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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  September 28, 2018 7:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on g.w. . because if they don't hear news live from brother in germany throw the state banquet for veggies. tonight so his president is on a mission to improve relations with them but he on chance of a backup agree to disagree on a record of contentious issues also on the program america's senate judiciary committee prepares to vote on putting brett kavanaugh supreme court nomination
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before the full senate a day after hearing dramatic testimony accusing him of attempted right. to u.s. regulations soon in the most head of tesla cars he's accused of committing fraud by suggesting he was taking his company profits from i want him to step down as c.e.o. of america's most valuable car company. in the indonesian island of so the ways he is hit first five powerful earthquakes and then by a tsunami waves up to two meters high sweep away buildings. and film gale welcome to the program. german chancellor angela merkel and turkish presidents are vegeta one of taking a first step towards repairing the fractured relationship between that you countries as
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a joint press conference and balin chancellor merkel admitted the differences between the remain but said she is hopeful of finding common ground on this despite fierce criticism within germany of tech use human rights record. even in germany there are sometimes moments when journalists cannot behave exactly as they please president aired a one was in the middle of his press conference with chancellor merkel when a man stood up and revealed a t. shirt with the words press freedom he was quickly bundled out by security officers the brief distraction seemed to amuse air to one but his crackdown on journalistic freedom was one of the issues the chancellor raised with him at their meeting. it's no secret that there have been serious differences between arsene recent years and there still are. it it's mainly about the rule of law and about press freedom that. hurt by the stop loss to last about the case of chandan darr
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a turkish journalist now in exile in germany everyone was defiant they could beat bush flew for such which he used a loophole and he fled to germany. but his court sentence remains valid. and this person belongs in jail because he has revealed state secrets to learn a new show which has now outside on the streets of berlin protesters were also drawing attention to the lack of basic freedoms in turkey a protest that's not against other one but it's against his politics is politics often violation of human rights as politics of violation of freedom of press and journalism is not a crime but it seems to be a crime in turkey. earlier german president steinmeyer greeted area one at bellevue palace this visit is an attempt to normalize relations when times are anything but
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normal turkey is holding a number of germans as political prisoners not to mention thousands of his own citizens many politicians worry the owners go too far. piece i think this appeasement course and to me it smells like appeasement is totally wrong because it by trey's and mocks all those who are victims of oppression and there are hundreds of thousands of them in turkey in the mint in the took. a number of demonstrations both for and against their wanted you over the next twenty four hours but with thousands of police deployed in central berlin there's determination that street protests will not overshadow the diplomacy but you heard the president will attend the state banquet in his on us tonight a hosted by germany's president frank. de w's chief political editor became the outside bellevue palace where that banquet will be held and here with me is turkey correspondent welcome both let us start with you became
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a how does i'm going to rachal one aim to overcome the differences that signal during that press conference. well we heard at that press conference today that she certainly has no illusions that these differences can be overcome any time soon we also agree that she was quite clear in saying that the rule of law was an issue with turkey press freedom was an issue with turkey but there's also a lot of common ground that's of course economic that's where the focus of president is right now with his economy currently struggling the turkish lira having lost some forty percent of its value since the beginning of the year but also strategic issues like energy security and the war in syria where turkey has actually become a moderating force and of course that turkey migration deal that is a benchmark policy of the german chancellor so they have
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a lot of areas where they have to cooperate the german chancellor knows this but at the same time she proved today that she won't really give any ground on key issues of democracy and that also led to this rather tense kind of atmosphere that we saw during that press conference the new home how do you think president to one sees these problems well ad on has recent weeks radically changed his language and tone down his anti european rest story can be for he came here to germany he said he wants to open a completely new page in bilateral relations he wants to leave all problems behind and i quote him here create a warm environment between turkey and germany just like it used to be but what we saw today phil was certainly not a warm and wire him and that's what mccain i pointed out and in fact they were really tense as she said it was not to all friends needing again after
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a long time and one interesting thing happened a german journalist asked mr abbott on whether he has ever apologized for. accusing chancellor merkel and her government of nazi practices what did he do if he just ignored the questions and kept on you know talking about his demands what he expects from germany. so i am not entirely sure whether miss merkel's message which is essentially is look if you want relations to get better than the human rights situation the rule of law in turkey have to improve if this message really got through to him so you mention that he softened his tone in recent weeks why is this purely an economic thing about being overly cynical or thinking well he killed his economy is going down the tubes he needs german money he needs to be vested so let's not try but the how the feature well practically speaking this is a driving force i'm convinced of that the economy is really not doing well i mean i
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talk to a lot of people in turkey inflation is at eighteen percent everything's the eighteen everything is getting more expensive from chocolate to water to flour at the supermarket to mobile phones people are frustrated consumers and businesses alike forming doubt many companies have huge foreign debt so he knows he needs to solve these issues he has a huge a conflict going on right now with the u.s. over the continued detention of an american pastor the u.s. have issued sanctions this summer this has hit the turkish economy even further so yes mr allen is looking for a new friends he is trying to get reassurance he's trying to calm down the markets basically so. what the germany want from turkey. germany needs turkey as a partner certainly on migration with some three million migrants currently in turkey and being kept
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a largely due to this so-called migration deal with the european union pays billions to support migrants the but to essentially also stop. them from reaching europe supporters and more to the point reaching german borders in the end so it really is important i'm going to go and one has to say that even in the worst of times during these continuous crises that we saw on german turkish relations over the past two years or so that deal was holding so when you want to do a deal with ankara that seems to work out so they can talk business but on other issues like for instance terrorism something that out of one is very keen to stress he talks about the p.k. k. which is also banned in germany the kurdish separatist organization but also the movement and these are two leaders who both have an interest in keeping islamists off. off their ground and containing terrorism fighting it but
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it's quite clear also that if they sit down and talk about who's a terrorist and who's a freedom fighter they really wouldn't find much common ground so that's really where the differences are so as you speak very well we've been looking at pictures of people arriving for tonight's state and quit all the banquet some opposition politicians are deliberately refusing to attend an uncle macko isn't there why. well actually it's not that unusual she wasn't here for the chinese premier is the state dinner last time she was attended state banquet was really when the queen was here so that really shows up that isn't that terribly unusual what is unusual that leaders from several parties refused to come some business representatives also counseled and what is also interesting though is that one politician from the green party here who's been singled out. several times by the turkish president himself
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has really been accused of being unpatriotic and talked down to by the president he makes a point of actually attending tonight he says that he won't he wants him to see his face and potentially talk to him which is actually unlikely within the framework of such a dinner which is more of a kind of official affair and we're also hearing that the president frankly just on my own who's of course germany's former foreign minister is expected to strike a critical tone as well in his speech so clearly it won't just be celebration in just going down the menu here and enjoying the meal which we understand is the main course is braised be so that the german specialty ok. perhaps others will slice of humble pie will say. looking and looking out looking in from the outside. the program has been better so if i may add to that.
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state dinner that just about to start i mean this is an important thing for president out and he was welcome today with full military honors he met the german president he met with chancellor merkel he will meet her again tomorrow for breakfast and this is of who are showing that he's received and respected by european leaders by germany and these are the pictures he. once the world to see you know he's shaking hands with the important people he's been hosted so this is something actually i believe that he and his political team of very keen on because these are the pictures that will house and stood up the statesman yes the statesman he feels like a statesman he's been host like a statesman and this will help him i believe he thinks it will help him reassure financial markets calm them down show that he is that he has the trust of these important people ok so that he's going on as we speak in which we talked about that we talked about the say polish states of the economy. the sort of economic
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assistance he's looking for so he's not looking let me ask what i was going to come to the financial aid exactly or a bailout or something like this i mean i've been talking to people who are close to him they say turkey once trade not aid so what they want is investment and they are always pushing for an update of the european customs union which would help them a lot which is right now not on the table but i mean germany is turkey's second largest trading partner there are more than seven thousand german companies active in turkey right now so turkey is trying to get this you know the backgrounds of it as a standard is that they have been called to help in previous calls from the chancellor. german companies to disinvest into he went when relations with. iraq used well that's what they have been using you know to to to make things change a little bit into the direction that they were hoping for but chancellor merkel
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today again reiterated that a stable economically stable turkey is in germany's interest and this is a sentence that she said before and was picked up by pro-government turks newspapers and haled so basically the message is she has an interest in a stable turkey so she will help us we will you know keep a partnership that might be from a german side transactional but it will exist it will continue. we need it other and that's why you know it has dialogue channels have to be kept open and this is also tell me about the way the politics and works in turkey with the president are one of them looked at and regarded as an autocrat why is an autocrat bothered about the fact that. he's decisions might prove unpopular at home. well i mean you have to understand that mr was just reelected in do nothing for another five year term so his position is basically you know i still get
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elected yes there will be elections but for now he is safe and he is an almost all powerful leader these elections have given him so much more power he is making full use of these powers what we see in turkey right now is that his tolerance for a descender protests is zero but of course he is he he is ruling a country that is globally connected. the the economy is so globally connected and he cannot just you know say i don't care what other partners say so this is important to him of course but a situation like venezuela ok stay with us. the as we're going to join chelsea pil who is in the central a. show that you're there with protesters on their way from central berlin to bellevue palace but it's not state by its being i don't know . what do these protesters want out of being the been sort of gathering.
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you know i want to pick up on something that usually is said a short time ago she said senshi that i don't want to present himself as a statesman meeting with the german chancellor the sounds the people gathered here they want to portray a very different image they want to make clear that they are extremely angry at once what they say is out of one's increasingly all-star tarion rule in particular his crackdown since the failed coup in twenty sixteen now the name of this rally is added one no welcome here their anger is also very much directed at the german government for what they say is rolling out the red carpet for president out of one another people gathered here for a multiple great dozens in fact of his offer their support for this protest just to name a few there are a number of people from the father. that's they say that angry at everyone's increasing authoritarian rule then there are a lot of pro kaddish protesters here that concern primarily they told this is the
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military's actions against or offensive against the cut and militia in syria there are also a number of people from germany's toughest community present here that concerns by what they say is this very harsh crackdown that's been happening and the detention of downs and want to including as we know number of german political prisoners while so there is a lot of anger here on the streets of the man i'm presuming now is fireworks going on behind you. yet. exactly i'll never go away the moment. those purchases disappear has been very positive so far today ok let's hope it stays that way out of to do those processes believe that germany is right in actually engaging with present to. the people that we spoke and to see here is they not some of the rallies the slogans that we've heard say ad one
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must leave our city there's a lot of anger then furious essentially that the general government has offered this full state visit the full military honors that he will be attending this banquet with president steinmeier just a few minutes from now they years think that he shouldn't have been invited at school there are those of course who would take a most a softer line on the c. international for example said that this this meeting can be used to dialogue it encouraging the man who to be an ambiguous in her language when it came to talking to add one about human rights issues she said that that's something that she addressed but the people here do not think that you should be while kim's in the city the way the husband and so what are you still planning. a march from but listen to bellevue palace and then bot. that's right so this approach has started several hours ago they've been marching through the streets of
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berlin and coming by a huge police presence a number of the streets have been shut down as they are walking through these streets they're heading towards a better view palace the president's residence which is not so far from here what they say that they want to do is to bring that anger directly to president out of one they want to be outside when he arrives when he is attending this dinner just to make clear that there are a number of opponents very angry here in bed and they also of course want to show that anger it was the gem government president stein my and it's reception of president at one here in germany. that he sent to thank you for not. asking about say about the w.i. to correspondent yulia hong you know i want to pick up a couple points there but before that i think it's important to put this visit in context why this visit why we're here d.w. the german international broadcaster making such a big deal of president obama because there is
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a significant turkish presence within germany. well yes and he is a very divisive figure even among the three point five million people here who have turkish origin so it was very clear from the beginning if he comes if he is invited to come to germany it's i think i have to point this out his first visit ever as president he was elected president for the first time in twenty four teams so it's the first time now that he's actually coming to germany morsi was invited otherwise he wouldn't be here. i mean. just said that these people want to make themselves heard and i think it's absolutely right we see these protests because they are an expression of freedom of opinion and i think that's the message they also want to send but the question is process that you would not see on the streets of new britain definitely not see these protests on the streets of istanbul or anywhere else that would be a huge police presence they would be immediately stopped or banned from the very
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beginning the question is how much of these protests will mr atwan actually see i mean there are security a level one for this visit and police in berlin basically shut down a large area in central girl berlin surrounding the chancellery including the air spot and certain parts of the river sprayed. to make sure there is a distance so i'm not sure whether mr adams will accept he watches television we'll actually see what's happening on the streets and i think it's also important to differentiate not everybody is criticizing that he was invited that he is here others say this is actually a chance to confront him with the criticism that's out there mention amnesty international so do human rights watch they say i think the same or the green party lawmaker for example he said. money we need to be clear what we want democracy human rights press freedom and no interference into the german turks community here in germany so that's why he is actually he has decided to join the stay. a dinner
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even though he said before that he wouldn't come in in protest of mr adam but now he's joining to you know make him see there are people critical of him and he has to sit down with them at some point yes the treatment of journalists has been a big issue within turkey since the failed coup of two thousand and sixteen and today's press conference was disrupted by a turkish journalist who was and was of the use of these business related to what was going with most of the no that was probably not related to the gym to me a statement by this journalist was accredited he had an official accreditation as many other journalists he was german turks journalist from hamburg and below his shirt he had a t. shirt saying does it. look which means in english freedom for the journalists so he was using this press conference to make a statement to protest basically and when he started he was you know guided out
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outside by security people and this is now been discussed on twitter cried controversially because it basically shows you know the issue of press freedom and what can you say what country let's pick up on this issue of press freedom as you've been hearing it's become much harder to use journalists to criticize the president after that failed coup in two thousand and sixteen thought his clampdown on freedom of expression one newspaper that suffered and ended up changing his reporting was jim hooley put it so let's let's find out what's goes on that. it for years the name stood for independent investigative journalism that had survived under turkish president threat of time. but in early september things changed drastically armed guards have stood watch in front of the turkish newspaper for years but inside there's been a changing of the guard of a different nature. i didn't engage in was one of two hundred main columnists his
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last piece appeared in a recent sunday edition of the paper in it he explains to his readers that he no longer wanted to work with the paper's current board of directors. on september seventh a friday they elected that is they chose a completely new board of directors. so. at the moment all twelve board members of the chin her it foundation are going in one direction. the same direction i know. and that direction some say is less democratic less critical of the government and more supportive of turkish president airline established in one nine hundred twenty four the traditional newspaper has been run by a foundation since one thousand nine hundred three. twelve people who previously
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made up its board of directors were chosen by the paper's previous owner then after a reelection of the board four years ago more liberally oriented staff took over and made john dunbar editor in chief today he lives in self-imposed exile in berlin one reason for that may be a report into what he had in twenty fifteen about arms shipments by the turkish secret service to jihadists in syria. turkish president edwin was reportedly so angry about this report that he openly swore vengeance. the person who published this report will pay a mighty price and i will not let him go unpunished. in nov twenty fifth the dollar was taken into custody three months later he was set free shortly after that he left turkey the newspaper continued to report independently and favored a peaceful solution to the conflict with the country's kurdish minority as ngan
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state it. thus we insist that the kurdish conflict needs a peaceful solution. you can't solve the kurdish problem in turkey with military force however others are seeking a military solution that is the divide this is i goofed. those others are the journalists such a hoodie and who stayed on after it was made known that the liberal minded editor in chief was fired. the new editor in chief is. she says accusations by former members of the editorial staff are wrong she says the papers reporting hasn't changed on the question of future reporting on the kurdish conflict sana makes a clear that she has limited sympathy for kurdish demands regarding identity and culture. that in then when you market the difference in identities as freedom that's a case of separatism. in the. adult on the role who represents the human rights
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organization reporters without borders he's concerned about the changes that show what he had and says they play right into everyone's hands to build a pattern artistic media is a part of this of political consultation and. of course if there is a way to interfere in procedure to silence to create trouble for. outlets or critic critical or haas to hostile hostile media outlets the country's justice system plays a decisive role regarding the changes that you hoody had in july a court decided that the election of the foundation's board of directors four years ago was invalid meanwhile there's now a majority of members of the board who oppose going in a liberal direction and that's how things ended after two hundred staff had been
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persecuted for years. many of them sat in pretrial detention for months accused of terrorism the last ones were released earlier this year opposition politician body has always defended journalists occupied to daughter the government led by the justice and development party has continuously complained about him her it but they couldn't close it down so instead they sued the editors and brought them to court furthermore they made sure that businesses didn't place ads in the paper in an effort to destroy it. for i ding nk and there's just one winner in this unfolding drama surrounding the independent turkish newspaper and that winner is the turkish president. i'm not saying all of this is everyone's doing no but it certainly has worked out for him as. now the country's most important independent voice in turkey's media threatens to fall silent. so you watch in the d w
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since we talk about the visit of president of egypt. to them here with me is to defuse that caused by that you would you so you just about such i'm curious. i just read she is now in germany and was mentioned specifically by president about who said germany should have a vote. yes indeed he is here in germany and german exile since twenty sixteen off to he was sentenced to than five years in prison for basically publishing photographs that show how turkish the turkish intelligence service purportedly carry arms to syria that's what they published and then there was this trial he was sentenced to more than five years he came to germany he's here in germany the interesting story today was that he said he would join this press conference this joint presser by merkel and add on he has an accreditation and he would ask
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a question and this has led to quite some discussion there were people some sources and ancora saying that if shows up there mr adam will actually boycott the whole press or so later on explain himself he said i decided not to come because i don't want to be the subject of news coverage i don't want to be the reason for a diplomatic crisis between germany and turkey so i think questions should be asked quite a critical question should be asked but it doesn't matter who is also in them i trust my german colleagues they will do so so this was the big discussion about gender and yes turkey earlier this week actually handed a list of more than sixty people to the german authorities people they want to be extradited kurdish militants on the list alleged kurdish militant left is and are and miss out on. this demand today at the press conference saying mr dinh
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dar is a convicted criminal that's how he said it as a spy and it's completely turkey's rights to court for his extradition so he's got a list of people who are presumably living and walking about freely here in germany that they want but turkey is also holding a number of german citizens in prison to our knowledge now this number has gone down to five german citizens in turkish jails according to the german government for political reasons yes turkey has made this demand that there are what turkey considers terrorists living in germany over and over again today mr atwan again said there are thousands of kurdish militants and hundreds of people linked to the glenn movement the movement he blames for the failed military coup in twenty sixteen in germany and he wants germany to act tougher to extradite certain people
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this is a demand turkey has been you know bringing up over and over again and he brought it up to today against him interesting that given this today's meeting if there is a change whether it be people being extradited to turkey or people being freed from jails it's going to be interesting to look at that change and see what sort of deal might be done in the background well you know officially chancellor merkel would never say she is making such deals and she would always say extraditions and all these kind of demands would have been dealt with the courts level it's the jitters which is of course what somebody said once that he says the same of course we don't know what's going on behind closed doors what we know is that there has have been some developments concerning german citizens in turkish jails recently in the recent past two months i would say some people have been released we've seen some positive development. in the case of german journalist michelle had to know as well
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so ms merkel was emphasizing again today that she is you know glad to see some positive developments but she's going to talk about this matter with mr advani again tomorrow when they will have breakfast it's an important matter for her and the german government has always said that cannot be a normalization between the two countries in the system until this is somehow some sort of you're a little bit short we're going to go. through palace where we think the president is about to arrive so let's bring in. chief political that is certainly. who is outside belford palace looking in so very very the crowds that. you hear you are you feeling a rush of anticipation that. look if helicopter density is anything to go by the motorcade is about to arrive we've just seen two dark limousines pull up outside
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the palace. so while we wait for the president. here here you can hear in your system you're the one of the turkish economy so he's arriving just now slightly late to the state dinner here with germany's president from quote steinmeier who will of course greet him at the door of belleview palace behind me. and we also expect president steinmeier who is the former foreign minister here in germany to potentially strike a critical tone in his speech this evening so while this is all it really is set up to show the appreciation of germany not just for the president personally actually but for the turkish state as a whole who is representative he is that's how government is basically defending. this much criticized decision to hold the state in the first place and he will also
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face some of his critics amongst the politicians here from the green party. who said he would make a point of actually attending so one would have to face him this evening and he could potentially voice some criticism although there can be some doubt whether he will have the opportunity to do so i'm just so president obama has looks like his limo has just arrived on the job a present from my and his wife. on the red caucus in the cold waiting for him outside his fashionably late raavan trump like. i'm president. presidents. greeting each other on the red carpet on that washes her.
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stuff into syria out wait for it that photo opportunity presents the other wives to . definitely change his tie he was wearing a green one injury the day now right now on his wife and. at his side. it's a natural. let
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me just add that while this is something to say if appreciation is taking place you don't really have any kind of large crowds here this is all very well cordoned off there's a small bunch of this all standing here reporting on what's taking place but protesters who are here from reporters without borders but also other protests are being kept far far away from here every day so president's presence i'm first ladies i have not gone in through the doors of the polish the bad behavior tell us who else is expected to. well representative from various political parties artists are going expected to be present also representatives from business here and many so really is a sign of a sin for turkey for the role that turkey has but in the end as you've already
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pointed out it delivers those pictures that he wants to be seen by. president is sitting at the table with the important powers in europe and the world and certainly germany is a key power within the european union and the second largest trading partner is not something that could instill confidence i think the really interesting appointments will be what comes out of working breakfast that god wants you to have with the german chancellor whether germany will encourage german business secure a couple of investments to help out turkey in these difficult times. a day state banquet is not the end of a change he's here till tomorrow visiting a mosque. yes he will have a working practice with the german chancellor there after he will travel as. cologne where he will open
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a very large mosque here in germany now we've learned journalists have learned that it was a very tricky enterprise to actually gets credit to report on that d.t. if the organization that is responsible for all the amounts who work here in germany to cater for turks mainly living abroad turkish people german citizens of turkish descent that's an organization that's seen a lot of criticism recently for being used potentially use. propaganda instruments being pro ad one being very politically charged and we're also hearing that the venue where he was due to meet the state premier of north rhine-westphalia basically the owners of that once they heard that ad one was to be greeted that they've now filed or received an injunction that can no longer take
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place there so there's quite a lot of scrambling going on right now in over there to find an appropriate venue for that high level meeting so it just highlights how complicated and how politically charged this meeting here is given that complication given that political charge do we expect anything in the way of a commitment from either side after tomorrow's a work in progress all. well i guess it's these relationships are so complex that you will what will definitely not here is that the german government will help out with some kind of cash payment or something injected into the turks economy that simply won't happen interestingly that's something that a couple of months ago the coalition partner appeared to have called for. the social democrats so if if there is support it will be much more. well not below the
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radar but it was much more subtle in terms of investment guarantees on the other hand what the german chancellor really wanted to see is some kind of commitment to a less authoritarian style of governing well you know anybody who watched that press conference really weren't have hold their breath to see any kind of concrete commitment coming out of that and i think it would be very interesting if we don't see it tomorrow because we don't really expect a public statement on that but whether a bit more softly a bit more on the working level there might be a release or two of those five people still being held but there's really no hope that will change his course any time soon chief deputy political editor. final word to you took your phone to you you were actually there was something concrete on another topic they discussed syria was on the political agenda and berlin consider starkey an important partner in ending the war
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in syria and. announced that there will be a full party meeting between aired on russia's putin france's mccraw and merkel soon in october and they will discuss the situation in egypt for the last rebel held stronghold that might still phase a large scale offensive by the assad government and its russian allies which was recently at least averted by a deal between turkey and russia but this is all connected very much to the refugee topic the refugee crisis so this is a matter where they indeed have common geo strategic interests and where they can work together this is just one point i want to point out among all the differences . gives them both the option to say well here's here's a way. thank you so much you'll have to be careful thank you. take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world danish police
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closed bridges and shut down ferries linking the capital copenhagen to the mainland has ended to a major manhunt and police said they were looking for a stolen swedish registered card containing three people wanted for what they call serious criminality the shutdown caused major traffic jams in the danish capital. all of the passengers and crew aboard an airliner have survived a crash landing on a remote pacific island in the western pacific state of micronesia the new guinea plane hit the water after missing the runway locals help survivors to say no serious injuries were reported. dutch police have arrested seven men suspected of plotting a large scale terror attack in the netherlands heavily armed officers that carried out raids across the country after a months long investigation authorities say the terrorists almost headed by a thirty four year old iraqi male previously wanted for attempting to join the islamic state militia group. a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia triggering
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to make that tsunami dramatic footage has been posted online service and army concerns if you're on the island of the other ways in at least two cities have been affected officials say houses have been washed away communications there have also been a number of strong aftershocks. i've been speaking to correspondent retaught of presence solera in the nation that capital jakarta. hello goodnight well the moment there are so many seem a confirmation of several casualties after the last quake ok never turn on pipes and press that rock climbing known to the west the sun think this is a communications are down there are still a power plant out in the area that is really making it difficult for this only sees under different agencies and agencies doing all this bailout of the damage and can you talk us through that the sequence of events because we're talking about two two
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quite powerful events first the earthquake and then the tsunami. for the air force i mean something very come on in the in this region in the in the in the ring of fire. for the pacific and other tsunamis that something doesn't happen that often i mean everyone can remember i've been in two thousand and four and that there has been the vent but what we have talked it all the pages but you have to seen these images of all of that lamont of water and push it through all the for structures. at the moment everyone is asking like what what did they do which in there because they think these aid agencies and they've had their management agency they don't really know this it or have contact with the people on the field. so tell us about the ways in which has been ahead by this tsunami what sort of place is it how all stars is coping.
7:46 pm
so the two most people's real ones are wondering aloud if they're coming so copies of central sulawesi is a relatively remote place but they're coming in feel as though the region has a population as it has two hundred fifty thousand people so it's not only south of what what our are in the in the cities speaking of but essentially in the villages some of the smallest structures has been completely carried away by. so we're talking about a place that essentially you could call to reach. because it was important to remember indonesia is this this group of islands so it is that proving logistically difficult for authorities to get rescue and aid to so i said. well as i was saying before some of the agencies like the search and rescue agency
7:47 pm
there has already announced spending helicopters on about they cannot get in contact with their people on the field that doesn't happen that often. come into usually. it's probably that for tomorrow then the communicator's group could get back on and everything will be working here. but at the moment the problem is not so much how to reach. for the information from the people to know what are exactly the needs but we wish you well thank you so much for joining us ricardo perez the center. to the united states not where the senate judiciary committee has just postponed of important votes on the fate of president trumps a pick for the supreme court you're looking at live pictures now from capitol hill where the votes for such will take place if the committee does in the end vote to allow brett kavanaugh nomination he's name but then go forward for a vote in the full senate let's bring in i d w correspondent monish waiter was also
7:48 pm
on the company. what was going on why has this vote been delayed. well phil earlier today we had heard reports that one of the key republican votes on the judiciary committee jeff flake of arizona was going to vote yes on this confirmation to send his nomination to the full senate but there were he was then cited chatting with democrats and it's possible that if the vote has been postponed that the republican leadership of the committee believes that they might not have the votes to pass it to the full senate and you can see what's happening behind me here in front of the supreme court there's a very vociferous anti kavanaugh protests happening against their nominee brett kavanaugh. and it's possible that they are the republicans are trying to close ranks figure out how to pass this to the next level and get it to the full senate to get him confirmed so any would all where this vote will take place.
7:49 pm
none yet it was supposed to be happening now and the committee was just sitting preparing for this vote they already had a vote this morning confirming that they were going to vote about this this is you know bureaucratic procedure that they have to go through and the interesting thing is here republicans were really hoping to get kavanagh on the bench possibly as early as monday or tuesday because the supreme court goes back into session on monday and they want to have him installed as their fifth reliably conservative vote on the supreme court if they have are if the republicans have already postponed this vote it looks like they may not get a chance to vote today but this is a rapidly changing situation and we'll have to keep our eyes peeled on rush radio. want to thank you so much. well first as a senate hearing will be remembered as a painful spectacle that underscored the political divisions in the united states
7:50 pm
would read from data over social media has been monitoring reaction so welcome jarrett. was that it was a coastal watch but the country was gripped they were and i think looking on social media this is been one of those times in life where people are saying look i i'm always going to remember where i was and who i was really during this testimony and all across america and around the world people want this testimony in whole sorts of places treating in from schools work in crisis like airports planes shops even sitting in bob's as dr ford and later jobs cavanaugh gave this sides of the story to the committee now everyone has an opinion on this and what's coming through in social media is just how differently people interpreted yesterday what exactly went on and we'll look at judge kavanaugh his testimony instance is quite emotional appearance well look at this tweet from the author and rise here's what she had to say kevin all comes across as angry to the point of rage at these question he
7:51 pm
becomes believes her and he behaves like a bloody bully dockside of him is revealed but this from morgan brittany who's an actress she sort quite differently if not to ever wanted to study real a martian and credibility kavanagh and senator lindsey graham hash tag confirm kavanaugh now so we have two people watching the same testimony with very different opinions of course there's nothing unusual about that but what i think is been happening on social media in particular to this case is that people approach the testimony influenced by the bias all of their information bubbles that they operate in on line and what i think that means is that they had already made their minds up before the testimony and just used what was being said i'm particularly how it was being said just reconfirm to themselves what they already. force and there is a photo that's gone viral yet that kind of ties into what i've been saying people interpret ing what's going on but putting that the narrative they want onto and
7:52 pm
it's this photo here it's a judge kavanaugh and it's been shared hundreds of thousands of times on twitter it gives the impression that the women in the photo are a horrified by his testimony but in fact most of the women in the photo support him his mother his wife and a group of friends now of course plenty of people don't support brett kavanaugh but i would wager that the people in that photo certainly do it's all about context right now the senate hearing was seen as another crunch moment for the me to move with them how did that aspect play out that's right and two of the made two founders were actually in the audience behind dr ford is she she gave her testimony and one of the things we saw was democratic senators people like us till dr for that they believed her and this was they made a point of doing that because one of the things about sexual assault is that it goes under reported because people people think that they're not going to be
7:53 pm
believed one two of the hash tags trending yesterday were believe women and believe survivors and we know that the testimony from dr ford struck a powerful chord among sexual assault survive as people like amy he she writes i'm crying we've t's of frustration exasperate and triumph dr ford has captured the heart of america we believe in peace and blessings to all survive is of course we need to mention that plenty of people to use the you know supporting judge kavanaugh today i was supporting back breast surgery then they would there was some of the house. jared read from did a research elisa thank you so much let's go back to the united states capitol hill now and julie meyer so what we're looking at the chamber in capitol hill where it looks like there was a source. how. preconfigured let's let's listen influence let's see what's big so if there's any sort of discussion will go to that after the vote call the roll.
7:54 pm
that says that it's ok to wade through so i stay for another week for an f.b.i. investigation. i. think it's on your honor on the nominee no. oh no but they go. oh. i have no no. i'm the nominee no. no. no no. no this. is. the nominee will be reported to the middle chairman may be recognized yes thank you mr chairman i just want to thank my friend and colleague senator flake and thank you for giving us the time today to have a conversation a number of my colleagues have asked for
7:55 pm
a one week delay in order that there might be an f.b.i. investigation of what allegations are currently. before this committee i respect senator flakes view that in his opinion it was best to respect your having given dr ford the time to be heard yesterday and advance the nominee to the floor but it is my hope that we could work together on a bipartisan basis to diligently pursue an f.b.i. investigation within the next week not for the purpose of delay but for the purpose of investigating further either allegations made by dr ford or others with a goal towards demonstrating a bipartisan commitment to diligently investigating these allegations thank you mr chairman thank you senator flake senator feinstein thank you i would support that motion i think we do. you need to send as a haitian and democrats flake what you were doing i thought it included but one
7:56 pm
week investigation so i would like to support the motion for that investigation mr chairman the chair. will take turns here. i love this committee but we're not the majority leader senator flake is made clear what it would take him to be comfortable on a final passage vote but it doesn't matter what we say here this will be up to senator schumer and senator mcconnell so it is completely up to the yeah and i think is that is there any himself very clear and senator let's move from reading senator leahy. thoroughly mr i want to make sure because this is sort of our prices . or i do agree with you serve marriage is over that we should have this further investigation so why are setting is during the week. that is taking place there will be no action on the floor of the united states
7:57 pm
all on the starboard nation correct and it cannot i cannot say that let me say again i'm not making i can't make that commitment for the leadership i can only say that i would only go so you're listening to the deliberations within the judiciary committee in the senate the u.s. senate judiciary committee so you just have the votes eleven to ten days i was committee looks like the committee has voted in favor of threat to confidence nomination so there is a motion on the slow spoke in this vote let's go to capitol hill where we join mohnish way to see if she can die just through this welcome back my. what's going on. a lot of shifting sands e.f.l. so what just happened is the senate judiciary committee did vote to move brett kavanaugh nomination from their committee to the general senate floor now what was supposed to happen was that the whole senate would vote on this nomination on
7:58 pm
monday or tuesday of next week but senator jeff flake of arizona who had cast himself as a swing vote of sorts here he is a republican and said that he would vote in favor of moving the nomination to the floor if they delayed the general vote by a week to allow a further investigation a further f.b.i. background check into cavanagh following the hearings that we heard yesterday from both cavanaugh and from dr christine lahti ford who was accusing him of sexual assault ok so. does it now require them to decide whether or not to do that it's. yes so what's going to happen is they're going to deliberate and it looks like what they're trying to do is strike a compromise because the democrats have been so vociferously opposed to moving this forward so they are moving his nomination out of committee onto the floor but she
7:59 pm
will basically appease the democrats they are allowing a new investigation to open up and they it looks like they're going to try to give the f.b.i. a week to do so before actually voting on his nomination and moving him into the supreme court now we should know that the court is supposed to come back in session on monday and the republicans are really hoping to have him installed on the court by monday this maze simply be a delaying the inevitable because it's unclear right now whether or not the republicans have the votes to actually confirm him if they do then it's probably locked up already and this whole week is just up using the democrats so that they can alternately say well hey we tried. but it does also give the democrats time to lobby their republican colleagues and convince them not to actually confirm him to the supreme court fairly clear my schrade in washington the first time here the world is indeed a very complicated place let's go to the world of business now let's see if it's
8:00 pm
any less complicated christof koch is if i spoke again warning it's uses of another large scale data breach that's right phil facebook says about ninety million accounts are likely to be affected and pretty much all we know so far also sounds bad facebook says the company does not know who's behind tuesday's attack and where there might be based but the data breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts users who have used the view as feature in the last year are especially vulnerable facebook says it has taken steps to fix the security problem and alerted law enforcement now earlier this year the world's biggest social network had to admit that up to eighty seven million users and their profiles have been compromised. now here in europe that you commission has warned italy to rein in spending earlier the populist government in rome have presented budget plans that would boost the country's deficit italy is already sitting on the highest mountain
8:01 pm
of debt among economists that's why the plans didn't go down well with investors the stock exchange lost over four percent. it's the story in the italian press the populist coalition government plans to boost spending next year running up more debt italy already owes more than any other member of the european union this plan is the budget of the people cancelling poverty means that there are many citizens entrepreneurs' people who work below the poverty level these tax payers will now pay less increasing our deficit to two point four percent of gross domestic product will do a lot for the dignity of people and the wealth of italian families. the government has earmarked ten billion euros to introduce a universal basic income pensions are to go up but the age at which they begin will go down businesses will pay less with a flat tax reactions were mixed. i have confidence in this government because i
8:02 pm
feel for the first time we're doing something new. i'm very worried you just need to look at the market this morning it lost nearly three percent banking stocks are at minus five. reactions were also mixed in brussels. so. i am very worried about what is happening in italy this economic maneuver is not for the people but against the people it will create many problems in the north without solving those of the south it will not increase employment but will put in trouble italian savings and will increasingly put our country in the hands of creditors not only internal but also external. is the. economy minister giovanni three who is against releasing a budget with a higher deficit target will now have to explain his government spending plan in brussels there he will have to address fears that italy's debt could once again
8:03 pm
spiral out of control. our correspondent paul courson brit's has been tracking the story from the frankfurt stock exchange earlier we asked him if the german reaction had been just as dramatic. yes spending you can see it here behind me on the dax just after what had happened is the some a lot of the italian stock exchange have stopped trading and have suspended trading for a bank stops because they had lost over ten percent at that time at the center was the bunco c.p.m. the third largest bank in the country that also said it was selling bad loans and more than people were expecting that top performers today in the early are in the negative minus one percent. consumers are boarding from difference of frankfurt stock exchange they're not tesla shares have taken a huge tumble the u.s. securities and exchange commission accusing chief executive ilan mosque of fraud
8:04 pm
the n.c.c. says must you or was reckless and not knowing that he was misleading investors and it all started with a tweet. i'm considering taking tests not private at four hundred twenty dollars funding secured this is the message tesla see yo eat on must tweeted to his twenty two million followers last month and here's the response of u.s. regulators who've charged him with for all it. must statements misled members of the investing public to believe that it was virtually certain he could take private enterprise of four hundred twenty dollars per share which was a substantial premium over a share price at that time because funding for this proposed transaction had been secured and the only contingency remaining was a shareholder vote. the market reacted to this information and. quickly traded out
8:05 pm
we allege that most statements were false and misleading because they lacked any basis in fact on the day of musts tweet last month test shares shot up causing the nasdaq to suspend trading for an hour and a hop. that caused huge losses for so-called short salaries investors who borrow a company's stock betting that it will fall in a statement issued by tesla must call the allegations of fraud unjustified and said that he was taken action in the interests of his investors test shares fell nearly twelve percent after news of the fraud charges broke. public awareness about the devastating impact of plastic waste has been growing in recent years with some hole for high profile encouraging customers and businesses to cut down on their use of the mid to low income route and western africa one group has come up with an ingenious solution and they've been riding on a wave of success ever since. a river of plastic bottles
8:06 pm
troops this driven system in the coverup. when race the entire neighborhoods flooded it's miley so make it bony and his crew don't work for the sun taking department they're volunteers for a local n.g.o.s called madiba and nature for them this is a gold mine of valuable group material. one day when i was walking back from university raining heavily around for shelter to wait a towel that's when i saw heaps of plastic bottles. i was shocked i thought surely something can be done with all these bottles cleaning them up i saw it as a challenge the challenge is mild who studied engineering eventually devised a way to convert the bottles into something practical and useful after being cleaned and checked for quality the bottles become the basic building blocks constructing the organization calls eco boats close with thousand bottles the
8:07 pm
needed for a six me to can shape the vessel it takes about three days to make one additional materials needed are purchased with money and from boat sales. there's a poster to report we do have a cash flow problem at times and we sometimes don't have enough money to build the boat we just can't construct enough or the fishermen in need there are nearly one thousand fisherman here in the area and if we don't get the money together we simply can't. is milan his team hope their initiative will have a far reaching impact on the environment so far they have made around thirty eco boats. fishing boats in cameroon are typically made of wood which makes them expensive to repair. hundreds of bottles filled with nothing but that makes the boats like and easy to handle and while they aren't exactly
8:08 pm
watertight it would be very difficult to sink one but. we have an eco tourism program that people can break this to via our website and nature when we also have people coming in through international links back to visit org it's a platform for social impact travel experiences that could help increase our earnings. in two thousand and fourteen a regulation was put in place in cameroon that required a plastic bottle manufacturers to take responsibility for recycling their products but for years on both making initiative is still making a rather significant contribution towards improving the situation in the country.
8:09 pm
spectacle and a west african nation struggling with a booming population thank you crystal that actually takes us to nigeria where the population is booming according to the un it looks set to surpass the population of the united states by twenty fifty becoming the third largest country in the world so let's take a look at its extraordinary growth rate according to the united nations the population in one hundred fifty still roughly thirty eight million today that has jumped to one hundred and ninety one million by twenty fifteen by twenty fifteen the number of nigerians is projected to double and then keep rising feeling this growth is the country's most populous city lagos couldn't to some estimates its population has jumped from one point four million in one nine hundred seventy to twenty one million today satellite images show this growth most clearly
8:10 pm
you're looking at lagos in one thousand nine hundred eighty four watch how it has grown by two thousand and one ok this is making much sense and this is lagos just three years ago you can say the rapid sprawl of the city and it's not just nigeria's a high fertility rate that's contributing to this as a conscious population grows more people are going to cities like lagos in search of work leaving many asking how will lagos cope. morning rush hour in lagos and people are hustling to sell what ever they can but this is much more than market. as you can see this is a real way track but it's also home to hundreds of domestic migrants who tried to make a living here this is shuttling between lagos and his village in northern nigeria for fifteen years now we hear every day the right in and under the. government
8:11 pm
didn't come to harass us we come here to look for money and we go back when we have enough i'll have sunday selling recycled rice sacks it's a tough job but the only way he can provide for his family of six back home. sad is that you know the market is all about luck sometimes i sell five thousand sometimes fifteen or twenty there are times when he makes almost nothing but on one lucky day he says he saw thirty five u.s. dollars worth of socks the minimum wage here is fifty dollars a month news like hassles fortune spreads fast in the nigerian countryside so people keep coming to try their luck in lagos instead of risking their lives trying to reach the shores of europe. people are rife in lagos every day many of them want to settle here permanently john lake and says this is a massive challenge for lagos which is already c.v.s.
8:12 pm
overpopulated if we are not. to meet the city problem in terms of movement of people who towns of employment for the people and for. the fitting house firstly for the people so given these issues how possibly handle this. new body changes june. distances appropriately that's when the no one can stop domestic migration and as long as the country struggles with problems such as taro exam or lack of food nigerians will still head toward lagos with high hopes. this is doubly news live from his reminder of our top story this hour the u.s. senate's judicial committee has approved brett kavanaugh snob anation to the supreme court the decision taken along party lines should paved the way to
8:13 pm
a full senate votes on his appointments despite testimony yesterday the woman who accuses him of attempting to write. here today president of turkey and chancellor battle of germany held a joint press conference and chancellor merkel admitted that differences between the two leaders remain but said that she spoke full of finding common ground this despite fierce criticism within germany of turkey's human rights record. even in germany there are sometimes moments when journalists cannot behave exactly as they please president here the one was in the middle of his press conference with chancellor merkel when a man stood up and revealed a t. shirt with the words press freedom he was quickly bundled out by security officers the brief distraction seemed to amuse air to one but his crackdown on journalistic freedom was one of the issues the chancellor raised with him at their meeting. it's
8:14 pm
no secret that there have been serious differences between our silly recent years and there still are. good it's mainly about the rule of law and about press freedom that i get paid for by head to stop us to ask about the case of chandan dar a turkish journalist now in exile in germany everyone was defiant they could beat bush who for such. he used a loophole and he fled to germany. but his court sentence remains valid. and this person belongs in jail because he has revealed state secrets to learn a new if show just outside on the streets of berlin protesters were also drawing attention to the lack of basic freedoms in turkey a protest it's not against other one but it's against his politics is politics of
8:15 pm
violation of human rights it's politics of violation of freedom of press and journalism is not a crime but it seems to be a crime in turkey earlier german president steinmeyer greeted at a one at bellevue palace this visit is an attempt to normalize relations when times are anything but normal turkey is holding a number of germans as political prisoners not to mention thousands of his own citizens many politicians worry the owners go too far. ps i think this appeasement course and to me it smells like appeasement is totally wrong because it by trey's and mocks all those who have victims of oppression and there are hundreds of thousands of them in turkey housing dimension in the took. a number of demonstrations both for and against the wanna do over the next twenty four hours but with thousands of police deployed in central berlin there's determination that street protests will not overshadow the diplomacy. or president thirty one is
8:16 pm
currently attending a state banquet in his honor hosted by germany's president frank di and my doctor's chief political editor is outside bell the palace where the back it's being held here with me in the studio in turkey correspondent judy holland welcome to both of you let's start with you became a who else is that with the two presidents. well a lot of political leaders here to minnie's economics in the air is such a bill to be that didn't see him going in and artists so i would say the who is who of politics and culture except of course that a couple of them counseled this evening one of the more prominent members is leader of the free democrats so a lot of people who actually question the very idea of rolling out the red carpet here for the turkish president who's developing into more and more of an autocrat
8:17 pm
really at the same time we saw him in a leading figure of the green party here in germany who was singled out by at one thirty times for what he perceived to be unpatriotic but basically he was criticizing turkish president and he made a point of coming in because he said he wants him to see to look into his face and potentially want to be able to assess some criticism so this cause a lot of division here in political berlin on whether to roll out the red carpet or not whether to attend or not but here we are the state banquet is going on and we also hearing that germany's president hung by just on my who's the former foreign minister of germany will be also making a few rather critical comments. on the state of affairs of democracy in turkey as you mentioned a number of political leaders are making a point of not being that the chancellor is also not bad should we read anything into that. well that sounds really unusual but it really isn't she's not always
8:18 pm
present she most of the time she isn't present at the state banquet she present of course being the highest representative of the state here and the chance of being the head of government she was there when the queen was there but that's just it was a very unusual occasion so not terribly much to read into the. queen koshi if you're going to put on your part frock and give it a go you do your home yeah peeking at the pictures that are just coming in there now i saw for example the turkish finance and treasury minister. sitting at the same table as mr myer the german economy minister so they were chatting that's what i saw. because also missed out on son in law and a very a person very close to him joining him on many trips abroad minister was here in germany about two weeks ago i believe one or two weeks ago which was kind of
8:19 pm
a visit that was preparing the sound ones visit to germany so that's what i saw from the pictures i believe missed out on broad his spokesperson cullen as well a very important person so i saw some people very close to mr allen joining that dinner as well there so how important is germany to turkey germany is a very important partner for turkey it's the second biggest trade partner there are more than seven thousand german companies active in turkey of course there are important cultural ties more than three point five million people live here in germany with turkish origin so so this all connects turkey and germany when i see those pictures of the state dinner my impression is that what what counts for president out on are these pictures he was welcomed with full military honors earlier this morn. by german president steinmeyer with the chancellor he
8:20 pm
will meet her again tomorrow for breakfast and these are the pictures that he was aiming for to say he is a well respected leader a political statesman received a respected by germany the economic powerhouse in europe and i think that's what his team what him and his team are actually looking for these pictures they will reassure financial markets maybe they will show that he has a certain level has the trust of these people he was invited and i think that's. that was a goal for him in the first place and if we're talking about achieving goals he certainly achieve this goal ok so he got he saw a photo. of the relationship between turkey and germany has been frosty of the last couple of years it has been quite a fractious and at today's
8:21 pm
a press conference. a knowledge that significant political differences between the two countries yet she still rolling out the red carpet for him so how does she how does she plan to overcome these differences. well that's the big question really i mean certainly the intent is there from the turkish side but whether this will go beyond a warming of rhetoric that's the big question and he has made it known in advance that just softening the rhetoric simply won't be enough and if that press conference was proof of anything it's true that this autocratic style is not really going to change that press feed in burma manes an issue that when both sides sit down to talk about that common ground wanted to stabilize turkey but also a common fight against terrorism which they are conducting but largely they can't really both agree on who's a terrorist and who is
8:22 pm
a freedom fighter particularly when you look at out of one's definition if you should all be a terrorist he handed over a list of people he would like to see extradited on such charges and on them. former editor of her it newspaper who actually sought refuge here in germany and who decided not to attend that news conference because he feared that adult would then boy questions would be asked so that just shows the depth of the differences that they have while at the same time having common interests and that turkey has played a constructive role from the perspective in the past not just on the migration deal but you know might be able to comment more on that i mean turkey is certainly seen as a very constructive force just particular on the issue of live in syria basically preventing another further escalation which could have cost many many lives and seen many more migrants so it's a it's
8:23 pm
a very schizo phrenic relationship in the sense if we talk about friendship both sides know that they do depend on each other for better or for worse. correspondent another win for president today. of syria. yes bergen considers him an important partner when it comes to somehow dealing or even ending the civil war in syria and chancellor merkel announced there will be a four party meeting in october between mr russia's putin france's mccraw and herself so they will further discuss this issue but picking up on something that said i mean if we look at german turkish relations in the past two years they were at a very very low point there were constant insults many german citizens in jails including journalists. missed out on accused merkel and her coalition
8:24 pm
government of being enemies off turkey so now you know he's coming with a very different language she emphasizes the things they have in common he says he wants to leave or problems behind open a new page and create a warm environment between turkey and germany this is of course talking that's not what we've seen today we haven't seen this warm and vironment yet we the situation between the two leaders was very tense today. the german government has always said it's very important to keep dialogue channels open and i think that's what it is today and considering what has been in the past this is at least some kind of progress across a little we have seen president change his mind was a pull strings from behind i'm thinking about a couple of german journalists who were released not long after discussions between germany and with president obama say well it's nothing to do with me this is this is this is about the rule of law this is done to the judges and then
8:25 pm
a matter of days later the gist is this judge has decided to let some of these journalists go well yes that's his standard answer especially when the german side is pushing for further developments in these cases of jailed german citizens he says well it's up to the judiciary our tradition. he is independent but if you ask people who are jailed in turkey or a lawyer as or critics of mr adelman they would say well this is absolutely not the case the turks judiciary is not independent so this is his tender answer when it comes to this yes so he is states tonight so what's on his agenda for tomorrow tomorrow he will have lunch he will have breakfast with the german chancellor they will and that's what he said today he wants to talk more about economic cooperation i think issues like financial aid from germany or a bailout considering the economic situation in turkey which is really not well
8:26 pm
inflation at eighteen percent and the leader of the currency has lost about thirty forty percent against the dollar in the euro this year people are extremely frustrated about the economic situation so he wants to talk business he wants investment he wants trade instead of aids so he will put this on the agenda again i think there will be further talking about the five german citizens that are still according to the german government in a turkish jails for political reasons. and then he will later on go to cologne to raid a mosque over there which will be a big event and there are protests planned again massive protests so probably not a very warm welcome in cologne there as well chief political. i wonder can we expect anything in the way of a commitment from from germany or turkey as
8:27 pm
a result of this visit. well they're one ducked the question but they are committed to job in the sense that their interests are so intertwined that they can't live without each other what i would certainly listen out for is whether there will be any guarantees to german businesses to basically back up investment and help turkey out because germany certainly can't afford an unstable turkey that's what i would really look out for in terms of political outcome the big question tomorrow is what kind of scenes will we see in cologne we're hearing about outside due to this new mosque that is supposed to be open that gathering was banned by the authorities so there's still a lot of contend contention potentially on the streets of cologne tomorrow i think an important outcome for critics of president for the turkish opposition in inside turkey would be very clear messages from chancellor merkel concerning the
8:28 pm
human rights situation concerning the rule of law we heard her speak about that today already to use this opportunity to confront mr out along with criticism that people inside turkey can no longer because there is no space no public space for criticism and i think that is the interesting part about the state dinner as well there are some politicians a green party lawmaker for example said i will join that dinner i want to sit at a table with missed out on because i want to use the opportunity to show that opposition is part of the democracy and that he needs to be confronted with the criticism that's out there. well to mccain whose side the palace which our chief political editor thank you for not making without us we can speak again like the final words to you beyond. we have talked much a cross the course the day of august president wants. motivation coming here is
8:29 pm
economy is in freefall his currency is in this similar policy situation you've lived in the country for some time how is that making itself felt on the ground well if you just you know if you go to the supermarket you talk to people they would complain about everything getting more expensive from chocolate to alec tricity to water or to you know buying a mobile phone some people tell me you pay one thousand to two thousand more now for a mobile phone than you paid health a year ago so closely yes because the currency lost well you inflation is at eighteen percent and so the money people are drawing from the bank machines is losing value by the day so to say right now it's kind of the situation has stabilized a little bit it's the small businesses that are affected it's the consumers that are affected and you know this is something that missed out on can't ignore that he
8:30 pm
knows about so he knows he has to find a solution for this and as we know the volatility of financial markets often is really about trust about reassurances and then you know the situation will get better so i think this is what he is really looking for with this visit with these pictures creating or generating some kind of trust in the markets as well is there any benefits to him from germany's significance to his population does he does he get anything politically from from being seen by them well he is a divisive person he has his followers here they love him no matter what they support him no matter what we saw pictures how he was greeted by his supporters but in germany there are many people who think quite differently the kurdish population kurdish turks population here in germany i live east so certain minority groups and leftists and of course you know everything he does here has
8:31 pm
a certain reflect. to his base at home as well so they will be watching very closely and to them of course he wants to send the message as well i'm a respected statesman an important state leader and i can defend turkey's interests in the world and towards europe as well you to talk about it thank you so much. let's go to a shelter chelsea pilton who is with the protesters in the bellevue palace where tonight's the state banquet is being you have welcome to show us what do the protesters want. well just to pick up on where you just said that at one wanted to project this image of himself as an important leader with the protests that we were following here today they did their best to you to counter that image to show that there is a huge amount of opposition here in germany to president add one and some his
8:32 pm
policies some of his actions in recent years now there were thousands of people on the streets here from dozens of different organizations just a short time ago to run through a fuse that people here and what they wanted what they wanted to say there were protesters demonstrators they told us that they were extremely angry with the texas miters offensive against a turkish militia in syria there are a lot of people from far left parties here in germany they say that they're concerned about the increasing wealth there is hereon practices of president add one there were a lot of chung's here on the streets calling him a fascist dictator there was also a huge number of people from germany's turkish community the opponents of president assad one as you said there is of course there are of course a huge number of supporters for the ad one hit but the people that we saw all the people who were out on the streets told us that they're extremely concerned about what's going on back in turkey they listed among a number of things press freedom free speech political prisoners thousands of
8:33 pm
people behind bars including of course as we know number of german what the german authorities call political prisoners so that was a lot of anger here on the streets of london today you know what i saw when we spoke earlier you will with there were thousands of protesters and they were marching on belden castle now i don't see them but i do see a lot of police behind you i'm guessing they didn't get that close. that's why there was a huge police presence here on the streets today a number of the streets were closed all partly to give the process is a free reach through the city but also to make sure that there wasn't any disruption that they didn't come to close to prison and what the plan was for these protesters to reach bedu palace they say that they wanted to bring that and get bring that opposition to him directly to show him their opposition that in fact didn't happen they were stopped just behind me by police and and have now discussed but of course that's not to say that that message went in headed for the president
8:34 pm
out of one he's not very far away there were fireworks being set off they really did make every effort to make their voice heard on. a small children pill but it thank you so much. don't give a thought it would obama has been speaking with the foreign policy spokesman i'm going to conserve since this is the hot with his reaction to president obama's visit. it's the hot president out of. characterize germany as a fascist country he holds german citizens journalists hostage he doesn't respect the rule of law how would you characterize the present. president the other one is probably politician that things said to he gained do all things alone i
8:35 pm
think also things said he has not so many. people around him that give him twice to what to do and sometimes such leaders go into dead ends with their policy and what we see in turkey today in politics in civil society and also in economic terms is a little bit like a dead end. turkey is economically standing with its back against a wall is president out of one coming to germany or charm offensive. we not have to laugh him but we know that. turkey and germany have common interests and international politics and security issues and we want to have a better life for turkish people we we expect that the lot of german life turkish people left the country and that we want to have a good future for the country and therefore it's necessary and good that we talk with the president at all on also about several things where we have concerns what
8:36 pm
you consider mr advani a reliable partner. reliable in relative terms yes i think we have several fields where we can rely on him he is a partner in nato. as it was before but we also have to discuss some critical issues publicly but maybe also more of those behind closed doors thank you mr hart. let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world. police in denmark of close bridges and shut down ferries linking the capital copenhagen to the mainland. to a major manhunt they said they were looking for a stolen swedish registered car containing three people wanted for what they called serious criminality the shutdown calls major traffic jams in the danish capital. an ancient mayan pictograph has gone on display in mexico city the calendar style
8:37 pm
text is nearly a thousand years old and depicts the astral movements of venus it was looted from mexican caves in the one nine hundred sixty s. and taken to the united states it's the continent's oldest legible document. fossils from a new species of dinosaur have been discovered in south africa's free state province they plan to eating giant named the duma hardy mouth weighed twelve tons and stood four meters high double the size of an elephant it was there it was the world's largest where they live some two hundred million years ago. and this follows the discovery last year a chinese a pharmaceutical company had manufactured substandard vaccines that were then injected into tens of thousands of children the crisis has been blamed in large part a regulator a failure by the chinese authorities and actually forced looks at a group of parents fighting for the rights of their children who they say were disabled by the faulty medication. she should to spend whatever time she can at the
8:38 pm
hospital visiting her two year old daughter when faced with going treatment she can't crawl all stand she only makes sounds the official diagnosis is infant teil spasms the first symptoms appeared after she was vaccinated against it syria and hooping cough. shots i was taught it's difficult the treatment is very expensive. it's all i work for. there's no way out i hope the government finally takes notice of the children and the parents is out. early and i in chandon province is home to more than ten million people more than two hundred thousand children here are suspected to have been affected by faulty vaccines authorities have described vaccinations as ineffective many of the parents we meet say injections that were meant to protect their children have now scarred them for life
8:39 pm
the parents have organized themselves on social media and say they're willing to talk to us the show is documents vaccination cards they cry they are desperate their children are old severely disabled all with similar symptoms. after our interviews the families contact us and withdraw their permission to be featured we later find out that the local police have put pressure on them to keep quiet. that . only she has to choose doesn't withdraw her consent. totally about how even if they find russia i won't be afraid the truth is in here i'm sticking to my guns. she also shows us her daughter's vaccination record on it of the names shank shown biotechnology and who hang on to companies accused of producing defective vaccines amid mounting public anger eighteen men.
8:40 pm
has he been taken into custody state television reporter china's president xi jinping touching the topic and the people come first he said we must ensure this doesn't happen again and for many of the parents such comments don't go far enough they've gathered in front of the state hospital in beijing to chant stop the fax nations and bring back our children police have reportedly already lose some parents and return him to define provinces. in the united states the senate judiciary committee has voted to recommend the full senate votes on donald trump's controversial supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh this despite yesterday's testimony from christine the blasi forward who said judge cathal had assaulted her when they were teenagers back in the one nine hundred eighty s. in a vote that went very much along party lines the committee backed the judge deciding the deciding vote was cast by and from republican jeff flake he says he's urging of the more typical senate leadership to delay a vote on the capital for
8:41 pm
a week until the f.b.i. accounting can complete an investigation into allegations of misconduct against him here is jeff flake statement to the committee and i think it would be. proper to delay the floor vote. for up to but not more than one week. in order to let the f.b.i. . continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope. to the current allegations that are there and i've spoken to a few other members. who are on my side of the aisle that may be supportive as well . this from days of your correspondent john marsh later in washington on capitol hill welcome so the committee house voted. judge kavanagh's nomination goes forward but now we have vis motion for any investigation from the
8:42 pm
f.b.i. so what happens next. honestly feel it's rather unclear what happens next and we've even seen some senators saying they don't know what happens next because this is rather unprecedented play chs motion was really olive branch to the democrats it was a motion of appeasement because so many democrats on the judiciary committee have been so vociferously and vehemently opposed to moving this nomination to the full senate vote so essentially what is happening in the immediate future is jeff flake has asked the white house to ask the f.b.i. to investigate these allegations against judge cavanagh and the white house has already at least president trump has already come out and said that he's going to defer to the senate to request an f.b.i. investigation the thing is the senate leader could just ignore all of this and call the vote maybe even as early as this afternoon more likely really next week
8:43 pm
because republicans are very very very eager to get brett kavanaugh on the supreme court so this is very uncharted territory for the senate right now we're all just waiting with bated breath to see what's going to happen next ok so let's look at the votes itself a vote twelve eleven to let this nomination go ahead do we presume that this was twelve republicans on the eleven democrats. yes it was eleven republicans ten democrats along party lines and flake was the swing vote he had painted himself as unsure about kavanagh's nomination from the beginning and anyone who was watching what happened with the committee they had scheduled this vote earlier today to schedule the vote for this afternoon this is all bureaucratic standard operating procedure for the senate and there was a lot of still very passionate speeches that actually walkouts from the democratic side and just before the vote this afternoon at one thirty local time flake had
8:44 pm
a previously announced that he was going to vote yes on cavanagh and he was seen huddling with democrats who presumably were trying to convince him to vote no ultimately he did vote yes and it was a party line vote but in this unusual move he extended as i said this all of pressure the democrats calling for this f.b.i. investigation so it looks as though nobody was was swayed a soul bit besides possibly a flake by yesterday's emotional testimony from brett's. christine blasi forward yes it certainly came down to the original party line vote that everyone assumed was going to happen with this new twist in the mix right now. presumably if you had asked me this morning what was going to happen in the full senate there was may or may not have been a party line vote there as well with all of the fifty one republicans voting yes
8:45 pm
and the forty nine democrats voting no on this nomination but there are two key republican votes who everyone is going to be watching right now and that is senator susan collins of maine and senator lisa murkowski murkowski of alaska they have said that they are not sure whether or not they are going to vote yes on cavanagh yet and however long it takes to get to the senate floor they are going to be bombarded with pleas from both sides to vote their way on my straight to capitol hill keep a notebook on do you still looks like you're going to need is over the next few hours and days thank you so much. so big night of bundesliga football is under way first place buying music is in it to play fourth place that's about it and the game that kicked off just a short time ago by an undefeated season well had to have only lost one much bell
8:46 pm
and coach paul dodd day is that we have a winner of a bye i would shake up the way he should know back when he played for bell and he scored a decisive goal against by. it was two thousand and nine and pod di cicco led to a brain win over the buy and release. nico sneaker poll that also scored in that game for by and but it wasn't enough. back to the present a win this time around for attack could change the natural order of the bundesliga but the home side is realistic busy in my research a are strong but have should be supported by or the other half are here to fans what can i say and this game even when i was a player no matter who scored a goal everyone jumped up it'd be nice if we scored first if we got the winning goal after so many years it would be very nice but we know what to expect and we need to prepare. and had an unexpected draw last time out in munich.
8:47 pm
whole batch of bowling made it isn't taking their opponent life. i think they play very very well so i mean precedent here. very very technical tame . power was a defensive midfielder for good reason they're very disciplined in winning back the balls and discipline huge cloud if you can see that's why we very challenging that the olympics that you know photo. two teams met by two men who know each other all too well and going for a big brain. the last three berlin by and meetings have ended even. for professional golfers this may be the most important weekend of the year it's the ryder cup tournament pitting the best of the united states against the best of europe and don't have locus day the crowd the crowd on the course outside paris has helped bring the europeans back from an early three want deficit in the morning
8:48 pm
round giving them a five three lead after the afternoon session a long way to go though twenty eight matches over the americans are defending champions need to win a fourteen points europe needs fourteen and a half to take away. welcome back to the san diego zoo safari park in the united states which has welcomed its newest but certainly not its more this resident a look at this a one hundred twenty seven kilogram baby elephant that's going to other female cop is the biggest ever to be born to the birth of this giant baby took zookeepers somewhat by surprise as it came a month came earlier than expected mother elephant ghani and her new offspring are trained to be doing well the series now fourteen. and if it's. i sense
8:49 pm
a culture because that's the way you do it i think friedland surprise is an international prize for writers which is awarded every two years this year it's going to the american author richard ford so we'll find out more about the prize on the prize winner for rolling medal from our culture desk welcome robin this is a relatively new award in the literary world it is it was established by c. friedland's himself in twenty fourteen unfortunately he died later that year he's actually of famous author in germany and also quite was also quite a political activist very much a follower of villi brunt's also supported seek you know to normalize trying to normalize relations between east and west in the cold war and also many of his books in many of his books he addressed the sort of moral issue of juicy versus conscience that germany experienced in the nazi era and so this is what
8:50 pm
richard forward yeah he's an american right he's actually won the pulitzer prize for his novel independence day which has nothing to do the film by the way it was the follow up to his most famous book the sportswriter he's actually also infamous for not taking well soup criticism of his books he's had a route for sixteen years now with a critic who sort of wrote badly about one of his books he actually sat in his face and that was sixteen years ago and every day they still don't get on anyway our intrepid report. he's about dead interview him an exclusive into the how did you like this yes. just a couple of days ago before he received the prize and first asked him about winning the award. it's such an honor and because i have read plans and so to know his work and now to meet his family and to have this war disturbed by the
8:51 pm
city of hamburg for whom he was cherished writer is remarkable it's miraculous you know to get to live where i live and to get to come to germany to get to come to hamburg and have work that i did in a little fisherman's cottage. at lenox to come here and have my work read and talked about it looked at it it's a miracle to me something i couldn't have in my wildest dreams imagined. richard fuld grew up in the southern state of mississippi in the days of segregation. well the terrible society it was a race really divided apartheid society we only lived in a part of it in that little part that we lived in was made absurd by being separate from the rest of the population and we knew that we knew how absurd our life was and if you know that you're leading in absurd life i think we need you or can lead
8:52 pm
you to do absurd things so i did a lot of certain things. but his decision to become a writer turned out to be anything bought. we're all writing books in the service of the same ends which is to say to induce people to read and to induce readers to undergo the experience of amazing and to literature which is to reaffirm life which is through a renewed language which is to say there's always something more in the world than what we may be a captive of on any given day for me it's a vocation so it's its decisions and its ups and downs are the same as my lives. how should i read your books one word at a time. when one of the draw is of this world i'm not
8:53 pm
quite sure what other answer you could have given his latest book is that his first book of nonfiction yeah it's a memoir about his parents i mean he's seventy four itself of life when you think back i think and he's he's very meticulous right he always maintains that these very much in love his first love is the english language and he writes as we sold a rights everything by hand with a pen and he doesn't use computers and then he reads everything out loud to himself to sort of get the rhythm of the language and with that in mind let's hear him reading a little bit from his latest book is called between them remembering my parents and here he is describing his dad and his. his large malleable fleshy face was given to smile on his first face was always the smiling one the long irish lip the transparent blue eyes my eyes my mother must have noticed this when she met him wherever she did in hot springs or little rock some time before nine hundred twenty
8:54 pm
eight noticed this and liked what she saw a man who liked to be happy she had never been exactly happy only in exactly with the nuns who taught her and senator ensign for smith where her mother had put her to keep her out of the way. interestingly. richard ford a bestselling author but he's books haven't been turned into films until now yeah i don't know why this is but his novel wild life which was written way back in nine hundred ninety is about to come out as a film was shown at cannes and sundance to great acclaim the acting got a lot of praise it stars actually carry mulligan and jake gillen hole and it's just strange story of a love triangle with the difference really with the wife played by governments falling for another man rather bigoted horrible whereas jake getting hold of her husband's rather nice anyway this sixteen year old son is the number eight or in
8:55 pm
the book and kind of in the film as well and he sees his mother flirting in taking up with this other man when he's down daddy's away actually fighting a wild song as i said it's some some great acting and it's an impressive directorial debut from the acts of paul dano he's made a very watchable period movie from the nine hundred fifty s. it sets come out next year through all that going on and he's won this year's secret prize he has indeed is a great honor he says and it also wins in fifty thousand euros in prize money so it was a very nice man yes all right not that it's not about the money it's about the cultural experience more on the website absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture thank you so much just aren't reminder of our top stories at . present but i'm tired of one is attending a state banquet in his alma in the german capital building build to be joining a german president frank cultish dynamite as well as a makeover not at the banquet but across the three day visit that secure today have
8:56 pm
a good day. i'm going to. come. to.
8:57 pm
the bureau in stars deliver browsing the form and so. on. the body you're never going to get enough of this performance last spring garbage from observation. more oh.
8:58 pm
turkish president paradorn is in berlin for a controversial state visits. the for the relations between the two countries have been strained for the past two years and now chancellor merkel and president carter want to see the meetings as an opportunity to normalize the relations. we will be following the state this is closely today so you know well you know. i'm not laughing at the germans because sometimes i am but i stand up and with the talent of the budget i don't think they've into the general culture of. new jersey who take this drama day on belief because it's all about who they know i'm rachel joining me to get the funny the polls. the contentious figure at home. hero in germany. from the falling of the in
8:59 pm
place to german reunification. and the end of the cold place warm chances one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change quickly met his downfall i have decided to resign mine duties as president of the soviet union . he continues to fight for peace with a reminder when you know you have to comprehend where this is taken us today there is a new. hour of time gorbachev and the opportunity for peace wasted starts october third on d w.
9:00 pm
played. good. news live from our lead germany go. it's turkish president branch of along with a state banquet to the glamorous occasion caps a day of diplomatic bridge building wants to improve strains ties with germany but his record on human rights for means a sticking point for the nato allies. also coming up.


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