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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  September 29, 2018 10:30am-11:00am CEST

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want to hear. the borneo case starts october ninth w. welcome to focus on europe i'm sumi so much going to it is great to have you with us europe is facing difficult times the independence movement in catalonia is picking up steam again nearly a year after the region how the referendum on breaking away from spain this was the scene in barcelona a few weeks ago a pro independence rally drew nearly a million people they called on spanish officials to release jailed lawmakers who
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were put behind bars for holding the illegal referendum last october well today catalonia is as divided as ever and these yellow ribbons are proof separatists are putting them up in cities and towns across catalonia as a symbol of their drive for freedom for opponents to ribbons are a sign of the growing threat to spain's unity it is a conflict that spilled into the streets and both sides are seeing red. night has fallen have a small group is gathering to discuss tactics nobody wants to be identified the leader even asks us to distort his voice you never know. if you could reverse we're going to stay in the cars and check things out well do our work as usual and the drivers will pick us up and we're out of here. ok. you know i think they call themselves the cleaning brigade with trash bags and box cutters they want
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to rid catalonia streets of any separatist symbolism. first stop. a small town by the mediterranean right at the entrance to the village they get to business but they have to move fast they've only got half an hour they can never stay anywhere long they say if they're caught they're sure to be trouble. that they insult attack us. how was forgotten they hit us through rocks with us flower pots off their balconies or spray acidic cleaning fluids you know it's all been done before i feel that the. sometimes they get encouragement a woman driving by calls out. well done hats off and the cleaners thank her politely. but most of the time they get less pleasant receptions. next stop
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the cleaning brigade holds by the roadside. shouts from across the street tell them they've been discovered. the only group member without a mask shows us a rock that got thrown at him as the second flies towards him. do you think this is normal. time to get out they don't want to take any unnecessary risks. their shift ends at four thirty in the morning mission accomplished they've managed quite a fall maybe the three villages they visited will remain we've been free at least for a while. but when we return the next day we see that the others the pro independence camp have been busy tying up or evidence cutting them down time them up again it's become somewhat of a cattle and past time. there was the little kids. and i don't know what i can see a way out of this when you're going to get people hanging out yellow ribbons are
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just calling for the release of the political prisoners who stood up for independence. tony shine a sells fruit and vegetables in tata goanna in southern catalonia the decoration in front of his small shop makes clear which side he supports he's received a threatening letter. from people claiming to be neighbors. if he doesn't remove his separatist symbols they say they'll boycott his shop. they're going to be on the other distributors calderwood gone through the same thing and they told me not to worry it will be as good i'd sell even more from now on as the customers would want to show their solidarity. more thought with only that he that. and just as they said business has improved all in all it seems the pro independence camp has the upper hand. it's evening again in catalonia another group is preparing to get to work this time it's those time up the ravens unlike the cleaning brigade they
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don't operate in secret they don't fear repression at work or from their neighbors . to begin something tying up ribbons is the same as cutting them down that's not true tying them opposite form of protest cutting them down is taking away people's right to protest it will be much steaming and if say to morrow someone were to cut down your ribbons would you put them up again whatever they have told me quite possible part of this is about not surrendering. sounds like a promise or a threat depends on how you look at it either way the yellow ribbon war seems far from over. now turkish president wretch of type two want is making a controversial state visit to germany several german lawmakers are protesting the visit because of what they call increasingly authoritarian rule in turkey journalists and opponents have been persecuted and put behind bars but everyone
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enjoys a strong following among the nearly three million people of turkish descent living here in germany still he has his critics in the turkish community as well including high koba that the journalist and comedian is living in exile in germany but he says the persecution that drove him out of turkey has followed him all the way to berlin. a bulletproof vest. turkish stand up comedian and journalist tyco but it always has it lying around for safety reasons though he rarely leaves his berlin home anyway that's because the outspoken editor one critic has been receiving death threats from supporters of the turkish president. and some would join you can't fight the turkish status quo from within but become passive in exile that's like dying a slow death. so you could say ask critics of fighting death one way or another
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didn't you mr kid. is it news that. german police officers patrol the roundabout at its house several times a day for his security for a year he even had bodyguards with him around the clock. went on stage bought always wears his bulletproof vest a christian he regularly talks about the armenian genocide and demands equal rights for turkey's kurds but that draws the ire of many out of one bankers putting it at risk even in germany. heiko i'd like to fire a nine millimeter bullet into your head and drink your blood but at regularly finds threats like these in his inbox sometimes they're sent by over one supporters in turkey. other times but i don't want backers in germany. to turkey's government critics like but are traitors now even his own children are being punished. by being one of my sons wanted to apply for
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a new passports at the turkish embassy they were told that's not possible because turkey has issued a warrant for my arrest and. now they can't travel and my wife's passport and my own will soon expire and they want to stop us leaving germany was a. recently well known journalist and opposition politician in his spare bowler was freed from jail after one and a half years behind bars many observers suspect his release is intended to appease critics of turkey's human rights record. but bernard stresses that many more opposition figures still remain in jail and that arrests continue unabated the urges the german government to address this one president at a one makes his oficial state visit to germany. for his part will attend the n.d.o. to one rallies. to the might. want to discuss ways to remedy his country's economic
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crisis germany will consider whether to lend him money and also wants to buy german made weapons so i'm not sure whether the german government will talk about the state of takis democracy and its human rights situation i doubt they will for example discuss turks forced to live in exile of all the situation of children in canada stands on the good little. bit but and his wife attend a performance by an actor and friend who like them relocated from turkey to berlin for political reasons the actor was fired from istanbul state theatre along with many others he's glad of the company of like minded exiles you know and it's not just always technical support you know very you know i mean psychologically and emotionally. we are supporting kids so that which is more than everything that picked up use them picked up this monkey things like these were fed ex our show solidarity for each other our important city was that whether in a political or cultural context like tonight's theater performances you can
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duplicate on that do a. play focuses on the difficulties of overcoming your own limits and the courage needed to do so. courage is a trait or one critics like ike obama certainly need in these dangerous times even in exile in berlin. while thousands of turkish citizens have applied for asylum here in germany so far now it's supposed to be a success story for ecologists and conservationists in the one nine hundred eighty s. officials in the netherlands decided to rewilding huge swaths of marshland it became an oasis for wild horses deer and cattle fifty six square kilometers of serengeti right in the heart of europe but what happens when a reserve is returned to nature and also barges plus in the animal population boom and food when told now creatures on the land are dying at an alarming rate and
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activists are up in our. it looks like a scene straight out of africa herds of wild animals graze here horses and huge cattle. but these creatures are roaming free in the netherlands at that list father's plus a nature reserve just thirty kilometers from amsterdam. so not far removed from civilization. hunts eric capers the ranger here is out on one of his daily safaris. there are various sometimes i'm late getting home because the animals block the way the cattle will usually move but the horses always stay their ground on the road several more seriously it's wonderful and impressive to see the animals here you. can smile he tells us that fifty years ago this learned was still seabed but
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attempts to fully drain this five thousand tech to area failed creating wetlands which became home to tens of thousands of birds. the crowd around the nineteen eighties and early ninety's we released a few dozen big grazing animals wild horses cattle and read dear old with otherwise the place would have quickly become overgrown with trees and bushes but they're all of our stroke obama. and the grazing animals clearly feel at home here over the years their numbers have grown from a few dozen to over five thousand this natural paradise is fenced off and off limits to humans. but west part is plus and has a darker side emaciated horses and deer who have starved to death. several thousand animals didn't survive last his harsh winter so although it's not permitted animal rights activists began feeding the creatures thousands of
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protesters called the reserve preliminary a. for animals. both of their animals have no say they're not free they're in prison and. eddie nahal is also protesting against the nature reserve together with other activists he secretly fed the animals last winter but they have to be careful due to the growing tensions police are patrolling the area and handing out fines which can quickly amount to a few hundred euros. but they think it's worth it to help the animals. it's an abscess it should be removed. for these people the fact that no one takes care of these animals isn't rewilding it's state sponsored cruelty to animals. this is grass and this also and it's not not enough. for now they will fight for the british but for later on in the year
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into the winter. so is it just a crazy idea to create a nature reserve in one of the most densely populated countries in europe. one reason why people are taking a closer look at it was taught as class and has to do with these filmmakers from amsterdam. millions of people in the netherlands have seen their film the new wilderness. the film shows plenty of unspoiled nature but also suffering and dying realities of life for animals living in the wild. there's the brutality of the books on the hunt . and the ugly end of a majestic creature the standards of live out of all of the strong survive the weak die but we notice that many dutch people can no longer accept that. they see everything from the perspective of house pets guilty so something like this is too
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shocking. the constant police presence shows how he said the debate has become the dutch government has reacted by making some changes at father's class and animals can now be shot in emergencies but feeding them remains to be. ranger hunts eric capers is glad that he now knows where things stand even if as a result of the protests by animal rights activists he may now be forced to kill some of these animals. i love nature and animals and the people who demonstrated against us this winter and are still doing so certainly love animals to something which connects us but we have completely different ideas about what constitutes a natural process in nature animals are born die to what it was or how he got creating the new wilderness isn't simple factory farms may abound and animals
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are slaughtered on manse and yes no one wants to see animals suffer. now bosnia and herzegovina is a country still deeply divided along ethnic lines more than twenty years since the end of the bosnian war but the death of a twenty one year old has sparked such anger that it's united different groups in protest david was found dead in banja luka in the north of the country in march of this year he'd been missing for several days now david family accuse police of covering up what happened and they have been taking to the streets ever since joined by thousands who are fed up with endemic corruption or have lost faith in their government they're calling for change ahead of parliamentary elections in october and justice for darfur. no matter what the others say she's convinced her son was murdered in this case the others the police public
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prosecutors and the politicians of banja luka the capital of republican subscale in northern wozniak. darva drug each of it allegedly drowned in march twenty eighth the police said no other person was involved. i want to know why they'd claimed daveed was addicted to drugs and that he was a thief that committed suicide i don't believe what they're saying about my son. darva drug each of his case has become symbolic it's rallied countless people who have lost their faith in the state and its institutions for months they've been demanding a full investigation into dad's death. penalty no doubt justice for darted justice they chant they believe the twenty one year old fell victim to the local mafia darvich father says that's why the police and the prosecutor's
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office aren't interested in investigating his message. minister look at each of you when your men you killed my son now you want to hush it up but i'm on to you. darva druggy trivett shows there's the spot by the river turk faina where his son was found on march the seventeenth twenty eighteen six days after he had disappeared. the authorities say darva had taken drugs broken into a house and then fallen into the river and drowned. but pictures from his autopsy show that darvish body was covered with injuries that could only be caused by beatings or torture. darvich father sees there says evidence of murder. where they're located in the investigation file contains too many contradictions his body couldn't possibly have been in the river for six days
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we came here every day and searched for. the police and all forat is in bosnia luka disagree they're convinced it was a tragic suicide. yet despite repeated requests they refused to be interviewed they say they don't comment on ongoing investigations. i don't want hangers the people of banja luka the most is this silence they want the police and prosecutors office to stop covering for criminals that's what they continue to rally for. those we've been demanding justice for more than one hundred sixty days they're clearly hiding something this can't be right. it's very sad that the institutions of the republic of serbska aren't doing their jobs. bosnia and herzegovina is seen as a failed state in europe the dayton peace agreement in one thousand nine hundred five split the country between three ethnic groups there's a bosnian federation for muslims and croats and the republican serbska for serbs.
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it's relatives kept receiving threats then two weeks ago a journalist looking into the case was brutally beaten did he get too close to someone behind this. and if the attack really was because of coverage of the drug literature case and the protests then this was an attempt to drive away the journalists reporting it. the number of protesters has dwindled a little over the months but several hundred still gather in banja luka each day. general elections are sent for october seventh across the country by then divers mother hopes that pressure on the streets will mount again to the point that all foreigners will be forced to break their silence. his father and i gathered evidence such as security camera footage the police haven't lifted
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a finger that speaks volumes as to how bad things are here. darva deserves justice public opinion in bosnia and herzegovina is united on that. well if david's parents don't make headway with authorities and banja luka they say they will turn to the european court of justice now it's been called the new space race billionaires competing to explore the universe with their own space flights now the ideas of people like you and me could buy a ticket to the galaxy and back if you have enough money that is but how do we get from here on earth up there well one company's planning a spaceport in a little town in southern italy to catapult space shuttles into the cosmos from the heel of italy's boot all the way into the void. is a sleepy little air point it has no commercial airline service the check in counter
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sit idle. why there numbered ten to sixteen is anyone's guess as no other counters exist. still and tony of s.l.a. has big plans for his airport. and sound off with thinking about doubling capacities here because we can't keep up with the demand for these little gas that . this is going to talia's latest vision for the future space travel. from here space shuttles would carry wealthy tourists into the cosmos. and the company planning to do this is virgin galactic the firm owned by billionaire richard branson has been building space ships in the u.s. for over a decade recently they conducted their third test flight and at almost the same time virgin galactic signed a contract making grow tahlia its european space port its base for future flights
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into space. until now go talia has lived from traditional handicrafts mainly pottery and the job on flatty is a fifth generation pottery maker he's skeptical about the plants space tourists he'd settle for a few more ordinary once. for all the that. the we're talking is one thing taking action is another. we'll see it's not going to happen right away. we know about it but no one knows what really will happen well i certainly thought . there are a few places less forward looking than promote. the entire town is an urgent need of an overhaul. for sale signs hang on buildings and
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flats throughout the old town. and the mayor is glad when a new bar opens up and stops by in person beforehand so what does he think about his town becoming a gateway to outer space. it might all be pioneer sky but he's happy to dream a little. but i'm. going to be a great opportunity to breathe new life into the app. and he could stimulate the economy and revive our industry because we haven't got a lot of that. artist to domenic also has his studio in the potter's district his work still with the past mainly with mythology and history still he thinks ahead and sees
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a bright future for his town. that just out there live on if you look at mach i'm sure it's good for us i mean there was no trial you will make headlines around the world. some potters of said they'd like to have bus loads of tourists here and they will surely come in and out of there are certain people with a good eye for things. antonio also believes people with a good eye for things want to see the town's airport hangar as a big empty building they'll view it as europe's first spaceport. if the door which was the future is here in the future of this region and you to university and its vision of life. we surely give you. that future will begin at the latest when the first space shuttles land here if they ever land here. expensed flight program is already running at least five years behind schedule. doesn't look
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like much of a space race just yet well that's all for this edition of focus on europe thanks for joining us and see you next time. the book. the book. the be. the book. the my. body. the body. the law. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
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blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. blah blah. blah. blah but your view the stars deliver rousing performance of. the band being comparable sounds combined with brilliance lyrics above the balmy man joined by great singers onstage is a wrong guitar legend jeff. good to be closer than fifty g.w. . boards more.
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the more camp there's a terrible suspicion coursing through one of europe's largest refugee camps on the island of. followers has said to be terrorizing. the refugees some say they've treated criminal structures we meet witnesses and victims in an exclusive report today in reports. women have been fighting for the case to take it seriously in the words of what appears as come out. struck on t.w. they are the female superheroes on a mission to smart women smart talks with smart station and legends blizzard by no means missed out on it were increasingly dangerous stuff. made for months late
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. this is d w news live from berlin and earthquake and tsunami leave hundreds dead in indonesia that's after a powerful waves barreled into the island of pseudo way sea officials are warning the final death toll could be much higher we'll get the latest from our correspondent also coming up a banquet in berlin for turkey's president turns.


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