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when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on t w. this is deja news live from berlin the death toll climbs in indonesia more than eight hundred people are now confirmed today and after friday's earthquake and tsunami on the island of. officials a warning the final think could be in the thousands also coming up. the prime minister the former yugoslav republic of macedonia calls on the country to unite behind
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a plan to change his country's name despite the probable save the. periphery and i'm due to low turnout the name change would pave the way for the country to join the e.u. and nato. and formula one bowl champion lewis hamilton tightens he's grip on this his title thanks to a big favor from his miss a day's teammate will bring you the action from the russian grand prix. i'm christine will welcome to the program the death toll from a major earthquake that triggered a tsunami on the indonesian island of sin away sea has risen to more than eight hundred the country's vice president has warned the number could soar into the thousands hospitals all struggling to cope with the injured and launch parts of the city. in ruins. combing through the rubble for victims the
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dead and those who are marked have survived. this collapsed hotel in palos city has been one focus of the efforts dozens were reportedly still trapped inside. meanwhile evacuations by plane it's been underway for those fortunate to have survived this tour disaster some are injured as an earthquake sent buildings tumbling others as tsunami waves pummeled the shore. the destruction has left people without food and water and the areas hardest hit. was the authorities are attempting to provide enough i and supplies. but the damage to infrastructure has slowed their efforts. because the seven point five magnitude quake left many survivors desperate. so lovely said dad you are that we went to the beach because my daughter in law has the goods told there we looked for her but couldn't find her
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but you're latina so it is only our house was still there we could go home unfortunately it was completely destroyed there was nothing to salvage from the ruins. most confirmed deaths so far in from the city of palu a provincial capital on the sulawesi island. but reports may inspire us from outlying areas such as dongarra a region close to the earthquake's epicenter and home to some three hundred thousand people. we're expecting a rise in the number of dead even though we would hope the figures remain the same . considering the conditions out there that rushed out bodies and identified as well as victims buried beneath the ruins but there are also remote areas yet to be reached even. now authorities are facing questions over whether disaster warnings were sufficient. intonations disaster mitigation
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spokesman tweeted this video saying it shows how people were at the beach at the tsunami waves rolled in with no sirens going off. officials are being criticized for allegedly lifting its tsunami warning to cern possibly leading to a greater loss of life along the coast. here i'm now joined by david a correspondent bestie and heartache who's in there on the island offset away see. all four of these are facing criticism over the apparent failure to warn people of the tsunami what went wrong. well in the news or has this tsunami early warning system that was put in place after that devastating tsunami back in two thousand and four that killed more than two hundred thousand people in the past there have been reports repeatedly that this system didn't work properly because of poor maintenance in some cases but this time around apparently
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that was not the case so apparently and that's what experts are saying that this time the tsunami early warning system worked and it sounded an alarm the problem was that that alarm and those warnings never reached the people so they couldn't seek shelter and other different explanations for this one is possibly human error and the other is that these warnings are being sent out in large part by text message to people cell phones and because of the earthquake the cell phone coverage broke down and then they didn't get the warnings but they would have to be more investigation into into this to to find out what was really responsible for the fact that the people didn't receive that tsunami warning that that tsunami early warning system sent out. do we have any more news from the affected areas including the ones outside of. well we're hearing from rescue
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workers that those areas are really hard to reach because infrastructure is destroyed roads are destroyed. a lot of landslides so these remote areas there are many that rescue workers haven't even been able to access yet and on top of that it's not only that rescue workers have been able to actually physically go there they can't even get in contact with them because the communication network is down so authorities don't even know how bad the damage is and how many people were really affected by the earthquake and by the tsunami in these areas and that's why we're hearing the indonesian government saying that they're afraid that that the death toll. as we heard before because once they get access to these areas they might find out that many many more people were affected and vice president of indonesia said that the death toll might go into the thousands.
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of people in for example and other areas they of course are in desperate need of food water and medicine and shelter and especially for the for food and water that they're going to the stores to the abandoned stores and the malls to get in there and it looks like looting but it's really not because they don't really have any other choice to to get food and to get water and the authorities are actually supporting that because they're saying those shop owners and everything will be compensated later the most important thing for now is that the people have enough to eat enough to drink and that's a real problem in these areas. all right. thank you. a landmark referendum on whether to change the name of the former yugoslav republic of macedonia to republic of north message ennia has seen low
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voter turnout early results showed the vast majority of those who did vote backed the change but only about a third of the electorate went to the polls the country's pro western government hoped a positive result would help settle a decades long dispute with neighboring greece which itself has a province court message this could pave the way to nato and e.u. membership message only in prime minister of state he would also parliament to ratify the bush. now at a press conference on sunday night as i have described the referendum as a clear success despite the lower turnout. glad that we're going to get to the house of the citizens is clear all political parties should join in the process towards this shadow as prime minister of this proud and european macedonia i am calling on all responsible leaders every m.p. to unite and take our country where it belongs in the e.u.
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and nato. even not. for more let's cross over to d.w. corresponding bar a scale give steve who is in the country's capital stopa high bar is about seventy percent of the electorate boycotted this photo why is the prime minister who championed it still sounding so defiant. well the short answer to that will be because he doesn't have other choice but the more complicated one is that it's not really true that seventy percent of the electorate boycotted the referendum first of all the voters least have not been updated since two thousand and two in macedonia so nobody really knows how many people have the right to vote in the country second and that's part of the desire of snotty if we heard that tonight he says that out of this six hundred thousand people who voted
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over ninety percent accepted or agreed to the name change and accepted the agreement with greece so he has kind of positives narrative that can push him through the parliament if you if he has the majority to to go through each. bar is it appears that so maybe a message aliens boycotted the vote why is this the case. well basically there are multiple reasons for that first of all both the main opposition party of a man of dopamine and the president you are now off called for this boycott of the referendum then we should also have in mind that these shoes really emotional for most of the citizens of the republic of macedonia so it's not really an easy job to get the people in big numbers to vote on a referendum on which they are supposed to change their country's name and many think they're also losing their identity so it's
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a really complicated issue and what the numbers say today is that the people are really uncertain about what is. concerning their identity with this agreement with greece and what should their future hold as even without the e.u. in major integration they're still worried that this might be problematic for them in the future all right very quickly bar as the prime minister appears to be optimistic about macedonia as european future how realistic is that. well it's still realistic i mean if prime ministers i've come through the parliament with this. agreement with greece she has the right to be optimistic and the reality concerns that so she has to cast control over seventy m.p.'s in the parliament he needs the support of another three and probably from the nationalists conservative party if you can get that he can push through the. because all the necessary constitutional changes if he doesn't as you said tonight he's going
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to spend the for the week trying to do that if not there will be early parliamentary elections and possible. all right. in school for us thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world or eighty's have allowed fifty eight migrants ashore ending the latest standoff over people received at sea the group was stuck in bad weather on the rescue ship aquarius for five days the un's refugee agency said the migrants would be sent to germany france spain and portugal. and egyptian activist has been fined and handed a suspended prison sentence for criticizing the government's failure to protect women earlier this year amal thought he posted a video online in which she spoke about sixteen harassment in egyptian society amnesty international have condemned the verdict according as an outrageous case of
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injustice. a powerful typhoon is lashing the japanese mainland threatening a region still reeling from a storm last month high winds and heavy rainfall have halted and train services and also of the country three hundred thousand homes all without power have ordered the evacuation of more than half a million people. lewis hamilton has extended he's lead in the formula one drivers a standing off to taking victory in the russian grand prix the british driver took first place thanks to a little help from he's miss a day's teammate vaulting bought us let's take a look at the action from sochi. with mercedes taking pole and second during saturday's qualifying this was their race to lose red bulls max for stepan was intent on stealing the headlines however a stunning drive saw him climb twelve places to eventually seal a fifth place finish. terry porter set
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a record breaking lap during qualification and was on course for victory in the main event but the slavish chief toto wolff ordered him to allow hamilton's a pass that extended the british championship lead over sebastian vettel a person into the fins hopes of glory post-race a visibly disappointed but us was comforted by a triumphant hamilton who admits it is a victory of the season owed everything to his team mates sacrifice. yeah i mean about you did a fantastic job all weekend and it was a real gentleman to have to let me biopsy is now in the fighting for the championship is where we usually will be just elated but you know i can understand how difficult it was about three but really it is untested till today ended up two two to win a couple times lead over for a respectable now stands at fifty points with just five races remaining and almost out of sight of the lead. champagne in the grounds of a sadie's thanks to both houses team spirit. show.
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the news now for the highlights from sunday's blunder see the action including goals with ten goals scored in just two matches it was a busy day in germany's top slides we'll show you every single one right off the break. it watching the news the guy from pin don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that's on our web site b w dot com thank you for watching. a contentious figure at home. here in germany. gorbachev is one of the great heroes of the twentieth century mikhail gorbachev the last leader of the soviet union was an agent of change. who
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quickly made his downfall. i have decided to resign my duties as president of the soviet union. keep.


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