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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2018 6:15am-6:31am CEST

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pollution it's just. time for good. eco africa people and projects that are changing no one parent for the better it's up to us. good. to see. w. . and unusual friendship. is the story of paul and jaco. is a student from cameroon b. other a filmmaker from germany has read it will not likely never be able to say whether he chose me or i chose him whatever the case this is the story of how i met. a mission on europe's most dangerous place. what began as a doctor country. my parents sacrificed everything for me i can't go back and.
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became a story about those seeking refuge. and those two know. when paul came over the city from cameroon churlish starts october fourth on t w e. germany's capital club hands to be celebrated like heroes in berlin after slain by munich to kneel on a friday night pecos called our guy said his side deserved the win and it's time to celebrate as they die if he should be put head to head having no trouble converting this penalty is the strikers for colby sees it he's healthy he's on fire and now andre jute out leads the league in storing with five goals fired clearly frustrated
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for firing blanks in burnley. fires last means the top of the table is up for grabs welcome to the push is leading here on the w.i. and chris harrison bringing you the highs and lows from saturday's match day six action here's what's coming up. don't mean travel to labor goosing looking to capitalize on the chance to take over the top spot in the standings but the home side wouldn't make it easy. on pete and vertebrae would also have the chance to claim the table pinnacle as they travel to stuttgart a side who are looking for their first win of the season. for couzin aims dortmund up first these two sides ended last season neck and neck with dortmund having the slight edge in qualify for the champions league fast
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forward to the present dortmund has fared far better than labor coups in this campaign but the black and yellow is having one on the road yet to leapfrog buyer they'll need to get their first away win of the season let's see if they did. the average age of boredom starting lineup was just twenty three and a half years and the young team had their troubles against feisty leverkusen in the ninth minute lucas solaria from mitchell buys are for the early his first goal of the season helped by passive defending from dominant. the visitors defense was struggling and leave accusing made them pay when dortmund failed to clear the ball jonathan tucker took advantage of the situation and doubled the lead just like with the first goal when one bookie had no chance. to coach michel foucault look clueless at halftime but his team up their game after the break mark or royce tested lucas radebe ski and jacob larsson tapped it in. the
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neighbor couzin keeper impressive but he had no chance on the rebound. dortmund kept up the pressure jayden sanchez came on and set a price to two all up for grabs dortmund's captain with his fourth goal of the season. leave accusing were struggling and pack our captain came off the bench to complete the comeback his second goal for dortmund in his second game. in injury time the hosts put it all on the line but i can't said raced away and scored again for two at the end of a crazy game. michael halliday and his squad dropped important points dortmund on the other hand showed their mental strength and topped the table after
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a strong comeback. stuttgart with their backs against the wall the nothing to lose will convert or braman to town a side that's picked up points every time out this season thanks to byers friday night defeat braman had a shot at taking the table lead let's see if stu court decided to finally show up and play in front of all the crowd or if braman spoil the party. an unbeaten start to the season meant braman coach florian ko felt cut a relaxed and surprisingly popular figure head of kick off in stuttgart his opposite number typhoon caucus on the other hand desperately needed to win his stuttgart side have struggled so far this season not just three goals and two points ahead of brains visit. but from the off this much seems different sure got pressed early and well rewarded and a star just done is struck to make it one nil to ninety minutes.
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should got first goal this season in front of their own fans much to daniel day dudley's perfect pass. things got even worse for brain on thirty six minutes when milosevic if it fell to darby and picked up his second booking brain and went down to ten men after half time frame and defined that disadvantage creating a series of chances to go level. but it was a quiet from stuttgart that eventually saw them equalize born assizes throw in past ron robert sealer and into the net the goal wouldn't have counted if the keeper hadn't got a slight touch on the ball the fact that he did this game saw the bundesliga is first ever i'm go from a throw away. cup and also there was a substitution and i didn't hear the whistle to restart the game so i was surprised as you can see. sealers blushes worse bed though when gonzalo castro fired home to make it to one in the seventy fifth minute. first win of the season for stuttgart
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and then under fire a coach. for the fans and it was a spectacle for the fans but i think some fans emotions must have been all over the place if you. only one man wasn't in the mood for celebrating robert cielo was still thinking about one of the most embarrassing own goals of all time. another. team desperate for a win was shaka zero points from the first five games and that was supposed to change against meit's just a few minutes into the game you haven't called oh please set up shop who makes no mistake from close range with the header the only goal of the game secures all the first points of the season that will be quite a relief for under fire coach job and you go to desk go this is what he had to say after the game and think that the team was was really good we had
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a correction in a lot of situation and it's not normal and deciduous should. we have two more matches for you was four guys looking to extend their home dominance over glad bob at first often times now goes against rb life sick the league's youngest coach will be joining leipzig next season and they came looking to make an impression on their new coach. a strange occasion for hoffenheim coach here now goes man as his current club welcomed his future employers but it was his future side that took the lead team of in a showing great determination in the fifty third minute before handing you suppose in the simplest of finishes by my lights even doubled their lead in the seventy minutes that man use of polson with the finishing touch again of of five not the prettiest the finishes but they'll count. puffin home one handed the opportunity for
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a consolation goal when stephanie wilson can pull down to shackelford hill in padded time andre come r.h. converted but it was too late so it's too late of a tough day at the office for novice man but at least he's done some research for next season. some players three goals in five games have made all the difference for god back this season. and he banked his fourth after just seven minutes curling this peach into the top corner of couldn't castillo's ness by a world class finish from the frenchman to give his side the lead. the bulls struck back almost immediately but not so stiff and pulling one back in the twelfth minutes five got back to the lead a second time early in the second half good look from philip hammond culminating in a cool finish i'm told and has
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a lot of my the belgian doing his best player impression with this sumptuous strike . but spoke refused to be cowed by not so stepan was at the heart of things again before eunice merely teed up to twenty calls to the equaliser by july fourth in the school the third time this season bruno love india's most book has collected points from a losing position. here are the results so far for match day six laver couzin dortmund goes the visitors way stuttgart holds brain as momentum and wins two one shell could get their first win of the season over mike's hoffenheim i'm able to get it done it's life they. share the spoils promoted sides nuremberg and dusseldorf was the most lopsided result with nuremberg scoring three to dusseldorf nine federico plus ill scored norbert in the
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seventy eighth minute of the game it's his first goal of the season a norm burke has earned seven out of a possible nine points at home this season. as we saw him to down byron in berlin on friday to more matches on sunday frankfurt hosts hanover and freiburg travels to alex burke let's take a look at the table now and see who replaced buyer munich at the top of the standings dortmund the league's best off it's now one point better thanks to their first road when had to is tied with byron on points three teams have eleven points and a few teams are close behind it looks like the race for europe has already started down at the other end of the table shellac gets three points but don't really help their situation much and could drop if hand over to will at frankfurt. like we always do at the end of the show it's time for our play of the day voted for by you
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on twitter the week this week's winner is poc o.-l. cough there of proof he had taught me in the black and yellow as we're able to turn a lever couzens to milling around in the second half a copper came off the pitch and score not once but twice to give dortmund three points with sixty three percent of the vote this is your play of the day ah that's full time for us we'll be back with the action from sunday's games until then here are some of the best moments from the weekend so far for me and the rest of the team here in berlin dhaka of the it isn't.
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the bomb. is a satirist who wears a bulletproof vest onstage. turkish lives in berlin and he's an opponent of president ever to want. to take a critical view of the turkish president's planned visit to berlin and worries about retaliation from everyone supporters do everyone's critics face a real threat in germany. next on t.w. we saw. mob european stars deliver
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a rousing performance of the band . you're never going to get enough of his performances. the brave garb from aa bob good. to hong kong. kind of a little. it's. against illegal logging. against goliath. and for me to tell everyone what's going. to. get
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myself. but. the borneo case starts october ninth c.w. . welcome to focus on europe i'm sumi so much going to it is great to have you with us europe is facing difficult times the independence movement in catalonia is picking up steam again nearly a year after the region held a referendum on breaking away from space this was the scene in barcelona a few weeks ago a pro independence rally drew nearly a million people they called.


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