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because it may lead to the authentic gun. but who will win. the borneo case starts october ninth on dream w. this is d w news live from berlin an earthquake and tsunami leave hundreds dead in indonesia that's after powerful waves barrel into the island of sulawesi officials are warning the final death toll could be much higher with the latest from our correspondent also coming up a banquet in berlin for turkey's president turned sour. one unleashes
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a series of accusations against his german hosts as he's angered by criticism of his country's human rights record. that might not be down i don't want it to be i don't think. an extraordinary confrontation between the sexual abuse survivor and a u.s. senator lees him to call for an investigation into assault accusations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. i'm carl asman welcome to the program a powerful earthquake has rocked indonesia triggering a towering tsunami officials now say at least three hundred eighty four people were killed waves as high as three meters hit the city of palu on the island of sulawesi hospitals have been struggling to cope with the injured while rescuers are scrambling to reach the stricken region. onlookers
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horrified as a huge wave swept over everything in sight. authorities say thousands of structures in the city of palu and nearby areas were destroyed. the tsunami washed away homes and businesses. as well as a large mosque in the city. communication lines and power remain cut in many areas. the tsunami was triggered by a seven point five magnitude earthquake that struck off the coast just minutes before. this footage shows the quakes immediate aftermath many people rushed to the streets to escape the risk of being caught in a collapse. officials fear the number of victims will continue to rise as search and recovery efforts advance. i've instructed the security minister
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to coordinate resources the chief of the armed forces is hoping to handle the emergency situation including rescues and evacuations. authorities have urged survivors of the disaster to be wary due to the risk of strong aftershocks. correspondent max walden is in jakarta for us he joins us now with more on this story max authorities have warned that the death toll could rise further what's the latest that you're hearing there about rescue efforts in the region. yeah well certainly it's still very much an ongoing search and rescue mission members of the military and the disaster management agency flew in straight after the disaster yesterday and the president has said he's following the situation very very closely i've heard from the red cross that on the ground there in dire need of food course. has been damaged the water is also in dire demand
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medical supplies and of course the ongoing interest is the most urgent priority as well. speaking of the rescue efforts and the preparation there there's been some criticism about the warning that was issued before the tsunami or as a tsunami was expected can you tell us about that yes so the agency of indonesia initially when the earthquake could get issue a tsunami warning this was council just over half an hour afterwards and there have been reports of people in. the tsunami struck. a major festival they were having net and so the. agency has actually said that those people. one of the missing clearly they were they were not prepared. this incident of course recalls the devastating and two thousand and four tsunami that killed more than one hundred thousand people in indonesia have authorities improved their response to these sorts of disasters since then. will certainly
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bring it to be known for disaster thankfully the scale of these disasters of appear to be nearly. tragic however. i think in terms of indonesia it's a highly disaster prone country of course. these kinds of disasters tsunamis ok knows that basically. to be struck by all of these i do think however if you go to any nation that you can see signs warning about tsunamis and indeed these particular area was struck by a tsunami back in two thousand and five. quite ready to play into higher areas however given the severity of this particular disaster it seems that when they weren't necessarily that well prepared dire situation there joining us from jakarta thank you very much. thank you. turkish president wretch of tayyip heir to one is
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wrapping up a controversial state visit to germany today the visit was meant to create harmony between berlin and but it's been the rail by their differences over human rights as well as mass street protests against is a visit demonstrations are under way for a second day today this time in the western city of cologne where everyone is due to arrive this afternoon he's scheduled to open the city's new central mosque a number of air to one supporters among germany's turkish community have also been gathering to welcome him. well we are joined by saida sedar our chief foreign policy editor here at g.w. thanks for joining me say to first of all today chancellor merkel president everyone they had a working breakfast here in berlin what was on the agenda well there are a lot of issues that the two leaders had to talk about one of the most important issues for germany as the imprisoned german citizens in turkey so clearly there are
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five people in prison in turkey another issue that for add on which is really important turkish economy is in trouble and he needs support and this is where he's looking to support or to get some support from germany and of course the human rights issue in turkey that's another important topic for germany so there are a lot of issues that they have to talk about now there were some tensions at the diplomatic dinner last night really kind of spilling out into the open we saw germany's presidents and present everyone there let's have a listen first to what president one had to say. the glenn movement is a terrorist organization unfortunately hundreds even thousands of its followers are walking free in germany are we not going to talk about them i didn't want to bring this up tonight but when the president mentioned these issues i have two i wish we didn't have to talk about this now we already discussed these matters earlier today . so what led to the reaction many people saying that was totally off script for
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everyone well yes because president steinmeier he said first he said he was worried about the imprisoned germans like we spoke earlier but then he also said i'm also worried about the intelligentsia the journalists the political that are currently in prison in turkey so that's why our to one felt he had to respond to this statement and it's also interesting because he said i would rather not talk about this i would rather have a friendly conversation here at dinner this also shows actually how much he needs germany at the moment some tensions there was in protests on the ground why is there one such a difficult guest for germany well first of all he's important for germany there are more than three million people with turkish origin living here in germany and some of them support so he is influential here on these people at the same time turkey is important for germany it's strategically it's important security wise it's important due to the refugee crisis turkey is important for germany so they
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have to find a common ground to deal with each other so that's what makes our don't want a difficult guest next up any moment everyone expected to arrive in cologne in germany what can be expected there we saw the protests maybe some more tensions as well right protests are underway the police is trying to take it under control there is going to be a central mosque a d. to mosque is going to be opened in cologne to well integrated actually been open for a while and it is currently under fire because it. has allegedly spied on turkish citizens living in germany for the turkish government so it is again going to be a controversial rest of the visit today not an easy one for germany but an important one the chief foreign policy editor say to us they don't think very much thank you. now to some the other stories making news around the world spanish police have clashed with separatist separatists in the barcelona demonstrators threw paint and projectiles at the police officers then used photon strikes to keep
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them back tensions are high in the region one year after a banned referendum on cots of independence. facebook says a fresh data breach has exposed the personal information of fifty million users the social media giant says it doesn't know who is behind the attack but the breach could allow hackers to take over facebook accounts and users who have used the view as feature in the last year are especially vulnerable. the lawyer for two journalists imprisoned in myanmar has urged the government to immediately pardon them amal clooney told an audience at the u.n. that history will judge de facto burmese leader aung san suu kyi on her actions reuters reporters on and who were sentenced to seven years in prison for their reporting on the persecution of a ruined it was. u.s. president donald trump has ordered the f.b.i. to investigate allegations of sexual assault against his pick for the supreme court
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but kavanagh the senate judiciary committee narrowly approved his nomination by eleven votes to ten but a key senator called for a week long delay before the full senate votes to decide whether he should sit on the court earlier a professor testified that cavanagh assaulted her at a party when the two were teenagers kavanagh denied the accusation. if you want democracy a deal of high drama and roy motion in the u.s. capital protesters hitting the streets to object to the nomination of break cavanagh to the country's most powerful court. i asked around the same time the bentyl a divided u.s. senate judiciary committee was pushing ahead with a vote to proceed to a calvinist nomination the democrats who wanted an f.b.i. investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against cavanagh were feuding. and the corridors outside the atmosphere was feeble and then
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a moment that may alter history senator jeff flake who had just declared his backing for cavanagh confronted by a sexual abuse survivor. i don't tell anyone in your telling all women that you know now that i think a mistake why i have. to tell you that my vote doesn't matter don't worry me don't think. that you're a little less. than three. hours later the republican senator was back in committee and had found his voice offering to back the controversial nominee under one condition. i think it would be. proper to delay the floor vote. for up to but not more than one week in order to let the f.b.i. . continue to do an investigation limited in time and scope. with not
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dramatic compromise another flare up in the room and perhaps the country had been a vast today but it still needed the backing of one man i guess the vote was a positive vote but this seems to be a delay learn more about it goes the day goes on i just heard about it because we would get were later ordered an f.b.i. investigation. as he left work flake took the underground exit away from the public eye the end of the day of reckoning. you know all lawyers for soccer star christiane over naldo are threatening to sue german magazine der spiegel after it published allegations that he raped a woman u.s. citizen catherine mayorga told their spiegel that were not although attacked her in a las vegas hotel room nine years ago and the lawyer said his client had initially reached an out of court settlement with her and although but the longer felt bound
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by the agreement as she was still suffering from the after effects of the rape and all those lawyers called the accusations illegal. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you right now at least three hundred eighty four people are reported dead in indonesia after an earthquake triggered a tsunami on the island up to the way city officials warn the death toll there could rise significantly as rescuers scramble to reach the stricken region. and a diplomatic tensions rise during a state banquet in berlin turkish president's projectile have aired a one on least a series of accusations against his german hosts angered by criticism of his country's human rights record. don't forget you can always get news on the go just to download our app from google play or from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the new app to send us
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your photos and if your videos. your watching you have the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget all the latest news around the clock on our web site that's dot com thanks for joining. earth. home two days of species. a home worth saving. good yes those are big changes and most start with small steps but little india's tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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