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when paul came over the sea from cameroon to berlin starts october fourth on g.w. . after. this is deja vu news live from berlin the true scale of disaster of the earthquake and tsunami in indonesia starts to emerge. from the survivors beg to be airlifted out of the area as food and medicine run out some say they haven't eaten for days the government is trying to rush aid to the stricken region but it's facing many obstacles also coming out. of
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their own protesters began gathering in barcelona and other cities in northern spain to mark the first anniversary of the failed referendum on catalan independence one year later how united is the movement to break away from spain plus. to start to work to the to also. be strong. to. enter. the nobel academy honors two scientists for their groundbreaking work on cancer therapy but explain why their research could mark the start of a revolution in the fight against the disease. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us indonesia's government is
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struggling to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the region of soloway sea last week authorities are rushing to get aid and rescue equipment to the area. the president has now called for other countries to pitch in and help more than eight hundred forty people have been confirmed dead so far tens of thousands of people are homeless. the moment disaster struck first an earthquake then this tsunami indonesia is no stranger to natural calamities and the government has been keen to show it was ready for this one but the region at the center of the disaster around the city of palu is remote so the rescue operation has been slow to get off the mark. this woman is begging to be airlifted out of the region are responding to the distress president joke over dodo help distribute emergency food supplies he also authorized international aid agencies to enter the country to help struggling local authorities. we didn't
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expect it to be like this we hope and pray for the communities affected and ask them to be patient we know that there are still a lot of things to do urgently but with conditions as they are that's not possible right now. the aid agencies may have permission to enter the country but they still face huge difficulties the biggest problem right now i think is access a lot of agencies like ourselves struggling to get to them look asian so most affected. gallo is one of. the most affected area we desperately need to get into that location with other agencies and try and understand what's happened. gradually people are being rescued this woman was pulled alive from a collapsed restaurant her condition was described as critical but she is one of the lucky ones the piles of concrete slabs are sometimes into precarious state for rescue teams to operate they hear the cries of those trapped under the rubble but can do little to help. almost fifty thousand people have been evacuated from the
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west today areas homes destroyed and fifty aftershocks can do now is wait for a train the international salute is on from the international aid agencies to get through. let's bring in dan heartache he's on the ground in polo and he joins us on the line hi boston thanks for joining us now with people still believed to be trapped under the rubble bring us up to date on rescue operations. well if we were in one place here in pa louis city today where. a landslide or what can be described as it were thing. to them it felt like the earth just opened up and swallowed up a whole whole neighborhood and it it fell and five that's two kilometers long and they're saying that there are still five hundred people buried in the rubble and in the mud they are only in that one bottle and they're pulling out bodies every day new bodies every day though the death toll is definitely had to rise although also
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here and i'll do it and you know let alone the outlying areas and what we also saw because we heard in the report the people who are desperate to get out at the airport today the indonesian air force of course bringing in all these all these all these goods all these relief goods and on their way back they're taking these people and we met people who were told that that they've been waiting for days just to get out these are predominantly their old people or who were injured also women with young to look and pregnant women and babies can't be cared for here and because there's not enough food there's not enough a water and there's not enough you know medical aid to care for these people so they're really desperate to get out and the authorities are trying to get them out but of course it takes time and there are many people who want to go to these boston heartache with the very latest from the ground thank you very much.
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now to some other stories making headlines around the world two people have been killed and dozens others injured as a powerful typhoon swept across the japanese mainland high winds and heavy rainfall battered regions that are still reeling from a series of extreme storms this latest typhoon has left hundreds of thousands of homes without power. six men have been arrested in germany on suspicion of forming a far right a terrorist group in the eastern city of candidates federal prosecutors said the men planned to carry out armed attacks against foreigners and left wing activists anti foreigner violence flared in cabinets in august after a local man was killed in an altercation with several migrants. in spain catalonia protesters are marking the one year anniversary of a referendum on breaking away from madrid that was declared illegal independence supporters marched through the streets and some forced their way into a government building and pulled down the spanish flag others barricaded major
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regional roads in barcelona and staged a sit in on the tracks of the high speed rail way in the northern city of. let's bring in our correspondent marcus burna she's standing by for us in barcelona with the latest hi marcus so it's been one year since the referendum what's the atmosphere like there today. well maybe you can see it in the background it's quite relaxed this is the remaining arrest. today here in barcelona thousands of cubans marched to. the also the regional government to claim for independence because we are right now at this stage. the regional government is facing the pressure from the streets today this was the first one. during the all to noon. early evening we will have
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a big march from the sentry. to the parliament to show their politicians where they want to go they want to be independent and this is still even one year after this referendum the message all right so a lot of support there on the streets for the independence movement but how divided is catalonia today on the question of splitting away from spain. still totally divided there is a big majority that says ok we want to decide in a referendum where to go but it is still the same. a slight majority wants to remain in spain this division is still active and there is no real progress even in the talks with madrid even if there's a new government the words are different but the message is still the same catalonia house to remain in spain and therefore they are quite frustrated here i
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talk to many of these people but they say ok there's no other way to continue to try to find a way to get our independence. right our correspondent mark a spanish on the streets barcelona thank you very much. this year's nobel prize for medicine has been jointly awarded to two immunologists for their work on therapies to combat cancer announcing its decision by carolyn sky institute in stockholm said the prize would be shared by japan's honcho and james allison of the us allison studied a protein that functions as a break on the immune system while honchos discovery of a protein on immune cells led to effective treatments in the fight against cancer. more on the story now with death of gunton from berlin's shari tate hospital is a founding president of the world health summit conference on global health data thank you for joining us now the nobel committee called the winners work a landmark in the fight against cancer why is that what indeed it
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is a lynne malcolm you want therapy is made enormous progress and by looking at this so called to check point receptus which interact between the concept and the key lymphocytes the immune system really has the effect that the q m a kind of merits like. this when the antibodies directed against of these receptors i faked if so this is great progress and congratulations to our colleagues who won the nobel prize why deserved so great progress are cancer patients already seeing benefits from this research in their treatment options yes definitely there are clinical trials going on and this treatment is already in practice and around the voyage these are the antibodies are available so if the right diagnosis is being made these antibodies can be applied and patients can be. some of them can be cured
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actually from their council can you tell us a bit more about the research of the scientists working as you were saying focuses on how the body's immune system can fight cancer can you explain in lay terms what their research actually revealed. what is the immune system has a number of different sounds and the ts are those which in principle can take the concepts and then kind of make them disappear from the body and in order to activate the system some receptors have to be blocked which would inhibit this killing off the concepts so it's and the antibodies that take the right receptive zocor checkpoint receptus which makes the skips the teaser it's opportunity to really take their conscious outs and could have them and get them out of the body. so is this a brand new approach in treating cancer. yes this is
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a brain you approach before we had chemotherapy with a lot of side effects these antibodies are directed exactly against those receptus specifically take the concepts so it's a it's a therapy which is very specific as much less side effects than other therapies so this is something completely new and it's working and so there's a lot of hope for the concept patients and this includes the meta enormous council which is a very aggressive cancer some kidney conses some conses so it's a broad spectrum also of different contests which can be treated this way he said and congratulations to the two winners detlev gunton from berlin start a hospital founding president of the world health summit conference on global health thank you so much for joining us on our program today. to some sports news now and lewis hamilton has extended his lead in the formula one driver standings after winning the russian grand prix the british driver took first place thanks to
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some help from his mercedes team mate. with miss avies taking pole and second during saturday's qualifying this was their race to lose three potter set a record breaking lecturing qualification and was on course for victory in the main event but this ladies chief toto wolff ordered him to allow hamilton's a pass that extended the british championship lead over sebastian vettel a person into the fins hopes of glory post-race a visibly disappointed as was comforted by a triumphant hamilton who admitted his eight victory of the season owed everything to his teammate sacrifice. yeah i mean about you did a fantastic job all weekend and it was a real gentleman to have to let me biopsy is now in the fighting for the championship is where we are usually you would be just elated but you know i can understand how difficult it was about three but really it is untested up today and it's up to two to win a couple times lead over for a respectable now stands at fifty points with just five races remaining and almost
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on a solid lead. champagne round for us ladies thanks to both houses team spirit. now french singer charlotte war has died at the age of ninety four he was often described as france's frank sinatra the singer a sold more than one hundred million records during a career that stretched across seven decades the legendary crooner wrote his own songs which often broke taboo marriage homosexuality and male emotions he died at his home in south eastern friends souls of local to be. deeply. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program after years of turmoil german steel giant kissin could is set for a major restructuring the company splits into parts and names
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a new c.e.o. we'll take a look at its new start. but first a breakthrough in trade canada mexico and the u.s. announced they have agreed on a new trade deal to replace nafta gatt al first we'll have the details coming right up. first day of school in the jungle. the first cloning less of a minute doris grandma was arrives. joining a regular chain on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary storm.


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