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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  September 30, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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once. this week the u.s. and china imposed fresh tariffs on each other's goods it's the latest round in a bitter trade dispute the irony of the conflict is highlighted by scenes like these workers in a chinese factory making banners and flags for donald trump's twenty twenty reelection campaign. the dispute between the world's leading economies has escalated dramatically since this meeting between the american president and his chinese counterpart xi jinping almost a year ago what's happened since and what has it meant for the two countries last year the u.s. imported more than five hundred billion dollars worth of goods from china in june of this year trump slapped tariffs on fifty billion dollars worth of them this week
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duties came into effect on another two hundred billion dollars worth. on the other side china's imports from the u.s. last year totaled one hundred twenty nine billion dollars china responded to the u.s. terror of spy also imposing duties on fifty billion dollars worth of u.s. goods this summer and now it's adding tariffs to a further sixty billion dollars worth. the war of words continues to here's what u.s. secretary of state might pump aoe had to say about the trade war in a t.v. interview. we know this much of the trade war on by china against the united states has been going on for years. here's what's different in this administration to the extent one wants to call this a trade war we are determined to win it. china's leadership for its part accuses the united states of bullying with no sign of
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a let up in the tit for tat spat economists say the real losers in this trade battle could ultimately be the consumers in both countries. an impressive achievement a german made robot pouring a glass of wheat beer in the approved manner but for some there's a bitter aftertaste in the knowledge that the company that made the robot has been sold to a chinese firm how competitive is german industry in the age of digital i's ation that was on chancellor angela merkel's mind at a meeting of german industry groups in a speech she made the point that german industry can't even produce the batteries for its own electric cars then yet you know the f.b.i. no opens the first battery cell production companies here that's nice that means battery cells will be made in europe too but i don't know whether that should be our goal not to be able to do it ourselves in the european union so i advocate that
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we develop the strategic ability to produce battery cells too in the coming decades that will be extremely important. to fix theme the. growing competition from china and the u.s. free trade under threat from protectionist tariffs britain poised to leave you these are some of the uncertainties that german industry has to contend with not to mention the specter of growing xenophobia in germany itself. german economy we need open borders we need an open mind and this we need a globalization we are working in the in and with the global environment so. national protectionism is not what we really need amidst all the uncertainties of the was certainty at the meeting on one point the economic boom. passed its peak worldwide and in germany and industry needs to chart a course to get it through less profitable times. that's what the.
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turkish president regift tired after one arrived in germany under high security. the controversial state visit comes at a time of political tensions between the two countries. are due one is under pressure due to his country's economic and financial crisis germany is turkey's most important trading partner and everyone's trip is also seen as an attempt to drum up support from the e.u.'s biggest economy. domo c o d to choose stepping down next year the german carmaker announced on wednesday but is hoping to keep a hand on the wheel as the head of the supervisory board starting in twenty twenty one such as departure comes at a turbulent time for the luxury automaker which faces challenges from looming diesel benz u.s. china tariffs and the effort to go electric situ has led the order concern for
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twelve years his successor is research and development chief all actual emirs the forty nine year old has been a dime less since one thousand nine hundred three. budget airline ryanair cancelled two hundred fifty european flights on friday as cabin crew and pilots went on strike in six european countries tens of thousands of passengers were affected the staff are demanding better wages and working conditions unions have long criticized the dublin based carrier for wage dumping on wednesday the european commission warned it to comply with e.u. labor rules. a general strike in argentina brought the country to a standstill this week unions called out the thirty six hour long work stoppage to protest against austerity measures imposed by president mauricio markley the measures are aimed at reducing the country's huge budget deficit as agreed with the international monetary fund the i.m.f.
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increased its loan package for argentina to fifty seven billion dollars this week. bug area is a major textile producer largely due to low labor costs here in the southern town of gazza del chip many earn a living in the clothing industry german entrepreneur bear tom hartman has been producing clothes here since one thousand nine hundred three when he founded the company pier and tex it manufactures men's and women's fashion for luxury brands mostly sold in german stores two thousand employees work here the average net salary of three hundred fifty euros per month is higher than in other factories around the country. more than the average because we expect more than the average from our employees we expect things like quality flexibility and adapting to new products and materials.
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it's two thirty pm time for the shift hand-over employees fought hard for their above average salary a few years ago they shut down the production line with a strike. outside of the factory a worker says the salary still isn't enough to survive on workers rights groups see it that way to the main headquarters of the union representing clothing and textile workers is located in the capital sofia it represents five thousand employees and says bulgaria is suffering from low wages. why must our members throughout the country report that the standards and the daily targets for selling cannot be met in a single day that they often have to work overtime. at pir in text the boss is currently struggling with other problems many young people
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have left the country for other parts of the e.u. hoping to find their fortune or at least better working conditions. new york in lockdown during the u.n. general assembly session the city was full of unusual social entrepreneurs from latin america europe and africa were also at the u.n. this week they were honored for they did occasion and work like from kenya we developed an antiviolence soccer initiative. when i started out it was not about winning any allied i was just a crazy dream with the football so this is a muslim guy who all she ever wanted was to kick a ball now today we have one thousand six hundred forty five playing football and you've had like for the last four years not a single gal dropping out of school they have all transition to high school and my hope is they'll transition to university and come and take over my job the shrub
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foundation supports social entrepreneurs by supplying know how and networking it's on a tree hundred fifty of them here in the last twenty years. hunger is still very big in the world and the social entrepreneurs really work at the grassroots level they improve the conditions in small villages around the world. they do that with innovative ideas like the fair phone and environmentally friendly and ethically sourced smartphone. social answer inertia has for me to do with search and you know what sustainability on the one hand making sure you look at the material. longevity of the products but also the impact it has in the splotch and on working conditions here in the capital of capitalism for at least a few days it's not about profit. a high ranking delegation from sri lanka was in germany this week to solicit german
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investment german companies are involved in the island nation to the tune of one billion dollars that's still modest compared to the fifteen billion dollars china has invested in sri lanka since two thousand and five. yes. we are here primarily to attract what it needs. from germany and increase trade between the two countries. are very keen on improving. increasing i exposed to germany so that is the objective of our mission here. sri lanka's president much free palestine recent now has promised to reduce his country's reliance on beijing chinese funded infrastructure projects have sparked protests like here against the planned port city in colombo. a new district is being built on an artificial island in the capital all financed by china these impressive animations
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are designed to get german and other european investors on board. german business leaders would also like to strengthen ties to sri lanka starting this year germany has its own foreign chamber of commerce in colombo sri lanka is at the moment. in a strategy that tries to position itself as a trading help us wall not only a syllogistic up so. several free trade agreements have been signed and entered into force the policy of the government is to open markets committed and to promote free trade very active fleet the area of green energy is one such market the country's electricity grid is outdated yet almost fifty percent of sri lanka's electricity comes from renewable sources including hydropower and one of its largest hotel chains now relies on solar energy. and that was our business week in review.
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