're extremely angry at the way that ad one's been welcomed here this is an official state visit with full military honors he is going to that state banquet later on today and they say that by literally rolling out the red carpet to add one they say they're welcoming what they call germany is welcoming what they call dictates and that opposition has been echoed by a number of members of the geminid. political opposition as well many of those say
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that they are going to be boycotting that state dinner tonight angry at the way out of one's been received charla thank you and say they're coming back to you you know the question i had of this trip was can this be a reset of german and turkish relations do you see that it can be it's difficult i believe both sides are trying to find a common ground to talk about problems to talk about issues that they themselves find important for germany the most important thing the priority is to have the five political german citizens five political prisoners to be set free that are in turkey right now. so it is it is difficult it will be for both leaders to find a common ground and of course for germany it is important to have a stable turkey looking from the turkish perspective one is in deep trouble with his economy so he's looking to get some support in that area and german
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companies investing more in turkey he's also trying to convince germany that the good in this movement is a terrorist organization which germany needs more evidence of so both leaders have their own priorities and it's going to take some time to find the common ground well they will have a little bit more time tomorrow morning meeting again the two leaders for breakfast and then president everyone will be in cologne to open a mosque there so we'll have to see what the balance is at the end of that visit did you say that said i thank you so much for joining us with your and also thank you. now to some other news in the u.s. a senate committee has agreed to vote later today on putting president donald trump's pick for the supreme court to a vote for of the full senate let's take a look at some live pictures here we're going to see from the senate traditional committee this is happening right now and some democrat members of the committee have actually walked out in protest at the way that the nomination process is being handled still
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a full senate vote on the nominee brett kavanaugh could happen as early as next week now today's session comes just twenty four hours after an explosive emotional hearing in which cavanagh defended himself against allegations of sexual assault his accuser christine blassie ford told senators that capitol had tried to rape her when they were teenagers the testimony you're about senators questioned christine blousy forward and supreme court nominee kavanah in separate sessions over more than nine hours. and here today not because they want to be i am terrified i am here because they believe it is my civic duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. brett groped me and tried to take off my clothes. i believe he was going to rape me i'm not questioning that doctor ford may have been sexually assaulted by some person in
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some place at some time but i have never done this to her or to anyone that's not who i am it is not who i was i am innocent of this charge doctor for with what degree of certainty do you believe brett kavanaugh assaulted one hundred percent one hundred percent how are you so sure that it was the. the same way that i'm sure that i'm talking to you right now just basic memory functions so what you are telling is this could not be a case of mistaken identity absolutely not now do you have emotional testimony was not without elements if these are and attempts at political point scoring across the aisle this is the most an ethical sham since i've been in
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politics and if you really wanted to know the truth you sure as hell would have done what you've done to this guy are you a gang right this. no this is not a job interview. this is hill this this this is going to destroy it bill it to have good people to come forward because at this crap your high school yearbook my friends and i spent the supreme court nominee appeared emotional throughout his testimony often on the verge of tears. those are small some women. minutes after brett kavanaugh left the president took to twitter writing judge kavanah should america exactly why i nominated him donald trump described kavin as testimony and spiritual honest and riveting he then called in
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the senators to vote let's go right to capitol hill our correspondent my of her is standing by for us i am i get to see you so do you think that the committee is going to vote in favor of cavanagh and if that does happen will the full senate confirm him. well just before this session started we got breaking news that one of the key senators who had indicated that he was a swing vote on the kavanah nomination said that he would in fact be voting to confirm him so it is looking likely or unlikely or that not only is the senate judiciary committee going to pass him out of committee this afternoon to the full senate without the full senate will in fact vote to confirm him next week and this is what the republican party has been pushing for they want to get this nomination through the supreme court is actually due to start their new session on monday which is why they wanted him sitting on the bench even much earlier than now and now it's looking like they will be able to get him on the bench by early next week
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. motions have been running so high we mentioned the fact that already today we've seen some democratic senators walking out at the getting women clerks working for him trying to paint himself as an ally particularly because this abortion issue has been so key in the issues that people are looking at coming up on the supreme court and if there are but the thing is if there are five conservative justices sitting on the supreme court that is just one of the issues that is likely to be brought up very quickly and a law that is likely to be overturned in the united states all right as are saying a lot at stake to reporting for us in washington maya thank you very much. well thursday senate hearing that we've been talking about it will be remembered as a painful spectacle that underscored the political divisions in the u.s. and. the social media's been looking at some of what we saw yesterday in the reactions that we've been seeing jerry i have to say it was excruciating to watch
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these hearings and you could really tell that everyone is gripped by it that's right and i think for many people it was one of those times in life where you remember where you were and who you were with journalist testimony and around america and across the world people watch this testimony from all sorts of places we've got some pictures here from inside. the school in shops people in planes even listening to the testimony of dr ford coven or as they besides of the story to the community now everybody has an opinion on this but what's really coming across on social media is how differently people perceive the watch went on we can take jobs kavanagh's testimony for instance he gave quite an emotional address at the beginning let's look at a tweet from anne rice she writes he. comes across as angry to the point of rage as he is question he becomes believes her and he behaves like a bully
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a dockside of him is revealed morgan brittany who's an actress sees it differently wow if i wanted to study real emotion and credibility this is it cavanaugh and senator lindsey graham and. now two people watching the same testimony but coming away with opinions that couldn't be any more different and i think there are lots of reasons for this of course people different to begin with but i think a lot of people approach this testimony from the bias of their information bubbles on live and in real life i think a lot of people sort of already knew what they believed and look for clues in the testimony of what people were saying of what ford and. and i was saying and particularly how they were saying it was to confirm to themselves what they already thought to begin with what they believe in their political leanings well there is one photo that has gone viral tell us about that that's right and sort of ties into what i've been talking about people sort of interpret in the testimony based on the
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narrative that they want this photo has gone viral shared hundreds of thousands of times on twitter it gives the impression that the women in the fars are horrified by the nose testimony but in fact most of the women here his supporters like his mother his wife and several close friends now what's of people of course don't support brett kavanaugh but many people do and you would wager that those that do these people in the photo actually this was also seen as really another pivotal moment moment for the me too movement how did that play out that's right and some of the some of the founders of me to actually sitting behind talked to for she gave her testimony and one of the things that democratic senators like is that they made a real point of asking her telling her that they believed her and that's of course one of the main barriers to reporting sexual assault people are worried that they're not going to be believed and that reflected in the hash tags that were
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trending yesterday like believe women and believe survivors of course her testimony as we know has struck a powerful chord with lots of women like this one saying that she's captured the heart of america peace and blessings to all survivors but you must also mention that there were plenty of tweets in support of brett kavanaugh under the hash tag back brett as always opinion as divided yeah and that division will probably continue we're still waiting for that vote to take place today jared read from d.w. social media thank you very much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world all passengers and crew aboard an airliner have survived a crash landing off the remote pacific island the air new guinea plane hit the water after missing the runway in the western pacific state of micronesia locals help survivors to safety no serious injuries were reported dutch police have arrested seven men suspected of planning
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a large scale terror attack heavily armed police carried out raids across the country after a month long investigation authorities say a thirty four year old iraq e. mail previously convicted for attempting to join the so-called islamic state headed the terror cell and ancient mayan pictographic text has gone on display in mexico city calendar style texas nearly one thousand years old and depicts the astral movement of venus it was looted from a mexican cave in the one nine hundred sixty s. and taken to the united states it's the continent's oldest legible prehistory bannock document and new zealand's prime minister has used her speech at the un general assembly to highlight the gender pay gap and domestic violence as continuing global problems she was speaking on the third day of the debate and just into our calls for the world to recommit to gender equality she said me too must become we too. well this week u.s.
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president trump attacked multi-lateralism during his speech to the general assembly in an interview with alexandra phenomena new york german foreign minister heikal ma said the german government would continue to pursue a policy of global cooperation. the mass democratic mr mass the american president has again made clear how little he thinks of multilateral solutions of international solutions what's the reaction of the german government what position should you take on this union. first of all we have to take note of it but it's not really new it's been an issue in the international community for a long time so we know that on many issues the american government has chosen a different path for itself and is placing more emphasis on you know not really isn't taking solitary and sometimes lonely decisions. i. don't. think that's right in a world in which the borders are disappearing more and more we live in a globalized world first truth a business that's going to kind of digitalize and that doesn't recognize borders
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it's the same for climate change and the question of migration can only be solved internationally. so we firmly believe that we need organizations like the united nations to surmount all these challenges. so we work to keep organizations like the united nations and the european union functional because we need them now more than ever. once fish them for power and yet we had in the year and the deal to me germany is on the un security council for the next two years what's the priority as a. vessel the current events will probably decide the priorities i mean crises and complex the ones we know possibly others we don't know about yet. we want to take on responsibility and contribute to overcoming crises and ending conflicts conflicts and in addition we want to systematic change to the work of the security council that it works more on prevention to stop conflicts and crises arising in the first place or less conflict he's scottish and stephen friedman says peace and
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security are called issues but so is climate change which should play a bigger role of the united nations. all the issue of women in conflict which in our opinion gets too little attention. these are our issues and i think they'll keep us busy over the next two years to know. that he's right and the nuclear deal is a big issue here the u.s. has renounced at europe including germany is trying to save it can the deal be saved not so that. our friends in about so i was convinced it can because we fear that if iran leaves the deal then the situation will escalate further. we don't want. it we don't want military conflict which this is. also known as that song dot com and the entire region is a powder keg so everyone would do well to contribute to giving a negotiated deal a chance. and a short of a congress was going to try to do that not just those of us signatories to the deal
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but the entire european union has been very clear again here you know and that's the right way everything. threatens escalation and threatens our security in europe . amounts why we're so involved. why have a mission to save our. thank you i that was due to alexander phenomena speaking to the german foreign minister in new york there outside of the un general assembly. right now to the san diego zoo safari park in the u.s. it's welcomed its newest but certainly not smallest resident a one hundred twenty seven kilogram baby elephant a female cop is the biggest ever to be born at the zoo of the birth of the giant baby took zookeepers somewhat by surprise as it came earlier than expected the mother elephant and her new offspring appear to be doing well and who is now home to fourteen elephants.
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or you're watching news still to come on the program a vaccination scandal in china parents there are saying faulty drugs have disabled their children now they want justice. nigeria's exploding population the west african country is experiencing the rapid population growth will head to the city of lagos to find out how it's coping with migration from the countryside. in turning back time a big game in the bundesliga tonight features two players who are now coaching the clubs they once played for. match could mean a great deal by seasons and just like in two thousand want. you can always get your news on the go from google player from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push
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notifications for any breaking news you can also use the view out to send us your photos and your videos. will have much more for you coming up in two minutes time. it's a game that seemingly without barriers global free trade. but who makes the moves. the story of winners and losers the spoils for. the deceptive promise of trade. in forty five minutes on the w. .
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here's what's coming up for the bundesliga how flinty to talk about here what the w. now is cut take a look at what all that means for the table of course. the fund is legal every weekend here on t.w. . and unusual friendship. is the story of paul and he. is a student from cameroon the other a filmmaker from germany who had a will not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how i had. a meeting on europe's most dangerous place. what began as
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a documentary to provide the striker in sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and. became a story about those seeking refuge. and those two know. when paul came over the city from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t w. welcome back you're watching d.w. news our top stories turkey's president rajapaksa durtal on has met with germany's chancellor angela merkel for talks everyone called on berlin to extradite what he said were the hundreds of supporters of the cleric to turn a good and residing in germany i don't want blames putin for it instigating the failed two thousand and sixteen crew in turkey. and the us senate judiciary committee has agreed to vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court later today cavanagh denies accusations of sexual assault by the psychologist
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christine classy for. now to nigeria where the population is booming now according to the u.n. it looks set to surpass the population of the united states by twenty fifty becoming the third largest country in the world well let's take a look at its extraordinary growth rate now according to the united nations the population in one thousand nine hundred fifty it stood at roughly thirty eight million here you see it at one thousand nine hundred fifty now today that figure has jumped all the way to one hundred ninety one million you see here two thousand and seventeen and by twenty fifty the number of nigerians is projected to double and then keep rising that's fueling this growth is nigeria's most populous city lego's according to some estimates its population has jumped from one point four million in one nine hundred seventy to twenty one million today and let's take a look at some satellite images that show this growth a little more clearly here's lagos in the first of all in one thousand nine hundred
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four school science we don't have that but let's take a look at how it grows from two thousand and one and then three years ago two thousand and sixteen you can see the rapid urban sprawl of the city is not just nigeria's high fertility rate that's contributing to this as nigeria's population grows more people are moving to cities like lagos in search of work leaving many asking how bullwinkle's cope. morning rush hour in lagos and people are hostile him to sell what ever he can but this is much more than a market. as you can see vis is a real wage trap but it's also home to hundreds of domestic migrants who tried to make a living here this is one of the places where people settle when they first moved to lagos hoping for a better life. is one of them he's been shuttling between lagos and his village in northern nigeria for fifteen years now we're here every day in the right under
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the sun. of my government didn't come to harass us we come here to look for money and we go back when we have enough money selling recycled rice sacks it's a tough job but the only way he can provide for his family of six back home. you know the market is all about luck sometimes i sell five thousand sometimes fifteen or twenty there are times when he makes almost nothing but on one lucky day he says he saw thirty five u.s. dollars worth of socks the minimum wage here is fifty dollars a month news like fortune spreads fast in the nigerian countryside so people keep coming to try their luck in lagos instead of risking their lives trying to reach the shores of europe. people are rife in lagos every day many of them want to settle here permanently john lake and says this is
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a massive challenge for lagos which is already c.v.s. overpopulated if we are not. to my liege the city problem in terms of movement of people in terms of employment for the people and for accommodation between house first. if. so given these issues how come legal supposed to be hundreds is. the ability to use that distance appropriately that we do no one can stop domestic migration and that's longest the country struggles with problems such arced terrorism lack of food nigerians was to head toward lagos with high hopes. and we have a breaking news item just coming into us now officials in indonesia say a tsunami has hit the island a slow way see
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a water up to two meters high have reportedly washed away houses and cut off all power and communications in the island small cities of pallu. now the tsunami was triggered by an earlier seven point five magnitude earthquake that struck off shore i believe we have some footage syria showing the quakes immediate aftermath you can see here of this image these images here of the quakes aftermath that we're going to keep following all the details of the story for you and bring you an update as soon as those details come into us. not china is facing a crisis of confidence over the safety of its vaccines this follows the discovery last year that a chinese pharmaceutical company had manufactured substandard vaccines that were then injected into tens of thousands of children the crisis has been blamed in large part on regulatory failures by the chinese authorities will take a look now at a group of parents fighting for the rights of their children who they say were disabled by the faulty medication. she should to spend whatever time she can the
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hospital visiting her two year old daughter when faith who is on the going treatment she can't crawl all stand she only makes sounds the official diagnosis is infant teil spasms the first symptoms appeared after she was vaccinated against it theory a tetanus and hooping cough. shots was a lot it's difficult the treatment is very expensive. it's all i work for. there's no way out i hope the government finally takes notice of the children and the parents that south. philly and i in chandon province is home to more than ten million people more than two hundred thousand children here are suspected to have been affected by faulty vaccines authorities have described vaccinations as ineffective many of the parents we meet say injections that were meant to protect their children have now scarred them for life the parents have organized themselves
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on social media and say they're willing to talk to us they show us documents vaccination cards they cry they are desperate the children are old severely disabled all with similar symptoms. after our interviews the families contact us and withdraw their permission to be featured we later find out that the local police have put pressure on them to keep quiet like that. only she has to choose doesn't withdraw her consent. not only about how even if they find russia i won't be afraid the truth is in here i'm sticking to my guns. she also shows us her daughter's vaccination record on it of the names shank shown biotechnology and hand child to companies accused of producing defective vaccines amid mounting public anger eighteen men. just been taken into custody state
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television reporter china's president xi jinping touching the topic and the people come first she said we must ensure this doesn't happen again for many of the parents such comments don't go far enough they've gathered in front of the state hospital in beijing to chant stop the fax nations and bring back our children the police have reportedly already loose some parents and returned them to their home provinces. you're watching news come on the program turning back time of the game in the bundesliga tonight pictures to players who are now coaching the club they want to play for the berlin byron mats could mean a great deal by season's end just by foot. but first over the bend with business and then a major clash in the making the european commission has warned italy to rein in spending now the populist government of row as agreed to boost its budget bill on
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stock exchange lost over four percent as investors panicked selling off italian assets the new budget proposals a dominating the headlines across is really today it's at least populist government is planning a big increase in spending the country already has the second highest level in the euro zone off to greece the governing five star movement and league parties say they will lower taxes and bring in income subsidies for the poor but the e.u. is concerned. level. we have no interest in triggering a crisis between the commission and italy italy is an important eurozone country but neither do we want rome to disrespect the rules and not reduce its debt which is explosive so the model of the truck is that i am very worried about what is happening in italy this economic maneuver is not for the people but against the people it will create problems in the north without solving those of the south it
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will not increase employment but will put italian savings in trouble and will increasingly put our country in the hands of creditors not only internal but also external. because their plans new debt of two point four percent of g.d.p. was pushed through by the leaders of the two governing parties mateo's of uni and luigi to mio overruling italy's more cautious finance minister he has pushed for a lower deficit to bring down the country's public debt the mood on the streets of rome is mixed. because other people and i'm confident because i feel for the first time we're doing something new. i'm very concerned you just need to look at the market this morning it's losing nearly three percent banking stocks are down five percent. the mainland stock exchange has certainly taken a beating and government bonds have also shot up.
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tracking the story from the stock exchange i asked him if the german reaction was just as dramatic. yes spend you can see here behind me on the docks just after noon when the news came out there was a bit of a shock moment really suddenly phones were ringing shuffling down on the trading floor here and what had happened is the milano of the italian stock exchange had stopped trading and that suspended trading for a bank stops because they had lost over ten percent at that time at the center it was the bunker c.p.m. the third largest bank in the country. also said it was selling bad loans and more than people were expecting the top performers to date in the early are in the negative minus one percent. tesla shares have taken a huge tumble the u.s.
4:40 pm
securities and exchange commission accusing chief executive the long musk of fraud yes he says musk knew or was reckless and not knowing that he was misleading investors it all started with the tweet i'm considering taking tests not private at four hundred twenty dollars funding secured this is the message test a c.e.o. eat on must tweeted to his twenty two million followers last month and here's the response of u.s. regulators who've charged him with for all it must statements misled members of the investing public to believe that it was virtually certain he could take tesla private at a price of four hundred twenty dollars per share which was a substantial premium over of share price at that time because funding for this proposed transaction had been secured and the only contingency remaining was a shareholder vote. the market reacted to this information and tesla stock price quickly traded out we allege that musk statements were false and misleading because
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they lacked any basis in fact. on the day of musts tweet last month test us shares shot up causing the nasdaq to suspend trading for an hour and a half. that calls huge losses for so-called short sellers investors who borrow a company's stock betting that it will fall in a statement issued by tesla must call the allegations of fraud unjustified and said that he always taken action in the interests of his investors. test shares fell nearly twelve percent after news of the fraud charges broke. over two hundred ryanair flights have been struck from the punch boards across europe today stuff in belgium portugal the netherlands spain italy and germany have walked off the job they want better pay and working conditions the budget airline has seen repeated strike action in recent months ryanair is continuing negotiations but the unions say the offer pull forward is no example with its low ticket prices ryanair has
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overtaken established carriers to become europe's biggest airline by passenger numbers. and a danish vessel has become the first container ship to navigate the russian optic thanks to rising temperatures and melting ice event to misc left the port of light of our stock late last month stopping at busan in south korea passing through the bering strait and germany's but the mojave before reaching some petersburg up to now the route has only been navigated by smaller ships and has only been possible a few weeks a year the pilot journey could pave the way for a much shorter route to europe. it's a seventy three forth that's right going to sleep a soccer bend and a very big match up in round six going to kick off in just a few hours first place byron munich are coming to the german capital to play fourth place had to berlin a buyer undefeated the season while had to have only lost one match and berlin as coach paul di is aware that a win over russia not take thanks to rising temperatures and melting ice event to
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misc left the port of lot of us stock late last month stopping at the sun in south korea passing through the bering strait and germany's but the mojave before reaching some petersburg up to now the route has only been navigated by small ships and has only been possible a few weeks a year the pilot journey could pave the way for a much shorter route to europe. it's a seventy three. fourth that's right going to sleep a soccer fan and a very big match up in round six going to kick off in just a few hours first place byron munich are coming to the german capital to play fourth place have to berlin a buyer undefeated the season well have to have only lost one ness and berlin's coach paul di di is aware that a win over byron would shake up the league he should know that when you play for berlin he scored a decisive goal against. the first two thousand and one and only
4:44 pm
to have been in win over the bye and police. need a coach nico that's also sporting that the info buy on but it wasn't enough. back to the present a win this time around for attack could change the natural order of the bundesliga but the home side is realistic busy in my research they are strong but have should be supported by or the other half are here to fans what can i say in this game even when i was a player no matter who scored a goal everyone jumped up it'd be nice if we scored first if we got the winning goal after so many years it would be very nice but we know what to expect and we need to prepare. my own had an unexpected draw asked time out in munich nico colebatch a berlin native isn't taking the opponent life. i think they play very very well so i'm impressed. they're very technical achievement
4:45 pm
they finished sixth in the league and they're very disciplined in winning the pullback. that's why i'll be very challenging at the olympic stadium seating with us because all of our opponents always give it their all when they go up against us with. two teams that by two men who know each other all too well known born from a big win. the last three berlin by in meetings have ended even. now the think friedland's prize is an international a prize for writers which is awarded every two years and this year it's been given to the american author richard ford and for more on the prize winner robin merrill from our culture desk is with us to talk to us robyn first of all this is a pretty new prize in the literary world yet it is it was established just in twenty fourteen by zeke reed lentz himself who unfortunately died later that year. is a famous german author he's also was quite
4:46 pm
a political activist he was very much a follow a video brunt's last polity you know sort of trying to. normalize relations between the east in the west in the cold war and also in many of his books let's address the moral issue of jews he versus cancian germany experienced in the nazi era ok so significant significant person in the literary world and the winner this year is richard ford rigid ford's an american writers that she won the pulitzer prize for his novel independence day and nothing to do with. that was the follow up to actually what's most probably his most famous book the sportswriter he's also actually infamous for not liking people who give him bad critiques of this very famous occasion sixteen years ago when he spat at a critic and that that route between the critic and him still goes all
4:47 pm
deficit they to this day however it trepanned reports the. wrist interviewer gives you. she had an exclusive interview with the just the other day and she first asked him about what it was like to win the support. it's such an honor and because i have read plans and so to know his work and now to meet his family and to have this war disturbed by the city of hamburg for whom he was cherished writer is remarkable it's miraculous you know to people to live where i live and to get to come to germany to get to come to hamburg and have work that i did in a little fisherman's cottage. manic to come here and have my work read and talked about it looked at is a miracle to me something i couldn't have in my wildest dreams imagined.
4:48 pm
richard fuld grew up in the southern state of mississippi in the days of segregation. look terrible society it was a race to be divided apartheid society we only lived in a part of it in that little part that we lived in was made absurd by being separate from the rest of the population and we knew that we knew how absurd our life was and if you know that you're leading an absurd life i think we need you or can lead you to do absurd things so i did a lot of certain things. but his decision to become a right son turned out to be anything but absurd. we're all writing books in the service of the same ends which is to say to induce people to read and to induce readers to undergo the experience of him as in the
4:49 pm
literature which is to reaffirm life which is to read a new language which is to say there's always something more in the world than what we may be a captive of on any given day for me it's a vocation so it's its decisions and its ups and downs are the same as my lives. how should i read your books one word of your time. and i think it has this role the dry sense of humor that while boyhood it time i took it as a joke yes and his latest book is this first work of nonfiction it is indeed yeah it's a memoir actually about his pants i mean i think he's seventy four now it's time to time a block when you look back and he's a very meticulous writer he always maintains that he's actually in love with the english language and writes everything as we saw in the report he actually writes
4:50 pm
everything in longhand he doesn't use a computer and then he also says he reads it out loud to himself to get the rhythm of the language you see and so let's hear him read a bit from his latest book which as you say it is his first one of nonfiction it's called between them remembering my parents and here he is describing his dad and also his mom. his large malleable fleshy face was given to smile his first face was always the smiling one the long irish lips the transparent blue eyes my eyes my mother must have noticed this when she met him wherever she did in hot springs or little rock some time before nine hundred twenty eight noticed this and liked what she saw a man who liked to be happy she had never been exactly happy only in exactly with the nuns who taught her and salience and for smith where her mother had put her to
4:51 pm
keep her out of the way. really brings it to life in a different way when you hear him reading his own book yet he's the bestselling author but his books actually haven't been turned into films until now that's right is quite surprising he's never had a film made out of his books until now i mean it in fact it's his novel wild life which was written way back in one thousand nine hundred ninety and it's about to come out as a film it's been shown a cabin and sundance the film festivals to great acclaim by the way especially for the acting of the main actors that's carry mulligan here and also jack gillen home it's a story of a kind of strange love triangle with the wife played by mother again forming for another man not a very pleasant man actually i mean jake gyllenhaal as much since it seems but anyway this sixteen year old is the new rate in the book and he
4:52 pm
sees his mother flirting and taking out with another man when his dad is away doing a good thing he's actually fighting a wildfire at the time as i said it's some great acting and it's an impressive dark dark tauriel debut from paul dano the actor it's his first film it's a very watchable period movie set in the nineteen fifties and i mean it's not a blockbuster sort of movie but it's very good and it comes out next year so watch out for that and meanwhile richard ford has is this year's winner of the sacred lands prize i think yes indeed i mean it's a great all of for him of course but it's a whole sort of fine actually quite was actually have has a prize of fifty thousand euros so he'll be we his way back over the atlantic. slightly rich it's a great all to really much more of course on our website w dot com slash culture all right robin merrill from did any closer thank you so much.
4:53 pm
and we just want to bring you this story one more time if you haven't seen these pictures the san diego zoo safari park in the u.s. has welcomed its newest but certainly not smallest resident a one hundred twenty seven kilogram baby elephant of the female count is the biggest ever to be born at the zoo of the birth of the giant baby took zookeepers somewhat by surprise as it came earlier than expected mother elephant dani and her new last spring do appear to be doing well does you is now home to fourteen cents. or are there modern our top stories that we're following for you right here on turkey's president to one has met with germany's chancellor angela merkel for talks here in berlin edouard called on america's government to extradite what he said
4:54 pm
were the hundreds of supporters of the clerics the two the group who are residing in germany at one blames going for instigating the failed two thousand and sixteen crew in turkey. and the u.s. senate judiciary committee has agreed to vote on the nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court later today cavanagh denies accusations of sexual assault by the psychologist christine duffy forwards. don't forget you can always get to be in news on the go download or out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the to send us all of your photos and your videos. thank you for watching t.v. and don't forget you can also follow the latest on to twitter our handle there is out to news still go we'll be right here at the news desk in just a few minutes with that update on her happy.
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this is newsnight from berlin the president meets with german chancellor angela merkel in found in the distributor's a deeply divided over turkish human rights record so did they manage to bridge the gap also on the program america's senate's judicial committee prepares to vote on putting pressure on supreme court nomination before the full senate just the day after dramatic testimony accusing him of attempted rape.


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